is oddly arousing

I Own You

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Words: 2500

Warnings: NSFW (smut!)

A/N: Since I’m back on tumblr, I decided to repost some of my old work and fanfics! Hope you enjoy! 

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A dull headache was the first thing that woke you up. You blinked few times to clear your sight and look at the empty side next to you.

Turning around you noticed that the sheets were a pure mess and then you noticed that it was 2 p.m.

“Ah, great!” you groaned and then pulled to covers to the side.

You were naked and probably got awfully drunk last night.

Then it hit you. You had a fight with the god of mischief before you let tequila possess you.

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Brett Talbot x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, mature content, sexual content, nsfw, smut. 

Prequel to: Having a baby with Brett and freaking out when it shows werewolf traits, but can also be read separate.

A/N: @lazyneonmonster inspired me to write a smutty prequel to another fic, and I was like “Hell yeah, lets do it.” (as usual when smutty requests involves Brett.)
Also, this was supposed to be a sweet, fluff/smut fic, but on the other hand, nah. *scoffs*

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Pairing: Thomas Jefferson x Reader  
Word Count: 2,310ish
T/W: Smut / Cursing 
A/N: This took forever because I was watching Game 4 (Cleveland vs. Golden State) while writing! Oops, but I promise there are no basketball terms in here!

Pt. 1 | Pt. 2

After almost two hours of debating with Hamilton you were exhausted. You had been adamantly attempting to convince him that he needed to fix the mess he had made, but he rejected every idea saying that he didn’t want to just apologize otherwise he would “lose his edge” as a writer. It wasn’t until after he agreed to one of your several suggestions that you remembered how you were “frustrated” with Thomas.

“Well, again I am sorry, ma’am…” Alexander said, pushing the elevator button.

“It’s…fine,” you raised your hand to your temple, giving it a slight rub accompanied with a faint smile, “Just…let’s get this fixed.”  

Once Alexander was out of sight behind the elevator doors, you looked around and noticed almost everyone was gone and those who weren’t were headed on their way out. You glanced at a nearby clock, realizing your conversation had kept you at work an hour later than usual. Smirking to yourself, you knew exactly who would still be here. You made your way to Jefferson’s office, and entered without knocking. 

Thomas looked up from his papers at the sound of his door locking. Smiling casually at you, as you mischievously walked toward his desk. 

“Well, hello ma’am, what can I do for you?” He sounded as if he had forgotten how he left you earlier.

Resting your elbows on his desk, you responded, “I think you know what you can do for me.”

Impulsively pushing your lips against his in a slow, sensual, manner. Slightly pulling away from the kiss every now and then, allowing your teeth to gently tug on his bottom lip. Not too hard, but enough to remind him of what happened earlier. Once you broke the kiss, he raised an eyebrow at you.

“Well, Darlin’…just let me finish some work and I think I can help you,” he told you, looking back to his papers.

You whined a little at the fact that you had to wait, but soon decided it was your turn to tease him. Backing away from his desk and turning around you unbuttoned your blouse. Looking over your shoulder to see him concentrating on his work. Dropping your blouse to the floor, you slipped off your bra, before attempting to quietly unzip your skirt. Once again you glanced back to see him smirking while he wrote. He knew exactly what you were doing.

Once you were in nothing, but your heels, you sat in the chair in front of his desk, crossing your legs, and crossing your arms over your chest. Covering all the “best parts” with your own body. He glanced up, then back down, smiling to himself, shaking his head slightly as he finished reading a report and gave it his signature for approval. 

This was one thing you couldn’t figure out about him. How did he have so much self control? So much patience? You always tried to get him to be the needy one, but somehow it never worked; he made you the needy one. He remained calm and collected until HE decided otherwise. It was oddly arousing. 

“Now,” Thomas removed his glasses, setting them on his desk, before coming to the front of it, resting against the edge, gracefully sliding his hands into his pockets. “What was it you needed?”

You stood, placing yourself right in front of him, your thigh brushed against the inside of his. Taking his tie between your fingers, running them playfully up and down the silky black fabric, before looking up at his brown eyes, “You know damn well what I need.”

He leaned forward, lips brushing against your ear as he whispered, “Show me.”

He gave you a challenging look as he leaned back to see your reaction. 

Damn his southern charm.

You paused for a moment as a smirk spread across his lips. Why was this so attractive? Was it really that easy for you to get excit- you snapped out of the daze he had spun you into and began your attempt at being more seductive.

“Well..I need this.” You placed a hot kiss just under his jaw, “and this,” you continued moving your lips down his neck, “oh, and this,” you whispered into his neck, running your hands down his chest slowly feeling each muscle under his purple dress shirt, “I’ll need these,” you lifted your head softly kissing his lips, “and this” keeping your lips close to his as you tugged gently at his belt buckle before sliding your hand a little further down. Your lips found their way to his neck once again, as you slowly palmed him. Stopping when you heard a low chuckle from him.

“Is that it?” He asked.

“Thomas…” you whined, dropping your head against his shoulder, placing both hands on top of his thighs. Once you got past your slight embarrassment, you looked up, for one last attempt, “I need you.”

“That’s all you had to say,” he stood from his desk, rested a hand gently on the side of your neck, thumb brushing your cheek as he kissed you. Adding his other hand to the small of your back. The slight coldness of his hand made you push your chest into him, causing him to smile into the kiss.

