is not the best film out there but is quite enjoyable

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Hi there! I love your blog! I've seen you mention a few TV shows and movies for research, and I was wondering what your opinion is on the show Leverage and it's accuracy for social engineering in potentially violent situations. I remember one character saying that "Thieves look for entrances, but grifters create them." They'll often use approaches like this to avoid violence.

If the question is: can you use social engineering in order to defuse or avoid violent situations? The answer is yes.

Grifters are conmen, and like spies, they don’t want to fight unless it is absolutely necessary. Whether they can fight or know how isn’t really the point: combat makes messes, big messes, and draws the kind of attention they don’t want/can’t afford.

As for the line, “thieves look for entrances, but grifters create them” the point of it is that grifters focus on people as the exploitative aspect to get what they want. After all, it doesn’t matter how good your security system is if your infiltrator is expected to be there. When someone opens the door for them, they didn’t have to break in.

It is worth pointing out though, being able to stop, defuse, avoid, or redirect violence via social engineering (especially when the character is the target) is very difficult and requires someone who excels at rapidly changing their story/manipulating under life or death pressure while also maintaining their consistency/re-establishing their innocence/regaining their target’s trust.

That’s masterclass social engineering. The average person, even the average grifter can’t do it. When we see Nate Ford, Sophie Devereaux, or Michael Westen on Burn Notice socially engineer their way out of potentially explosive and violent scenarios, we’re supposed to understand this level of manipulation is very difficult. You need a solid ability to read people, predict their behavior patterns, understand how to shift your role so you suddenly seem trustworthy, confuse them, and then redirect their anger somewhere away from you.

You can see another variant of this kind of social engineering on display in The Negotiator. Samuel L. Jackson’s character is a hostage negotiator. Deliberately maneuvering a man who’s taken a child captive around his apartment so he can be taken out. You can see him joking with the target, gaining his trust, distracting him, and guiding him off topic until he’s in a position to be neutralized.

The Grifter is not a fighter, they are a talker and their trick is getting people to move however they want. A skilled grifter can slip in, turn the best of friends against each other, and walk away without a care. Grifters don’t punch. They trick other people into doing the punching for them. When sitting down to write a Grifter, remember: their first instinct is getting others to act in their place, to create the openings they need, and be their fall guy.

On the whole, I’ve liked Leverage ever since the episode where Eliot pointed out that guns are ranged weapons, and the most common mistake people make is giving up the distance advantage by getting in too close. However, I’ve only watched the first season. I liked what I saw, it’s an enjoyable caper show in a similar vein to The Equalizer, Person of Interest, or Ocean’s Eleven. Not quite in there with the original Law & Order when it comes to accuracy (in this case for cops) but certainly better than White Collar, which uses similar techniques (though never, ever pay attention to White Collar’s usage of the FBI… ever). The X-Files, meanwhile, fudges a bit but it’s pretty good when you’re wanting to get a grasp of the FBI’s culture and what happens to someone who doesn’t come from a military/law enforcement background.

Of course, the patient zero for these types of shows is the original Mission: Impossible. The television show, not the Tom Cruise movies. Mission: Impossible is all about flipping people and manipulating them into positions to do what you want. The A-Team is its slightly more pulpy counterpart, but its a similar (though far less subtle) deal.

On the whole, Leverage tends to explain itself better, which is helpful when you’re trying to learn or take techniques from a television show rather than just absorb.

The reason why I often suggest Burn Notice and Spy Game is not necessarily just because they’re good, but also because they teach. The narrator on Burn Notice, especially in the first season will offer up a lot of helpful/beginner tradecraft for a variety of situations. This, ultimately, will help you more for taking pieces and creating your own characters than a show that’s trying for smoke and mirrors like White Collar. The same situation is there with Spy Game, where Robert Redford’s character is teaching Brad Pitt’s on how to be a spy. Ultimately, more helpful in the long run than just watching The Recruit. The Michael Mann films like Heat and Collateral are exceptionally good for learning tradecraft, but you have to know that’s what you’re watching/looking for. You’ll learn more by watching them together, rather than separately. The Borne Identity novels are also very good at showing the tradecraft, while the Le Carre ones tend to be a little more hit and miss.

When you’re new, you want sources that are free with their information. Who are good at getting you to think, to take what you’re seeing and apply it to new settings. You may not ever figure out how to build a car bomb, but learning about how the thought process of a spy, criminal, or conman works will serve you better for your writing than a hundred other movies that only show.

After you’ve drawn back the curtain then you can turn to those other shows, novels, and narratives with new eyes. Once you see what they’re doing, how they’re doing it, and why when they don’t explain you’ll get more out of those other sources than you did before.

When you’re watching a well put together show like Leverage, start questioning character motivations. Not just whether the social engineering there works, but why the characters are choosing to go that route or which routes they prefer. Leverage gives you five characters with different specialties, four thieves and the guy who made a career catching them. They all think in different ways and have different approaches when it comes to problem solving. Leverage offers up a heist per episode, so you have lots of opportunities to see the characters in action. Evaluate their problem solving methods and you’ll come away with more than just questioning whether or not it works.

How and Why.

Then, go find a good video on YouTube where a professional magician explains pickpocketing. It’s the art of misdirection.

Once you understand basic theoretical underpinnings (whether or not you could ever actually pull the real thing off) then you can apply it to many different situations in a fictional context.

When it comes back to applying this to the combat arts, learning to see the big picture is the first major difference between trained and untrained. The untrained only copy surface level, singular techniques, while trained delves deeper to understand how these techniques work together.

My advice for when you’re wanting to pick and choose television shows for accuracy is to check who their consultants are/were, and what experts in the show’s chosen field say about it. That doesn’t always guarantee accuracy, but it will help you flip through the rave reviews.

If you want to watch more fun shows with Timothy Hutton or just like detective shows, I recommend Nero Wolfe.


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Did you see Rogue One? (Spoilers)

In addition to important conversations about representation, something that’s stayed with me about Rogue One is that last scene. You know the one: Darth Vader just kind of walking down a hallway.

The entire story up to that point was one movie and it ended with a beautiful and heartbreaking scene on a beach. Then, the second movie began. We didn’t really need to see this addition to the story — we could have easily guessed what happened next — but Disney / Lucasfilm gave it to us anyway and I am so glad they did.

I mean, you kind of knew how that bit was going to end, one way or the other, and yet it was still so enjoyable and, I think, legitimately scary. Why?

It’s a short horror film.

I think a lot about how many of the best movies are camouflaged genre films and I’m sure I’ve written some way-too-long posts on Facebook about it more than once, but let me start with a different point about that.

Jurassic ParkTerminator (and to be fair, T2 as well). Both great movies. Something that always strikes me about the recent sequels / soft reboots / whatever… is that they forget the originals were at their heart, horror films — or at least relied heavily on horror tropes — borrowing stylistically and thematically.

I mean, okay, I’m no horror or genre movie expert, but if I remember correctly, as a kid, Terminator was always in the “horror” section of the video store.

Point is, Jurassic Park even has campy jump-scares.

And even though the T-Rex runs after the heroes, the protagonists are in a Jeep — so the speed is relative… and it’s effectively a nightmare hallway scene, where they can’t quite seem to get away as the killer slowly gains on them (more on that concept later). They don’t shy away from it at all.

Jurassic WorldTerminator Genisys? They’re action movies. They traded in these kind of beautiful tension-building scenes borrowed from genre movies for robot explosions and a T-Rex fighting a genetically engineered super raptor. They abandoned telling the story well — in other words, matching how the story is told (form) to what the story is about (function) in favor of trying to make “a wild ride” or whatever.

Back to Rogue One. That last scene is one of the only times I’ve ever found Darth Vader legitimately scary on screen (O.K. maybe the ending of Empire — but not like this). I was so impressed with this scene. It could have easily gone the way of the prequels — Vader boomeranging his lightsaber all over the place, force-leaping half a mile, performing needless pirouettes, but instead, he just walks forward.

