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Hi! My birthday is April 24th and I'd love to read everlark where Peeta thinks he's lost Katniss somehow, like a misunderstanding or even some kind of accident, but everything works out in the end. Love the drama/angst, and I'm down for any rating (but let's be real, the smuttier the better bc it's my birthday lol). No infidelity please! Tytyty! You are awesome!

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Happy Birthday! There is definitely some angst in this one. Thanks for having a birthday so we can all enjoy this great story! And thank you to @katnissdoesnotfollowback for writing and submitting it. She’s been a MAJOR contributor to this blog, as have many others, and we can’t thank her enough. Links to part one & part two if you haven’t read them yet. Enjoy! I know we did. 

Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoy this somewhat angsty story. Hugs and lots of love to you on your special day!

All’s Fair - Part 3

WARNINGS: RATED E for language, PTSD, and smut. Mostly the rating is for the smut. SMUT I SAY!

A/N: HR in this instance stands for Human Remains. There’s no gore or graphic violence in this, but there is a healthy dose of angst. Thank you @peetabreadgirl for pre-reading.


My boots scrape the pavement as I stop to stare up and down the parking lot aisles. I find at least four Jeep-shaped vehicles under black covers and sigh, drop my bag on the pavement, and search through the pockets for my keys. Not even my car keys, either. Customs fucked up my packing job and I’m pretty sure they wound up back in my footlocker. I find the keys I need underneath a half empty bottle of Gatorade and unlock my trunk, rummaging around until my fingers find the canvas ribbon on my at home keychain. Yanking them out, I listen to the jingle of home with the distant growl of a C-130 spooling up its engines. The humid North Carolina air presses down on my lungs and I blink in the fading light.

It’s late. I’m exhausted and hungry. And the red REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT tag on my keys is a one-two punch to the face. I don’t even know where he is right now. He was supposed to be home sometime last week, although I don’t know the exact date, but the fact that he wasn’t here to meet me means he was delayed somewhere. Or something far worse that I am not prepared to contemplate on four hours of shitty sleep on a cramped rotator flight and an empty stomach.

Pocketing my car keys, I slam my footlocker shut and lock it back up, hefting my bag back on my shoulder and hauling the trunk onto its wheels to continue my solitary trek. I hit the lock button on the key fob twice and hope my battery didn’t die while I’ve been gone. I’ve got jumpers, but no one I feel comfortable inconveniencing. Most of the others have already gone home. Prim couldn’t be here this time, unable to get away from med school. Mom’s too sick to travel. Gale’s still somewhere in Fallujah, I think. At least, that’s the last place I ran into him.

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About the Artist

My name’s Hailey, but you can call me Squiggly: animator, illustrator, skeleton enthusiast, grown-ass woman with a kid’s interests.  In my spare time I like to eat, draw, sing, cosplay, and voice act!

Here are a couple links to get you started on my blog:

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my cosplay tag

voice stuff tag

Ghost Rider Re-Imagined tag (exactly what it sounds like!)

BATIM Toon Henry AU Materpost

…and here is a more direct link to my Art Blog!



“Why the name ‘SquigglyDigg?’”

I’ve told the story before, but basically the username “SquigglyDigg” comes from several years ago, when I went on a flight to visit some family and had a little mameshiba keychain on my backpack carry-on.  The flight attendant was charmed by it, and kept giving it silly little nicknames each time he passed by, batting at it, saying “hello” to it, and stuff like that.  When I got off the flight, he patted it affectionately and went “buh-bye, squigglydigg!”And the nonsense word just stuck out in my memory, so I adopted it. :V

“Where do you work?”

I’m currently working for Copernicus Studios as a 2D FX animator on Season 2 of Pickle & Peanut.

“What program do you use to draw/animate?”

I use Clip Studio Paint EX for both!

“Where did you attend college?”

I attended the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, and graduated with a BFA in Traditional Animation in December 2016.

“Do you have an online store?“

Yes indeedy!  My RedBubble store can be found over here:

“What about commissions?”

I do occasionally offer commissions, but unfortunately they are closed at the moment!  I’ll be making a page listing my prices as soon as I get the chance to re-open them.

“PLEASE DRAW  _____!”

The more you ask me to draw something, the less likely I am to do it.  Please – I don’t take requests.

“I drew/wrote something for you!  How can I show it to you?”

Any number of methods (thank you for thinking of me :D)!  If I’m online, a simple @squigglydigg or @squigglydigglydoo in a post might work, but since I’m not always online, that method of getting my attention is unreliable.  A better way of making sure I can see a post you make is to simply make sure that #squigglydigg or #squigglydigglydoo is in the first five tags of the post!  I track both of those tags, and unfortunately, the way Tumblr works, any given post will only appear in the first five tags applied to it.  If #squigglydigg is the sixth tag or later on your post, it won’t show up in the tag.

Unfortunately, I cannot see my tracked tags until I’m at home.  If you’d like to submit to me a link to the post (or simply the content you made, if you don’t want to make your own post) so that I see it sooner, please feel free to do so!

“Can I use your art for insert-thing-here?”

You must ask me for permission if you would like to use my art for anything at all, period.  No exceptions (this includes you, RP blogs–I do NOT like finding my work cropped and edited for somebody’s icons without my permission).  If I give you permission to use my work, you MUST source it back to me with a link to where it was originally posted, and you DO NOT have permission to edit it beyond cropping it unless I explicitly say so.

Trust me–you don’t want to test me here.  I know how to use the copyright complaint function.

“Is it okay to tag your art as ‘kin’ or anything related to otherkin or fictionkin?”

Please do not.  I’ve explained my stance before, and am a bit uninclined to get into it again, but long story short, it’s more than a little unsettling for me as an artist to have people I don’t even know claiming my art as, in any way, shape, or form, a representation of them.

Anybody who disrespects my wishes on this matter and decides to associate my work with anything related to “kin” will be blocked on sight.

This is not a bluff.  I am tired of asking every single person individually to respect my wishes.

