is one of my absolute favorite tv shows ever

So if those rumors are true, I am 100% not watching season 4.

Not in protest or anything, but because I will be missing 3 out of my 4 favorite characters (one of which is my absolute favorite character on tv ever) and 3 out of my 5 main ships, and that just doesn’t leave enough reason to watch the show. 

I mean, I’m sorry, but just… what the hell?

“SAO was my first ever anime (other than Sailor Moon as a child.) I found myself caring about characters deeper than I had watching live action shows, and I basically binged the entire series in a couple weeks. I honestly was never a huge TV fan until this show. [I really really love it, Kirito and Asuna are absolutely everything. I also am planning the best Titania-Asuna cosplay ever so get ready. Nothing ridiculous, but this show means so much to me and it’ll always be one of my all time favorites.]

Submitted by deitease.

I will always love you, Clarke Griffin.

Clarke is an Ambassador, Wanheda, Mountain Slayer, and now Flamekeeper.

Clarke Griffin, Clarke kom Skaikru deserves so much more than what she has been dealt by these shitty writers. One of the single best characters EVER on TV, not just as a female/female lead/queer character… she is hands-down one of the best characters ever and I think anyone who has watched the show would agree.

And on top of the disappointment and pain and absolute disgust I feel at losing Lexa and then Lincoln, I also feel this deep sympathy and need to protect Clarke because I’ve always loved her so much and she’s always been my favorite but this show is flushing everything that was good about it down the tubes, and on top of that I feel guilt for not wanting to watch anymore because I would be abandoning the one single character on this show that is worth continuing to watch.

Clarke Griffin is the only thing about The 100 that is left to love. (Well okay Raven and Octavia too but lbr here Clarke is numero uno.) But I guess that’s not all-in-all surprising given that we always knew that Clarke was the one who could make it against all odds. Too bad that making it means she’s always going to have a broken heart and people who never fucking listened to her when what she said all along made more sense than anything to ever come out of Bellamy or Pike’s mouths.

I hope for the best for Clarke, though I’m not holding my breath. I doubt I will even watch past this season. Continuing through the rest of this one is difficult enough, but I want to see where she ends up at the end of all this. (Plus I want to see Lexa one more time.) 

Clarke Griffin’s fight will never be over, because I will carry it with me forever. No matter what happens to her from here on out, I will always be on her side and I will carry her fight forward. She deserves it.

A Fic Rec a Day - #1

In honor of Author Appreciation Week, I’ve decided to spotlight one favorite fic per day! [All relevant posts are gathered here, and are posted in no particular order.]

The Mythbusters AU by awkwardspiritanimals

Fandom: Agents of SHIELD
Ship: FitzSimmons 
Rated: G/PG

Author’s Summary:
“Leo Fitz is going to have to kiss Jemma Simmons. On national television. For science.”

Technically, this is a whole universe/series rather than one fic, but they’re short enough that they belong together in one rec. The original premise of this universe is one of my favorites that I’ve ever read for any fandom, and the simple concept of combining that adorable Discovery Channel show with the Marvel show’s oddball bunch of characters is absolutely perfect. It also helps that Mythbusters is one of my comfort shows, so to combine that with one of my all-time OTPs means that this is about as tailored to my personal interests as you could get. 

Don’t Try This At Home
Remember, We’re Professionals
When In Doubt, Diamonds

Read, re-read, love!