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> What is I-Lovelies?
> Ah, I’m Jimin
> I don’t know this term
> I-Lovelies is cute
> Are ARMYs A-Lovelies?
> I’m Ji-Lovely
> It doesn’t sound cute
> Both Chim-Lovely and Min-Lovely sound weird
> I’ll be Jimin-doongie/lovely
> Alright~ I’ll just be lovely
> The reason why I posted the English word “yippee” a while ago
> Is because its pronunciation is similar to “ippi” that ARMYs call me by haha
> I posted it because I was fascinated by it
> I’m lovely, you all are lovelies
> I’m in my room sitting on a chair
> I was dozing off earlier since I was sleepy, but I’m awake now and sitting
> This is fun because it feels like I’m chatting (in KKT) with you guys
> I need to go, but since you all are asking for a picture, I’ll upload one and leave
> You guys have lots of questions? I’ll listen to them next time, now I must go
> Sleep well everyone
> Heart

I-Lovelies (International Lovelies/외랑둥이가) is the nickname Korean fans made for Bangtan’s international fans. In return, international fans call Korean fans by K-Diamonds.

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i get so protective when i’m playing as and someone tries to kill our healer

Honest to god Wade is me

y1ffgod  asked:

I’ve had tavros holding a whole ass burger in his hands looking high as fuck saying “borger” stuck in my head for like, 2 days now. it’s seared into my eyelids. i don’t even know why i thought of it but every time i see tavros all i hear is borger. it’s not even that funny but I’m cursed

this is the funniest fucking thing anyone has ever sent me

  • Fandom about white female characters: Being in a relationship doesn't make her any less badass!! She is a dynamic character who is allowed to be badass and romantic!!!!!
  • Fandom when a WoC gets a love interest: but I don't understand why the writers had to write in a romance for her?????? She is a strong badass woman, she doesn't need a man to love her!! What is this hetero nonsense???

Relatedly, HOLY GOD, look at this. They made a marker showing exactly where they sat for the photo, so you can re-create it.

When people dig this shit up in 3,000 years, they are deadass going to believe we worshiped the Beatles as deities. And I’m not even sure they’ll be wrong.

Archaeologist 1: Metal buttprints?! What in the HELL?

Archaeologist 2: Ah yes. From the Bug Cult. Intended for ritual purposes.

being a lesbian is so isolating and lonely sometimes like lesbian culture is not being able to relate to anything, ever,