You melted into his touch, finally receiving the contact you had been longing for. His lips slipped down to your exposed neck as his hands travelled down your curves, his fingers made their way closer to your heat, but you pulled back. 

“This doesn’t seem fair,” you gave a frustrated look raising your eyebrow as you tugged on his shirt.

“Why don’t you do something about it then?” he stole a kiss from your lips and kept them inches away from yours, “Slowly…”

You slipped the tie out from under his collar, tossing it onto the chair you had been sitting in moments ago. You let out a quiet moan of pleasure when he slipped two fingers between your legs and began rubbing circles around you. 

“Keep going, baby,” he told you, keeping eye contact with you.

You bit your lip as you steadily undid each button. Once you were halfway done with his shirt, Thomas slid two slender fingers into you. Inhaling sharply you pushed your hands onto his chest, practically collapsing onto him. 

“This really isn’t fair,” you breathed into his neck.

“Never said it would be, Darlin’…but I did say keep going.”

Straightening up and repressing moans you continued revealing his skin, at the ungodly slow pace he had requested. Finally, you pushed it open, running your hands all over his now bare chest. He removed his fingers from you. Evoking a whimper from you. He slid it off and tossed it onto the chair. 

“Happy?” He asked, fingertips teasing your sides.

“Mmm, yes, very!” you pulled him into a hug, fingernails grazing his back, feeling his skin against yours sent a rush through your body, “Isn’t that better?” you began kissing just under his collarbone. 

Thomas responded with a tap to the back of your thighs, prompting you to jump. To which you wrapped your arms around his neck and your legs around his waist. He carried you to the couch in his office, sitting down. You spread your legs a little more, grinding your hips against his. His hands moved to your hips to help coax you into a rhythm. Your fingers tangled into his curls, you gave them a slight tug in one hand. He responded with a low growl, attaching his mouth to the base of your neck, sucking harshly. One of his hands slipped between you, rubbing circles around your clit.

“Fuck,” you whispered.

“Someone’s excited,” he smiled against your skin, applying gentle kisses to the places he had been sucking on.

“Feels like you are too,” you acknowledged his hard length, pressing into you.

“Why don’t you do something about it then?” Thomas teased, pushing his hips up against yours, moving back and forth at that slow pace that drove you crazy.

You untangled your hands from his hair and fumbled with his belt buckle, while he continued his motion with his hands, occasionally sliding his fingers down your folds, teasing at your entrance. You pulled at the button on his dress pants, making quick work of the zipper, tugging his boxers down just enough to release his evident arousal. 

“Keep going,” his voice commanding.

You complied, wrapping your delicate fingers around him, pumping slowly. After a few moments, your pace become more and more desperate. Now making a swift circling motion around his length. Thomas matched you by instantly pushing two fingers into you, causing a delighted moan to fall from your mouth. Your free hand rested on his chest, supporting yourself. 

“That feel good, baby?” He kisses your open mouth.

He took you moaning and tightening your grip on him as a yes, and with that he added a curl to his fingers. You broke the kiss immediately tossing your head back giving him open access to your neck. His pace was heavenly as he continued to suck at your skin. When to your shock, he yet again removed his hands from you, just as you began to feel that familiar knot in your stomach.

When your tilted your head back up, you were met by Thomas licking is fingers clean. Your chest was rising and falling at a rapid pace, due to the mix of pleasure and frustration. Thomas took your chin in his hand and gently brought you in for a  kiss, he pulled away still holding you.


You quickly positioned yourself above him, resting your arms on top of his shoulders, he guided you onto him. He held onto your hips letting out a quiet curse at how tight you were around him. You closed your eyes and put a hand on his chest as you were half way down him. His lips peppered kisses along your cheek. He gave you time to adjust, not wanting to rush you, rubbing circles with his thumbs against your hips.

“Oh, shit,” you breathed when he was finally inside you.  

He started with a slow pace, giving you time to become more and more comfortable, eventually you began to move your hips against him. You held onto the back of the couch, giving him open access to your exposed skin. His mouth latched onto your collarbone fiercely. You swirled your hips in a rhythm guided by him.

“T-Thomas,” one hand reached into his curls, as you bounced up and down him repeatedly. 

This was exactly where he wanted you. He began to thrust up into you causing your breathe to become more erotic. His hands glided down your back before grabbing your ass. Your arms wrapped around his neck. He loved feeling your chest rise and fall against his as you pulled him closer to you. Resting your forehead in the crook of his neck. He felt your walls clench around him.

“R-right there,” you kissed his neck. “Fuck…”

“You gonna cum for me?” he bit your shoulder tenderly sending a buzz through your body.  

He adjusted himself a little, so the next time he thrusted up into you he hit your sweet spot, causing you to dig your nails deeper into his skin as you felt the pressure build inside of you. He took the hint and slammed into you harder.

“Baby…” you panted into his neck, as if warning him you were close.

He hastily added two finger to your clit, rubbing swift circles around your wetness. You let out a gasp, one hand tugging at his hair. You felt his cock twitch inside of you as his thrusts became harder. You desperately tried to hold out. 

“I want you to cum for me, show me- fuck…” He felt himself getting closer as you whispered his name into his skin, with your nails attacking his skin. 

You managed to hold out a little longer until his pace became too much for you and you let go. Practically screaming his name as you did. You collapsed onto him as your body shook. He rode out your orgasm with you until he felt himself reaching a breaking point.

“Cum for me, Daddy.” you gently nibbled on his ear beginning to weakly bounce on his cock again.

