is only in the game for two minutes

Finals Week

Canada: Did everything ahead of time. Actually read the syllabus. 

America: What do you mean all my deadlines are at midnight it’s 8 pm right now?!!?

England: Works systematically.

France: Entirely projects due before finals. Hangs around to distract everyone else. 

Japan: I have time for a video game break.

China: Only has in class exams. 

Spain: I’ll get good grades because all my professors like me! 

Romano: I can accept a C. 

Russia: Does everything last minute but still gets 8 hours of sleep? 

Italy: Sorry my vacation is finals week I’m just gonna do it all two weeks before~~

Germany: The only reason anyone gets anything done.  

Mirror, Mirror

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OTP(s): Oh Sehun x Reader

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 4,622

Sypnosis: Who knew lust could follow after a dumb argument in gym class?

Warnings: Explicit sexual content involving two-way mirrors, raven-haired Sehun, Oh Sehun in general

Physical education was probably the only class in the universe where things could turn from moderately temperate to indescribably heated in the small interval of seven minutes.

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RFA HEADCANONS: You Yell At Them In Swedish

@yjendrenal (Okay, I ended up having to delete your request, because it wouldn’t let me answer it? Like, it would just delete everything i wrote, and only showed one sentence. Soo, here is your request:
(You’re literally so sweet ;-; thank you so much! That really means a lot to me <3 Alrighty, I’ll see what I can do. Thank you for your request!)
(Basically, this is where you yell “You fucking idiot, what the hell?!” In Swedish 😁) ~~~

• The two of you decided to take a walk, hand in hand, down to the game shop. After a few minutes, he pulled his hand away, looking down to check his phone for a second.
• Well, he had accidentally walked in the road with out looking.
• A car started to zoom towards him, causing your feet to just move towards him without a second thought.
• “Din jävla idiot vad fan?!” You yelled, pushing Yoosung out of the way of the car.
• For a moment, he only stood there in shock, processing what all happened in his mind.
• Embarrassed, he decided not to dwell on the topic of him walking out in the middle of traffic, so, he muttered a quick sorry, before he began chuckling.
• “What did you even say?”
• You explained to him that in a rushed panic, you had yelled out “You fucking idiot, what the hell?” In Swedish.
• He was taken back by your harsh words, but soon pulled you into a tight hug.
• “Thank you for saving me, anyways.”

• Due to his wide range of work hours, he had completely forgotten about a date you two had tonight.
• So, when you came in, soaking wet from the rain outside, he was a little shocked.
• “(Y/N)? Crap! I’m so sorry! I swear, I’ll-”
• “Din jävla idiot vad fan?!”
• “Excuse me?”
• Considering he knew a good amount of languages, he knew exactly what you just said to him. He couldn’t help the smile that creeped up on his features, before he began to feign hurt.
• “I can’t believe you would say that to me, (Y/N). I’m pained. Ouch.”
•He kept his straight face on for a few moments, just staring into your narrowed eyes, before he began bursting out into a fit of laughter.
• He apologized in between his laughs, and promised to make it up to you somehow.

• Normally, Zen was pretty okay with getting hate messages. They never really got to him. But, he had received a ton of hate on his hair, with people telling him he should cut it.
• You loved his hair. I mean, sure, you’ve had little daydreams on what it would be like to just..snip it off..but, what could you say. It was fun to play with~
• So, when you found Zen in the bathroom, shakily holding a pair of scissors to his froze.
• “Din jävla idiot vad fan?!”
• He instantly dropped the scissors, startled, he moved his head to look over at you.
• “(Y/N)…?”
• Needless to say, he’s confused. He had absolutely no idea what you had just said to him.
• Your cheats heated up in slight embarrassment, before you stood up straight.
• You marched over to where he was, and took the scissors away.
• “No hair cutting!” You scolded.
• Later that night, he couldn’t help but ask seven what you had meant when you started yelling that sentence in Swedish.
• well, when seven explained..he wasn’t exactly happy with the answer..
• “…(Y/N)!!”

• You expected to find her in your arms when you woke up, as you normally did..but she wasn’t there
• She had overworked herself again. She didn’t even sleep that night.
• You quickly walked up behind her, slamming a hand on her desk.
• “Din jävla idiot vad fan?!” You growled, narrowing your eyes at her.
• Now, she knew a couple of languages..but Swedish wasn’t one of them..
• She gave you an innocent smile, looking up at you.
• “Good morning, my dear~ haha, sorry..I just..had a lot of cat businesses to take care of. Anyways..what is it you said just now?”
• You didn’t really answer her question, before you started calling up Jumin.
• You stormed out of the room the minute he picked up, and fought with him a good portion of the day.
• Thankfully, Jaehee didn’t push, nor remembered what you had yelled at her.

• You thought he got over him being so possessive, acting as if he was your parent, rather than your boyfriend.
•He was beginning to treat you as if you were a child, and you had enough.
• “Din jävla idiot vad fan?!” You yell, as he once again, gives you a ridiculous limit. He didn’t really know what you said, but he heard, and was taken back at the sound of you saying ‘idiot’
• “what was that?” Jumin asks.
• “You heard me! What the hell, Jumin. Get a grip, you can’t keep controlling me like this! If you can’t see me as an equal..then maybe you can’t see me as your girlfriend, either.”
• His eyes go wide in terror as he wraps you into a hug.
• He promises he’ll stop trying to control you, and that he’ll let you have your freedom.
• “thank you, Jumin..”

• “I don’t want the eye surgery, (Y/N).”
• This one little sentence pained you in so many ways. You loved V, but it was really upsetting you that he didn’t even seem to care about him self.
• “Din jävla idiot vad fan?!” You yelled, lightly pushing him back.
• his eyes widened, as he processed what you said.
• he knew a couple of languages, considering he enjoyed traveling for his photography, and Scottish happened to be one of them.
• “Pretty mouth, pretty words” he tried joking, biting his lip nervously.
• He tried to come over and give you a hug, but you only shoved him away.
• “(Y/N)..don’t be like this..”
• “I should say the same to you, V. Can’t you see that I care about you?! That I just want you to be happy, and healthy?”
• After a few moments of silence, V places his large hand on your shoulder.
• “I’ll go tell Jumin to contact the eye doctor.”