Which — kind of unrelated — is tonally similar to what I loved about the 2003 Clone Wars animated series. General Grievous, ironically unlike the weird coughing cartoon character we got in the movie, was a badass killer. He was legitimately scary. And the way they put together the scenes that centered him as a villain really emphasized that. They borrowed tropes and stylistic elements from horror.

Vader doesn’t move fast because he doesn’t need to (of course, canonically he can’t really). He just plods forward, methodically killing everyone in his path. Tell me you don’t see the T-800 in that. Or Jason. Or Michael Myers. I love it.

The scene is a perfect, self-contained piece of art. The protagonist has a clearly defined goal with an item (a classic McGuffin) tied to that goal. That one rebel needs to get the disc down the hallway and through the door, to safety.

Here’s what makes it a short horror film:

The door gets stuck. The lights go out. Smoke and mist rises. The antagonist — a killer villain — appears with a goal in antithesis to the protagonist’s. Between the two, there’s a group of protectors. They fight, the protagonist and his allies try everything they can to stop or escape the villain and achieve their goal until, as we build to the climax, a dramatic question becomes clear. Will the protagonist sacrifice his life to achieve his goal, or will he succumb to fear allowing the villain to prevail? He pushes the disc through the crack in the door, he tells his last ally to run — to carry on without him — and he sacrifices himself for the greater good.

Again, this scene has a really simple yet elegant structure, executed flawlessly. Protagonist wants to deliver the disc to safety: Thesis. Antagonist wants to prevent the delivery of the disc: Antithesis. Despite complications, obstacles, and ultimate sacrifice, the disc is moved to safety: Synthesis.

The protagonist achieves his goal, though not how he wanted to. Strengthening that journey, he had to sacrifice what he wanted (personal survival) to achieve what was needed (survival of the disc and therefore, the group).

We knew that would be the conclusion all along because we’ve seen A New Hope, but I think it’s still compelling because it’s so perfectly structured and so well executed — the form of the scene perfectly matching the function.

Even better, this scene is thematically a microcosm of the entire story that just came before it.

Using horror tropes and borrowing from that genre works so perfectly in this scene because that’s exactly what it is. It’s a survival horror. The protagonist in this scene is stuck in a confined space, trying to escape while being hunted by a supernatural predator. What about that doesn’t lend itself to horror?

More major releases should embrace this philosophy. Hollywood needs to respect the intelligence of audiences a little more and stop jamming stories into whatever genre they’re determined to make. Instead, let the story guide stylistic choices. They shouldn’t be at odds; they should reinforce each other. That’s when a movie becomes art.

Let’s circle back to that idea about the slowly advancing killer. This may deserve it’s own article, but personally, I can’t separate these ideas.

The more I thought about this scene, the more I also got to thinking about Vader in this scene and why that slow, plodding advance is such a scary thing as well as why it ends up in so many horror movies. I mean, aside from how common it is in the history of genre movies, one of the most acclaimed indie movies of the last few years is a horror called It Follows where the whole premise and plot boils down to that one thing: a slow but endlessly advancing death.

I remembered something I read online a while back about human beings (originally mentioned in the context of how human beings usually portray ourselves in Sci-fi). Here are some screenshots of those posts…

(If you wrote any of this and would like credit, let me know. I haven’t been able to find primary sources.)

Whoever thought up that last scene must have known about these ideas. And much like the scene itself is a microcosm of the movie, the choices made in regard to how Vader attacks his enemies are a microcosm of what makes the scene beautiful. The writers didn’t make the flashy choice, or the bigger, badder, more epic choice. They made the right artistic choice. They made the human choice.

So, in addition to everything else, why is that short film so good and so scary? I think it’s because this method of hunting is distinctly human. For all his force powers, the scariest thing about Darth Vader in that scene is that he just. Keeps. Coming.

Happy AkuRoku Day! ♥ I actually wrote a completed one-shot for you guys this time! All fluff and afterlife feelings, so I hope you enjoy!


They didn’t go out and watch the latest superhero movie. They didn’t make a reservation at that one restaurant they both like, which didn’t always have the best entrees but always had a decent bread basket and that sea salt cheesecake they could never say no to. They didn’t do anything the couples magazines told them to do–flowers, jewelry, scented candles, a new dress and suit, some ludicrously expensive gold-leaf and champagne infused candy from that one store that opened downtown.

They were both thankful for that.

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An unnecessarily deep analysis of the string motif in Kimi no Na wa

I really need to write about this.

Written on the spot. Some research might be nice but aint nobody got time for that. Also I’ve only watched it once so my memory might be dodgy.

Please note this is primarily an analysis for my own personal enjoyment, not a review. Also the views in it are purely my thoughts and opinions


Kimi no na wa is a friggin amazing movie. Beautiful artwork and solid characters aside my favourite thing about the movie is its brilliant storytelling. And I am going to deconstruct it through the string motif rn because I feel like it.

The plot for Kimi no Na wa is basically the red string of fate, but reimagined and extrapolated in a very creative way. The red string of fate connects two individuals and brings them together romantically but here it is not only geographical boundaries that are transcended, but time itself. String itself takes on multiple meanings within the context of the film. This is summed up best by Mitsuha’s grandmother’s quote, which I cbf looking for rn. Rather than string, though, the emphasis is on the term “musubi"結び. The term we use for knotting thread also means connecting/linking/binding. You can also use it to refer to tying up your hair or fastening something. It also means the end. This (conveniently) flexible term is the basis for the whole story and you see this in almost every aspect of the movie.

The start of the movie is a bunch of events told in a pretty confusing layout. In addition to the main characters swapping bodies, some of the events aren’t even in chronological order. This was evidently intentional, not only for dramatic purposes but I believe also for structural reasons.

The film is set out like a bunch of loose threads starting with seemingly unrelated events: There’s a rare comet appearing in the sky; Mitsuha and Yotsuha make kuchikamizake; Mitsuha and Taki swap bodies…But as the film progresses, just like the weaving of individual strands to make a cord, the pieces start to come together. I think the moment this truly becomes evident is right after Taki drinks the kuchikamizake. This is also the moment Taki and Mitsuha’s worlds truly intertwine.

Mitsuha making kuchikamizake binds a part of her soul to the sake. Mitsuha and Taki swapping bodies are a spiritual connection. This act binds their timelines together. The foundations of human relations, most notably love, is also based on the same concept. The film takes the motif of string and layers it through the connections of multiple events through musubi.

But what I feel truly makes this film brilliant from a storytelling perspective is the creativity employed in extrapolating this motif, especially in regards to the comet and the hairstyles. 

The way I see it there are actually only two things that connected Mitsuha and Taki before the body swap. One is the comet. Three years ago Taki witnessed the comet that killed Mitsuha with his own eyes. The other is Mitsuha’s hair cord which is something like a time paradox. Mitsuha went to Tokyo to meet with Taki three years before he knew her. She hands him the cord in her hair and dies the next day but Taki kept her cord wrapped around his wrist for three years.

I’m going to start with the comet which is actually quite a complex symbol. I think everyone will interpret it differently so here’s my personal take.

My initial impression of the comet was something like a shooting star, because it granted Mitsuha’s wish to be reborn as a "handsome Tokyo boy”. Before watching the movie I thought the body swapping would be a miracle only possible while the comet was visible. When Taki and his senpai went to the Nostalgia exhibition at the museum on their date, they saw an aged photo of Itomori. That was my hint that Mitsuha was from the past. I didn’t expect them to be only three years apart though. I thought they would be a literal lifetime apart but then romance would have been near impossible without some bs miracle. Suffice to say, there was no miracle. Instead there was a goddamn tragedy.

The film’s explanation for the body swapping was that it was all to prevent this one disaster. Tbh that sounds a bit too far fetched for me. Instead I like the interpretation of the comet as an extension of the string motif.

