is one bovvered

“The wounded soldiers of the Knights of Ren — misguided as you believe them to be — deserve just as much aid as you do, Commander.”

 “I disagree with every facet of that statement,” Poe said, sitting up.

 “And you are alive to do so because of places like this,” Father Luke snapped, the first sign of temper Poe had seen from him. “This war has stolen a hundred thousand lives already, Poe — you would have me stand by and watch a hundred thousand more die of disease and infection, when I can prevent it?”

 “Your family is the one causing this war,” Poe shot back, ignoring Jess pointedly clearing her throat. “You could have prevented the entire mess from starting.”

Illustration for Chapter 1 of @leupagusAnd the Light that Shines in Darkness.

“Goodness. You… actually found a Mallard for me?  But I’m a grey faerie… no one even notices that I exist most of the time.”   

am i the only one bovvered by the design? she’s supposed to be dejected - beyond that, the personification of Sadness - yet the artist drew her with a hand on her hip, the other hand held up as if in expectation, shoulders back, chest out, head held straight, eyes focused, shiny neat clothes, and makeup on point. those are marks of confidence and optimism, so in mine onion there is a phil0s0phical problem here!!!