• His trust issues always seemed to prevent him from getting too close to you. He didn’t want you to leave him, because he loved you. However, he didn’t want to get more hurt than he needed to, if you ever did leave him.
• “Saerannn.”
• “Woman, what the hell do you want?” Saeran snapped.
• “I wanna talk to you?”
• “Well.”
• “Well? Is that it? Great talk.”
• “mhm.”
• “Din jävla idiot vad fan?!”
• “..what.”
• He was very confused, considering it was just a normal conversation.
• “Ah..sorry, it just kind of slipped out…”
• He tilted his head at you, before he stood up, making his way over to where you were sitting.
• He placed a finger under your chin, pulling your face up to look him in the eye.
• “what the hell did you just say to me?” He whispered.
• You awkwardly told him, giving him a quick ‘sorry’ at the end.
• He continued to stare at you for a few moments, before the corner of his lip curled up slightly.
• “That’s my girl~”

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from the prompt game. kuroken. "we need to talk". pretty please?

Tetsurou paces in his room, one hand mussing up his hair. He received the simple text message two hours ago, and after only three minutes of intense panicking, replied with a come over whenever. Kenma’s seen the text, Tetsurou knows, but has sent no reply. He does that all the time, but this one time in particular is quite a nerve-wracking one.

There’s a small knock on his door. Tetsurou whirls around to find his best friend standing in the open doorway, eyes trained on the floor. For a moment, he just stands there, staring. Kenma looks the same as always, dressed in sweats and hair messy from lying in bed all day like he does when there’s no practice. The word ‘soft’ comes to Tetsurou’s mind. He tells his mind to shut up.

“Kenma,” he says. “You—you said you wanted to talk.”

He receives a nod. Kenma steps into his room, footsteps light as he picks his way through the mess of clothes and textbooks. He doesn’t come very far, leaving at least three feet between them. 

“So, uh. What… What is it?” Tetsurou winces at how hesitant he sounds. Usually, he can read Kenma like an open book, a rare skill he’s had years of friendship to develop. But sometimes, and more often now, as he’s approaching the end of his high school career, sometimes Kenma seems to be somewhere far away, even as he physically stands close enough to touch.

Kenma doesn’t answer right away. His eyes are on the open notebooks on Tetsurou’s desk. “You were studying?”

“Uh, yeah. Entrance exams coming up soon.”

Silence falls between them again, but it’s not their usual comfortable one. It’s too charged, too nervous. Tetsurou doesn’t know where to look. 

“Kuro,” Kenma says, finally. His fingers are picking at the hem of his sweater, but he lifts his wide eyes to meet Tetsurou’s. There’s a storm in them, and Tetsurou can’t look away. “I have to tell you something. Before—before you graduate. And leave.”

“I’m not leaving forever,” he replies automatically. I’m not leaving you, he doesn’t say. “But uh. Okay. Go—go ahead.”

“I like you.”

Tetsurou doesn’t think he heard right. “Wh—”

“I like you,” Kenma repeats, a definite blush on his cheeks now, but he holds his gaze. “Like, like like you. I don’t know why, because you’re a huge nerd, and your bedhead is ridiculous, and you don’t know when to stop, and you laugh like a hyena—”

“What—” Tetsurou feels slightly attacked, though most of him is kind of sort of really highkey freaking out, with Kenma’s quiet little I like you ringing in his head like a mantra. 

“—but I do. I like you.” Kenma releases a breath, letting his eyes drop back onto the floor. “That’s it. That’s all I got. So. Bye.”

Before Tetsurou can come up with a proper response, Kenma is already gone, leaving behind a shell-shocked Tetsurou, who stares at the after-image of his best friend, open-mouthed and something peculiarly warm starting to swell up in his chest.

send me a prompt and i’ll write you something!


This is actually a video I captured from my ps4 Outlast game, where I mess with Eddie for two minutes only to be called a “Whore” for zooming in on his ass at the end. 

How rude is this guy, seriously!

I do love that he spins on his heel to turn around, however. Always cracks me up. 

Not Another Number Part-9

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Thank you for bearing with me thought out my crazy semester so far. Two of my classes are extremely demanding. You guys are seriously so kind thank you! -Katie

Putting on your number 34 jersey, you glanced at the clock to see how soon his family would be here to pick you up. You had five more minutes to fix your hair and grab your wallet. As nervous as you were, you remembered that Auston is probably even more nervous; not only does he have a game but also you’re alone with his family for the first time. You can do this, you told yourself. Adding your Penguin’s bracelet to your outfit for your own good luck your were drawn out of your thoughts by knocks at the door. Rushing to the door, you shove your boots on and grab your coat.

“Hey Y/N!  Ready to go?” Breyana smiled. You nodded and left all your worries at the apartment as you headed down to the car with her.

“So Y/N are you excited for the game? Big rivalry against the Red Wings.”  Mr. Matthews spoke to you as soon as you were buckled in.

“Definitely! It’ll be good for sure.” You smiled as you looked over to see Mrs. Matthews beaming at you.

“Y/N you look so pretty for tonight. I’m glad we could go all together.” She spoke.

“I am too. This is my first game here and I wouldn’t know who else to go with.”

“That’s so sweet of you too say, Y/N.” she reached her back to grace your knee as you topped her hand with yours.

“Well Y/N you’re totally sitting between us. There’s no way I can sit through another game again next to Alex. “ Breyana

“Okay, whatever you guys want.” You laughed while feeling accepted.

Arriving at the rink Breyana hooked arms with you as they strike up a conversation on how you and Auston met.

“I mean I like how your brother plays hockey. I wanted to tell him that out of everything.” you say blushing while taking your seat between them.

“So then who made the first move?” Alex asked suspiciously.