When Taki learns the truth he attempts to turn back time by drinking the kuchikamizake. What follows is my favourite scene in the whole movie and it starts with a wall painting of the comet turning into a piece of string. With the visual connection I could then see the metaphorical connection. The comet is another form of binding the two main characters. The comet is closely tied to Mitsuha’s ‘world’ but Taki also witnessed the comet the day she died. Thus their worlds were connected. From a romantic standpoint the comet allowed two individuals to transcend time to be together (red string of fate parallel). But by killing Mitsuha the comet also destroyed the relationship it brought about. I think we can connect this to how the town of Itomori was made from a comet a thousand years ago but another comet ends up destroying the town and killing Mitsuha. Because of this I personally also think the comet represents time. Destroying what is created is basically time itself. Time is musubi. (Additionally, by overcoming the comet i.e. saving the town, the main characters overcome time and can finally be together, because Mitsuha’s lifespan is extended. You can see this as another take on the red string of fate.)

Mitsuha is metaphorically and spiritually saved by a string. I think it is important that in the timeline where she dies she is not wearing the cord in her hair, because she gave it away to Taki who she met in Tokyo the day before and who does not remember her. Her cut hair has multiple meanings. Originally I thought it was a sign of her giving up on Taki because he went on the date with his senpai (Tessie associates haircuts to breakups and I do too, at least in anime). Then I realised she cut it after she went to meet Taki and found out he didnt recognise her. While the “breakup” haircut interpretation still stands, ultimately I think she feels betrayed which is why she gives up the one thing she believes in, her connection to him, represented by the cord. This also becomes linked to her name, which she shouts at him as she leaves the train after throwing him the cord. If I were to continue with the red string anecdote, this is where the string is cut, fate abandons the couple and Mitsuha dies.

But it is the same string that saves her. Because Taki kept it for three years and it is how he remembers her even if he doesnt know her name. Once he learns she dies everything from her diary entries on his phone to her name in his memories disappears. But the cord doesn’t. And he passes this cord to short hair Mitsuha when they finally meet at twilight.

I’m going to digress for a bit to explain why I find this scene so important. The only time Mitsuha does not have the cord in her hair is when she is sleeping, performing the ceremony, the first time she swaps bodies with Taki, and of course right before she dies. The cord is a very obvious symbol of musubi. I also think the fact it changes form throughout the film is important. At the start when Mitsuha wears it she always puts her hair in a complicated bun with the cord in it. When she swaps bodies with Taki who cant make complicated hairstyles he changes the form of the cord by wearing it in a ponytail (though initially he did not wear it at all and made Mitsuha looked “possessed”). The hairstyle was an instant way to tell who was in Mitsuha’s body, and also became a representation of their relationship.

The cord starts to change forms drastically when the pair’s relationship takes a nosedive the day before Mitsuha dies. She takes it out of her hair and the cord changes from a hairtie to a wristband/bracelet. The form of “musubi” changes, from “doing up one’s hair” to a spiritual connection between the two. This is one way Mitsuha manages to live on, because just like the kuchikamizake, the cord is a part of her soul now.

Taki returns Mizuha’s cord when they finally meet. She has cut her hair but wears the cord as a hair decoration anyway. The red string is restored and its changed form represents a new step in their relationship. Throughout the film Taki and Mitsuha have had to compromise on each others’ lifestyles. Mitsuha’s new appearance seems to be a culmination of this: the boyish haircut coupled with the hair cord. She also gains Taki’s courage, seen when she confronts her father in a very similar way Taki did in her body previously. (Taki also experiences a similar change but it is not as pronounced. As far as I know he just got “kinder”.) This is musubi because their two souls have actually intertwined. From a romance perspective, I guess this is how couples change each other for the better.

And what happens after is classic red string of fate. Interestingly Mitsuha’s final hairstyle is a half ponytail. Analysing any farther would actually be overkill though so I’m just going to leave it as a design choice.

I don’t think I’ve conveyed even one tenth of what I actually wanted to say about the film. It’s so rich in symbolism just analysing it in my head was a ton of fun. Best film I’ve ever watched in my life. Definitely want to watch it again.

So…I did watch Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 last night, and overall, I did enjoy it.

There were a couple of touching moments and Baby Groot is the absolute most adorable and probably the best thing to come out of the MCU.

The Wonder Woman trailer played beforehand, and I was kind of worried I’d hear snarky comments from MCU fanatics, but to my surprise, a couple of the guys actually expressed excitement over it and a couple of women giggled at Etta’s comment about the sword not going with Diana’s outfit (so much for there not being any humor in DCEU movies). I was glad, because for me, when I see an MCU movie and I have to hear negativity for a DCEU movie coming out, it ruins my experience for the MCU movie I’m about to watch. The theater can feel like a space I don’t belong in when that happens. I’m pleased to say I was able to enjoy GotG 2 without that feeling.

As we were leaving the theater, I heard a group of younger guys (probably late high school or college age) who were sitting near us express their enjoyment of the film, and as we were walking out, I heard one of them say, “Okay, guys! Next up is Wonder Woman!”

It just made me happy that I was in an audience that seemed, for the most part, to just be there to enjoy an MCU movie without the desire to use it to put down the DCEU. It also confirmed what I believed about the “lack of promotion” and “hype” being built around Wonder Woman. It seems to me, WB is doing just fine in building up anticipation. I’m not quite sure how the belief that they are not is getting spread like wildfire or where the idea came from.

Get Out review:

So I just saw Jordan Peele’s breakout film (as a writer), Get Out. It was actually my second attempt to see it. I tried to go last night and it was sold out. Even today in the middle of a Sunday afternoon the theater was packed. And it’s been in theaters for a week so the fact that it’s still packing theaters says something. Anyway, I really loved it. I tried my best to avoid spoilers because I heard it was quite a thriller and I didn’t want to hear any extra information. I knew the basics of the plot line and I knew there were some concerns about whether it was going to be some racially tense film. I was prepared for that, but I was determined not to let The Discourse® ruin it for me if it truly was a worthwhile film.

Anyway I’m not going to spoil it too much for those who still want to see it, because I really recommend that you see it for yourself. Suffice it to say it is a very good thriller that keeps you guessing what’s going on. There are several interesting twists. I do understand what people are saying with the concern that it’s pushing a “white people are all evil” narrative, but I thought in the context of the film it wasn’t really that bad. It’s pretty absurdest and you really get the feeling that what’s going on is fairly isolated to this family and their friends rather than it being a picture of every white person. I think if you can remove yourself from that mentality you will enjoy the film a lot. It was exceptionally well shot and directed. Very nice to look at and visually exciting. The acting was about what you would expect for a horror film. Not fantastic but it fit with the atmosphere.

My main concern for movies that they tell a story. If this had been set up as a way to preach to white people about how racist they are (I’m looking at you “Dear White People”), it would have been a mess in my mind. It’s the same reason I don’t like a lot of “Christian Movies®” because they tend to be message driven rather than story driven. They start out telling you what you’re supposed to think and then everything that happens in the movie is just there to reinforce it. But Get Out really does have a compelling story and interesting characters. And its commentary on racial issues is pretty thought-provoking. There’s one scene the involves a bit of an… examination reminiscent of how slaves would be examined on the trading block. That’s all I’m going to say because again, it’s one of those subtle things that is better when you watch it. It’s also really worth noting that the prominent white people in the film are liberal and at least by appearances try very hard *not* to be racist, so it isn’t some big bashing of white southern conservatives. It actually points more of a finger at the liberal elite for using minorities rather than caring about them.

All in all I highly recommend it. I’ve seen some really annoying Discourse® on Tumblr of course, but try not to let that reflect on your enjoyment of the story. This movie doesn’t get any quality passes from me for being a story with racial implications. It still needs to be a good horror/suspense film, and I think it does it’s job.


summary: Dan has a guilty pleasure: phan blogs. It’s a mixture of conceited arrogance and morbid curiosity, really. And really, it’s a mixture of these two things that lead to him catfishing members of his phandom and becoming a headcanon blog. After all, what harm can one headcanon do?
word count: 2318/20,000
warnings (this chapter): anxiety attacks, angsty!dan


The first thing Dan notices when he wakes up is that it’s bright. The bed’s still warm, and there’s a lump where Phil had been. Dan notices Phil isn’t there anymore. He doesn’t have time to question the weirdness of this fact because his stomach growls and he comes to the realization that he hasn’t eaten anything since the last morning and that’s just unacceptable.

