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Weddings & Plastic Dinosaurs

(CACW) Peter Parker x Reader

Request:  Can I have an imagine where the Reader and Peter are getting married and Steve and Tony are co-best men and Gwen Stacy is the maid of honour? And can it be really cute and sweet and stuff?

Warnings: Fluff, mild swearing, plastic dinosaurs

Tags: @stantasticstan, @agentcarter24601, @theflashrunner

Note: I’m alive.

You had known Peter since kindergarten. You remembered the first day you had met him, so, so many years ago. Your tiny toddler self had chucked a small, brown, plastic dinosaur at toddler Peter’s head, causing him to cry and throw a fit. The teacher had been forced to separate the two of you from each other, for fear that you might pummel each other to death with your tiny baby hands. Not exactly the best start off to a friendship. But you and Peter had always been best friends nonetheless, no matter how many plastic dinosaurs were thrown at each other. He had even kept the original little plastic dinosaur as a keepsake of the first day you guys had ever met.

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