“I thought he would’ve told you. Aren’t you two close?” You smirk at Alex while she seems frustrated.

“He wouldn’t give me all the details. Besides I like you Y/N. You actually know hockey and I can tell you support him already.”

“So who made the first move?” Mrs. Matthews piped up leaning in. With all eyes on you now you felt the pressure kick in. Just as you took a deep breath, the announcer had called for you to address your attention for the national anthems. Saved for now.

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We’re making interesting progress with the box game.

After last night’s post, we tried the game for a second time and he was much less frustrated and willing to participate. We’ve played 5 more times since yesterday in short (4-5 minutes max) sessions.

Just now we played two more rounds.

The first round only lasted about two minutes. Lio got both of his front paws in the box when it slipped. He spooked, got out, circled the apartment once, and then went to his bed to lie down. He offered me his “head down” command as a way of telling me he was done and that he wants his whole dinner now, please*.

Instead of taking away the box right away, I sat there and let him chill out for a bit. To my surprise, he got back up and started playing with the box again. He started with nose boops (which I rewarded) and then started tapping the outside of the box with his paw (which I rewarded) AND THEN he very gingerly lowered his dominant front paw into the box and pulled it out quickly before it hit the bottom. I rewarded him and let him do the same thing one more time before taking the box away so to end the game on a positive note.

SO INTERESTING watching him problem solve and work through things independently. I’m obviously most excited about watching him work through his nervousness after slipping in round one. Honestly, I thought that that may have been it for us and the box game as Lio is very, very sensitive about losing his balance… he’s had a few tumbles on the tile floors of our staircase. I almost gave him the treat jackpot for being brave enough to put his paw partially back in the box after slipping. But I didn’t want to emphasize that specific behaviour so that he still experiments with new box behaviours in the future… if that makes any sense.

Also, I know when Lio is nervous that my over-excitement actually makes him worse.

tl;dr I love my dog he is brave and smart.

*Head down is the command I ask for before filling his food bowl (to obstruct his view as he waits on his mat because he has been way too focused on watching me fill his bowl lately).

Backyard Champagne  III

Clexa Parents day visit set in that backyard champagne au of yours? Thanks.

Previously on Backyard Champagne

The apartment was cleaned to perfection. Not one empty bottle of liquor remained on display, not one ping pong ball could be found, not a speck of dust, not a drink ring on the table. Books were set out and opened, notecards stacked, highlighters capped, props for the impending visit.

Vacuums could be heard around the apartment complex, sounding off at intermittent hours, as if each building was sharing one or two between them. The quiet that raged was much different than a normal Saturday morning.

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  • Me: I kinda want to try streaming again
  • Me: Hmm, I haven't played Sunless Sea in a while, and it's not an overly demanding game for my computer while I test this out
  • Me: How do I play this again
  • Me: *kills my captain that had been alive for weeks and weeks of gameplay back when I was playing regularly*
  • Me: Well, that's okay, I guess. I had a will.
  • Me: *30 minutes later kills another captain*
  • Me: What the fuck

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The UT/US/UF skelebros at their first human fair! Complete with funnel cakes, deep-fried everything, Ring Tosses, shooting games, pony rides, face-painting, trinket-selling booths and make-you-puke roller coasters! Bonus points: Who drags their SO to the Tunnel of Love? Who doesn't even fully grasp what that ride is for?



  • He’s pretty chill about the whole thing. He might disappear for a few minutes only for you to find him again manning one of the games and winking at you from across the counter. How did he even…?
  • He’s gonna buy you two those matching shirts that say “I’m hers, I’m his” with the arrows on them or something along those lines.
  • He’s gonna get a mustache painted on his face at the booth and keep it like that all day.


  • He’s never been to one of these before!! It’s so exciting, all the people and rides and smells. He likes it alot!
  • He totally does that whole sledgehammer game thing and breaks it. The little ball that’s supposed hit the bell smashed through the top. He won you a big stuffed dragon with that stunt.
  • Let’s the guy at the face painting booth go all out on him with a full blown sugar skull design on his face!


  • He’s dragging you around to everything, this is so much fun!
  • He buys you friendship bracelets but claims they mark your romantic status as a couple.
  • Purposefully saves the tunnel of love for last. He’s pretending like he doesn’t know what it is/what you’re talking about when you finally point it out, “WHAAAT? I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT WELL IF YOU INSIST” and he’s ushering you into the ride for some cheesy romantic times. Hoo boi.


  • He’s just happy to let you show him everything. It’s all very interesting and if he’s honest he’s kind of curious about this aspect of human culture now.
  • Keeps giving you random kisses when you get excited over little things around the fair. You’re too cute for your own good
  • You guys go to see the band and towards the end he kind of disappears only to suddenly be up on stage holding a microphone and winking at you. “this one’s for my awesome girlfriend/datemate over there!” he points at you in the crowd and you’re basically burning up by now, “hey babe, love you.” Cue the cheesiest love song known to mankind sung by your boyfriend who’s actually surprisingly a really great singer??


  • Sorta uncomfortable so he just grips your hand tight the whole time. He’s not sure how he feels with this many people stuffed into one place and being out in the open like this…
  • He gets a little mischievous when you both get on the ferris wheel though. It’s semi private so he’s like, squeezing your thigh but in an affectionate way. When you get to the top;

“heh…pretty nice up here huh?”

You shrug and look over at him, “I don’t know, you seem pretty tense. Are you ok?”

Looking at you he is. He just kinda smiles and sighs, “yeah…uh.. more than ok.” He leans forward then and grabs your face in his hands to lay one on you. The kiss gets a little heated and you’re a blushing mess afterwards.


  • Demands when you get cotton candy that you let him feed it to you.
  • He plays every single game for you just to win you those big stuffed animals. You can’t even carry them all when he’s done.
  • He buys you one of those little trinkets you were looking at at one of the  stands. He’s kinda fascinated by the glassblowing too. It looks so dangerous yet they were making something so beautiful.
Tease - Leafyishere smut.

In which Y/N gets a taste of her own medicine.

