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Best Singing Compilation - Miyano Mamoru: Vocal King (~GENERATING!~ Edition). ♡

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Can we please talk about "Every king needs his queen" on POTC3 script when Elizabeth is saying goodbye to Jack??? I mean he was obviously talking about himself and her omfg



Dear Symbiosis

Please don’t shaft Hikari just to give Meiko and Meicoomon even more screentime for whatever problem they had for the past five movies or so.

Hikari needs some love too, especially if Falldown Mode is appearing for whatever reason.

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I’m emailing someone at a trade show display company named Elizabeth Bennett.
Now I’m imagining this person asking me about artwork for a custom pop up frame is in a 19th century dress and a wide brimmed hat with ribbons, getting ready to tell me the design is only barely tolerable.


If I could find a real life place that made me feel like Tiffany’s, then I’d buy some furniture and give the cat a name.

Holy crap.

I have 50 stories up on Ao3. When the hell did that happen? Not all of them are Pacific Rim – there are a few Marvel fics and some original stuff – but the vast majority is definitely Chaleigh.


I guess… confetti? It feels like a milestone or something, right?

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When a male character and a female character in a movie/TV show start giving each other the Meaningful Look™


Because I am feeling ridiculously fannish about Wonder Woman at the moment, and because I am a nerd with too much time on her hands on a Sunday evening, here are a few interesting tidbits for you taken from the Wonder Woman IMDB page (with a little help from Wikipedia). 

There are 17 named Amazons in the credits (plus 15 actresses listed as guards, warriors, or townspeople.)  11 of the 17 named characters have their ages listed. 

Average age = 41.4 years

Oldest Amazon = 57 years

Youngest Amazon = 26 years

7 Amazons played by actresses 40 or older

Connie Nielsen (Hippolyta) and Robin Wright (Antiope) are both 51 years old.

Of the 32 women listed as playing Amazons in the credits, half if not more are women of color (not all the actresses had photos on their page).

These women are of all shapes and sizes.  There are stuntwomen, personal trainers and at least one boxer.

tl;dr = when you put women in charge of making a movie about a female superhero and the culture in which she is raised, you get something more realistic than 85% of the movies out there - superhero related or not.