That seemed to be enough to send him over the edge as his grip tightened on you and his thrusts became more lazy. He wrapped his arms tightly around your waist as he let out a low moan along with his release. You pressed sloppy kisses along his neck until you reached his lips, drawing him into a passionate kiss, running your hands along his biceps as you both came down from your highs. 

“We’d better clean up,” you broke away from the kiss, still a little breathless.

“Well you insisted on making this mess.” he teased rubbing your back.

You removed yourself from him and began gathering your clothes. He had it easy as he quickly zipped, buttoned and buckled his dress pants. He buttoned up his dress shirt as he watched you place your pile of clothes on his desk, you sifted through them realizing something was missing.

“Hey, do you-”

“Looking for these?” Thomas held a pair of your lace underwear, the same pair he had taken from you earlier. 

You giggled a little, taking them from him and sliding them on. Turning around to face his desk you felt Thomas behind you as he squeezed your ass and kissed your shoulder, running his other hand along your curves. 

“You’re beautiful,” he whispered into your ear. 

You shuddered, sliding your bra back on. He latched it for you, before stepping back and watching you dress yourself. Once you were fully dressed he smiled, wondering how he got so lucky. 

“Well, thank you for doing that for me.” you winked, smiling sinfully before kissing him. 

“Anytime Doll, anytime.”

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Me and my friend were discussing about Keith being a big project diva player and it spiralled into a mess of who stans who. Quotes from our mouths include "alluras pure len stanning ass would be devastated" "who does coran stan though? Meiko,," "lance is oddly aroused" "hunk is a miku stan excuse me" "probably gakupo bc hes a fucking loser lol" "gakupo isn't a loser fuck boy" "but shiro is" "no" is this concept blessed or cursed

me, looking at this with tears in my eyes: i don’t understand what any of this fucking means

  • hanzo, throwing a raw chicken into the middle of a swamp, saying to the camera: yeah my boyfriend is rather... odd. but I still love him.
  • camera pans over to the swamp and shakes a little as a huge three meter half-man, half-gator lurches out of the swamp to catch the raw chicken midair: howdy, hanzo
  • camera pans back to hanzo, who looks oddly aroused: ....hello, jesse
Leather and Lace

So that “Mulder is married to Diana” story really took off and has now evolved into something totally new. I’ve named it Leather and Lace after the Stevie Nicks song that perfectly describes Mulder and Scully. 
So this is technically chapter three! Thank you to @edierone for editing this so quickly since I was freaking out to get it posted! 
One, Two

Last time:

“You’re not in trouble Agent Mulder, you’re being assigned a new partner.” Walter Skinner informed him.

Mulder rubbed his hand down his face and sighed, “Is that really necessary sir?”

“It’s out of my hands.” He said, only half interested, and opened the file in front of him.

“Have you ever heard of an agent named Dana Scully?”

The whole day, she keeps her eyes peeled for him, not knowing what she would do if she saw him.

She quickly involves herself in the pile of work on her desk and jumps a little when the phone rings — it’s Section Chief Blevins’s secretary, informing her that the SC wants to see her in an hour. After she hangs up, Dana struggles not to stare at the clock for the next hour.

“Agent Scully, thank you for coming on such short notice. Please…” Blevins motions for her to take a seat; Dana tries to project confidence, despite the presence of several other men in the room.

“We see you’ve been with us just over two years.”

“Yes, sir.” Dana responds as if she knows exactly what this mysterious meeting is about.

“You went to medical school but you chose not to practice. How’d you come to work for the FBI?”

This summary of her career confuses her, but she replies, “Well, sir, I was recruited out of medical school. Um, my parents still think it was an act of rebellion, but uh… I saw the FBI as a place where I could distinguish myself.”

“Are you familiar with an agent named Fox Mulder?” a man sitting next to Blevins asks. Dana answers swiftly despite the quickening of her heart.

“Yes, I am.”

All three men share a look that makes Dana nervous.

“How so?”

“By reputation,” she lies. “He’s an Oxford educated Psychologist, who wrote a monograph on serial killers and the occult, that helped to catch Monty Props in 1988. Generally thought of as the best analyst in the violent crimes section.” She wonders if she sounded like his biographer so she adds, “He has a nickname at the academy… Spooky Mulder.”

The man with the cigarette then gives her a look that instantly makes her uncomfortable.

Blevins goes on to ask her about the X Files and then tells her that he wants her to work with Mulder –  to spy on him.

It all washes over her quickly and she finds herself on autopilot for the rest of the meeting. Not knowing what else to do afterward, she decides to face things head on, with a visit to the basement. On the elevator down, Dana’s heart beats fast — what she will say to him? She curses herself for sleeping with someone at the FBI, vowing then and there that next time she goes looking for a casual fuck she’ll steer clear of anyone she might cross paths with again.

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Tumblr prompt ( Yoongi / OC)

Based on the above moodboard <3 

Shoutout to @attackonyoonmin​ You guys do a great job!! :) :) 

Genre : angst. 

AU : Gang ? Au … it’s not exactly fleshed out, pretty vague. 

Rating : Smut 

Summary : This was supposed to be angsty and heart breaking but it’s mostly just porn. 


On top of this ending tune
I am standing here alone
Now tell me
That it’s over, let me know


 I stood still, watching the blood drip down his chin, fat red drops, landing on his stark white t shirt and soaking the fabric in a scarlet splotch, his face paler than usual, his gaze heavier than usual, like his mind was already giving up on keeping them open and his legs unsteady as he leaned against the wooden frame of my door. 