Requested // Contains smut.

Originally posted by charlie-kei

You were dressed from head to toe in the best of the best, why? Because your boyfriend had called only half an hour ago to inform you that he was for once going to leave his house. And for what? A party. Of all things. The amount of time you had spent the past few months to just have him leave his room for more than a minute or two would not be calculated on one hands worth of fingers. Nor two. So when you heard that he was so easily accepting an invitation to an old friends house party you were slightly miffed. But you had your own plan, you were about to play your own game.

Calvin had sent you a text telling you he was outside. Grabbing a clutch you tugged at the ever rising hem of your dress, attempting to stop it from slipping upwards. Almost to no avail. The stairs proved a challenge due to your tall heels, you knew you’d probably only just reach your boyfriend’s height, you weren’t exactly the tallest of people. Snatching the keys from their usual basket nearest to your neatly kept doorway you pushed open your front door and slipped the key into the lock, securing your home behind you before turning to approach Calvin’s car.

The sight before you made you internally smirk, his eyes were fixated on your figure, his gaze shifting up and down the length of your body. Licking his lips he inhaled, once you had taken extra long to place your things in the backseat, giving him a front row seat of your ass. Placing yourself in the passenger seat at long last you buckled yourself in, giving him a slightly innocent look as you questioned why he was still staring at you with hungry eyes.

“Are we going or what?” You commented, what happened next would make it hard for you not to laugh as you watched him nod furiously, fingers struggling to turn the key as he coughed awkwardly, eyes facing front. “Are you okay, baby?” You asked, faking concern. “If you’re not feeling well we can go inside, I’ll look after you.” A smirk pressed against your lips as you watched him swallow.

“No- uh, I’m fine lets go.” He forced a smile, exhaling as he backed out of your driveway. Your tone of voice wasn’t exactly one he was used to. Then again neither was this entire demur you seemed to be oozing in. You were usually cute and hyperactive Y/N, not drop sexy and lustful Y/N.

“If you’re sure.” You hummed, disconnecting his phone from the AUX as you plugged it into yours instead, pressing play on your usual playlist. Tyler the creator flowed through his slightly time consumed speakers, his eyebrow raising as he looked over at you with slight amusement.

“Really?” He shook his head slightly, changing gear and turning a corner as he sped up slightly. He seemed to have found himself again, although occasionally you could feel his eyes on your somewhat exposed body. Taking it as a queue to change the song you placed your phone down signalising that Kendrick Lamar A.D.H.D was your final choice.

The two story, typical American dream lookin’ house came into view as he parked amongst other vehicles. You had been here only once or twice and that was due to Calvin needing to run a few errands for his friend whom of which was inside somewhere. He was the first to get out as he quickly moved round to your side, his usual caring attitude shining through as he opened the door for you. Smiling you grabbed what you needed and got out, noting the fact his eyes never left you. Closing the door behind you he wasted no time in pressing you against the car, his fingers digging into your thighs slightly as his lips pressed forcefully against yours. Chuckling you pushed him slightly, seeing the annoyance written across his features.

“Cal, what are you doing?” You question, looking around as if in fear of someone seeing what had previously gone down.

“You look so damn good, you expect me to be able to keep my hands to myself? No, that’s not how I fucking works baby girl.” He mumbled, his lips pressing against yours once again, this time you weren’t complaining. His mouth moved in sync with yours as he dared to deepen the kiss, his tongue exploring your mouth as your hands way down his clothed chest, one dipping beneath the fabric and the other lowering ever further. He groaned softly against your mouth, his breath growing erratic as he reluctantly pulled away. “Shit Y/N, why are you doing this now?” He muttered, pressing kisses to your neck as he enjoyed every inch of your carefully prepared revenge.

“Because I’ve been trying so hard to get you to notice me for weeks now and apparently your friends party was the only way I was going to achieve that.” You replied, feeling him stop his movement as his eyes found yours, confusion evident as you took in his furrowed eyebrows.

“What?” He asked, slightly guiltily as he sighed, closing his eyes for a moment. “You really think that?”

“It’s not about thinking it Calvin, you’ve been ignoring everything I wanted to do for god knows how long now, wanna go to the park? No. Wanna go to the movies? Too busy. I mean I could go all night if you want me to.” He frowned now, his hands finding yours as he intertwined your fingers.

“I’m so sorry.” He confessed, forehead pressing against yours as he continued to look in disbelief that it could be him you’re talking about. “I’ve just been so busy with Youtube, it’s my job you know? But you’re right, I haven’t been giving any of my time to you, babe.” He gave a small smile, eyes searching yours as he looked for any sort of forgiveness. His lips pressed against yours briefly once he had found it. “C’mon, let’s go home, I want to show you just how worth my time you really are. Besides, nobody deserves to see you looking this good but me.” He smirked, resuming his state of awe. You nodded, kissing him once more before feeling the door behind you open.

Sitting in the car once more you watched the house disappear behind you, Blackbear idfc playing loudly as your hand settled on his thigh. Occasionally you dared to inch it a little closer to where you knew he’d be wanting that hand to sit later, and each time you earned a glare from the male behind the wheel. Who’s vision was surely clouded by brunette strands. Each corner turned was a corner closer to home and soon you found yourself clenching your legs together as you thought about what you could be doing right now.

Finally after far too long and at least another two songs, including Tupac and Wiz Khalifa, you finally arrived back at the home he had picked you up from previously. You wasted no time in waiting for him to help you out of the car, and knowing you’d do so he didn’t bother to attempt it. His arms wrapped around your waist as you giggled, struggling to make your way up to the front door whilst he kept his arms wrapped around you. He chuckled as you both practically fell against the door, his smile widening as he pressed his lips against yours. You worked on finding the keys to do the entrance, whilst simultaneously allowing him to wrap your legs around his waist. You both laughed giddily as you finally managed to get the door open, no thanks to him as he kept assaulting your jawline and neck with various kisses and nibbles. Your skin would surely be bruised come morning.

