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sehun: actually, there is something that i’m curious about… i wrote the letters and kyungsoo hyung delivered it to the members and that’s why we gathered here but how did you guys come here?
fans: ticketing!
sehun: i was so sure that i only wrote 8 letters so how did you all come here?
fans: we got it through yes24!
sehun: via yes24?
fans: yes!
sehun: kyungsoo hyung, what happened to this? did you copy the invitation?
jongdae: he (kyungsoo) scanned it!
kyungsoo: it is not that, actually… i’m a yes24 employee…


Random doodling led to Starscourged!Sora D: 

I really wanted to doodle him in the open Kingsglaive jacket that the player’s Comrades character starts out wearing!

In Episode 9, I guess what I’d most like to see is Rey and Kylo having a pivotal moment in their relationship, finally feeling trust enough in each other to kiss and just be in LOVE, and in that moment, when everything is right and beautiful, and they feel that sweetness of acceptance in each other, they lean in and –


There Will Be A Charity Livestream Today

10am PST
12pm CST
1pm EST

Spread the word now and when it starts as this is for an important cause, Save the Children.


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