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Graphic Tank Top Friday

Channeling that SoCal lifestyle today. I have to wear a button down over this tank because it’s totally open in the back. My job is cool about my wardrobe but not THAT cool.

I have spent this week recovering from my trip to Europe. It was a total blast but also very tiring as we hopped around on planes and trains a lot. I could have used another day after coming back home just to recover from it!

Sidebar: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was AMAZING While obviously for fans, the staging and production was so insanely cool that I think it could be enjoyed by people who aren’t total Harry Potter nerds. I am a nerd, however. I cried quite a bit in the second half. SO GOOD. 

And because I’m the master of planning too many fun/expensive theater shows too close together, GUESS WHAT. I am seeing Hamilton next week! I am legit just going up for 24 hours because I think my boss is already ready to kill me for having to take another day off but I am so so excited!

I’ll be in New York on Wednesday morning which is also exciting for me (because I’m weird): I get to run my tempo through Central Park! Honestly, if you can get over how crowded it is, the loop around the park is so fun to run because it’s so organized. Dedicated lanes and everything. Plus it’s pretty!

Last week, I got to run my tempo in another beautiful place:

The scenery always makes the time go by more quickly.

Life right now, is good. 


New Friends and Foes + Steven Universe: Wanted

Guys I saw Beauty and the Beast!!!

The. Best. Movie. Ever.

Disney you are truly iconic.

Luke Evans stole the show. Like I’m speechless. He was absolutely phenomenal.

Josh Gad my smol son. I love you.

EMMA. Thank you for bringing two of my favorite characters to life. You mean everything to me.

Dan freaking Stevens. Perfection.

Ewan McGregor is simply legendary.

Emma Thompson is there anything you can’t do? Amazing.

The whole cast. The songs. The costumes. The effects. Epic.

the puppy bowl is the greatest invention of the 21st century. hair dryers included.
Reasons Why Beauty and the Beast was Amazing


•Prince Adam’s makeup tho

•in the prologue, Prince Adam is dancing with every woman in the room, but at the end of the movie he is only dancing with Belle and can’t even take his eyes off her

•"A certain je ne sais quoi" “I don’t know what that means” Gaston, you’re French!

•The Bimbettes

•"It’s never gonna happen ladies"

•Belle invents the washing machine

•Maurice freaking out over Chip

•Plumette and Lumiere’s love for each other

•Belle doesn’t even get to eat any of the food

•When she goes in the West Wing and looks at the painting, the Beast has clawed over his father’s and his own face, but left his mother’s in tact *my heart*

•The entire Gaston song


•"it’s just occurring to me that I’m illiterate, and never actually spelled it out loud beforeeeee"

•"I had an expensive education”

•"Romeo and Juliet is my favorite play" *DRAMATIC EYE ROLL AND SCOFFS*

•"Go back to the war. The guns, explosions. The widows!“

•The Beast just pelting a massive snowball at Belle’s face

•"You’re village sounds awful”

•The yellow dress

•"Can someone be happy when they aren’t truly free"


•"There’s a beast running wild there’s no question. But I fear the wrong monster’s released"

•"Mr. Potts" omg

•Mrs Potts totally supports LaFou and his conflicting thoughts on Gaston’s behavior

•Belle came back for the Beast!!!!

•Agatha was the Enchantress what?!

•The entire transformation!

•Belle looks into the Prince’s eyes and still sees him and just kNOWS

•Lumiere and Plumette reuniting

•"Turn back into a clock"

•LaFou and Stanley dance together at the end and my little gay shipper heart jumps for joy

•the growl™


Another meme I won’t finish: [3/?] favorite outfits:

You look really nice.


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Reasons to ship jikook??

I could probably list about a million reasons why someone should ship Jikook. But for this post, I think I’ll stick with 10. Prepare yourself, this will be long.

Reasons to ship Jikook:

1. They look good together

It’s a simple reason, yet nonetheless, a good one. Whether it’s when they’re soft

or rude

2. The ‘Smol and Tol’ Aspect

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I was speaking to the lady that works for Make-A-Wish and she said that back in the day when they started the Make a Wish charity people always used to want to go meet Robert Downey Jr. or Jack Sparrow or go to this crazy thing but recently the people that they get asked to hook people up with the most are YouTubers. And I was wondering why and the girl said that because most of the young people that are part of Make-A-Wish spent most of their time in hospitals, dealing with their illnesses, they obviously spend a lot of time on the Internet and then would naturally stumble across YouTubers. And when they have lots of time in hospitals, going through all these treatments or recovering from things, YouTubers are the people who they spend their time watching instead of stuff in the cinema. You know, simultaneously that’s so like… it’s heart-warming and it’s nice and then it’s also kind of sad. But it just really make you kind of happy that a) such an amazing charity is there, doing things but then also for YouTubers, you know, like Markiplier who does so many - he’s amazing obviously for a billion reasons - but whenever me and Phil get to do it, it’s just such a nice thing.