Thank goodness you two weren’t drunk as the entire thing would be ten times more difficult, you thanked the lord for that as your back came in contact with your, once upon a time, well-made bed. A groan of satisfaction left his mouth as he pressed his lips against your own. One of his hands held a tight grip on both of your wrists as he began to unzip the back of your dress, your hands wanting to roam his body.

“Babe.” You pouted in annoyance.

“Stop complaining, you owe me one.” He replied, huskily. “This is your punishment for making me wait until now to fuck you.”

“You could’ve had me at any point.” You responded, slightly cockily.

“Shut up- you know you would’ve made me wait all night.” He growled, his face buried in the crook of your neck as he managed to glide the zip down your back, exposing you slightly. Your boyfriend was right, if the two of you had stepped foot into the party you’d have had him wrapped around your finger until the sun came up. Releasing your hands he worked on hooking the straps around his fingers, bringing both of them down your arms before tugging the sides of your dress until it was removed from your body. He marvelled your body and choice of lace underwear as he inhaled sharply. “I can’t believe this is all mine.” He moaned slightly, the thought alone getting him hot and bothered. You took your bottom lip between your lip as you allowed your hands to caress yourself slightly, feather light touches smoothing across your breasts, putting on a show for him. “Such a tease.” He tutted.

“Only for you.” You smirked, his grin widening as you reminded him you were all his. His fingers hurriedly took care of your heels, tossing them both aside as he crawled up between your now parted legs. By yours standards he was far too clothed. “Baby, no more touching until you’ve taken something off.” You informed him, pushing his hands off your body for effect.

“Since when do you make the rules?” He narrowed his eyes, tugging at the edges of his shirt as he removed it from his body.

“Since I got you like this in the first place.” You purred.

“Not another word from you princess this is supposed to be punishment.” He growled yet again, causing you to grow increasingly more wet as you followed his orders. Chucking his shirt aside he quickly did the same for his jeans, his hands groping at your breasts as he did what he wanted. Grinding down against you, he groaned. “Strip.” He insisted, taking your hand as he pulled you up. Taking his bottom lip between his teeth as he waited for you to follow his instruction. With a small nod, you slowly went around to the back of your bra, the clasp unhooking as you allowed the garment to loosen around you. Letting the straps sink down your arms you tossed it aside you watched him grow impatient. “C’mon, next.” He grunted. You did the same for your pants, your fingers slowly making its way to the hem of your underwear. He huffed impatiently, pushing you back down against the bed as he did it himself, practically ripping it from your body as he pressed his lips to yours.

Without warning he pushed inside you, you had been so focused on stripping yourself down to nothing that you hadn’t noticed him doing the same. Groaning you squirmed beneath him, not expecting the sudden movement. He moaned as he began to pick up the pace his lips still hovering above your own as one hand began groping your breasts. His continuous thrusts were getting you increasingly wound up as you tipped your head back, squeezing your eyes closed as you continued to answer his movements with melodic noises of appreciation.

“Don’t you dare cum until I say so.” He tormented, his voice breaking into noises of pleasure as he felt you beginning to grow close. He was too, but you weren’t getting away so easily. You nodded, knowing that it was only going to feel ten times as good once he gave you the clear. He increased the pace even more so, which you didn’t think possible initially as you felt him go harder and deeper, reaching depths he hadn’t before. You didn’t think you could hold it much longer as you bit down on your bottom lip to refrain from waking the neighbours, a metallic taste of blood filling your mouth.

“Fuck, Calvin I’m so fucking close, please.” You hummed, although it was beginning to become desperate as you felt a knot of pleasure tighten within you.

“Just a bit longer.” He whispered, pressing a surprisingly affectionate kiss to your lips as he kept up the rhythm, although you could tell he was losing stamina and fast.

“I can’t.” You confessed, your walls beginning to clench as you felt yourself nearly completely losing it.

“Okay, let go baby, cum for me.” He moaned, a trail of curses and groans following after as your orgasm triggered his own.

Filling you completely he didn’t bother to pull out knowing you had it all dealt with.

“Shit, Calvin.” You moaned, your body shaking with a euphoric feeling of bliss. He fell beside you, a cold and empty feeling sparking between your thighs as he wrapped his arms around your body. “I’m gonna tease you more often.” You challenged with a tired but cocky smirk.

“Fucking try it, next time you won’t be able to walk.”

A/N: This is my first attempt at smut so apologise. I haven’t completely proof checked this so sorry but this gal needs sleep!!! 

Ok, so I like Fallout 4. I love Fallout 4. However, the story left me wanting. After thinking about it, I have come up with something I think would have been infinitely more interesting.

It starts with your spouse not dying.

Instead of Nate/Nora dying and Shawn being stolen, all three of you are woken up and taken away to the Institute. There, you raise Shawn ala Fallout 3. During this time you spend more time with Kellogg, you do stuff around the Institute and spend more than 15 minutes with your spouse. However, during this part of the game, you notice things happening around the Institute. The veneer of progress and “Mankind, Redefined” starts to fade. You start to notice all the things the Institute actually is. This all starts with Virgil going missing.

There’s an explosion in the FEV Lab. You feel the ground shake, bringing flashbacks of hellfire. A pit enters your stomach. You rush down, frantic with worry. It was only two days before that your spouse told you that they were going to work in the Lab. You arrive, among smoke and screaming, and find them dead.

Many people died, and all signs point to Virgil causing the accident. The Director tells you that he died, but you discover that he ran away. After this, you find out some of the more horrific things the Institute has done. University Point, the CPG, Broken Mask and so forth. You don’t know everything. By this point, Shawn is in his mid-20s and is one of the renowned scientists. He doesn’t believe anything you’ve told him. He thinks it’s grief on your part.

You have a choice. Stay or Go.

If you stay, you gain Kellogg as a companion. The two of you hunt Virgil down for what he did. You follow clues left by him until you reach the Glowing Sea. At that point, you have a choice. Kill him, let him go, or bring him back. During this time you grow close to him, maybe you start a romance. It doesn’t last long, with Kellogg being Kellogg and your life being upside down. But the comfort is nice.

