is not beautimous


Milani Rose Powder Blush:

I got this blush in 08 Tea Rose and can I just say, this packaging is sooooo beautimous! It makes me not want to use it since it looks so perfect!


Packaging - 10/10 (obviously)

Formula - 8/10 (tbh it’s not bad and it does look pretty nice but the packaging is the real star)

Wear Throughout Day - 7.5/10 (it wasn’t really there at the end of the days I tried it on but at the same time I was having kinda bad skin days in the cheek department sooo..)

Price - around $6-8 (I got it for around $4 on sale at Meijer one day)

Last note: still obsessed with the packaging


Taylorrr! Me (in the highly embarrassing top photo) and Jojo eatsleepswift (my beautimous German friend) are meeting in the summer! Her parents actually agreed to her flying to the Uk and staying with me for a week #parentgoals. Anyways, expect an emotional vine of us sprinting like gazelles to each other and tonnes of ugly pics to brighten up your dash during the week! Thank you so much for uniting two weirdos so that our lives may be slightly less painful! xoxo P.S WE FINALLY GET TO HAVE A REAL LIFE 1989 DANCE PARTY BECAUSE FACETIME DANCE PARTIES… kinda suck!!