“What computer do you have?”

I actually have a custom PC, specifically designed to run games and process-heavy software!  The specs can be found in this post right here.

“Where can I find your Sans mask tutorial?”

Right over here, fam!  I’ve had a ton of people asking me this very question.

Note that I DO NOT OWN THE MASK ANY LONGER.  Please do not ask to buy it from me.  I also do not offer commissions for making copies of this mask.

“What is Mystery Skulls Animated?”

May I please direct your attention to this ask-and-answer from a while ago? ;D  It should clear just about everything up.

“What on Earth is Fantaman / Phantaman / Phantoma / Ougon Bat / Ogon Bat / Golden Bat?“

This link ought to clear some things up!  Basically, though, it’s a very, very old anime from 1967 about a golden skeleton superhero.  The show no longer exists in English.  The Italian version is available in every episode on Dailymotion, though!

EDIT: It is once again on Youtube, too, though I’m not sure for how long.  I’ve made a playlist of it here!

Submission from @eosrealis who wrote something for my plantpowers!Burr!au :D this is how they think Alex would figure out that Aaron has powers (and it’s super well written!!)

“Alexander, no”

“Alexander, yes”

Aaron sighed. “When has that ever worked?” he nursed his coffee, avoiding eye contact with the sign-up sheet held in front of him. It was something of a challenge too, since Aaron’s overeager friend was practically shoving it into his face.

“I’ve gotten you to sign plenty of things.” Alexander’s eyes narrowed slightly, his mouth twisting into a self satisfied smile.

“Yes, but not this. You know I don’t-”

“You don’t do protests, yes, I know. But you would only have to stand in a crowd! Come on, what are you losing? You’d be supporting a good cause!”

Aaron knew that Alexander couldn’t possibly know what he stood to lose, but irritation flared through him anyways. Aaron tamped it down before it could show, he was good at that.

“I’m still not doing it.”

“Don’t you care about rights for powered people?”

Aaron carefully did not react. “Of course.”

“Then defend them!”

Aaron sighed again. “Hamilton, please stop.”

A raised eyebrow. “On to last names already? You’re slipping, Burr.” His surname was spoken with a teasing lilt, and of course only Alexander could get under Aaron’s skin just by addressing him by name.

Aaron huffed lightly, trying to disengage rather than get pulled into an argument. But of course Alexander could never just leave it at that. “Come on Aaron, how about this: I’ll leave you alone but you have to help my fundraiser at the end of the month.”

And there it was. The worst part about having Alexander as a friend was that he had a lot of experience in arguing with people to get what he wanted. Aaron considered himself a decent debater, but against Alexander he didn’t stand a chance.

But still. “No way.”

“You only have to help donate. Make some stuff for the crafts and bakes sale. You don’t even have to show up.” Aaron could practically feel the fishing line trying to reel him in.

He gave a token struggle. “If I give you a money donation right now, will you leave me alone?”

Alexander scowled, his face pinching in offense. “You can’t be so impersonal! Half of the point of a fundraiser is making an event that people can go to! It’s reaching out to the community! Which gives us more room to open dialogue about powered people and the shit they’re stuck with!”

The words struck him. Suddenly, Aaron felt drained. Just thinking about powered rights made him tired and sour. He especially didn’t want to hear about it from normal people. “Fine, fine, whatever.”

Of course, rather than the outcome Aaron was looking for, Alexander froze for a moment before pinning Aaron with his laser focus. “Do you- are you actually invested?”

Shit. “What are you talking about?” It came out harsher than Aaron wanted.

“You never give up this quickly, don’t tell me I finally found the topic you have thoughts on.”

Double shit. “Drop it, Alexander. Besides, no one’s going to care about powered rights on a small scale like this. There’s so few of them that everyone just forgets until a powered person’s in the news, and good luck getting someone to show up at a college fundraiser.”

Aaron bit fiercely into his cheek, that was far wordier than intended. What was he thinking, word vomiting on Alexander of all people? And of course he was grinning again. “You do, holy shit! Aaron Burr has an Opinion!”

Anxiety twisted its way up Aaron’s chest, a network of brambles- or it could be, if he didn’t get himself under control. No, don’t think like that, he tried to berate himself. Aaron did not fidget, even if the energy in his veins surged with his agitation. Alexander always was the best at pulling his emotions out, and for the hundredth time Aaron wondered why he hadn’t cut ties yet. The teasing smile on Alexander slipped off, his eyes slipping into something more concerned than amused.

It would be the smartest choice, Aaron had known that fact from the very beginning. From the first conversation with Alexander and his friends, Aaron had never met anyone who could shatter his years of solid control in mere minutes. Which of course was why he avoided that whole group as a whole. Not that it stopped Alexander from approaching him all the damn time. The only person who put that kind of effort in talking to him, actually.

Alright, it wasn’t any kind of mystery. Aaron was just lonely. His chest pulsed again with unwanted feelings and Aaron squashed it before it could spread to the grass around them. He could almost feel the blades twitching under his influence, it wouldn’t take much.

Thankfully, Alexander seemed to realize that he’d pressed a little too far. He took a step back, dipping his head ever so slightly forward in the closest he ever gets to an apology.

“Sorry.” Or not, apparently? Aaron couldn’t keep the surprise from his face. “Really, man. I’ll back off, but you really should consider it, especially if it really matters to you.” Alexander paused, the corners of his lips lifting up ever so slightly. “I always knew you stood for something.”

Alexander turned abruptly and walked off, the usual bounce back in his step. Aaron didn’t move, staring after Alexander until he disappeared behind a crowd of students. Finally, he took a step, almost tripping over the grass twined around his ankles, much longer than it ought to be and already seeding.

Aaron cursed quietly, ripping the grass up forcefully. The small garden to his left had a small mass of green bulbs that weren’t there at the start of the conversation, mostly because it was almost winter and much too cold for new growth. Aaron gave the garden a long glare, knowing it would attract more attention if he tried to reverse the growth. It would be better to create distance.