If you go, you must find a way to escape the Institute. Either you can go to Doctor Li or Liam Binet. They both help you and start the quest for their perspective faction (Doctor Li isn’t with the Brotherhood until you do that quest, but getting her help directs you to the Brotherhood). Kellogg becomes your hunter, charged with finding you and bringing you back.

Either way, you make it outside. From here the game continues as it does in reality. This time, however, you need to find Virgil with the help of/while eluding Kellogg. You go to Nick and everything.  It’s during this that you meet the other factions and can join them no matter which choice you made.

After dealing with Virgil, you either go back to the Institute or are cornered by Kellogg. While back there, you find out Shawn is now the Director. He gives you a new choice. He knows about the people you helped, the things you’ve seen, the factions you’ve joined. He knows that your opinion of the Institute might have changed So he makes a simple choice. Stay or Go.

Stay, and you join the Institute. You wipe you both the Brotherhood and the Railroad.

Go, and the game progresses as usual.

However, you have more choices depending on your factions. You could be a spy for the Railroad, you could be there for Doctor Li, you could be there for your own ends. Until the Point of No Return, you can change your mind or string everyone along.

Whatever you choose, the game progresses as usual. The Institute wants to power their reactor.

Ultimately, your choice regarding the Institute is this. You could run it as it is, being named New Director after something happens to Shawn. You could blow it up with the Brotherhood, with the Railroad, and destroy 200 years of progress. You could take it over with force or with tactics and change it from the inside, working with either the Railroad, Brotherhood or Minutemen.

So what do you chose? Wipe out the competition and create a tyrant ruling class of scientists? Destroy 200 years of progress tainted with the blood of innocents? Or do you play your cards right and take the jackpot?

The choice is yours.

Tony Goldwyn on How 'The Belko Experiment' Speaks to Trump's America

In the new psychological thriller The Belko Experiment, Tony Goldwyn is the boss of 79 employees who are tasked with killing each other in order to survive.

Trapped inside the steel walls of their corporate outpost in Colombia, the staff of Belko Industries is instructed by a voice on the intercom to kill two people in the next 30 minutes, or more will die. The “game” only escalates from there, as Goldwyn’s COO, Special Forces-trained Barry Norris, is called upon to step up and take charge.

Directed by Greg McLean (Wolf Creek) and penned by writer-producer James Gunn (Guardians of the Galaxy) - who conceived the dark premise from a dream -  Belko’s social experiment shows what people are capable of when pushed to extremes, resulting in a level of violence that scared even the seasoned Goldwyn (1990's Ghost, 1997's Kiss the Girls, 2009's The Last House on the Left) when he first read the script.

But the actor, who has played President Fitzgerald Grant on ABC’s Scandal for six seasons and counting, says the moral dilemma at the heart of the black-humored office thriller (not to mention the topical question it raises of surveillance) resonates amid today’s political landscape, making the bloody gore all the more palatable to a general audience. The ending even beckons a sequel, something Goldwyn calls “a setup for the future mayhem.”

Goldwyn talked to The Hollywood Reporter about leaving his TV set behind to spend seven weeks in the outskirts of Bogota, the relatable divide Belko explores amid Trump’s America and what the Twitter-happy president would have to say about his fictional commander-in-chief.

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Scandal deals with murder - but not like this. What made you want to jump back into horror?

When I got sent a script with James Gunn’s name on it, that got my interest because I was a big fan of his. When I read it, I couldn’t believe someone was making this movie, that MGM had the balls to make this. I thought it was really well-written as long as it was going to feel real. [Director] Greg [McLean]’s Wolf Creek is a harrowing film because it feels so real. As operatic as this movie is, James - who wrote it in a week - has that tongue-in-cheek kind of humor and Greg really wanted to make sure it felt very human, and that really appealed to me. The violence of the film and what it says about what people will do under stress is unusually bold, and it’s still said with a sense of humor.

How was the shoot different than what you’re used to, coming from TV?

It’s such a different animal from doing a television show. The thing about this is that it’s a pressure-cooker story and the extreme violence of it, not even how graphic the film is, but the violence of the situation was very different. I’ve done some violent movies, but this one? With lots of people dying? I’ve never done anything like this.

Read more: 'The Belko Experiment’: Film Review

What’s your opinion of Barry Norris and how were you able to relate to him and get into character?

When you meet him, he’s a regular, normal, decent dude. He has a military and Special Forces background quite a ways in his past, but when put into this situation and crisis, his whole goal is to minimize the damage. He’s presented with two horrible alternatives. He’s thinking, “We need to preserve as much life as we can,” and he’s willing to make the hard choices in order to do that. Then he loses his mind and it becomes really dark. When I play villains, I always try to take their point of view, but this is pretty extreme. Years ago, I did Kiss the Girls, and that character was such a sociopath. It was easier because he was completely departing from any kind of normal reality. Whereas this guy, Norris, is a regular person who’s trying to do what he thinks is going to help.

Were you surprised by the ending and how far things went?

Yeah, I was. There is a climactic scene in the movie involving my character that was really tough, and it was really important to me that the audience feel that it’s incredibly difficult for Norris to do, and that he’s not just taking glee in doing it, somehow. And after that, he kind of loses his mind. That shocked me when I read that. It actually scared me. I thought, “I don’t know if I want to do this. This is really some dark shit!” But I just did it.

There’s an element to The Belko Experiment that makes you think: This could, maybe, happen. Is that what makes it even more terrifying? 

That’s what’s cool about it - is this could, sort of, kind of, happen. It’s possible. You don’t know who is behind this and if it were possible to run an experiment like this, and that’s what made the movie. It’s a psychological thriller and the question is: Where’s my moral compass, and how far will my moral compass stretch? I’d like to believe I’m the type of guy who would take my life over others, but that’s the fun of the film. There’s a real cost to being the moral puritan.

How do you live with such a violent story for those seven weeks?

