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all of my mysme single character artworks
I just wanted to see them all in the same post lol

everyone who lives in europe is a eurovision fan. if you don’t devote your life and soul to it they come for you in the night and collect you. your family mourns you for a short time but they soon are forced to move on. by the time next eurovision rolls around, your sibling notices a backup dancer who looks just like you. everyone brushes it off as a coincidence. they deny what might be in fear they will be collected too. but i’ve said too much already. they will most likely come for me too tonight. keep an eye out for me in may.

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(Whoo! Late reply.) Hopefully, when the game gets deeper and more intense, we'll get more creepy Bendy >:P I want to see people expand upon what Bendy really is. Same issue came with FNaF; those animatronics were clearly evil. Lets just hope when the fandom grows, it'll mature as well. Tired of seeing people wanting to kiss/fuck/baby the demon. He's not gonna show up in your house, and if he does...I pray for you (lol) He's a summoned demon. Pentagram and all. Ink poisoning exists :/ Just stop.

I know right?

I glad what someone agrees with me. So, here is a lil’ bonus for ya. I was about to delete it, but you kinda inspired me, so i finished it.

And here goes my another hc, what Bendy is kinda in charge here as he supposed to be the main character and all the others are just his minions or something. Also, all of them have some defects. Bendy, for example, melting when he is under strong/hard feelings, so that’s why he needs to drink ink (and it’s the only thing he uses as food), also he has some kind of inkinesis (like telekinesis, but with ink xD).

To talk about Boris. His difect is inability to talk. He is shy, but attentive and obedient, that’s why he is main Brendy’s minion. Sometimes Boris can be a bit sloppy or witted and this always drives our demon crazy.

tumblr is the worst fucking platform bc im basically always on mobile and 90% of the time this piece of fuck website doesn’t let me see about/links on a blog so long story short i realize after arguing w someone that they’re a literal child and despite looking all over for their age i still feel awful bc i shoulda just Let it Go

guess who’s back

technically, i’m on a hiatus but i think i’ve been more active on here than ever before. i wasn’t going to write this but @andyoumattertome, @justleavemebreathless and @turquoiseterrier have encouraged me so it’s happening. i don’t really know if what i say will make any sense but i’ll try.

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*Takes Pastel's glasses and quickly smooches her on the cheek before lightly jogging away.*

Pastel: What….j–… I have so many questions… H-hey My glasses!


Mod: Sorry I haven’t been posting much And they aren’t really questions.. I will try to answer actual questions and such. Also, Im going to be answering asks for Milk Tea now

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You think they're gonna get renewed for a season 3? I'm kinda scared they won't

I am a bit torn when people ask me that question, Anon. Because like you, I always get a bit anxious that there might be a slight possibility that the show won’t get renewed for a season 3.

But then I remind myself that Freeform would be stupid af if they don’t renew it. Because…lbr when PLL is ending this summer, “Shadowhunters” is Freeform’s biggest hit show and their poster child. Besides, yes, the ratings might have been better, ngl, but don’t forget the impact of the social media. And also, there was an article on the Freeform website in January, I think, where Freeform kinda confirmed itself how well and good the show does while being watched on the app f.e.

Plus, but this is just my personal opinion here(!) so don’t hold me to it, but when I watched Emeraude’s live chat and fans asked her about a season 3 she kinda acted smug like season 3 was already a done deal. I guess we will find out with the start of 2B maybe….

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Why does nc hate the pretty red flowers?

Red Spider Lilies are also known as Japan’s flower of death. It is ominous for growing in hell and guide the dead to the next reincarnation. It’s used in funerals and symbolizes loss, longing, abandonment and lost memories. It’s also believed that these flowers grow along the path of couples who will never meet again.

In summary, this flower is basically a bad omen and NC wants none of it :’D


So just a quick overview on the EP / CDs that came out for Touken Ranbu Bakumatsu Tenrouden.

Because I’m sure some people we’re confused on them, so just like before with Team Sanjou, each character got their own CD.

The pre-ordered CDs (if you bought the specialedition one) will include a DVD with it. And those that didnt will just get an audio CD with approx 6 songs

3 of which will be Karaoke (no vocals) versions

6 Characters with 6 different ‘character CDs’

the thing that makes each CD or character CD unique is 1 of the songs in each one.

Each cD will include Yumehitotsu and Hitohiranokaze and 1 off song.
Depending on which character CD you buy you will either get 'heart-to-heart’, 'prologue’ or 'utsukushii higeki’ which will be sang by the pertaining character on the CD cover.

Be warned that this CD is considered a 'single’ or mini album as it will not include ALL the songs sang throughout the musical, you’d have to wait for the album to come out (like with Sanjou)

My suggestions is, you buy your pertaining touken danshi and just buy the other 2 songs individually.
They run at about $1.29 USD or 250Yen each

So to group them up:
Kashuu Kiyomitsu & Kanesada will both have the 'heart-to-heart’ song
Kunihiro & Nagasone will have 'Prologue’
Yasusada & Hachisuka will have 'Utsukushii Higeki’ as their character songs.

It wouldn’t be the most cost effective thing to buy each individual CDs unless you’re a super die-hard fan. dontlookatmebutillberippingthedvdswhentheyarriveonfridayssssh

And I thoroughly enjoyed listening to them on a studio setting and cannot wait to hear the full album 

And yes, these are availble for purchase via itunes both international market and JP market! To find them on the international market, simply type in ‘Touken Danshi team Shinsengumi’ and they will pop up!