@danisnotonfire during his live show on the 14th of February 2017

Quotes from Dan (30/?)

One of the many reasons I love YouTubers. It’s also a perfect example of the amazing impact their content have on the people watching.

When you bingewatch new shows and the new OTPs hit you all at once like

i cant believe i successfully streamed the entire 12 hours of knk’s vlive broadcast yesterday, it was really crazy. 

  • in a nutshell the boys were themselves as usual, i love their interactions because it just shows theyre one nice giant cuddly fam.
  • it was cute how they followed a schedule and had a bell ring to signal game time  
  • sometimes you’d think ‘are seungjun n heejun rly close?’ and you see heejun resting his head on seungjun’s stomach and tapping his leg, just so cuddled up against him.. he even fell asleep on seungjun’s knee lmao +their reaction to fifty shades of grey advertisement was super funny!!
  • KOKO IS THE CUTEST PUPPY TO EXIST  like it was so cute to see knk cherishing koko, playing with her, stroking her, playing tricks with her, and you can tell koko loves being with the members too;; 
  • they played were playing a horror game ‘Emily Wants to Play’ i think? and when she appeared on screen everyone flipped out except youjin it was hilarious bc he really looked like he didnt give a shit lmfao
  • youjin was such a parent lmfao he looked kinda done in the first hour already but being the caring dad he is, he lets his kids play cart rider on his laptop and all sort of other games. there were many times he kept reminding tinkerbell (knk’s fandom name!) to make sure our phones werent overheating from streaming and assured us their own broadcast camera wasnt going to ‘explode’ lmao (they even kept ice on the camera). he kept being teased by heejun bout his ‘youjin mochi’ nickname. when he got tired he went into the tent and the maknae line just piled on him and squished him lmao 
  • heejun’s soothing vocals and guitar?? i’d watch him do that any day. this boy is really so multi talented 
  • damn inseong’s vocals too and when he sang ‘hurricane’ again i kinda teared up because lord and anyway he kept eating as usual lmao he’s the true foodie in the group (seungjun too actually,, I YELLED WHEN THEY WERE EATING MACAROONS AT LIKE 4AM IN THE MORNING)
  • seungjun deadass brought his entire harry potter costume over, and the usual, his wand, to do spells (which the members entertain him by reacting to his ‘spells’)
  •  they played cart rider a lot on youjin’s laptop and even played with tinkerbells on the game (youjin revealed his gaming ID and set a password for tinkerbells to enter the gaming room on cart rider) 
  • TWISTER WAS SO WILD LOL one of the funniest moment was when inseong’s leg was in between seungjun’s and seungjun felt it was weird and they all start cracking up and jihun couldnt stand the erotic feeling because of them and threw his jacket over their ‘erotic position’ lmao
  • i dont think tinkerbells were aware that there was a goal that knk had in mind in the first 6 hours? not sure when they announced they wanted 5 million hearts so that they can have a mini concert  B UT WE MADE IT!!! the last hour of the broadcast everyone kept tapping like crazy and the boys were watching the hearts go up too, expressing their joy the moment it reached 5m hearts ;;; they were so happy and it was so worthwhile to stay up and tap hearts for them!!
  • basically there was a lot of gaming, talking, squishing each other in the tent while lying down, eating, playing with koko, resting on each other, laughing, and it was all rly cute honestly knk gives off a warm feeling 
Dating Sherlock Holmes would involve...

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Bedtime Stories.
  • Blue: Gansey!! Stop telling our kids stories about Welsh kings! They are not proper bedtime stories!
  • Gansey: .......okay
  • [some time later]
  • Ronan: Gansey! If you tell my daughter one more Welsh king story...I swear to God I will-
  • Gansey: But-
  • Adam: She gets really bad nightmares!
  • Gansey: ........okay
  • [sometime later]
  • Gansey: wait, you want more Welsh stories?? I would be happy to oblige! Just don't tell your mom or your dads....this is going to be our little secret.
  • Kids: *nod solemnly*

2017 Tribeca Film Festival - Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (April 28th, 2017)

1. Daveed Diggs plays Kimmy’s love interest

[Executive Producer Robert] Carlock revealed that the Hamilton star was cast as Kimmy’s love interest in the third season in a part that was written for him. “It was very much from the point of view, ‘Daveed likes the show and would like to do it, and well that would be a fun person to put Ellie with,‘” said Carlock while discussing this season’s impressive list of guest stars. “And so there’s a little romantic arc that she has with him. He’s obviously amazing.”

I’ve been reading @decembercamiecherries ‘s “Words That Water Flowers“ fanfic and i just love it so much (Q__Q (yeah, like every other of her fanfic that i read//cries). Her writing is so good I can feel the character’s feelings. I know there’s quite a number of fanarts already, but i’ve gotten this far at drawing it, I might as well just post it (TvT. 

ilysm for writing!