That one scene in particular was really harrowing to do. It stayed with me in that it was very thought-provoking. Often when you’re shooting on location, everyone goes their separate ways, and that would have been tough to shake on my own. But we had a real social outlet with this cast, and luckily I had fun folks around. There was a lot of recovery that we had to do at clubs in Bogota! James has this group of actors he works with over and over again, [his brother] Sean Gunn and Michael Rooker are his best friends, and they form this sort of nucleus and family environment. We’d go out together all the time as this sort of tribe to have some fun.

Do you think our current political climate makes a movie like Belko more appealing? 

I do. I was a little worried when we made this movie. I didn’t know if the world could take it. And a year and a half later, we find ourselves in a political environment where there’s this divide where there are people who want to solve our impractical problems with blunt force. The appeal of Trump in America is: “These problems, were gonna fix 'em. Some people are gonna get hurt but we’re tired of being politically correct and empathetic to everyone - we’re going to fix this and get this done.” There are people on the other side saying, “Wait a minute, what about the people who are going to suffer?” We’re in this dialectic in the Western World between these extreme approaches to problem-solving. It’s like watching Jordan Peele's Get Out, which is totally different because it’s a real horror movie, but again has a political and social commentary that is deeply suited with what we’re living in and really resonated. Jordan had his finger on the pulse, and I don’t know that it would have [resonated as much] two years ago.

Read more: Critic’s Notebook: Why 'Get Out’ and 'Moonlight’ Are Breakthroughs in Black Filmmaking

Scandal, which is a political drama, is also airing parallel to the intense real-life climate. Is there anything you took from playing Norris in Belko that your bring to Fitz?  

They’re so different, every job is different. But no, I wouldn’t say there’s any kind of correlation. The only one I can draw that is similar is the moral quandaries. The moral dilemma at the center of Belko that’s taken to the extreme. Shonda [Rhimes] very much does that on Scandal, where we’re all pushed to our moral boundaries and we’re all crossing them. Shonda plays with the audience’s sympathies back and forth in a skillful way where we’re always confronting those boundaries.

What do you think Trump would have to say, or tweet, about Fitz as president?

“Sad! But he’s got a hot girlfriend, so you know. What can I say?” (Laughs.)

Is there any advice you would give to other actors when it comes to playing in the horror genre? 

The kind of horror that I like, or the great horror films, are thrillers that feel very real and are very human and have characters with real human complexity. Where you feel like you’re in it, as opposed to bloodfests or twist plots for the sake of entertainment value. Those never appeal to me much or engage me. The great psychological thrillers are the ones where the people and the situation they’re in feel so real -  The Shining or The Exorcist or Clockwork Orange - where you can feel the tension or how harrowing the situation is. In terms of talking to other actors, find dimension in what you’re doing and if you’re the good guy, find the darkness and if you’re the bad guy, find the heart and nuance because that can be very effective.

The Belko Experiment is in theaters now. 

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Headcanons about "does professor Burnet know that kukui and the masked royal are the same person "

Like at the end of the game, yeah.

-When she first actually saw the Masked Royal, she has her suspicions. Right before the Royal had come onstage, Kukui had left, saying he just got an urgent call from Molayne. Minutes later, the Royal came onstage, and she was curious.

-Being the professor that she is, Burnet started researching. She secretly took pictures of the Royal and compared them to people she knew. It was only when a picture of Kukui accidentally came up that she started to put two and two together.

-Even though she’s found him out, she doesn’t say anything, and is marvelous at pretending that she doesn’t know. While people like Molayne sometimes trip up, Burnet is spotless. She thinks that maybe someday she’ll tell him, but that day is far, far in the future.

~Mod Sun

Dodge-ball Partners

A Marinette/Ladybug Adrien/ Chat Noir fic inspired by @kpzske-ladynoir. Tell me how you like it. Beta’ d by the other admin Alex. Written by Shelby-Rose.

              “…Dupain-Cheng left, Bourgeois right, Agreste left.” The coach crossed his arms looking at the two teams smiling, on the right was Chloé, Sabrina, Kim, Max, Alix, Ivan and Myléne and the left was Marinette, Nino, Rose, Alya, Adrien, Nathanael and Juleka. “The rules of the game are as follows, the last team standing wins, you each have one life and one life only, there are no ways to get back in once out. However you have five minutes to come up with a game plan for your team, I suggest that you use this time wisely.”

               Marinette grinned looking at Alya who grinned grabbing her arm walking to the huddle that had formed, sadly the group had very little direction and was squabbling. Clearing her throat and summoning the Ladybug courage. “Everyone we need to focus, the only way we’re going to beat the other team is if we work together, I suggest that we use Rose and Juleka to fetch the balls from the front line and Alya, Nathanael and Nino defend them while A-Adrien and I take out the others.”

               By the end of her little speech Marinette had the whole team staring at her with wide eyes and even wider smiles. However one face was completely smug. “You’re something else girl you know that right?” Alya grinned. “Well unless anyone else has a better plan you know what to do!” Alya said proud of her best friend and how she had come out of her shell.

               As the coach tossed the balls into the air, Marinette’s team got into their positions while she and Adrien had stayed back. “S-So I was u-uh thinking we should target Kim and u-um” She fumbled her hands before a ball had been tossed to her. The blue eyed girl caught it before offering it to him.

               “Kim and Alix, huh? I think I can manage that.” Adrien grinned at the girl he considered a close friend even though she puzzled him with constant stammering stuttering and blushing when she clearly had no issues delivering orders to the group, reminding him a bit of his Lady, but the girl seemed scared of her own shadow when he was around. Taking the ball in hand Adrien lined up with Kim and threw nailing the Jock in the shoulder.

               At the same time Marinette looked at his out of character grin sparing a thought about Chat’s consistent and constant flirting before gracefully throwing the ball catching Alix in the leg exactly when the ball made contact with Kim.

