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Life Lately:

Last week in Davao! Already purchased a ticket for my Manila trip but i’m still having a hard time finding a place to stay on the 9th until 14th. My flight back to Davao will be on the 14th, late evening. I’d be staying in Mandaluyong, a condo unit there with 14 of the kids i’m mentoring until 9th of March and after that i’d be left alone hence i wanted to find another condo unit to rent for the following 4days. Ugh. My parents doesn’t want me to stay at Cubao because there are some guys staying there who are relatives of my Tito that i or we are not familiar with. And i’m kind of uncomfortable staying there also with them around esp that i’ve had some bad stuff happened to me before. Not that i’m saying all men are like that but i really have huge trust issues considering that i was almost rape by a newly found friend before while on our way home. Pfft. Anyway, let’s stop re-living things like that today.

• Figured i’d stay home today because well… first day today for my monthly visit. I mean i’ve had my visit last February 1, but i skipped January and remember how i was ranting about my monthly period making a shift again this year and how the cycle would turn out months after—well, hello there this is why i was eating lots of sweet stuff for the past few days because i was actually PMSing then. Not that i wasn’t expecting this, i just didn’t know that it would turn out like this so early. So i am not sure whether i’d be having another cycle by March 1 but let’s just wait and seeeee. Ugh. My lower abdomen’s been hurting like hell since last night, and i’ve been having spinning visuals too so yes, probably caused by this particularly.

• Been watching FRIENDS too since Monday of this week. He he. Wala lang, i just wanted to binge watched them episodes again due to nostalgic memories of childhood series. And ahm this series has always been my inspirations for my daily outfit shenanigans every now and then. Lol. Because i’m forever a 80s-90s kid. It would be nice to have someone who loves watching this too. An ideal perfect snuggle on a Sunday.

• Made changes with my accounts with regards to personal passwords and whatnot. Because i think some people are trying to make a pass with some of my SNS, so figured changing the passwords would be a great bluff, ergo spent the whole morning doing them.

• I kind of miss doing my art projects but to be honest i’m also a bit tad lazy to start a new one because well as mentioned, i’m on my period today so my hands aren’t in the mood for something artsy or whatever. I just really want to stay at float today. He he he.

• I did want to go outside and eat at Pepper Lunch this afternoon or have a short date night with a friend but he went home last night and forgot to tell me, so i was a bit pissed off at him today because we made plans last night to do some relaxation and bond a little since we haven’t spend lots of time to be with one another due to business meetings—and well, merely because of the busyness of our schedules but yes he bailed out on me again. I kind of hate this part right here, like i need someone whom i can drag anywhere esp when i’m in dire need of pampering and spontaneous eat out adventures. Pfft.

I have no plans yet on how to spend my last week here in Davao before my business slash vacation trip to Manila this March truth be told so i’m just gonna wait for some peculiar things to happen this week. So, what’s up with you?


Untitled by Stefania Gambella
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Tarihin bilinen ilk fotoğrafı 

Joseph Nicéphore Niépce

“Pencereden Le Gras'a bakış”


İlk manzara fotoğrafı aynı zamanda bir insana ait ilk fotoğraf

Louis Daguerre 

“Temple Bulvarı”


İlk Hareketli Fotoğraf

Eadweard Muybridge

“Bir at dört nala koşarken dört ayağı birden aynı anda yerden kesilir mi? “


Tarihin ilk Filmi

Louis Le Prince 

“Roundhay Garden”


College friends hooooooooooooy. Aminado naman akong ‘di nila ako miss eh pero okay lang hahahahahaha. Kahit mga siraulo ‘tong mga ‘to kasama nalilimutan ko kapag tawang tawa kami eh hahahahaha. #noongtotoypa