His snapback hid his eyes and also the shocking white of his blonde hair , but the lips looked the same as they had the last time i saw him. Red, plump and with a small cut, barely healing over. 

I remembered that cut. I’d patched it up for him three weeks ago. 

“Y/N…” His voice is raspy and strained, vocal chord fighting to draw energy from a body that was already shutting down. Sighing, I grabbed his wrist, watching the way he winced at the touch. Bruises, on his knuckles. Scrapes all over his fingers and a finger that looked unnaturally bent. 

“Why are you here?” i whispered, gripping the door till my fingers turned white.

Yoongi blinked and the cut in his forehead bled a bit more, the red liquid slipping into his eye and making him flinch.

“Baby…. See you…i wanted to see you…” 

I scoffed as I moved closer, wrapping my arm around his waist slowly, aware that he was probably sporting cracked ribs as well. 

“You’re dying.” I said flatly. 

He let out a harsh little laugh.

“ Probably. But not tonight. “ 


Yoongi and i had grown up together. In a fishing village off the coast of Jeju do and we had been in love for as long as I could remember. He had been my first. My only. 

When we both got into medical school, i was over the moon. I knew I was going to be a doctor and I knew Yoongi would be a succcessful surgeon. We would get married and have our happily ever after.

Except that when we reached Seoul, that wasn’t what happened. Yoongi hated the city. He hated the college. He hated studying. He hated everything except being with me and then he started hating that too…. 

I wasn’t fun enough . i wasn’t adventurous enough . I wasn’t reckless enough . 

I wasn’t enough. 


Suddenly, in my eyes
rain wells up
You well up,
I see you even when I breathe
Love blooms
like cherry blossoms
but burns and becomes ashes 


 “ Why are you here?” I asked again, pressing the pad of cotton wool, held delicately with the forcept, dipped in the antiseptic on the metal tray, and gently wiped at the cut on his forehead. “ Why don’t you just go to an emergency room? Why do you always turn up here and hurt me?”

He was shirtless, body a canvas of criss cross stripes and blooming bruises . Someone had really did a number on him. He didn’t reply, just stared at me intently, face inches from mine as he watched me work. 

“We broke up. You shouldn’t be coming back to me. You shouldn’t be doing this to me Min Yoongi! Damn you! Damn you to hell and back! ” I felt tears sting. The first few drops slipped out and dripped over my cheeks, landing on his knees. 

Still he stayed quiet, gaze steady as he watched me cry. 

“I love that you cry for me. You’re the only one who ever does. You always cried for me. even when we were six years old and my father beat me up. ” he finally said and I felt my heart break all over again. 

Sniffling, I wiped the back of my arm across my nose. I swiped away thetears and glared at him. 

“Stop it. “i said sternly.

“You told me you wanted to become a doctor only because you wanted to stop me from hurting. And then you cried again…” He was smiling softly , like it was the best memory he had and I wanted to lash out at him. 

“Well, i won’t ! Anymore… You’re not worth my tears.!” i shouted even as a few more slipped out, unbidden. 

He smiled softly, reaching out and lightly rubbing his thumb on the underside of my eye. 

i pulled away, hating myself. 

. Dropping the bloody bit of cotton wool on the bin at my feet, I picked up the tube of antiboiotic and sprayed some of the disinfectant on my fingers. I applied some of the cream on my fingertips before carefully dabbing the cut on his forehead. 

He hissed and i startled, nearly dropping the tray and his hand shot out, gripping my wrist hard, steadying me. It felt like a fiery burn, the touch of his hands on mine and I tugged my hand away.

Or at least tried to. He didn’t let go, thunb tracing circles on my forearm in gentle soothing strokes. 

“I missed you.” He whispered. 

I choked on my own sobs. 


Hey girl I know,
the conclusion you arrived at by yourself
Your hand, your body, your body heat
that was hotter than the equator
I’m still here, on repeat on top of this tune that isn’t there anymore.
I’m turning by myself on top of this music that has long  ended

“Remember that night … in the barn?” He said suddenly, just as I finished bandaging the cut on his forehead. I moved to get a new batch of cotton wool to start on the others. 

“No.” I lied promptly.

He chuckled. 

“Should i jog your memory then? We snuck out of your brother’s engagement , that night … after school?…”

“Why are you doing this to me?” I whispered. 

“i keep thinking about that night….” 

“Well, i don’t…. “ 

“you should…it was amazing..” 


“I love you, Y/N.” 

I sighed. 

“Turn around, let me see your back. “ 

He smiled and shifted obediently. 

As I began cleaning up the cuts there, I couldn’t help but remember the night he was referring to. 

“Ahhh… ” I shouted and Yoongi shushed me with his palm pressed into my mouth while he pumped three long fingers in and out of my dripping wet pussy, thumb rubbing circles on my clit. I stared, my eyes glazed,  at his handsome face as he smirked at me. He’d smirked at me with the kind of baseless confidence that only a seventeen year old could have. 

We were in the barn of the Travelers Inn, it was evening and he’d dragged me out of my brother’s engagement party in the tavern  and to the abandoned building. He’d chained the door shut and almost ripped my cotton blouse and skirt in his haste to get me naked. 