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My Interview with CockyBoys Exclusive Ricky Roman

There are many reasons I wanted to interview CockyBoys exclusive, Ricky Roman. Not only is he one of the hottest, most consistent, and popular gay porn stars in the business right now. Not only is he just physically adorable. But, I actually love hearing him talk about his career and the adult entertainment industry. He has such an interesting take, I wanted to pick his brain a bit about how and why he got into the industry, as well as get his thoughts on other issues. Enjoy!

KnowHomo:    You’ve been in adult entertainment for about three years now, what has surprised you the most about the industry?        

Ricky Roman: The thing that’s surprised me most about the industry has to be some of the realest generosity from some of the realest people I’ve met. In a space I expected to be very superficial (and it can be) I have met some of the most down to earth people.

KnowHomo:    Looking back, what is something you wish you’d known or a bit of advice you wish you’d been given before getting into the business?

Ricky Roman:  I think I knew this from the beginning but it made its self very apparent as time went on, one must advocate for themselves because no one else will.

KnowHomo:    Which was harder, coming out as gay or coming out as a porn star?    

Ricky Roman: It was definitely harder to come out as gay. I am the son of religious immigrants both from different countries, so you can imagine how fun that was. But I never stopped being true to myself. Coming out at 14 made coming out as a pornstar a cake walk. Although it is true not all of my family knows, I don’t think it’s much of their damn business. [laughs]


KnowHomo: I love the Pillow Talk segments that you do on your YouTube channel. People ask some really good questions and your answers are always thoughtful. What made you want to open yourself up to people that way?

Ricky Roman: My fans and people just interested in the industry so to speak have always expressed their curiosity and I thought a video Q&A would be fun. And it has been! I hope to hone my vlogging craft and develop it into something grand!

KnowHomo:    In one of those videos, or maybe it was in an answer to a project you did for a family member, you said that what drew you to adult entertainment was that you were always very sexual and that you enjoy being naked. You were about 19 when you started, which is pretty young. Did you view porn as a way to explore your sexuality? Was there anything else that drew you to the industry?

Ricky Roman:  I do view porn as a way to explore my sexuality absolutely. My first orgy was on camera. I’m a bit of a exhibitionist so it’s always been a fun job. Truth be told I’ve always had a passion for acting, at 19 when I decided to get into porn I figured realistically this is the closest I’ll ever being to a “real” movie star.

KnowHomo:    What’s the best part of being porn star Ricky Roman? The most challenging?

Ricky Roman: The best part of being Ricky Roman is setting a standard of sexuality that is uninhibited and unashamed. I want to help liberate people sexually as we live in such a sex taboo society. I hope I can help people realize it’s okay to enjoy what you like! To quote my boss, “There is no sin here.”

The most challenging thing is dating for sure. I had a few goes that really crushed me ultimately and I thought there could be no way I could be an adult entertainer and balance a “normal” relationship. With that said there are many things that aren’t normal about my relationship with my handsome boyfriend Michael and at this point I wouldn’t have it any other way. He’s been and continues to be so supportive of me and my endeavors professionally and personally.

[Ricky and Michael]

KnowHomo: How has being an adult entertainer impacted your personal views on sex and/or your personal sex life?

Ricky Roman: Being an adult entertainer has definitely liberated me sexually in a way I didn’t think possible. Sex is such a beautiful part of life. People confuse sex with love. Society teaches people to confuse sex with love. I don’t think monogamy is realistic. We are humans, we have the ability to think and have complicated thought processes, but at the end of the day, we are mammals, with carnal needs, carnal needs that can be quite enjoyable when indulged in.

KnowHomo:    Are you at all surprised by how popular you are as a porn star?

Ricky Roman: Popular? [laughs] I feel like that’s a relative term, not to sound snarky. I am very grateful for all the good vibes that get sent my way as this gig can be draining as well.

KnowHomo:    What do you think makes you such a compelling adult entertainer? Why is Ricky Roman such a fan fave, in your opinion?

Ricky Roman: Compelling? [laughs] I like that. I think that the space I work in specifically allows a personality to shine through as opposed to just being a sexual objects. Anyone who follows the Cockyboys models knows that each of us are boisterous young men in our own right and we create a unique dynamic that I think people find entertaining in more than just a sexual facet.

KnowHomo:    I have this theory that romantic comedies and other “date movies” give people, but mostly women, unrealistic expectations around relationships and porn gives people, but mostly men, unrealistic expectations around sex. What do you think?

Ricky Roman: I agree with both of the points you just made. Specifically with porn. I hate to admit that yes we are serving fantasy sex! There was a scene where I was getting plowed hanging off a wooden fence, howling with joy the entire time. I will admit that was fun but it’s just not very realistic. I’m not as noisy in my personal sex life. [laughs] 

KnowHomo:    Do you watch porn? If so, what kind? Any particular porn stars you are a fan of?

Ricky Roman: I do watch porn, not studio porn however. I just know how it’s made so it kind of takes the magic away, you know? I enjoy amateur stuff I find on tumblr to be honest!

KnowHomo:    Is there anyone that you’d like to work with that you haven’t? If so, who and why?

Ricky Roman: There’s no one that comes to mind particularly at this point. I’m just grateful for the work I get.

KnowHomo:    Are there any scenes of which you are particular proud? Any that you look at and think “that was NOT my best work!”

Ricky Roman: I have to say my very favorite scene was The Haunting part II. The role allowed me to showcase some acting although few words are said in the film. The storyline is timeless and the vision is inspired. It was my first big one at CB and I knew that I was in the right place because of all of the creativity involved in the project. There are a few not worth mentioning I look back on and think damn I could have done better. I always want to push myself to be better!

KnowHomo:    You are one of two, maybe three, adult entertainers of whom I can say I really enjoy everything I have seen you in. But I particularly LOVE your scene with Austin Wilde and your scenes with Jake Bass. How was it working with them?

[Austin Wilde and Ricky Roman]

Ricky Roman: Thank you! Both of them are very good at what they do. I was very excited to work with both at the time and our work together has proven to be fan favorites to this day, so that’s cool.

[Jake Bass and Ricky Roman]

KnowHomo:    As a fan or as someone who watches porn, is there something you’d like to see more of in the industry? As an actor, is there a type of scene, or something you’d like to do more of?

Ricky Roman: I’d like to see more feature films with explicit sex! Kind of what we’re doing at CB [laughs] I personally think it’s great as I love cinema and erotica. If both can be tastefully combined, why not?

KnowHomo:    How do you prepare for a scene?

Ricky Roman: I like to get a workout in before a scene to really get the blood flowing, and about 10 minutes with my handy dandy douche and I’m ready to go! [laughs]

KnowHomo:    Your dad is from Italy. Your mom is from the Philippines. And maybe because you speak Spanish so well and Roman is a common Latino surname, I think people often think you’re Latino. You’ve described yourself as racially ambiguous. Has that had any impact on your career?

Ricky Roman: I think my racial ambiguity leads to more of just that which is cool! I hate to think that aside from my tattoos my skin might be too dark to work for a certain European site that features no one a shade darker than a vanilla ice cream cone, but this doesn’t deter me.

KnowHomo:    Maybe, this is random, but I am wondering what are your thoughts on the recent takedown of by Homeland Security?

Ricky Roman: I think the Homeland Security takedown is a calculated act of homophobia on the government’s behalf. I wonder why wait till now. They know this has been going on for quite some time, could it be that now would have been the most lucrative cash in? Why a gay site like Rentboy? Why just rent boy? Why not attack all escort sites gay and straight and everything in between? America’s got some funny priorities, I digress.

KnowHomo:    Do you have any career aspirations outside of the adult entertainment industry?

Ricky Roman:  I hope to bridge my name into a brand very soon, much of my heart is in entertainment. We’ll see. I just got a sewing machine, if I made some dope threads would you buy ‘em?

KnowHomo:    I am not sure I am fashionable enough to get away with anything you’d come up with, but I think lots of people would. Speaking of style - As um…” research” for this interview, I re-watched a number of your scenes and was really struck by the different looks you’ve sported over time. What if anything is behind your choices to try different looks? Are you ever worried that one look won’t go over well with fans or producers?

