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Do you have pirate recs? I will take anything - fiction, nonfiction, movies, songs, TV shows, I just want to get my pirate on

me: omfgf how the FUCK could this person KNOW that I am I IN MY PIRATE FEELINGS right now?!?!!? wtf?!!! ! !! wtf!!!! 

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  • TREASURE ISLAND by ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON and all variations thereof: 
    • Black Sails, the queer poly pirate dream show of my heart 
    • Muppet Treasure Island, which gave us Shiver My Timbers, #1 pirate banger 
    • Treasure Planet, cartoon Treasure Island IN SPACE
  • PETER PAN (lol, sorry) by J. M. BARRIE and all variations thereof, but especially: 
    • Alias Hook by Lisa Jensen, which is like Peter Pan meets Outlander from James Hook’s POV
    • Peter Darling by Austin Chant, which is queer grown up Peter/Hook
    • Peter Pan (2003) is my favourite straight up adaptation, with lots of Jason Isaacs being the single best and ridiculously sexy Hook EVER
    • Hook (1991), which is and will always be bangarang
  • Sodomy and the Pirate Tradition: English Sea Rovers in the Seventeenth-Century Caribbean by B. R. Burg, if you fancy paying an arm and a leg for what essentially amounts to a copy of someone’s Master’s thesis from the 1980s. (it was pretty good though.) 
  • I should probably recommend Bloody Jack: Being an Account of the Curious Adventures of Mary “Jacky” Faber, Ship’s Boy by L. A. Meyer on behalf of Nicole, because she’s been telling me to read it for actual years at this point.
  • The Abyss Surrounds Us and The Edge of the Abyss by Emily Skrutskie are really cool futuristic Waterworld-esque sea monster lesbian pirate books, and I friggin’ loved ‘em. 
  • I’m definitely going to read Brethren by W. A. Hoffman, a classiqué m/m pirate book, mainly because I read the goodreads reviews and one person was like ‘ugh it’s 100 pages before they even meet each other!’ and another was like ‘ugh it’s basically just every pirate AU ever!’ and IMHO neither of those things belong in the con column. 
  • I’m giving BLACK SAILS its own bullet point as well, because how good this show is… truly cannot be overstated. it’s overwhelmingly queer, contains two (2) canon poly relationships, and is hands down some of the best storytelling I’ve ever seen on tv. the best way I’ve ever seen it described is: ‘black sails episode 1: “money gets my pussy wet” black sails season 4: is intersectional revolution compatible with personal happiness?’ and that’s just… so real. it is absolutely stunning. PIRATES!
  • this arrangement of The Parson’s Farewell by Bear McCreary is from Black Sails – listen to the whole thing with your eyes closed and picture noble pirates rallying against the British Empire for love. you are Welcome. 
  • I know that Johnny Depp makes us all furious now, but the first Pirates of the Caribbean still bangs. if you don’t want to look at him (understandable), then just listen to this. I’ve never wanted to climb a rigging more in my life than I do when I listen to this song. 
  • Gay Pirates by Cosmo Jarvis. beloved.

Decided to revisit my group of cannibal/ghoul OCs that were in my one previous dream haha.

what she says: i’m fine

what she means: victor stone aka cyborg, portrayed by ray fisher in justice league (2017) dir. zack snyder, is a very compelling character, and his backstory that was addressed in the film is very emotionally driven. as a black man, before his death and transition to his superhero form, victor stone already had to face some form of oppression due to the color of his skin. the car crash he and his family were in resulted in his death, but his father didn’t want to lose him the same way he lost his wife/victor’s mother, which motivated victor’s transition from human to cyborg. however, this is a change that victor isn’t used to, and ever since the post-accident transformation, he’s seen himself as anything less than human based off his physical appearance and foreign abilities. it is also indicated in the beginning of the film that no one knows that victor is alive and that he is yet to introduce himself as cyborg to the world. victor stone’s greatest fear is other people seeing him as a monster because of how he looks and how he behaves - a similar mentality expressed in anti-black racism.

Richie Tozier really fucking loves The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

- Every Halloween from 15-18 he dresses up like Tim Curry

- He’s constantly quoting the movie, even in serious situations

- Eddie would normally get annoyed about someone obsessing over something this much, but he loves how excited Richie gets when he talks about it.