My bra and panties had followed and now we were both naked, me on the floor on a makeshift straw pallet and him on top, his hard cock leaking precum on my stomach as it dragged over the soft flesh of my belly button. I reached down and gripped it tightly, using my thumb to get some of the wetness before stroking the straining member, aware of the way it twitched in my hand,so big and hard. I groaned at the thought of it inside me, stretching me out and filling me so completely.

“I’m going to the lick your cunt.. ” Yoongi whispered and I let out a startled laugh.

“That’s filthy… ” I said awed. Yoongi grinned before pulling his fingers out of my pussy with a squelching noise. I was so wet and swollen that I wanted to sob at the sudden emptiness. Yoongi licked the fingers he’d just pulled out of  me and I grimaced.

“Gross… ”

“You taste delicious… here see… ” he kissed me and I tasted myself on his tongue and he was right. it wasn’t gross. it was oddly arousing.

He pulled back and slapped my thighs.

“Open your legs a bit. ”

I let my legs fall open and he used his fingers to lightly stretch me open, staring at my center with hunger.

“You’re so pink and swollen and wet down here. I could stare at your cunt all day. ” he grinned before diving down and licking my clit, in deft little strokes. I thrashed about in shock, the pleasure too much to bear.

He licked and suckled down to the slit before pushing his tongue in and lapping up all the wetness, humming in that low husky voice of his, like he was eating some sort of a rare treat.

His stubble brushed my sensitive skin and the burn felt so good as he continued to press his tongue in deeper, now with two fingers to help keep me open while his thumb kept rubbing my clit. I slipped a hand down to grip his silky black hair even as he suckled the entrance and lightly grazed his teeth on my clit.

My orgasm hit me so hard I nearly blacked out.

I exploded all over his face and he growled, licking and tasting every last drop till I was a shivering drained mess.

He crawled up and then smiled at me.

“So what do you think of my oral skills? ” he whispered, kissing me and letting me taste my own juices.

I grinned in disbelief.

“Definitely A plus. ”

“Catch your breath and suck me off… I want to cum on your face. ”

I nodded and let him nuzzle my breasts, his fingers pinching my nipples while I yelped.

Five minutes later he straddled my shoulders, gripping the wooden slat on the wall as he fucked my mouth in slow shallow thrusts, his aching pink cock hitting the back  of my throat. When he was close he pulled out and then stroked himself till he came all over my face, globs of white cum landing on my hair . He stared at his handiwork with a pleased smile and I had to beg him to let me clean it up before it dried.

Min Yoongi was insatiable.

And I was so, so, so lucky.


Girl let me know
Girl let me know
Although I already know everything is over
Although you’re over me
Girl let me know

“ Tell me to never come back.”  His lips closed over mine with bruising familiarity, his body still thrumming from the residual adrenaline from his fight, as he backed me into the bed. 

It was fast and rough and fierce. He used his tongue to trace the seam of my lips, demanding entrance, even as his hands slipped underneath my legs, gripping my thighs and forcing me to wrap my  legs around his lean waist.I gasped, the physical expression of his strength leaving her dazed.

He pulled my shorts off swiftly.

He used soft, wispy touches to trace my heat, his fingers stroking down my wet centre through the thin material of my underwear, even as his lips moved downward, finding and then mouthing at my nipples through the fabric of my t shirt. Each warm and wet movement made me sag a little more, till my forehead hit his shoulder

He moved one hand to the edge of my neckline and I shivered.

“Don’t tear this one too. I like it . ” I whispered, pressing a kiss to the side of his jaw and he chuckled.

“I’ll buy you ten others . Just like this. ” he unbuckled my bra with one hand and I could only gape. The first touch of his fingers to my bare breasts made my toes curl, my fingers flitting to his hair and sinking into the thick block locks, still a little wet from sweat . 

He bent low, carefully closing his lips over one taut nipple, drawing it in, suckling it and then giving it a very warm and wet tug. The sensation of having the little nub pulled away from the rest of my body was so strong and arousing that I gripped his hair, gasping wildly.

He laughed softly, pulling back and then licking the tips with soft kitten licks. He moved to repeat the action on the other breast, before fumbling with his belt, pulling himself out and then pressing up against me till I was cradling the hard length of his arousal against my heated core. His fingers slipped in, pushing aside my underwear to find her slit.

I was lushly, gloriously wet, the silky slide off his fingers facing no resistance at all as he slipped them in, curling inside me till I saw stars.

“So tight. So beautiful. I want to taste you. Want to see if you still taste the same. More addicting than the finest wine… ” he whispered, biting down on my earlobe. I jumped when his thumb pressed against my clit, moving in gentle circles that left me writhing against the strength of his hand.

He kept at it for a long time, the slow smooth strokes making me lose my sanity in short exhaled gasps. His fingers slipped deeper, searching and then rubbing against some exquisite spot inside me that turned melted my bones and left me limp.

“You missed me , didn’t you? “  He whispered, kissing me feverishly as he pressed me into the mattress. I groaned, choking on air as I tried to get my bearings.

“No. “ i said stubbornly.

“Do You love me?” He demanded, fingers working feverishly to pull off my  panties. I grunted , palms digging into his shoulders as i clung on for dear life. 

“No…” I choked out, head dropping when he spread my legs, slipped two fingers in without warning. I keened at the stretch and tried to tamp down the panic. 

“You’re over me then?” He said curiously, lining his cock up right against me , gripping the hard length of it and tracing circles with the head on my entrance, smaring sprecum and my wetness all over. 