Now if only Aaron could apply that wisdom to Hamilton, then everything would be safe again.


Alexander closed the door of his room behind him and leaned against it, his mind working a mile a minute. 

Aaron has powers.

He shut his eyes then opened them again to stare at the board he had hung on the wall above his bed. It was covered in articles about powered people, strings of yarn of different colors linking pictures and texts together. And at the middle of it stood a picture of his classmate, an annoyed look at being caught on camera.

Aaron has powers.

This thought pushed him to walk towards the board and roam his eyes on it again, as if he hadn’t countless times before. He had been right since the beginning.

Aaron is like me.

Ever since his birth, he had been able to feel the auras of the people around him, and that included powered people, whose auras revealed their powers. Of course, such a gift was best to be kept a secret, and even if it pained him to, he knew it would help in situations like this.

He had been drawn by the other’s powerful aura, a miriad of colors swirling around the boy’s frame, though kept close to this body as if he was constantly trying to contain or erase it. His aura was the most beautiful Alex had ever seen, and after listening to the younger man talk in class he knew he had to get close to him. But Burr kept everything close to himself and it had been a challenge to approach him and get his attention, and a seemingly impossible task to get him to talk about himself. But he had finally found a way.

Maybe getting him to work with him on his cause would grant Alex more time with the other powered student, and maybe then he could catch a glimpse of Aaron’s immense power.

Alexander set his hands on his hips and stared at Aaron’s face with determination.

One day, he would get him to show him his powers. And then, they would be unstoppable.

You heard that right, my dudes: 100 (presumably) separate people have decided to stick with this loser.

And to celebrate this great phenomenon, I thought I’d do some shoutouts!
But in general, I wanna thank each and every one of you for slamming that follow button. If you didn’t make the list, do not fret: your local garbage (me) may have forgotten, as she is wont to do, and as such, she apologizes profusely in advance. Having said that, I imagine if I ever make the remarkable climb to 200, I’ll do this again, so FEAR NOT: YOUR CHANCES HAVE NOT YET ENDED.

So. Let’s get into this, shall we ? I do believe we shall!

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It’s All Fun And Games (til someone loses an eye)

Characters: Nick Fury and various members of the Avengers.

Summary: Some days Director Fury really doesn’t like his job.  Those days are mostly when other people are involved, and by other people he means specifically Tony Stark.

Word Count: 781 words

A/N: A wonderful request from the amazing @trollhunter94 for a little bit of Nick Fury.  It’s not that long but I hope you enjoy it sweetie.

Director Nick Fury sat at his desk staring dramatically off into the middle distance, his one good eye focused on some point as his mind tried to clear itself and get his raised blood pressure to drop a little.  Anybody walking in would take one look at the expression on his face and exit immediately.  It was very obvious that he had reached the end of his patience and the next person to deliver something he didn’t want to hear was going to get his wrath full force.  Grinding his teeth slightly if anyone could have tapped into his internal monologue they would have been terrified and amused in equal measure.  

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AYYY it’s Pigeon back at it again with the ooc nonsense. Somehow I managed to get 300+ followers on a blog for a character from a very old famicom game that’s never officially been localised which is just Wild™ to me, but I’ve gotta say it’s been a thrill already. This isn’t my first Fire Emblem character ( yoink, he’s second :T ) but it’s the first time I’ve ever bothered actually engaging with the community a little and I’ve gotta say, I’m super glad I did!! I still haven’t been here that long and I’m still all hearteyes at all of you guys. I’ve been Pokémon-Community-Ride-Or-Die for years but you guys make me so so happy about branching out a little bit; I’ve gotten to meet a lot of really lovely super talented people with incredible ideas and I’m just so glad to have been exposed to so many friendly creative folks.

                                                          Anywho I’m a weenie :T

Onward to the shoutouts!! Even though I love you all, but shoutouts!!

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izzythehutt  asked:

You've mentioned you keep your love of your grandfather from your uncle. Why is that? Do you know about your Uncle Luke's relationship with him?

Luke’s views and my own were fundamentally different. It all depends on who you see The Guy as; if you believe his true self was Anakin Skywalker, or if you believe it was Darth Vader. I believed that he was meant to be Darth Vader, and that Luke caused him to betray himself and all the strength he had accumulated. In contrast, Luke believes that his father was always Anakin, and that Anakin’s love overcame the shackles of the dark side.

I never told Luke about my Vader obsession, because “in my opinion, your dad should’ve just killed you” is not a good thing to say to your uncle.

In conclusion, I’ve thought about it long and hard, and…I’ve decided that maybe I ought to keep my opinions on Darth Vader to myself, for good. It’s just better for my family that way. I guess I had to ask myself…whether I saw my family as my family, or as just a bunch of detached historical figures for me to judge from a distance.

…Maybe things would be different if I wasn’t who I was.

anonymous asked:

hi there! i love your blog :) anyway, a lot of my friends are harmony shippers (and jk rowling wishing they were together didn't help). i was wondering if you could help me compile some reasons as to why romione is perfect for each other? thanks! <3

Hi, anon, and thanks for your kind words! :) Well, J.K. Rowling gave us seven good reasons to ship Romione, from Philosopher’s Stone to Deathly Hallows! But let’s delve a little deeper, shall we?

(PS - I am not going to tag this because people are allowed to ship who they wish. If for some reason it shows up in a tag where it isn’t wanted, I apologize and I promise that the below is simply my opinion and that I am in no way trying to disparage anyone else’s. Disclaimer over.)

1. JKR never really said she wanted Harry and Hermione together! The way I interpret it, she simply said that they had a deep connection after spending several trying months together in the tent while Ron was gone. She basically said that, in another universe, perhaps it could have gone that way, and that Harry and Hermione seem logical “on paper.” BUT, it’s important to remember that they barely talked in that tent without Ron there. There just wasn’t a spark between them beyond that of two teenagers trying desperately to survive in very dire circumstances. AND, remember that Ron thought Harry and Hermione made more sense on paper, too - but that doesn’t mean it’s the way it ought to have played out. On to the next point.