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Ok Justice League

Everyone is upset about how Bruce brought up Steve to Diana when they’re arguing about bringing Clark back, but I don’t understand how that’s A. OOC for EITHER of them or B. Wrong of him to do considering she was the one being unrealistic/unreasonably aggressive about it in the first place??? Like, Diana is clearly a BAMF and clearly has the qualities to be a great leader (as we saw in WW) and is capable of greater things than she’s been showing (in regards to JL versus her power/prowess in BVS and WW). But her whole resolution in WW is brought in by Steve and his sacrifice and her relationship with him is how she learned more deeply about mankind and how they are and what inspires her to keep going after he dies, but for a vast Majority of JL she’s holding back and seemingly afraid to take the lead when she really is the best person to do it. She throws a low blow, he throws a low blow( even though his was more of a question to why she’s so afraid to act when they have limited time than a petty remark) and in the end he gets his cumuppance from superman for disturbing him, she realizes that she was partly wrong, they both apologize and that’s it. What about that is so completely Out Of Character, unessecary, or childish about that??

Don’t be petty about this because Diana got her feelings hurt for a second, it was an important scene and it was well done even if the whole movie wasn’t perfect. Even Wonder Woman can have flaws, and Batman who is always depicted as very flawed can be right

It’s done

Hey guys! I’m finally done with the art I was working on so here it is! (I’m a beginner, so if you have any feedback / tips for me, please comment below, send me a message or tell me in an ask)

My first artwork : A movie and TV show Lloyd Garmadon Mashup and not an excuse for me not remembering /knowing that Lloyd doesn’t have such powers in the movie( if he does, please tell me I haven’t seen the actual movie, only spoilers) ! Hope you guys like it! (like and reblog if you do, and yes, if you want to use this - although I doubt anyone will - just say so! )

@inline-vandal @ittybittypearlygirly @lindseymasterofsong @ninjagoforever @deadpotatowithextracheese @golly-geez @the-disaster-mark-2 thanks for the support!

One last question : Do you guys want more? (I’ll start working on something, and if you guys want to see it, I’ll post it here)

Love y'all! ♥️ ♥️ ♥️

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I heard you had some 'good au's™' and wanted to hear about them. You don't tag them so it's kinda hard to find info on. Also who is Sadie?

the only legitimate “au’s” that i have is my “cursed” au (which im still writing, i apologize; i promise the post would be out soon i just have a buncha schoolwork rn), the “cold blooded killer zane” au (which is more of a concept tbh), and my “middle school” au (which ive drawn twice and am probably not gonna touch ever again unless you guys want me to)

i have a buncha things on queue with cursed designs (since its the only one i really plan on doing more of) so theres that too.. u’d be seeing those soon and hopefully i have the first wave of cursed au info post out by then

sadie, on the other hand, is not my own creation. its from @welcometotheart‘s 200 years au, and they have some stuff on the characters on their blog. its a really neat au you should check it out. 

for all my au tags that ive drawn (even if its only 1 art):
#cursed au (everyones dying in this one)
#200y au ( @welcometotheart​‘s 200y au)
#cbk zane (murder ohhoho)
#middle school au (dorks)
#rr au (this is from @deja-lu​‘s reverse realm au)
#mafia kai (this is the only tag for @askthemafianinja​‘s au but if i ever do more in the future, i’d be sure to make a general tag for that as well)
#glitched zane (from @spinning-ninjas​‘ glitched zane au)
#zombie jay (from @garmadork​ and @welcometotheauthor​‘s au)
#breakdancer au (from @askkaiflame​‘s au)
#colour gang au (from @ookamihanta​‘s au)

and i think that’s it (really really sorry if i forgot one of the tags, i draw quite a bit of other people’s stuff)

Ok. I’m ngl the DCEU would be the perfect verse for a Batman Beyond movie. A few down the line, an older Bruce who can’t crime fight anymore (if and when Ben Affleck decides he wants to leave the role), has given it up. Nightwing and Batgirl are around but in Bludhaven and can’t do all the work alone, respectively.

Cue Terry McGinnis finding the cave and putting on the suit.

Boruto: I have three moods, happy, gay and hungry.

Sarada: Hungry isn’t a mood. It’s a feeling.

Boruto: Have you seen me when I’m hungry?

Mitsuki: Can I see you when you’re gay?

Boruto, puts hands on Mitsuki’s face: Do you see it now?

Mitsuki: It looks no different than how you usually act.

Sarada, looking in camera like on The Office: ….


okay i get it was like about 100 years since we last saw them in Wonder Woman and maybe they updated their armors, but you’re telling me they all just collectively decided oh why protect your stomach, it’s totally not important and i’ll look sexy in it”????

how did we go from amazons in fully practical greeks/romans inspired armor to amazons in completely impractical fantasy rpg inspired armor?

is this what happens when a woman’s costume design is taken from a woman and give to a man????