Ricky Roman: My looks are very much inspired by my mood or what I’m going thru. It can be frustrating with honing in on a look for a project that might not particularly reflect me personally but that’s not a huge deal, they’ve been very lenient with my choices be it hair or tattoos. My fans have been very supportive of my style choices for the most part. If they’re happy that’s super cool but at the end of the day I try to do what truly makes me happy.


KnowHomo:    Have you managed to kick that awful cigarette habit yet?

Ricky Roman:  I’m working on it! It’s the fucking worst.

KnowHomo:    I really want to thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.

Ricky Roman:  Your questions were very thoughtful. Thanks, for having me.



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Just For Tonight

Castiel x Reader

Summary: You and Castiel spend as much time together as a couple as possible when Sam and Dean aren’t around.

Warnings: none

Word count: 939

Originally posted by supernaturalfreewill

“Cas?” You called throughout the bunker, flopping down on the couch beside you. “Where are you?”

“Here,” He said from the opposite end of the couch where your head was. You smiled up at him and extended your arms towards him, motion for him to come closer. As soon as he bent down, you grabbed hold of his face and smashed your lips against his.

You felt him smile against your mouth before he slowly pulled away, placing tiny kisses across your nose. “What movie are we watching tonight, my dear?” He asked, glancing at the television.

“I thought we’d watch Batman,” You announced, sitting up so he had room. “He was my favourite superhero as a child and you’ve never watched it before, so I thought why not?” Cas sat down beside you, pulling you closer to him, your back resting against his chest. “Why not put something comfier on?” You asked, playing with his trench coats sleeve.

“I find this quite enjoyable.” He said, his lips pressing against the top of your head.

“Yeah, but how often do you get to wear whatever you want?” You asked, turning your head slightly to look at him. “You have all those shirts and sweatpants you bought when you were human, they’re still in my wardrobe.”

“I suppose they were comfortable.” He said. “Okay. I’ll change.” He murmured, pressing a kiss to your lips before he stood up to go change.

The two of you hardly ever got to hang out like this, like you were actually together, you were too afraid of how Sam and Dean would react. Cas is their best friend but you weren’t sure if they would support you dating an angel. He’s tried to convince you they wouldn’t mind, and you felt like he might be right, but you didn’t want to risk it so he finally dropped it and decided to wait until you were ready.

Sam and Dean were currently out on a hunt and they didn’t need your help, which gave you the perfect opportunity to spend your night with Cas. Your smile grew as you watched him enter the room again, his clothes a size too big, but he didn’t seem to care. You noticed his hair was a little ruffled, which only brought a tiny blush to your cheeks. You always enjoy messing around with his hair, it made him that much better looking, if that was even possible. “Come here,” You grinned.

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Pirates of the Caribbean 5

I just got back from seeing Dead Men Tell No Tales.  I have thoughts.  Quite a few of them, actually.

I should preface this review by giving a bit of background on my involvement with this franchise.  I saw the first PotC movie in the theater seven times.  I saw Dead Man’s Chest three or four times and loved it.  I saw At World’s End exactly once, hated it with the passion of a thousand burning suns, and never saw it again.

I was–and am–a hardcore Sparrabeth shipper.  The canon status of Willabeth only explains part of my disillusionment with the franchise, however.  My biggest problem was how Elizabeth had an amazing character arc over three films, going from a prim-and-proper governor’s daughter to the ass-kicking Pirate King, pursuing her dreams in defiance of society’s expectations, outwitting both the EITC and legendary pirates, leading an armada in battle…and then had it all stripped away at the end of the third movie, where she is left literally barefoot and pregnant to wait for her man to come back.  I was–and am–livid.  I felt betrayed, both as a fan and a feminist, to see one of my favorite characters do a 180 like that.

So I have very strong feelings about these movies.  I’ve tried to get over it in the years since AWE, with limited success.  Against my better judgment I did see On Stranger Tides in the theater, and thought it was mediocre.  Since Elizabeth wasn’t involved I could just ignore its existence, for the most part.

Then the fifth movie was announced, and Will was going to be in it.  I had hoped that maybe, just maybe they could try to rectify some of the mistakes (read: character assassination) of the past.

They didn’t.  But they still came up with a pretty good movie.  Honestly, I’d even give Dead Men Tell No Tales four stars out of five.  I was riveted to the screen for most of it, and it was thrilling to hear the theme music and see the familiar faces.  It was exciting and entertaining, the special effects were impressive, and there were some good laughs.  Plus, zombie sharks!

Do I have issues with parts of it?  Yeah.  And I’m going to ramble at length.


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Fangirl // Sherlock x Reader

Words // 1793

Warnings // None

Request //  Cute little Request here! Sherlock x femReader where she’s younger than him and a full-time fangirl who is fangirling over Harry Potter and fbawtft lol How would he react? She even tries to make him do the Hogwarts House test! (she’s a slytherin btw) lmao i love this pls do it🙈 thanks iloveyou bye💕💕

A/N // Hi! Thank you for requesting, I hope you enjoy this :)

Originally posted by silent-micka

“You’ve been awfully quiet today compared to usual, usually you can’t stop talking to me about.. what was it again-‘’ You shushed Sherlock. You and Sherlock got together once he took an interest in you which was because you needed his services for something, something made him attracted to you and once he realized you had intellect that could match Mycroft’s he took an interest in you the two of you hung out for a while and eventually got together for fun and it turned out rather nicely, because that happened two years ago already.

“Shush Mr. Holmes, I am busy doing things far more important than your stupid deductions.’’ You were slightly jealous, you had a great intellect but didn’t have the ‘deduction thing’, you didn’t necessarily want to spend time learning it either which is why you just accepted he would keep rubbing it in as a light tease.

“What could be this important that you feel the need to shush me.’’ Sherlock stated more than asked, you shrugged and continued the Tumblr edit you were working on. It had been one of your best ideas so far which is why you wanted to put all your attention into it and wanted to focus.

“Well, everything is more important than whatever you’re about to brag now, come on throw those deductions at me so I can start to focus on my work.’’ He chuckled, you knew this was one of the reasons why he enjoyed you so much, you didn’t take any shit from anyone no matter who they were or how high their status. Sherlock liked that ‘I don’t care’ attitude coming from you and it made you far more enjoyable to be around than most people.

“Right. Are you working on something about.. What was it again.. Harry Potter right?’’ He asked and you nodded, you prided yourself on being a very apt fangirl and you forced him to at least read the books once you two started dating, you usually ranted about it to him, not because he had such insightful opinions but because he listened even though he didn’t want, he did it because he cared about you and your passions which you appreciated from a man who called everything boring that didn’t involve someone being murdered and him solving it.

“Yeah. I’m working on an edit and this is very important so I require dead silence.’’ He chuckled and turned back to the book he was reading. You knew he had become an expert on Harry Potter by now as well because he never deleted any information and you had pointed out every single difference in the films compared to the book out to him, even more than once in some films.

The two of you both had your quirks and with you it was being obsessed with the best books ever written, you didn’t shy away from the fact you were obsessed with it as it had really gotten part of your personality, of course some would call it unhealthy but you just tended to remind them that it wasn’t hurting your physical or mental health so there wasn’t anything bad about it, usually it was enough to shut them up, unless the arrogant ones but you had enough arguments, even though you weren’t good at it, it was hard to not notice the little things after being around Sherlock so much.

After thirty minutes or so you were finished and had it up on your Tumblr blog, you were finished around the time you usually posted, and decided to close your laptop for a while, you loved every single part of the fandom but sometimes it did get exhausting to be stuck inside your laptop the whole day. Sherlock welcomed your company and put the book away and the two of you squeezed into the couch, cuddling.

“You know, I should really get you to do the test.’’

“How very specific you are, I always love it.’’ Sherlock sniggered.

“It’s a long story, but it’s important.’’

“Of course it is, now we’re done with your test can you just be silent. I was enjoying the moment too much.’’ You chuckled and snuggled closer.