2. Harry. He never expressed more than brotherly feelings toward Hermione. That’s really all we need to say about it, but since not everyone rolls with that, let’s talk about who he does fall in love with - Ginny. Harry can have fun with Ginny in a way he doesn’t with Hermione - they play Quidditch together and exchange jokes even before they start dating. Harry needs that levity; in fact, he craves it. But, Ginny is serious, too. She is fiery and strong and she’s able to give as good as she gets (probably the side effect of growing up with six older brothers). She doesn’t put up with Harry’s crap - and Harry needs that. Somebody who won’t coddle him, because he hates being coddled. Like JKR has said, Harry and Ginny are true equals and soulmates in a way that Harry and Hermione just…aren’t, in canon.

3. Hermione. She is opinionated and brilliant, a bit bossy, but strong and smart and persistent. She needs somebody who will, quite frankly, bicker with her. Enter Ron. He doesn’t always agree with her, but he does always respect her. (And no, calling her a nightmare when he was eleven doesn’t prove anything to the contrary. Also, Harry agreed with him. They both proved they regretted it less than a hundred pages later.) Most importantly, they use their differences to work together as a team - often, to help and support Harry. Where Hermione is logical, Ron is armed with common sense. He’s a strategist, with practical and natural knowledge of magic. He can help Hermione to see the big picture when she gets hung up on the details.

These are just a few of the reasons that the canon couples are well-matched, in my opinion. BUT if you’d like a few examples of moments when it was clear Ron and Hermione belong together, pull out a copy of Deathly Hallows and flip to the Malfoy Manor, when Ron screams while Hermione endures Bellatrix’s spells, pulls her out from under a broken chandelier, and stays by her side at Shell Cottage. Or when Hermione jumps on Ron in the middle of a war because of house elves of all things and he responds with so much enthusiasm he lifts her off her feet. The reason they work is because they’ve grown. They’ve seen each other at their worst and they help each other to become their best. That’s all anyone can ask for in a partner, right?

Any other Ron/Hermione shippers with shorter reasons why they belong together, feel free to add on to this post. :)

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You said something about behaving of media equating Alan Rickman and his potrayal of Snape. What did you mean?

When Mr. Rickman died, I kept seeing “Always” and pictures of Snape all over the place.  Clips of Snape were shown on the TV, and I even saw a picture of him as Snape on the front of a magazine soon after he died.

I felt that this was actually pretty disrespectful for the following reasons:

1) Snape was a character he played, not who he was as a person.  It’s one thing for media outlets, including newspapers and TV post pictures or do a “greatest moments” tribute, but it would be like if they just posted pictures of the genie from Aladdin after Robin Williams died.  It’s just kind of shitty in my opinion, especially since I’m pretty sure that Mr. Rickman had just finished up a role in an upcoming movie that is about to be released, so it seems weird for everyone to rally around his portrayal of Snape.

2) A lot of people got “Always” tattoos and other stuff after he died.  Which is totally their choices to put on their bodies. And it’s understandable that this was very common in HP communities.  But Alan and Severus are two different people and sometimes I feel like a lot of fans don’t really get that.  Just because he did a fabulous job portraying the character (though I honestly think he was WAY more attractive than my mental image of Snape and my headcanon is that Severus has a bit deeper voice) doesn’t mean that the character was anything like who he was when he was just being himself.

3) Here on Tumblr (and elsewhere), if you look on the Snape tags, you see non-Snape images of Mr. Rickman.  It’s irritating how often this happens.  While I’m happy to blog about Severus, and I do reblog images/gifs from the HP movies sometimes, it makes me a bit sad to see regular images Mr. Rickman doing normal things in public (like images that are obviously pictures taken by paparazzi or something like that) that show up under the Snape tags. At this point, several months after his death, it still makes me uncomfortable.  And the part of me that likes things to go in their proper places is always a bit irritated with seeing something that I don’t think ought to be there.

Better Than a Weasley (Draco Malfoy x Reader)

Summary: Y/N L/N is a confident, pureblooded Slytherin who’s known Draco Malfoy since childhood. However, recently her feelings for him have begun to evolve from being that of just friends into something more– and vice versa. After a misunderstanding and a bit of jealousy, Draco Malfoy is able to concur that he is indeed better than a Weasley.

Word Count: 1934

Warnings: None! I think. Let me know if you find any though!

A/N: Hello! I’m a new writer, Rizu, and this is my first ever post on this wonderful blog so please let me know what you think! I’m basing this off of a Draco Malfoy x Pureblood! Reader request we got, and I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! Thank you and let me know if you have any suggestions or comments on it! Enjoy!

Originally posted by hogwartsfansite

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry; a castle full of thousands of students, ever changing staircases that found it amusing to move when young witches and wizards were already late for class, and portraits that talked amongst themselves during the busy school day.

The L/N family was at the top of the food chain in the wizarding world, and in turn, Y/N L/N was the princess of Hogwarts. She was a confident young lady, a pureblooded Slytherin– and proud of the fact, mind you. Of course, due to her family’s social status, this meant she came into a lot of contact with one certain Draco Malfoy and his powerful family. The pair were as thick as thieves, and while Y/N wasn’t nearly as snobby as most other purebloods (keyword: as), the school knew better than to trifle with the likes of her.

Yes she was the girl that scoffed at the Weasley’s for being fascinated with Muggles, and yes she was the girl who hissed at the idea of the famous Harry Potter, and indeed was she girl who sat next to Draco Malfoy in the Great Hall cackling at Potter and his friends. She didn’t see anything wrong with it, and besides, what else was a confident girl with power to do? Y/N wasn’t evil, of course, and was even considered nice towards most people, as long as they knew their place. She never went out of her way to bully people like her dear friend Draco, nor did she usually take pride in insulting people of “lesser statuses” than her own.

After all, she thought, it wasn’t their fault they weren’t born as lucky as she was.