“Yes…I’m over you…i don’t love you anymore ..I…”

He pushed in without warning, burying himself to the hilt, my voice ripping out of me in a strangled breath that was half givbberish and half his name.  I squirmed at the impossible girth of him, my breath coming in pants as he pulled back out before pushing in , spearing me open. 

I felt tears slip out as he fucked into me, slowly and then rough , alternating the tempo till i was a shivering , boneless mess. 

“Let me in, babe…. I’ll take care of you…. Let me in… ” he whispered raggedly, even as he pressed in further, brushing some elusive spot inside me that set off fireworks at the back of my eyelids, my blood singing in my veins. My eyes widened and then fluttered shut but he was panting against me.

“Open your eyes… Look at me.. ” he said roughly, fingers holding my hips as he set an easy rhythm of in and out. He pulled back till he was almost fully out and then drove back in, in one smooth silky plunge. My body stretched and purred as it widened to accommodate him , my inner walls clenching in protest everytime he pulled out.

 I wanted this forever. Him inside me, right where he belonged.

right where he should be. Safe and sound. Not hurting but happy. 

 But he’s going to leave agin. He’s going to go get hurt again. 

I whimpered, steeling myself for the inevitable explosion that would hit me. His thumb pressed further against my nub,  and I felt my breath leave my body in short gasps.

“Wait for me… Don’t leave without me… ” he said suddenly and I shook my head, already tumbling over the edge of sanity, my muscles spasming around his flesh and milking him as well, till he sank against me, groaning out his pleasure.

We lay there like that for a few minutes, exhausted, limp and breathless. Everything felt empty in the aftermath except for where we were joined, hot and wet, the smell of sex so pungent in the air that I wanted to sink into the floor.

 “Tell me to leave. Tell me to get lost, damn you! Help me leave..Y/N .” He whispered. 

I pulled back to stare at him.



If there are hellos,
then there’s bound to be goodbyes?
Never ever
I don’t care about that,
I don’t want to stick to that
I’ll turn away, hypnotizing myself

 i watched him as he put his clothes back on, still wincing lightly at the movements. He hadn’t cracked any ribs . And his finger was only strained. It wasn’t as bad as it could have been. 

I sat on the foot of the bed, knees pulled up and chin resting on them as i watched him. 

“Is this it?” I said stupidly. 

He hesitated. 

“You tell me.” 

“Quit everything. Come back to me.” I whispered , the words familiar and tastless. I’d said them so many times now. Over and over. They no longer held any meaning. Or so it felt. 

He smiled at me and finished lacing up his boots before walking over. He crouched low and carefully brushed my hair away. 

“You know i can’t , love.” 

“Yoongi…. Don’t leave me…” I whispered , turning my cheek to rub it against his palm. 

He smiled again , bright and gummy and it was like watching an angel. 

So beautiful. He was so damn beautiful. 

“I have to go…”

“Don’t go back there… It’s dangerous…” I begged, clinging to the collar of his bloodstained jacket. 

“No..” He pulled my hands away and stood up slowly, walking over to the door. 

 I’m dangerous.” he whispered. 

And then he was gone. 


Maybe we’re all just a bunch of fools
Everyone lives with a love that has come to an end
It’s not that I still have feelings for you
I know we can’t work out


A month later, i was flipping through the TV channels when the news item caught my attention. 

“…….Earlier tonight, yet another shootout in lower Itaewon as gang members clashed in a popular college hang-out….The incident left two dead and three injured …….”

My heart dropped to my knees and i dove for my phone, watching the scene on the TV. i noticed the ambulance, checked the hospital. it was my hospital…. 

I whimpered as i dialled the number.

“Minho!! Today… the shooting …in itaewon…” i choked out. 

“It isn’t him, Y/N.”

My breath came out in a whoosh. 

“I… Are you sure…?” I said stupidly, my fingers going ice cold in relief. 

“it isn’t Yoongi.” 

I hung up the phone with dead fingers, my heartrate slowly coming back to normal. 

It wasn’t him . 

But someday it would be. 

And there was nothing i could do about it. 


In my imagination, I fight with you,
make up with you and understand you
Your hand gestures, your eyes,
they are faded but not gone
Why won’t they go away?


The knock on my door came at midnight. 

 Don’t open it. End it now. End it today. This isn’t right. 

 i dragged myself off the bed and slowly walked to the door. I took a deep breath before grabbing the key and slwoly unlocking it. 

He was dressed in a snapback. The same olive green jacket. His white shirt was surprisingly clean, but his arm was drenched and i caught the bullet hole in the sleeve, nausea hitting me in the stomach. 

“Did you miss me?” He whispered.

 Yes. i miss you. i love you . 

 i held the door open and helped him in. 

“No.” i said softly, cherishing the warmth of his laughter as he hugged me. 


AUTHOR’S NOTE : I’m crying. Yoongi is my bias and this was just… sorry. Let me know what you think… 

Title: Consequences

Pairing: Victor Zsasz x Reader x Ed Nygma

Summary: Ed told you there would be consequences. He didn’t mention exactly what they were though. (Shout out to @ruffles-the-fluffalo for requesting this glorious idea)

Warnings: I have a thing with calling Ed ‘Sir’ and ‘Mr. Nygma’ so sue me. I also really love when he talks dirty apparently. And Zsasz calling Reader ‘kitten’. All kinks ahoy, matey. There’s biting, blood (mentioned), hair pulling, slapping, anal sex, blowjobs. Everything is consensual though. Mostly. There’s literally no fluff in this at all. Just really rough fucking.