“Do you have to wear that?’’ Sherlock commented and you stuck your tongue out in response, pulling your Slytherin scarf and tying it around your neck before throwing on your coat, he had a case and you had some time to tag along so you decided why not. You didn’t have to work and didn’t have much else to do.

“Why shouldn’t I, it’s surprisingly cold for May but sure, I mean it’s comfortable, keeps me warm and quite obviously fashionable if you hadn’t noticed yet, at least I have more than one scarf.’’ You said and he rolled his eyes which made you laugh. Of course even though Sherlock considered it far too mundane he remembered everything, every little detail, how you said the colour was a shade off or the lines were so far from the original source they shouldn’t have used them yet he also knew how much you loved the films. Still, he didn’t necessarily see the use for it, he didn’t see why you identified so much with a house or what it really mattered beside sentimental and personal value which he didn’t see as too important.

“Let’s just go yeah?’’

The two of you were walking outside for a while when Sherlock brought it up again, why you were wearing the scarf. He had many more questions and most were just about why you wore it and just too many why’s to list, so he started with something small.

“Why this scarf? Not meant negatively.’’ He asked and you shrugged, you had a billion reasons you could say but you decided with something a bit easier.

“Well, let’s keep it simple, it’s my house and house pride.’’ Even though on the internet with the fandom fans it was dying down, in general there was still quite a bit of Slytherin hate and you didn’t back down from a strong argument why your house was just as good and evil as the other because no house inherently was evil, being brave could lead to ignorance, hardworking could lead to distrust whenever someone else needs to do something, wisdom can lead to arrogance and ambition could lead to self-vain, just as all the traits were good.

“Yes I know, you’re a Slytherin and proud of that but why does that even matter when deciding what scarf to wear?’’ He continued a bit more forceful but you didn’t mind that, usually he did become a bit forceful when he wanted to know something but it wasn’t that aggressive it was mostly when you had something he couldn’t understand and it made him frustrated.

“Slytherins get a bad rap for being evil so that’s the pride part and otherwise it’s just fun, it’s an easy way to show you’re a harry potter fan or potterhead without going too far, I like to keep things subtle but noticeable to those who know. So yeah, there isn’t any single reason or one good reason, it’s all just reasons and they’re important.’’ You finished with a shrug and went on a little ahead of him to make him catch up just for fun but also because you didn’t really feel like answering more questions, he probably wouldn’t think your answers were particularly relevant


“No buts, c’mon let’s get to that case.’’ You said with a laugh.


“Here, now just fill in the questions I’m assuming that won’t be too much of a hassle.’’ You handed him your laptop and he stared at the screen for a while before scrunching his face and moving on to look at you with the same curiosity but also uncertainty.


“Well this is the almighty important test. I wish we had an actual sorting hat which would be more accurate, this is as close as we can get though. I know it looks kind of illegitimate but it’s all the questions where the pottermore site only gives you a selected few so the chance of a good answer is a lot better.’’ You explained and he rolled his eyes but turned back to the screen and started clicking which made it quite obvious he was at least curious to what the result would be and you were too, you had been fighting between Slytherin and Ravenclaw because he identified with two just as much, he had Ravenclaw qualities and tendencies but some of the Ravenclaw ideals just didn’t match up well and the same was for Slytherin, although you felt like he was more Ravenclaw if just slightly.

“So, the purpose of this all is?’’

“To determine your house idiot. I know it’s not important to you but it is for me, it’s funny to do and yeah, just do it for me.’’ You said as you kissed his cheek and he rolled his eyes but kissed back, something that Sherlock never liked to admit was how much he liked kisses, especially small delicate ones or full-on action ones, there was no in-between for him.

“Do this a bit quick though, I don’t have a lot of patience and I’ve got a lot to update you on and a lot of bad text posts to show you depending on the house you get.

“Of course you’re prepared, anything for you though love.’’


“Ravenclaw, although Slytherin is around 2% less so I suppose a more accurate answer would be the mix of the two.’’ He said as he handed your laptop back and you grinned from ear to ear, the Slytherin and Ravenclaw along with the Slytherin and Hufflepuff posts were the absolute bests, which is why you had most of those two along with Slytherin and Slytherin, even though you didn’t really guess the chances of him being a Hufflepuff high. “And now?’’

“Now, you can look at this whilst I do as well and snigger whilst you make some comment about how it doesn’t make any sense.’’ You said with a laugh as you sat down next to him and opened the folder of all the screenshots you had made and posts you had saved, it went just as you expected although Sherlock seemed to get far more of them than you anticipated he would which was nice, it was really nice to not be the only one laughing because even though you didn’t care too much, it felt awkward.

“Are you going to make me wear a scarf now with the patterns?’ He asked out of nowhere.

“You, mister, have just given me the absolute best idea on the planet.’’

Drawn to Life || Klaroline

Klaroline Infinity Day 1 - AU/AH

Caroline’s finally getting to voice an animated character (her dream!), but she didn’t know how much time and effort goes into it as a creative team. She’s paired with Klaus, who studies her character traits and facial movements to bring life to the screen.

“Hold still, please.”

Caroline fought the urge to fidget as the massive camera revolved around her, capturing her image from every possible angle. It was hard not to track the man operating the camera with her eyes. His attention to the placement of her freckles was almost invasive, but he was incredibly hot.

The brass curls were artfully mussed, just enough that Caroline wanted to run her fingers through them. And his lips, god, they were so pink-

She shook her head, hoping to get rid of whatever lusty demon had taken hold of thoughts. Really, it was her own fault for swearing off dating after Tyler moved out. A cleanse was standard breakup routine, but maybe three months was too long.

“I said to hold still,” Klaus snapped, though his hand was gentle as he gripped her chin. “If we don’t get the digital model right, I’ll have to start all over.”

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A few dark cartoons for those who are interested

So if you have ever been in one of my livestreams, chances are you know about my love for dark cartoons from my childhood. I need to distract myself a bit from work right now and decided to make a short list of a few of the cartoon shows and movies that stuck with me for one reason or another, some of them from my childhood, some of them from not so far back. I’ll give a very basic non-spoilery summary and, in a separate part, an example that is probably spoilery.
My only „rule“ is that they’re not rated for mature audiences. These are just some creepy, strange or downright disturbing animated series and films that I like and that you may wanna check out if you’re interested. Remember, these aren’t the worst things out there, far from it! But it’s the sometimes subtle horror of children’s cartoons that is a special brand of dark. I am not putting any links here. This is also a lot from my memory, so I apologize should I get something wrong.

The Animals of Farthing Wood (1993)

Summary: Based on a book series, this is a show about a bunch of animals who need to find a new home after their forest is destroyed by mankind. They make a pact to not kill each other and instead help each other out until they reach their goal, but their journey is long and full of danger, with several animals dying horrible deaths along the way. They don’t shy away from showing blood either. I also remember it having one of the worst romantic relationships I’ve ever seen. The show has 39 episodes and was broadcasted on channels for children.
This was kind of like a kid’s version of Game of Thrones, as in: I watched this show. Most of my friends watched this show. And we’d always discuss the latest deaths and hope our favorites didn’t die.

Examples: There’s a kind of infamous scene where a red-backed shrike kills all the baby mice and impales them on a thorn bush. Yes, you see the baby corpses with blood and everything. The show is also unintentionally hilarious at some points because sometimes, none of the characters give a shit about somebody’s death and they just move on and never mention it again immediately.

The Yearling (Kojika Monogatari) (1983)

Summary: This one fucked me up as a kid, as in: this one stuck with me so intensely that I still remember the entire scene frame by frame after more than 15 years. It taught me that life isn’t fucking fair at the age of 6 or something.
This is another one based on a book (most of these are), it’s the story of a farmer boy who one day finds a fawn in the woods and keeps it as his pet. The whole show is kinda boring now that I think of it, it’s the boy growing up with his best friend and pet and he has his ups and downs. Until the last few episodes happen.