Currently, Y/N and Draco were walking through Hogsmeade, window shopping and making chit chat about the upcoming Yule Ball. Y/N wasn’t all that interested in the ball– as opposed to the other girls in Hogsmeade, who were swarming shops in search of dresses– and was really only in the small village in search of sweets. As Y/N walked up to the woman at the front desk, she politely asked for a large variety of sweets, eyeing the candy with sparkling eyes just like a child would.

When Y/N had given the woman more galleons than truly needed for all of the candy she’d purchased, the young girl carefully placed her belongings inside her messenger bag to avoid carrying a dozen heavy bags up and down the village. Quietly, Y/N told the witch to keep the change; Y/N believed that, being a pureblood, she needed to set an example of how purebloods should act.

“What’s the point of being rich in blood if you cannot be rich in formalities?” She would say whenever Draco sent her a look.

As the pair made their way into The Three Broomsticks for a warm butterbeer, Y/N couldn’t help but glance over at Draco, who was apple cheeked and a bit miffed at how the snow was “ruining his hair.” Even while he grumbled under his breath and brushed the flakes of snow out of his platinum blonde hair, Y/N couldn’t help but smile.

The girl had slowly been developing feelings for the narcissistic boy, despite it all, and just recently she began to face difficulties in facing him day after day. It was a struggle to keep her feelings under control when her stomach would burst into rampaging butterflies inside of her whenever he was near, or when her face would burn so red she ought to have been in Gryffindor at the slightest touches between them. In fact, sitting across from him in the snug pub made her stare glaze over in a state of pure love. Unfortunately, as Y/N spaced out it wasn’t Draco that her gaze focused on, but instead her E/C orbs focused on someone who’d just entered.

Fred and George Weasley.

Draco looked at the girl, and then Fred– or maybe George, he couldn’t tell the difference– and made a disgusted face.

“(Y/N)!?” he was genuinely confused; Y/N always talked about how idiotic the Weasley twins were, how much of a disgrace they were, and always spoke of them–.

A look of horror flashed onto the boy’s face, the butterbeer sloshing over in the mug and soaking his hand as he turned to face the redheads once more.

She always spoke of them.

Draco sneered. How could she?! Fancying someone and never letting her best friend know! Especially that– those– him! A Weasley! Mentally scoffing, the boy angrily took a sip of his beverage, convincing himself that he was just being protective and nothing more.

Y/N, on the other hand, was lost in a world of her own, oblivious to the fuming male across from her. She continued to daydream, thinking of what it would be like to tag along with Draco to Hogsmaede as a couple, kissing in the snow and the boy showing her his soft side, the side reserved just for her.

The sound of fireworks and shouting brought the girl back to reality, and she scowled slightly before glaring intensely in the direction of the red headed Gryffindor students for a moment before turning back to Draco, who was glaring at his mug.

The girl raised a brow. “Draco?”

Draco on the other hand just mumbled and looked anywhere but at Y/N. A flash of hurt found it’s way into the girl’s eyes as he continued to ignore her gaze and look anywhere but at her. A feeling of dread found its way into the girl’s stomach as they finished their drinks in silence. It wasn’t until about a half hour later, when the boy stood up to leave, that a rush of panic began to set in as Y/N hastily followed back outside into the snow.

What if he hated her?

Why was he ignoring her?

Did he find out about her crush on him?

What if he meant to reject her?!

Frankly, Y/N was on the bridge of tears, and she wondered whether or not the boy would even care.

Draco on the other hand, felt horrible. He felt as if someone was injecting self hatred into his nerves and breaking apart his heart piece by piece. He felt so awful; what did that Weasley have that he didn’t?! He had riches, good looks, and power. But he sighed, knowing better than anyone that Y/N didn’t care much for power as much as she cared for the personality of a person. If that was the case– the boy ducked his head lower and hunched his shoulders at this– he would lose for sure. Fred and George Weasley were the most amusing people he’d ever seen, regardless of the fact that they were no good Weasley’s. They could make anyone laugh, and most of the time it even worked on Y/N. He felt sick, his first friend and possibly first love interest was going to leave him for a freckled, ginger blood traitor and his ragtag family.

Y/N and Draco walked along the snowy trails of Hogsmeade in silence, Draco being upset but not rude enough to abandon the young lady completely when he knew the stupid twins might run into her. As the pair walked down the almost deserted trail, the occasional couple or two that made it awkward for the both of them, Draco cleared his throat as he decided it was now or never.

“Why a Weasley?!” He blurted out, stopping suddenly and turning to face the shell-shocked girl with hurt in his icy glare.


“Of all the boys in the school– no, in the wizarding world!– why would you choose a bloody Weasley over me?!”

Y/N could only stare at him with her mouth agape, unable to comprehend what the boy was on about.

“Draco Malfoy, what on earth are you talking about?!” Draco scoffed.

“Don’t play dumb with me, Y/N, I saw you in there daydreaming about those stupid twins! It’s clear you fancy them! But why..?” The male’s voice cracked slightly, and his glare began to falter. Aghast, Y/N let out a gasp of horror.

“Draco Lucius Malfoy, how dare you accuse me of fancying a Weasley!? If I were to like anyone, it wouldn’t be one of those blood traitors, so don’t you dare go accusing me of something as foolish as that ever again!”

Frankly, Draco was more than a little pleased at hearing this, though he now had no idea what to do after causing this little scene.

“I-I-Um… I-I’m sorry Y/N…?” He mumbled awkwardly, inhaling slowly. Pressing her lips into a thin line, Y/N hesitated a second.

“It’s fine.”

Y/N expected the boy to turned a brilliant red, clear his throat, change the subject and stomp off without her, but that was not at all what happened. Draco did, in fact, turn a brilliant red, but that was the only thing that the girl was expected as he hesitantly shuffled a bit.

“In that case… Y/N.. I- You’re my best friend–.”

Oh. His best friend.


The girl’s heart sank as he uttered those words, but she made a mental effort to continue keeping her indifferent outer expression as the boy continued.

