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Some bnha girls eating popsicles 🌼 

Aoyama becomes a villain just to have his face plastered around on wanted posters. It’s the closest thing he can come to for modeling.

hellacndr replied to your post “I just came to send you a message about the Lindsay Ellis vid but…”

Whoa whoa whoa, did you say Robert Pattinson may have been behind the leak? I’m so out of the loop, please help me

We’re in Hardcore Rumour Territory now, so take this with the salt you usually apply to celebrity gossip. 

When MS leaked online, it was done by someone from within a very small group of people. SM had distributed drafts on set for character and world-building purposes. The rumour mill combined Rob’s….. disdain for the series with the fact that he was known to have a copy, and here we are. 

The kicker is that SM probably knows who did it. Apparently, each draft she gave out was slightly different, so all she had to do was mach the leak to her memory or her email records to find the culprit. 

Anyway. It’s a complicated situation, and it must suck to be sabotaged by someone turning your book into a movie, regardless of their identity. 

my fav thing about obvious problematic content is that when it becomes popular people on this site try to act superior by making all these call out posts and discourse posts and its like..yall are really out here doing that. yall really are.