Examples: I am including this because of the last I think three episodes. in short: character death and emotional trauma. This show has about 50 episodes, so you’re with these characters for a rather long time. I am just going to spoil the ending, so if you want to go blindly into this, please stop reading this now: Near the end, the protagonist’s best friends becomes  sick, but it looks like he’ll be okay. Until the boy one day wants to visit him and finds the whole family grieving; the friend is dead. We experience the very sad funeral and hope that please, let the last two episodes bring us some hope. But no, the now grown-up deer eats all the crops and the boy, after failing to chase his now only friend in the world away, has to shoot him in the head. And that’s the end. It literally ends with a boy losing the last friend he has by killing him and then having to take over the farm at age 14 or something. That’s the ending.
Fun fact: You know what the German title of this show translates to? „All my friends“ . What a happy title to this tragedy.

Felidae (1994)

Summary: This one wasn’t aimed at children, but i’s rated 12 and up, so it counts.
Felidae is a murder mystery with cats. The main character, Francis, moves to a new home with his owner and immediately finds a dead cat in the courtyard. He starts to investigate and soon finds out that there is a serial killer on the loose. Really, it’s a detective story with cats.

Examples: Gore. So much gore. This is one of the most violent cartoons I’ve ever seen, even if I included animated movies with an R rating. I have no idea how this was rated 12. There’s beheading, disemboweling, explicit animal experiments, torture, a gutted pregnant cat, all in full plain view. It wasn’t made by a major studio, but the animation is pretty decent. Nothing spectacular, but decent. Also, the gore seems to have the best animation. Oh also, on a non-disturbing level, there’s a cat sex scene with saxophone music.
I personally really like this one. It has it’s hiccups, but it’s interesting and I love murder mysteries. I thankfully didn’t watch and read this as a little kid.

Mountain Villa Murder (from Detective Conan) (1996)

Summary: More murder mystery! This is from Detective Conan (aka Case Closed), an anime series about a brilliant young detective named Conan who is turned into a little boy because of a strange poison. While he tries to find a way to become an adult again, he lives with his crush and her father, who both don’t know who he really is. The father is a detective as well (though a bad one) and Conan stays at his side, secretly solving all the mysteries for him. I watched this all the time in elementary school and I still find enjoyment in it today.

Examples: Mountain Villa Murder Parts 1 + 2. There are a lot of brutal episodes, most of the cases were murders after all, but I think Mountain Villa Murder (episodes 34 and 35) are a great example to show how elaborate and gruesome the killings would get sometimes. I don’t want to spoil anything about these episodes.
Watching the entire show is sadly kinda exhausting because A) at some point you just know this is never gonna end and B), there are certain patterns to most cases and once you figure these out, which sadly happens quite quickly, you can usually guess who the culprit is even before the murder happens. But it’s still entertaining as hell, at least to me.

Pingu’s dream and Pingu in the Ice Cave (1990)

Summary: My country seems to have produced exactly two pop-culture relevant things: Oh Yeah by Yello and Pingu. The latter is a cute stop-motion show about a little penguin named Pingu who basically behaves like a little boy. It’s about him doing pranks and getting shit for it, there’s a lot of hugging in it which is really cute and also sometimes, stuff goes wrong. Usually, it’s harmless though. Usually.

Example: There are two episodes that scared me on two different levels. If you have 5 minutes, I urge you to watch „Pingu’s dream“, an infamous little episode of that show, where he has a nightmare that completely derails from kinda funny to utter horror when he encounters a giant walrus, straight up from the Uncanny Valley, tormenting him. It’s kinda funny, but the walrus looks and sounds way too creepy.
The other one is „Pingu in the ice cave“. I don’t know if this is just me to be honest, but this is one of the first and only times I felt actual fear during a movie. Pingu and his friend get stuck in a big ice cave and try to find their way out. That’s it, but it’s unsettling. They’re all alone, nobody knows they’re in there, there’s a scene where the friend just sits down and cries in despair. It’s just such a horrifying scenario that it still fills me with dread to watch it. The friend crying in fear of his life is too much. It’s just 5 minutes, but it’s really kinda unsettling to watch. Nothing too bad I suppose, but still… it’s kinda like The Descent with penguins.

I also wanna mention Watership Down (1972) and Plague Dogs (1982), which most people know about already though.

These are the first few that came to mind, there’s tons more, of course, but for now, that should be enough. If anyone is interested, I can do another one of these some day. Thank you for reading!

[BTS] Reaction to getting ice cream with their crush

 This is really cute I couldn’t help it. Also feel free to request, I can’t keep running on my own ideas here I’m stupid - Ashes/

V: Taehyung treated you pretty much like any other girl. He did offer to pay though, but when he realized he didn’t bring his wallet, the smile on his face fell and he asked you sweetly if you could pay this time. You only giggled a little bit and payed the amount, which was only like ten dollars because it was just from the ice cream truck that ran by on occasion. When you two got back into the house, he made sure to find his wallet and pay you back, telling you that he still technically payed with a goofy rectangular smile. The rest of the day you two were sitting together at home playing video games.

“You can pay next time, but I can handle it right now.. Actually, I take that back..”

Originally posted by sonyondan

Suga: He did not want to go at first. I mean, at all. But then you came into his room and asked him gently if he’d go with you to get the members and staff ice cream. Although he was tired from dancing to finish the new music video, he agreed at once. Behind you, Jungkook just stared because he wouldn’t even go with Hoseok and no suddenly he’s fine with going along with you. You two stopped at the small ice cream shop close by the to the set and bought about fifty simple vanilla ice creams for everyone. It was fun, surprisingly, and the two of you got to talk any play a lot during the trip. He actually had more fun than he originally intended to.

“Well, are you just going to stand there and stare or are we going to the ice cream shop?”

Originally posted by minsecretsoul

Jin: Mama Jin was happy to ask you for ice cream. After all, it was a really hot day, and you were wearing the most bored expression as you scrolled down your social medias while waiting for the other guys to get there. You were supposed to be an extra for the new music video, but no one had shown up yet. That look disintegrated the moment Seokjin stepped up to you, and you were very eager to go with him. By the time you came back, everyone else was complaining that you had taken forever to get there, and you just burst out with laughter, a domino effect doing the same thing to Jin.

“Well, perhaps its better to be fashionably late, at times.”

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Jimin: You two didn’t even go out together, you got Taehyung to do it for you. Although you would’ve, Jimin complained that he wanted to stay and watch the movie, before adding that he wanted to talk with you as well so you should stay with him of course. Taehyung gently hit him on the shoulder but nevertheless complied, getting three ice creams for each of you. With Taehyung on one of your sides and Jimin on the other, you were quite content to stay there and eat ice cream while watching the comedy film Jimin had picked out. Everything was really fun, and  you ended up falling asleep on Jimin’s shoulder half way into the movie because you were more focused on chatting with them than the movie, so when they went silent, you grew sleepy and fell asleep.


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Rap Monster: He was completely okay when you asked him to go with you to get ice cream, though that didn’t stop the little complaints that he wanted to practice speaking English with you, a fluent English speaker. You thought for a moment before telling him that you two could practice and hold up a conversation while you were out to get ice cream. That probably was what really won him over and he agreed, following you to the ice cream shop. The conversation went everywhere, from cats to the meaning of life. You would correct his English, and he’d try his best to learn new words from you. Over all, the ice cream probably wasn’t the best part of this experience, but it was definitely an enjoyable part.

“You should suggest this more often, it was fun.”

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J Hope: You two had a one sided deal going on. You’d both go get ice cream, but whoever stopped dancing while getting there had to pay. You were both dancing in the middle of the streets and taking quick leaps in hopes you’d get there eventually. You did, but it was already dark, and the ice cream shop was just about to close. Luckily though, you got to get ice cream before the worker left. However, since neither of you really stopped the entire time, you had to split and you both ended up having to pay. That was a bit of a boring end, but you were giddy and laughing at just about everything.

“I’ll beat you next time!!.. Do you have any spare change?”