               After the initial hits with Kim and Alix, the pair of heroes were unstoppable working as a well-oiled machine. One hit after the after, they had lost a few team members, Juleka and Nathanael early on while it took Alya half way through the game to get out, soon followed by Nino and Rose.

               Left on their own they decimated the other team just them and Max left and perfectly in sync they threw their last ball each hitting Max in the chest.

               “Pound it!”

               “Pound it!”

               Marinette fist bumped Adrien before freezing to turn to look at him as he gulped staring at her. However this staring contest was soon interrupted by their teammates running towards them and embracing the pair. Soon Alya pulled the want-to-be designer aside grinning. “Girl did you just fist bump and congratulate Adrien Agreste without sounding like you had a serious speech impediment?! What happened to the blushing and stumbling? You two were almost as good as Ladybug and Chat Noir out there!

“I-I guess so, um I-I don’t feel too well, pl-please excuse me!” Marinette rushed from Alya, not stealing a glance at the green-eyed model watching the love of his life flee from the gymnasium. Nino was eagerly chatting in his ear about some reward for winning the came while Adrien could only think about the reward that came from knowing his Lady sat behind him every day in class. He would visit her tonight, as Chat, hopefully that would give his princess enough time to think.

                School couldn’t end soon enough. Marinette had almost run home busying herself with homework and the bakery until she couldn’t stop herself from thinking about it. She had spoken with Tikki about accidental reveal that had happened while the kwami waited patiently for Marinette to be done her class. Thinking about that conversation made her groan.

               “Marinette it will be fine, like I said your attitude doesn’t need to change around him. He certainly won’t hate you for being you.” Tikki reassured her while munching on a cookie.

“But Tikki what if he thought Ladybug was some rich famous heiress with grace and not the girl who looks like she can’t form more than a two word sentence without blushing and stumbling?! How does Marinette add up to Ladybug?! Simply enough-“

                “Simply enough she is perfect with and without the mask.” Chat Noir had slipped in the trap door above her bed and had stealthily limbed down her ladder. “Marinette do you really think that I wouldn’t feel the same about you?”

                Marinette gulped slowly rising from her desk chair. “Y-You aren’t disappointed that she’s me? B-But you were in love with her and I can’t even talk to you in class.” She sighed realizing he was standing below her copy of his schedule and beside her gallery of his photo shoots.

               “God no! Princess, this was a furtastic day! I just learned my Lady sits behind me in all my class – though I don’t understand something.” He grinned walking closer to Marinette putting a hand on her hip pulling her closer to him.

               “Wh-what w-would that be, Ki-kitty?” Her eyes were wide as she stared up at him in shock as she was pulled closer.

               “Why you can’t talk to Adrien, but can destroy evil akumas with ease? I mean I don’t think my civilian self is that intimidating…” He looked down at her curiously his head cocked to the side as he took in her red face.

               “Y-You still don’t get it, I-I, um may have developed a-a uh- No, I can’t do this! I’m sorry, Chat! I just know this can’t end well. You obviously felt that way for Ladybug, but Marinette? No way I mean come on, could you imagine Adrien Agreste and Marinette Dupain-Cheng? No you can’t, besides, you wouldn’t want to deal with Chloé…”

               “Are you saying I can’t be in love with both of you, Marinette? Because I’m very sad to say…” He tilted her head up to look at him. “You are very, very…”

               “Wrong.” And with that he de-transformed and smiled kissing Marinette sweetly.


An ordinary day at the office becomes a horrific quest for survival when 80 employees in Bogotá, Colombia, learn that they are pawns in a deadly game. Trapped inside their building, a voice over an intercom tells the frightened staffers that two workers must be killed within 30 minutes. When another ultimatum follows, friends become enemies and new alliances take shape, as only the strongest will remain alive at the end

Topp Dogg: B-Joo~ jealousy & aegyo

Summary: In which B-Joo gets jealous when his s/o gets too comfortable around his band mates, and they have to do aygeo to not make him jealous. 

 You were currently sat down between Sehyuk and Sanggyun while you were struggling to win at a video game. These two have been at it since morning, challenging each other to dares when the other loses. You decided to join them halfway through and beat the both of them. 

Byungjoo had woken up not too long after, and took in the scene in front of him. He frowned as he saw you practically sat on top of both of his band mates, and was boiling on the inside. He tried in vain to get your attention several times, but none of that worked as you were too focused on the game and beating those two. He huffed loudly and sat on the love seat next to the couch, and continued to frown at you.

 It was only several minutes later when Sehyuk beat you both, and proceeded to scream his victory to everyone within a ten-mile radius. You and Sanggyun both laughed, but as soon as you realized that you had to pay for his lunch, it was all grumbling and complaining. 

“I’m coming with you.” Byungjoo quickly grabbed his coat and headed out the door with you in tow. You caught up to him as both Sehyuk and Sanggyun took off to the nearest restaurant. You noticed his expressions looked hurt. You playfully nudged his arm as you two walked side by side. “What’s the matter, oppa?” He glanced at you. “Don’t call me that.” He said, and looked away. You frowned. What was the matter with him? “Why don’t you go ask Sehyuk oppa, or Sanggyun oppa?” He rolled his eyes and made a point to not look you in the eye. 

You grabbed his arm and stopped him. Now it clicked- he was jealous! “Byungjoo, don’t tell me you’re jealous?” You smirked, seeing his annoyed expression. He rolled his eyes again, but he didn’t move away from your hold. “No. I just prefer it when my girlfriend sits on my lap when playing video games, not between my two friends.” You sighed. 

“You know I love you, and we were just playing a game! Please don’t be mad, pleeeeease?” He saw your bottom lip jutting out and he sighed in defeat. “Don’t do that to me. You know I can’t stay mad at you when you do that, y/n…” you kept going and making puppy faces and puckering your lips at him. “Please, Byungjoo, oppaaaaa, don’t be jealous.” You grinned, knowing his weakness. He shook his head in disbelief, and wrapped an arm around your shoulder and continued walking. He pressed a kiss to your cheek and blushed, not believing you did that to him in public. He was definitely going to get you back later.

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