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Hello everybody!! :D How are you all? ^^ Hope you are doing well hehe! :) *hugs tight in you all* ♥ So, as my blog is still quite new, so I was not sure if I would do it or not, anyway i’m honored to present you my first follow forever, and motivation to make a this is i reached a new follower goal this week and i want to celebrate with every single one of my followers and mutuals. ♥ Life has been difficult for me cause of university but yeah… its going quite well :D I want to thank ALL OF YOU for staying with me still and for being part of my life ;U; Whithout you I couldn’t get so far in many many things! Not only here but in my life, you always help me to carry on, to stay strong and have loads of fun in the end of a tiring day ;U; Every single you mean a lot to me ok? Even if I dont talk much to some of you, you all are very precious to me and I’m glad we are here and know each other, sharing our stuff and putting a little smile on everyones face :D PLS NEVER CHANGE GUYS!! <33 hehe I wish you all BEST LUCK for everything and may all your days be filled with happiness and love :D You deserve anything good! ♥ sorry for the simple edit lol

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hey shoutout to feminine people with hairy stomachs

shoutout to feminine people with happy trails (which, imo, are sexy as fuck regardless of gender but society says otherwise, assholes)

shoutout to feminine people with hairy chests and/or boobs

and especially shoutout to feminine people with dark hair anywhere on their torsos

(this absolutely means trans and nonbinary people too, btw)


this is amazing but also really weird

Hi! I just wanted to say that I think you are very awesome. I made you a flower, because I think you deserve flowers. Also, thank you for writing. I’ve been reading your stuff for years and I have enjoyed every single fic you have written. So heres a flower for ya. :D P.S. I had to get off of mobile to send this anonymously, and I just gotta say that your theme looks great.

First page of “Timeless Prisoner”

Chapter 1: A Guest from afar

(its to read like a manga)

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That is indeed a 2 year old.

I was just looking through Gi Fletcher pics of her youngest, Buddy, he’s just a month younger than F and both parents are tiny too and like… he’s so small compared to F. So small! He also learned to walk recently (I know he’s younger, but I’m saying it cause he learned at 8 months, a bit sooner than F did and yet) and he’s still all clumsy and can barely stand without stumbling around while that kid is holding balls over his head and running. F is so tall!! How?? I don’t think he’s 2 already, but I’m guessing at least 3 months older for what I saw people saying (like based on what he can do already, how he can stand and run and hold stuff while doing it so) 

I think @rockthistowninsideout asked for a drawing like this about a million billion years ago… I may be slow, but I got there eventually. And you know why? Because I LOVE THESE BOYS T^T

i wanna post a preview of my current canvas but it would spoil too much

so a preview in text???

-there are 23 sketches, 5 of them the requests i promised
-13 different characters!
-5 different ships, including one I am hoping will get people very excited

Fyi my right to equality, and the rights of other minorities and people in protected classes is not a matter of politics™. It’s not an issue for people to take sides on. We are talking about peoples’ basic right to life, which is exactly what Harry described it as– fundamental. A given. Common sense. The only people offended by describing it that way are those who have the luxury of shoving things like equality into the nice neat confines of politics™ so that they don’t have to bother thinking about it every single day. Sorry, definitely can’t fucking relate :/

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btw i love ur ocs a lot!!! the posts you make about them are great, and so are ur drawings/designs! i especially Love zari and yilvera <3 ah and ANLG is killing me softly, i adore it ; v ;

YOU LIKE MY BABIES????? O.O *hyperventilating* J F C thank you so much!! Just for that, you get a doodle of the best gals:

They would be so cool together - if they weren’t from two completely different centuries T-T


I was tagged by @craigy-ferg THANK YOU 💕 

Post your lock screen and wallpaper, last selfie, last song listened to ^^
So here is a super fierce selfie 😂 Im actually trying to hide my triangles (you know the muscle thingy on your shoulder) with my hair because they have gotten huge since I started kickboxing SO here is soft me in a pastel sweater with 5 instagram filters. 

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