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Jungkook: He was a really good student, but when both of you were sickly to the point you couldn’t concentrate on work and you couldn’t attend in gym class, you knew there was something you had to do. Texting him in the only good class you had that let you rest your head down, you asked him if he would like to skip to get some ice cream with you. It was fourth hour, and he was more than ready to leave if you were. You two left during lunch without much difficulty. You were getting stares at some adults or children that saw the uniform you both wore, but you didn’t mind and just happily sat on the park bench with your ice cream in hand, talking about going up to a store and getting ice cream before going to cuddle or pass out at your house. Keeping in mind you were still just his crush, but you were both particularly sickly that day.

“We’re going to have to make it up tomorrow, you know that, right?”

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I literally just got home from seeing Wonder Woman and I have to say this right now:

This movie. Is. Perfect.

It is the best movie DC has ever made, hands down. In my opinion, it’s better than any Marvel movie, and that’s saying something, as I’m quite a Marvel fan. 

Wonder Woman is amazing for so many reasons. It was smart and funny. The score was beautiful. The costumes were fabulous. The casting was spot on. Gal Gadot absolutely killed every scene with both her fierceness and her innocence; she was truly the perfect Diana Prince. Patty Jenkins delivered us a fantastic movie that represented gender, race and sexuality in such powerful ways - I’m still laughing about the ‘men not being needed for pleasure’ scene, but also still a bit shook over the scene where her teammate says, ‘I don’t have a side’ because the Americans have just slaughtered all the Native Americans. Every word of this movie was powerful.

I loved having this story be told from a female perspective - it really made the story ring that much more true for me. Diana was simply Wonder Woman, a kickass superhero, not a hot chick who just happens to wield a sword. I’m not going to lie - there were a couple of times, when the WW theme came on and Diana came out in all her glory, that I teared up. This is what it’s all about. It really is amazing to see a female superhero on the big screen. It’s powerful stuff.

Simply put, this was a great movie. It was epic and enjoyable and I will be seeing it at least a few more times. 

And I will be more than happy to fangirl with anyone else about this awesome movie :)


I defy you to find something in this movie that doesn’t qualify it for MST3K.  Giant lizardy monster?  Check.  A musical number that has nothing to do with the plot?  We have that.  Actors who appear to be dubbed despite also appearing to speak English?  The entire cast!  Black and white footage tinted blue in an effort to make it look like it belongs in a colour movie?  You betcha!  Wooden acting?  Beakers of kool-aid standing in for SCIENCE? Foreigners pretending to be Americans?  Toy boats?  Yep, Reptilicus has it all, wrapped up in a bright technicolour package by out old friend, American International Pictures!

It seems tailor-made for the show, and Joel apparently agrees.  I wrote most of this review before I found out that Reptilicus was slated to be the Season 11 debut, and now I’m looking forward to seeing how many of my predictions here come true when the episode hits Netflix on Friday.

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First Times
Changkyun scenario requested by Anon
Genre: Fluffy smut thing?
Word count: 1151

Author’s note: Hi again~ I’m back with another smut, although you can hardly call it that. I passed my entrance exams! I hope you can find this enjoyable. I’m not too familiar with smut so I tried by best. Please enjoy!

His fingers were trembling.

Honestly, you weren’t even sure if he had noticed it, although it was a bit hard to miss. You laid your hand over Changkyun’s instinctively, curling your fingers around his in a comforting gesture. Chocolate brown eyes shifted to meet yours, his lips twitching with blatant curiosity.
“What’s on your mind?” You murmured, resting your chin on his shoulder delicately. The two of you were sat side by side on his bed, having turned on a movie about an hour ago. You weren’t really sure what it was about at this point, your eyes continuously falling on your boyfriend instead of the computer screen.
“Did you catch me?” Changkyun chuckled softly, leaning his head against yours. In the months you had been together, it was your first time seeing this side of him. He was acting out of the ordinary, trying not to make eye contact for too long, and his shoulders tensing at your touch.
“You didn’t cheat on me or anything, right?” You murmured playfully into the shell of his ear, a smile pulling at the corners of your mouth as he began to squirm.
“Of course not, you know I wouldn’t do that kind of thing. There’s just been something on my mind lately, but I don’t know how you would feel about it.” He said, the curve of his lips meeting your cheek for a fleeting moment.
“You’ll never know if you don’t ask.” You answered him, trying to keep your voice low as to not shatter the tension hanging in the air. His window was open this afternoon, as it was when the weather was a little warmer, and the sunlight was spread across the walls like margarine. You could hear his every breath, coming and going with the slight breeze. It was a moment that you couldn’t capture in mere sight, the sort of thing that would bring on heavy nostalgia in the years following. The audio of the film was drowned out in your soft voices, Changkyun’s eyes scanning yours for a sort of cue.
“Have you ever thought about making love to me?” He asked cautiously, sunlight reflecting off of dilated pupils. The seconds that followed there were no words, your body reacting before your mind could. Your lungs burned as if you had just run a mile when your lips met, hands melting against each other’s skin. Before you could register it, your back had met the mattress. Changkyun’s arms were shaking as he looked down at you. If anyone saw the way he looked at you, they would know how in love he was within seconds. Sex is something that is seared into our instinct, typically animalistic and fast and hot. Somehow, this was quite the opposite. When Changkyun’s lips met the expanse of skin where your neck meets your collarbone, it felt more similar to being submerged in a warm bath. His hair was a little out of place and his breathing was a little uneven, but looking at him in this moment, you realized there was nothing else quite so beautiful as Im Changkyun. Your hands slid along his neck, tugging him closer until your foreheads were flush. Heat was spreading through you slowly, building his each passing second. The two of you were bare-faced, with disheveled hair, and dressed in clothes that weren’t particularly flattering. You didn’t feel necessarily sexy, but you felt beautiful. The kind of beautiful that comes with being human, with raw and unfiltered emotion for the person in front of you. The kind of beautiful that comes with the wind shaking the trees. It is something unexplainable, this awe for the world right in front of yours eyes, but it was unparalleled. Changkyun’s eyes were still searching your own, the both of you wanting to drown in the other.
“Im Changkyun, I love you.” You whispered, your throat tightening as the words escaped, and your tongue running over your chapped lips. Changkyun’s shirt was off soon after that and your own was shed fairly quickly. Your lips were all over one another, with Changkyun nibbling lightly at your collarbones and your chest. Soon enough, there was no more fabric separating you from him, bare skin kissing bare skin as your tongues danced. Firm hands and long fingers had prepped you well, his grip tightening around your thighs as own of your legs was adjusted over his shoulder.
“I love you.” He whispered, pressing his length into you and allowing you time to adjust with each inch. You nodded in return, the newfound pressure below being something you had never felt before. It didn’t hurt in the slightest, but the fact that Changkyun was inside you, was making you squirm. He thrusted languidly into you, sending an incomparable chill through your bones when your hips were flush together. Your back would bow with the building pressure, your neck thrown back as Changkyun moaned into the crook of it. Small sounds were eliciting, but nothing like the stuff you had seen in porn. It was gentle, the onsetting pleasure more similar to boiling water than anything else. Changkyun was sweating, the ends of his hair slightly damp from the intensity, making him glow. The sex the world had prepared you for was rough and painful and noisy, but you supposed that making love was quite different. There was the awkward stumbling of lips and gaps of silence that came with everyone’s first time, but Changkyun had obviously done a lot of work into making sure he could make the most enjoyable experience for you. Being young and in love was a blessing, you realized. Each thrust sent your mind reeling, the feeling reminding you of oceanic waves crashing against a rocky shore. Everything but Changkyun was nothing now, your eyes only seeing him, your ears only hearing him, your body only feeling him.
As his orgasm approached, his hips bucked a bit faster, his fingers fisting the fabric of the sheets below you in desperation for something to hold him together. He came first, your orgasm following soon after as he drew his own out. It was a rush of heat, causing your toes to curl and your thighs to tremble. It was like a flower blooming, your entirety opening up in front of Changkyun shamelessly and unapologetic. It was a tender moment for the two of you, your chests heaving, and your eyes never leaving each other. There was no second guessing.
He collapsed on top of you after he pulled out, arms wrapping around you protectively. Small kisses were littered over your face, causing laughter to bubble up from your stomach. Lips were now on the shell of your ear, tickling as Changkyun whispered to you, despite the lack of an audience.

“What was that movie about?”