“… and I’m afraid Pansy’ll threaten me into going if I don’t come up with a decent excuse soon, so I assume we’ll be going to the Yule Ball together, yes? I-I mean if you want, you know, a-a-as f-f-f-friends..!!”

He slapped himself mentally at how stupid that sounded.

Thankfully, Y/N didn’t seem to mind.

“Of course Draco,” she replied with a small smile, teasingly taking a step closer to the boy and batting her eyelashes in a cute manner.

“But if you’re asking me to accompany you, I’d imagine you doing it in a proper manner, right?”

Draco gulped.

“Go on,” Y/N said quietly.

He blushed and lowered his voice a bit.

“Y/N L/N, would you grant me a huge fav–honor, and be my date to the Yule Ball?”

Draco didn’t wait for an answer– she’d already said yes, and he was embarrassed beyond belief– and began to walk away. However, Y/N clutched onto his sleeve and looked into his eyes intently as he gave her a look that asked ‘What is it?’

“You didn’t let me answer.”

What happened next wasn’t what Y/N planned, nor did either of the two expect it.

Y/N stood on the tips of her toes and kissed his lips, her fantasy finally coming true, and the shock of her actions providing enough adrenaline for her to keep a coy composure as she removed her rosy lips from his pale ones and smiled innocently up at him. Draco looked at the girl and blinked a couple of times before he fully registered what she just did.

“D-Did you just..?”

“Yup. Now c'mon already! I’m freezing and we’ve still got to write that essay for McGonogall’s class!”

Y/N smiled once more before turning on her heel and skipping merrily ahead, in the direction of the castle as the young Malfoy stared dreamily after the girl while gently brushing his fingers along the skin which was still tingling from her sweet kiss. As he rushed to catch up with the girl, beaming as though he’d become king of the world, only one thought came to mind.

“In your face you stupid Weasley’s!”

☆ Just A Show Of Appreciation ☆


Oh my, I must be doing at least one thing right.

OOC: So one day I woke up and found not only a bunch of stars in my inbox, but people even had some really nice words to say about me too. I… can’t really explain the smile this put on me that afternoon. It wasn’t pretty And so I thought I’d send a bunch too out to those I felt deserve it. 

I decided against that, because quite frankly, it would take forever with how many times I’d hit the ask limit. On top of that, I could think of a reason for so many people to receive that I figured I’d just end up telling them how I feel. But how to just go about doing that? Well, why not make a big post about it!

I’ve been enjoying this hobby very much on both this blog,and recently on my newest blog @freshgodthatlikeshills , and it’s about time I took the time out to just spill out a bunch of goodwill towards my followers that’s been building up in me. I’ve got over two hundred of you, after all!

I don’t know if this counts as one of those ‘Follow Forever’ things, but this is just me taking the time out on this midnight to maybe spread some love which I don’t do often enough. Besides, this is limited to mostly people following me with a few exceptions.

Not everyone I’ve talked to or has followed me will be mentioned here, I’m afraid. If you aren’t mentioned, all that means is that we haven’t gotten to know each other that well at all. That can change whenever, naturally, and is probably my own fault for not reaching out! So please don’t feel left out or that you’re worth less than any other follower. If anything, it means there’s a chance to get to know each other better.

This is going to be a long ride though, so feel free to ctrl-f your own url if you were tagged. Otherwise, buckle in.

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lazylittlenomad  asked:

carol's birthday

On Madison Avenue (Early April)

On Madison Avenue, the telephone rang. The floor of the living room was strewn with bits of cardboard, bits of paper, photographs, drawings, and the beginnings of a new model for a new set. In the middle of it, Therese, home alone, lay sprawled on the floor, fingers fiddling, feet jiggling to the magnificent music. When the record stopped spinning, she got up and played it again. It was Billie Holiday’s latest record: Billie Holiday Favorites. Therese had found it on the kitchen counter that morning. The note had said, demurely: You’re my favorite. It was from Carol, of course. Of course.

Billie Holiday had been singing for Therese all day. The music surrounded her. It wound its way through the apartment, soared out through the open windows, out onto the balcony. It hovered over Madison Avenue. A keen pedestrian may have heard the last of its melodies. It spun Therese a vast, glistening web. From its strings, she drew her walls, her rooms, her palaces. She saw them suspended above her, around her. She was beginning to make the apartment her own.

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masksandmirrors  asked:

Hi, I'm doing my university dissertation on the representation of women in ASOIAF and Game of Thrones and I just wanted to say that I've found your posts on it absolutely fascinating and inspiring. Whenever I am hesitant or doubt my views on the women's mistreatment I go back and read your posts and the doubts clear from my mind, so I wanted to thank you. Do you also know of any critical material that may be useful when looking at gender? Thank you so much! Have a lovely day :D

I can’t tell you how flattering this message is, thank you! Criticizing ASOIAF’s handling of female characters is something that generates a lot of ridicule online, so I have to admit that I doubt myself at times, but I have such wonderful and supportive followers; so many kind people have taken the time to tell me that they share these views, or that my posts helped them put their discomfort with certain aspects of the series into words. So I’m happy to be able to say that you’re far from alone in your views! I would be so excited to read your dissertation if you feel like sharing after you’re done!

I only know of a few things that look at gender in ASOIAF critically. I will link them under the cut, and maybe my followers could please recommend more? Maybe both specifically for ASOIAF, and for general analysis of gender? 

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My follower 500 1000 ( from my old account) its be a wonderful experience I’ve had on here. I’ve made many supportive friends on here.

