is not the best film out there but is quite enjoyable

I recently saw Watership Down again for Visual Narrative class and i feel similarly to how i did the last time i watched it . I saw the film quite late on in my life compared to others who watched it as young children, whereas i saw this at the age of 12, by which time i’d already seen much darker and more haunting movies thanks to my terrible sleep cycle and the massive outlet of provocative art films shown after 11 O’Clock on Film 4. Despite this, i still did find enjoyment in the film, specifically in its very gruesome art style and the gorgeous backgrounds. Watching it now, however, the story stuck out alot to me, not only with its diverse character cast and engaging plot, but also with the addition of addressing themes such as the unknown (particularly in regards to Religion and Faith), individuality and politics. I would highly recommend the film, but most have seen the film already, so if you haven’t i’d say it would be best to do so right away.