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     When you agreed to work for Oswald Cobblepot you had no idea that also meant you would be working for Ed Nygma. And with Victor Zsasz. You’d heard so many stories of those three men. So many terrifying, awful stories. If you’re being perfectly honest with yourself- and anyone really- that’s why you accepted the offer so quickly. That part of a person’s brain that tells them “danger, run” never really developed in you. Sure, you would run. But it would always be towards the danger rather than away. The three most powerful and horrible men in Gotham would be your bosses and coworker. How exciting is that?

     Apparently the appropriate answer is ‘not at all’ if the glares from your best friend are any indication. You wake up, she glares. Go to work, she glares. Retell a riddle Mr. Nygma made you figure out, she glares. Show her the way Zsasz brushed against you in the hallway, she glares. The only time she isn’t completely disgusted by your job is when you talk about the mayor. She quickly becomes attentive and responsive. It would be adorable if it wasn’t so annoying. Sometimes you wonder if you should hint to Oswald he’s garnered a lot of female attention. A lot of positive female attention. Even if he doesn’t want to pursue any of them romantically he can always find a way to work the predicament to his advantage.

     You think about it all day at work, tapping your pencil against your desk while your mind wanders to how exactly you would approach the subject. Mayor Cobblepot is a very… temperamental man. You don’t want to lose your job for suggesting something he takes the wrong way.

     A loud thud pulls you from your thoughts. Ed is standing in front of your desk, arms crossed, tired expression on his face. He gestures to the files he lovingly and gently threw down in front of you, saying, “Have all of this reviewed by the end of the day.”

     “What? There’s no way!” And there really isn’t. The stack of papers are thicker than your thighs.

     “This isn’t an option. Oswald needs it by tomorrow.” Ed starts to walk away, tossing one last comment over his shoulder with what seems like practiced ease. “If you’re unable to perform the task satisfactorily there will be consequences.”

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A Woman in Uniform: Jim x Reader, SMUT

When the reader becomes bored of waiting for Jim to come home, she decides to take a little trip down to the GCPD to see him. Warnings for Smut as usual ;)

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Todoroki / Momo / Todomomo-centric headcanons bc Ive fallen too fast and too hard for these two:

  • ^ the only person he told this to is Momo after they started dating. (Everyone else thought he just couldnt think of a name.)
  • On that same note, Todoroki gets really insistant that Momo calls him by his first name once they start dating. Like, “Todoro–” “Shouto.” “Eh?” “Call me Shouto.” It takes a while for Momo to get out of the habit of calling him “Todoroki-san” so she makes him call her “Momo” and feels really happy about it bc aside from her parents, only he calls her that.
  • Momo eats a high lipid diet bc of her quirk. A lot of her foods consist of nuts, pastries, and avocados. She really. likes. avocados. Todoroki got a little bewildered watching her spoon out and finish 2 whole avocados within 15 minutes for the first time.
  • Momo got sexually harrassed a lot by students outside of the Hero course.. especially by third years and Mineta. Nearly all of the harassment stopped after the End of Term Exam when Todoroki & Momo became closer friends and everyone not in 1-A thought they were an item. Todoroki got confused everytime guys ran off scared when he was with Momo.
  • Honestly though, by the time they get into third year, they’re recognized as the school’s power couple (even if they may or may not be dating by then) and all the entering first years form a fan club for them.
  • Also, pls imagine Todomomo sparring session where Momo pins Todoroki down with her bo staff and Todoroki is left stunned but oddly aroused lol
  • Todoroki is a nuzzler. He’ll nuzzle his head against Momo’s shoulder, crook of her neck, or even her cheek when theyre cuddling.
  • TODOROKI DOESNT KNOW HOW TO ICE SKATE. Momo has to teach him once during one of their dates bc they passed by an open ice rink and thought it’d be fun go.
  • “You know, for someone who has half their quirk an ice quirk, its kind of ironic that you dont know how to ice skate.. hehe” “… sh-shut up >/////>”
  • ((Momo learned ice skating as a kid bc rich girl $$$))
  • Momo occasionally has tea with Kendou from Class B ((hc accepted from this cute fanart)). She’ll always bring back some macarons and cake for Todoroki bc he has a secret sweet tooth.
  • Momo also has really!! cute!! reading glasses!! They’re round-ish and thick framed and compliments her sharp, slender face. Normally she wears contacts bc its easier but Todoroki constantly tells her to wear her glasses more often bc shes so cute in them.

> more class 1-a hcs: (x) (x)

look into your eyes (and the sky’s the limit)

also on ao3

Rosaline isn’t certain what the last straw is - perhaps the way Escalus keeps smiling at the girl in front of him, or how he laughs so loudly she can hear him over the music. Maybe it’s all the bullshit about being ‘just friend’ or the obvious lie in his ‘I’m just not ready for a relationship now’. Because he seems to be ready alright for the pretty latina in front of him. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s how he hasn’t looked at her once tonight, despite knowing she’s here with Isabella and Juliet.

Perhaps it’s that, and the bitterness on her tongue that has Rosaline finishing her drink in one gulp before standing up. She isn’t drunk enough to sway on the spot after only one glass, so she is pretty sure her string of thoughts is due to her own stupidity instead of the alcohol. Whether she is grateful for it or not remains to be seen.

