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What if Hela is actually Loki’s mother? [Possible Thor Ragnarok Spoilers]

Watching Thor it always bothered me that Odin just picked up this little frost giant baby and walked off with it. I mean why did he do that? He had just defeated the Jotuns so why should he take one of their babies with him?

In the movie he says that Loki was meant to keep peace between the two worlds. But what was Odin thinking? How should that possibly work? Odin isn’t stupid. He knew that Laufey wouldn’t leave his son on a rock to die if he loved him. So why should Laufey care? Odin’s explanation for taking Loki doesn’t really make sense…

But now we met someone new. Odin’s first born, Hela. She seems old enough to be Loki’s mother. But how would that be possible? Loki is younger than Thor and after Thor was born Odin locked her away. But we don’t know how long it took him to do so. I mean look at Hela! She’s Hela strong! Bad pun, I know. But to be serious it would have taken him a while to lock her away.

But what does all that have to do with Loki? Well let’s compare him to Laufey.

Something that I noticed right away is that he has hair. Even in his form as frost giant he has the most beautiful mane in the nine realms! But frost giant’s don’t have hair. The second thing I saw was that his facial features aren’t as prominent as those of his father or the other frost giant’s. It took be a long time to notice but he also has an iris in his frost giant form. Guess who doesn’t have an iris! His dad. Adding that Loki has always been very short for a frost giant the first logical conclusion would be that his genetics are mutated or damaged. But he is obviously healthy and strong which is very unlikely with such a mutation. So if his genetics aren’t mutated then why doesn’t he look like a normal frost giant? Obviously his mother must be someone who looks human. Very human. Like Hela.

What if Hela ran away after Thor’s birth? Maybe to Jontunheim? Triggering the war between asgardians and frost giants.

I don’t think Thor is that much older than Loki. I give him 100 to 200 years, that’s enough time for Hela and Laufey to bond. I don’t say they were in love! Maybe it was just something like a one night stand.

So let’s say the war ended with Odin locking Hela away and finding Loki. Knowing it was the son of his daughter he took Loki with him to raise him like his own son. But why was Odin always so cruel to Loki? Probably because Loki reminded him of Hela the older he got. Like Hela Loki is very good with magic and knives. Which would bring us to the genetics.

Loki has beautiful black hair, incredible blue eyes and cheekbones which could cut air. Guess who also has those traits! It’s Stephen Strange. And Hela. Obviously.

I won’t say that green clothes prove that they are related but I think there’s a reason behind the choice of colour.

But why didn’t she recognize Loki as her son? First of all she probably thinks he’s dead. Why should she think that Odin saved the son of his first born daughter which he has locked away because he was afraid of her? Second she probably gave as much a shit about Loki as Laufey did.

This would also explain why Odin said that both Thor and Loki were born to be king. If Loki was Hela’s son it would be his right being next in line after his mother. But Hela was locked away. They couldn’t know if she died in her prison… well Odin would probably felt it if she died but who knows right?


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