 αℓℓ тнє ѕωєєтнєαятѕ тнαт є’єя ι ʟ ᴏ ᴠ ᴇ ᴅ

ask-xion-the-memoria : As promised, you are here first.. again! Its bee fun rping with you as Kefka and Caius. I adore your Xion and love seeing her on my dash (I track your blog o 3 o). Anyone I really should thank you and valiantbearer  for getting me back into roleplaying again. If I did not see you guys on my dash at that time, I really would not be here.

lazuliss  : Your  probably my major go to person when I need some constructed criticism on my style of rp, hell you have help me shape my muse into what it is: be it writing and portrayal, so you have my undying thanks for all your support. I can see why you are so popular among so many rpers, you deserve their praise You having unparalleled talents and its quite amazing how likeable you are, your literally the ambassador of ff13. I’m quite honored to call you my waifu 

temperedwings : I’ve know you roughly the beginning of my return back to rp. You have been very supportive of my work and I, for yourself. You text me all the time! and no it does not bother me one bit lol for I feel guilty being preoccupied to text at times. You literally remind me of your muse. I know you have many other muses but don’t over do it with all your muses waifu. P.S. I do ship Noh x Nene

cosmopolitanwarrior: Hi friend! :D I have known you for so long now. Ever since i started to rp as Caius.

flashbang-x : I remember when we first rped  together, it had been so long ago that I still have it under my old tag. Months later, here you are as one of the most popular Renos to ever come into creation. My friend you have truly become an icon to some many rpers. You even caught me off guard as well, though I did get worried seeing you had over 66 threads…..yeah do take it easy I’d hate to see you burn out lol. Though its been awesome to get to know you though we don’t talk much, I enjoy seeing you on my dash.

valiantbearer  / imitationheart : Both you guys are amazing to have know, It was fun to watch you guys interact with some many people - even Xion. It did tempt me to joining the KH verse to rp.

neoicebreaker :  We talk about everything it seems, and it’s been awesome to talk to you on skype. I noticed we have a similar mindset as well. I think your art is fantastic, and I cant wait to see more of it.

elbokorojo :  Your random antics always make me laugh, even when you spread chaos on the field ms. rabbit. You are indeed a force to be reckoned with :T . I think you are well known in the community as the “Red Chaos”. Its awesome to see your art when you show it and your stream are awesome to be in :3 keep up the good work!

fangoftheyun : fang-goo, it has been great to know you and talk to you time to time on skype. I’ve had fun seeing your interact with other muses and reading some of your rps.  

iceybrand | sxfaia : Heyo llama buddy, its been actually good to know you. Ah yes, you were there for my insomnia days back then. I think your a awesome person to talk to even you game the title LOL king, yes I am aware of that xD , I think your a sweetheart really who rps a fabulous shiva and OC. 

the-white-archeress :  Mama Rosa, its always fantastic to talk to you when we can. I find it funny how determined you are to beat a boss in FF15 ARR. quite adorable im glad to have known you.

avaliantqueen : Ah garnet mun, I have known you for quite sometime now lol. I noticed your rps have definitely changed in style. I find that amazing how passionate you are to rp, even in your real life. I know you have ran into some bad luck, but I doesn’t seem to have slowed you down. So im  glad your do just fine and that you are considered a role model to so many you have much strength in character. I guess kinda like a Erza scarlet from Fairy Tale

zanarkandsongstress | xyojimbo  cosmos-warrior |: The old grumpy waifu, no i kid. I think your a fabulous rper  on all your accounts presay. I do appreciate the honest feedback you offer me on my work , yes possible one of the things like about you o w o. I do believe you ought to be a bit more popular idk why, but I just feel you should cause you are very very very supportive, I do really love those status banners you made for me  p.s. I credit you for them! o  w o and you owe me a promo banner but no rush lol. We dont talk much possibly because I feel like bore you or irritate you in some way :T but that’s just me mate or maybe your just super busy :T.  Any just letting you know  I lu *Caius.exe has stopped, would you like to wait* you and  that i’m honored to have you as waifu :T

cheramuu: I think I bug you the most when I have a follower forever xD however I love your work just that much. Your a fabulous editor possibly a magical deity when it comes to photoshop  o __ o which i speculate is true.

electrovus:We don’t talk much but i’m always happy to talk to you xD your one of the best vanitas rpers i know out there, I do hope we get to talk more :3

shadowturbine: My babu <3 nuff said :T 

  σƒ αℓℓ тнє ᴄ ᴏ ᴍ ʀ ᴀ ᴅ ᴇ ѕ тнαт є’єя ι нα∂

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bpd-xanxus  asked:

What do you think about tumblr deleting blogs that post processing pictures of animals? It seems kind of ridiculous to me, honestly. Everything is tagged, and is meant to be educational so I really don't see what the big deal is.. I get that some people might be uncomfortable around this kind of thing, but it stays within the community for the most part.

This ask is a few weeks old.. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking of a good response, and I’m not sure you’re going to think this is adequate, but: 

The Brain Scoop has the benefit of being associated with a research institution, which lends credibility to the type of content we’re posting. We’ve always been explicit that the dead things featured here were obtained legally and ethically, with appropriate permits and permissions. After browsing some vulture culture blogs, I’ve noticed that sometimes such information isn’t as readily available. From tumblr’s perspective, if it turns out VC is encouraging people, either directly or indirectly, to act illegally, then Tumblr could be liable for being a platform that is facilitating illicit behavior. If that information is on your site, I’d encourage you to make it obnoxiously obvious. If your state doesn’t require you to have a salvage permit, then make that abundantly clear, too.

You should never think that your content is staying within a community… unless the blogs are password protected, you ought to realize what you’re publicly posting is, well, public. Accept that some of the content won’t stay within the community, and so if it doesn’t have the appropriate context (”these animals were obtained legally, we are interested in studying them for XYZ,” etc.. even on every post… redundancy really helps in this case), then someone unfamiliar with VC would be more likely to report a blog or post. 

If it makes you feel better I’ve had dissection videos removed, and blocked, and I’ve repeatedly had to make my case to YouTube for the educational merit of my content. Sometimes I lose. I don’t have many problems with tumblr because I’ve decreased the number of bloody prep photos I post, primarily because my audience is large enough that the majority aren’t following for that reason (maybe?). I’m not saying it’s right… but covering your bases is important in this case. 