Juliet calls after her, but Rosaline is already long gone, moving through the crowd of people. Some she recognises from university, other are strangers, and she starts dancing to the music before she takes her pick. The options are endless, but she is too salty and too heartbroken to just choose some random guy. She wants to hurt Escalus as much as he hurts her, wants to show him what he is missing.

People move and she spots the perfect man.

Ignoring the hands someone puts on her hips, Rosaline dances closer to the Montague. He already has another girl in his arms but Rosaline doesn’t care, pushing the girl aside until he’s facing her. Even under the neon lights, his eyes are blue, and wide with surprise. No hatred in them quite yet, not even when she wraps her arms around his neck and pulls him to her until she can speak in his ear.

“Wanna have sex?” she asks, so bluntly she surprised herself.

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Captured (Edward Nygma x Reader x Oswald Cobblepot)

Requested by Anon: You know how Eddie captures one of Galavan’s men so that Oswald could kill him? Instead of that guy could it be “you”, but Oswald finds you really attractive and suggests that him and Eddie “play” with you instead? Thank :P

Warnings: Abducted/Scared Reader, Sexual Teasing, Oswald’s “Little Bird” and Ed’s “Little Kitten”, Knife Play (just a little bit xP)

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tsukishima-tadashi  asked:

Another horror prompt: Ennoshita is a vampire and Tanaka accidentally happens upon him draining some rando dry and watches on in terror and, oddly, arousal.

Ryuu hates being out late, despite what people would assume. He isn’t really a night owl; and walking through Miyagi in the middle of the night is intimidating. There are thugs and hookers and drunks, and…

He prefers to stay away from those types of people. 

But to walk from Noya’s house to his own, he has to cross town. In doing so, he must go through three bad neighborhoods, walk past three bars and a night club, and one whore house. The dark brings out all of the people he tries to avoid, as well as petty childish fears. 

Like vampires, and werewolves, and monsters. 

“W- Wait, what are you–” Ryuu’s head whirls around, wide eyes flying to the empty alleyway he’s walking past– or, what he thought was an empty alleyway. “Please, no m- more–!” 

Ryuu’s eyes catch a set of dark, human-like figures against the wall of a dingy-looking bar, one latched onto the other, smaller’s neck. The figure biting the other pushes its victim, struggling, into the wall. 

“Please, you’re taking to much, Chikara–!” 


The big figure pulls off, and in the yellow of the street light Ryuu catches the glint of red, dripping blood on long, razor-sharp teeth. The other, a pale young girl with short black hair and large breasts, collapses against the wall, blood dripping from her collar bone where a large, round bite mark. Ryuu makes eye contact with the beast that had attacked the poor girl, and he gasps when his eyes meet the beast’s. 

Its eyes are so familiar

“Ryuu?” Its fangs retract, and Ryuu is met face to face with Ennoshita Chikara, blood dripping from his lips. Ryuu stares, breath caught in his throat, and he whimpers lightly. 


The girl on the ground groans, and Ryuu takes a step back. “Shit, Ennoshita, what the fuck did you do to her–?!” 

“Please, Ryuu, don’t be scared–” 


The girl grunts, reaching out to Ryuu, and he’s inclined to listen. He takes two more slower steps back, before turning and starting into a run, his heart pounding. He hasn’t even moved a meter and when Ennoshita – no, the monster that looks like Ennoshita – appears before him in a flash. 

“Shit–!” He gasps as Ennoshita slams him into a wall, all of his breath leaving him. 

“Please, don’t be scared.” Ennoshita begs, his voice light and scared. Ryuu stares at him. How can he be scared? He just– Ryuu looks at the girl only to find her laying on the ground, slumped over herself, and he can’t seem to look away. She’s deathly pale, now, her eyes open in terror, and she isn’t moving. 

“Did y- Did you kill her?!” 

“No! God, no! She– She’s an old friend, we meet up every now and then so I can eat–” 


“God, Ryuu, you’re really stupid, aren’t you?!” Ennoshita all but shouts, and Ryuu flinches. “I…I’m a vampire. Did the sharp teeth and blood and speed and strength not tell you that?” 

“I…She told me to run…” 

“I’m starving,” Ennoshita breathes, and Ryuu could swear he was eyeing his neck. He struggles against his friends’ hold, but he holds him strong and unwavering. “She – Uzumi-kun – She knows what I’m like when I haven’t eaten in a while…” 

Ryuu takes a deep breath, and looks at the girl. Her eyes are closed now, and the wound on her neck is healing quickly, her breathing soft. His own shakes. 


“You can…bite me if you want…” Ennoshita drops Ryuu, and he falls to the alleyway ground with a grunt. He looks up at the vampire, eyes trusting. He stands, and approaches Ennoshita. “You said you were hungry? Still?” 

“Y- Yeah…” 

“Then bite me. I trust you.” He bares his neck. Ennoshita takes a deep breath, takes a shaking step back. Ryuu catches his wrist. “Come on.” 

Ryuu doesn’t even recognize his own voice; it’s soft, and breathy, a far cry from his usually loud, cantankerous voice. It scares him. But he’s a good scared. 

He tugs at Ennoshita’s wrist, pulls him close. This time, Ennoshita bares his fangs, really just a set of sharper teeth, and leans in hesitantly. Ryuu takes his free hand and presses it against the back of Ennoshita’s head, pushing. Encouraging. 

And Ennoshita bites.