Paperman (2012)


by Patrick Vickers

I first saw Paperman at my desk at work. I watched it in a small window, hunched over a monitor, listening through my earbuds. People had been writing about it on the internet as if it were the most amazing thing – this happens all the time, but in this case the words “short film" and “produced by John Lasseter” were enough to catch my attention.

About seven minutes later, it was over. I didn’t tell any of my colleagues about it. I closed the window and pretended I had something in my eye and I got back to work. There’s a deep pleasure in encountering something amazing and forbidden in the workplace and keeping it to yourself.

We fit little movies into our lives in odd spaces, and they frame our days in unexpected and curious ways. Through online distribution, Paperman has been incredibly successful. More people have seen it now than if it had been strictly confined to cinemas. Simply scrolling through the “Paperman” tag on Tumblr is enough to clue you in on its success: it’s become a geek phenomenon, inspiring fanfic, art and cosplay everywhere.

I saw Paperman for a second time when I went to see Wreck-it Ralph. This time I enjoyed it more in admiration than rapture. Back in my office, there was an element of escapism, as if I were peeping through a little portal in my screen into another world. But in the darkened room of the cinema, the film seemed more like a hyper-sophisticated delivery vehicle for a gentle, conservative, and thoroughly Disney storyline.

Boy meets girl; boy longs for girl to notice boy; girl notices boy – and the rest is history. He’s gawky, long of limb and large of nose, and incapable of emotional restraint. She’s a princess in the making, with the wide eyes of a Bambi and the flowing hair of a Belle, and the cute and oddly squishy face of a modern, fallible heroine. They meet on the platform of a train station. He helps her with her papers and then they part, and it seems like they’ll never meet again. Apparently she has forgotten him. But he becomes obsessed. He sees her working in the building across the street. He will not be forgotten.

When you break it down like that, it’s kind of a creepy story. It’s easy to imagine a parody emerging on YouTube set to the score from a Hitchcock movie. This guy really has no idea whether this woman is into him or not – he doesn’t even know her name! they’ve never talked! – and yet here he is, actively harassing her? Not only that, he is actively wasting company resources in pursuit of this woman; he’s inconveniencing his colleagues, and costing both his employer and their clients time and money in lost paper. And this paper represents something more than just paper – it’s paperwork that he is exerting on her. The flow of paper represents his attention and imagination brought to life.

But the tropes at work here are bigger than Disney. It’s the old story of the dreaming fool who comes out well in the end. It’s a tale still that appeals to dreamers and fools alike. It appeals to those who enjoy the thought of being thought about. To all the lonely princes and princesses, pawing endlessly at their little glass portals into other worlds. It’s appropriate, then, that even while this film invokes some of the oldest of cinematic conventions, every frame is carefully calculated and hyper-modern in its delivery. It’s a good example of a perfect harmony of form and meaning: just as the animation of Paperman is rendered in a synthesis of digital and analog techniques, its themes attempt to reconcile an old-fashioned love of print media with a twenty-first century approach to communications technology.

While the style evokes a generation gone by, the themes at work are thoroughly contemporary. It’s not a nostalgic film pining for the days of typewriters, hand-written love letters and spilled ink – the actual paper in this movie only exists as a kind of abstraction. Just like the streams of digital data we exchange every day, we know it’s there, but we only experience it in the superficial sense; we feel it most when it moves us in waves. Much as the hero of the movie hurls his paper planes towards the object of his affection, so we write our little emails and blogs and tweets and we cast them out into the world. Perhaps we don’t always admit to having such a specific goal as his doe-eyed love, but the basic end is the same: we all crave a sense of recognition.

I’ve had a blog in one form or another for a very long time now. As a teenager, I kept a Livejournal as a way of keeping up with friends, but in recent years I switched to a more-or-less anonymous Tumblr as a way of putting my writing on the internet. I told myself that I had no particular interest in writing about my personal life, and that I wanted solely to post things about my hobbies and short pieces of fiction. I had the rather noble idea that my writing ought to speak for itself; it would be a sort of secret retreat, a better endeavour than the life I was living at the time.

And so I’ve stumbled along, lacking in direction compared to many writers online. I’ve made a few friends. But I prefer not to think about what I’ve achieved (or haven’t) because for me it is far too similar to that painful image in Paperman of all those paper planes lying unread in a forgotten space between two buildings. All that time, and all those words. Who was I really writing for? And was it worth it?

It was worth it for the hero of the movie. His work stirs itself into life, and it goes after the girl for him. It’s a neat inversion of that moment in Terry Gilliam’s Brazil when Robert De Niro’s rogue plumber is brought down by a flood of paperwork; now that the flow of information is back in the hands of the individual, with sufficient momentum it will push us towards our dreams whether we like it or not. If only real life were quite so simple.

But perhaps I am forgetting the other side of the equation. After all, the hero’s goal in Paperman is not only self-actualization; it’s the attention and companionship of one other very specific individual. This is a very different thing than pursuing an abstract notion of success. And as much as I might want to scoff at this film for portraying an idealized version of modern romance, the essential dynamics of those flows of paper are not so unfamiliar to me.

All the relationships I’ve ever had have involved a complex exchange of messages over a variety of media — and it’s this body of private writing, exchanged in countless fragments over days and months and years, which has really come to define my own life in ways that my literary ambitions could never match. Perhaps the most radical thing about Paperman is the way in which it reconsiders this trail of digital “paper” not as an opportunity for oppression, but as a way for individuals to define a space in the world in which they might pursue their own desires.

Patrick Vickers is an editor of the kind of stuff nobody would willingly read. Occasionally, he is a writer. He blogs on video games, books, and his life with his partner in West London.

Gangsta:CURSED. chapter 1 summary/translation

Hi everyone! Since no one has translated or summarized Gangsta:CURSED. yet, I figured I could try to do it because there are probably others who would like to know what’s going on? I got the chapter 1 scans from the lovely fuckyeahgangsta blog (here), so I’ll be following their page numbering.

There’ll be a summary at the top (for the lazy readers) and a detailed translation below. As usual, my Japanese is not perfect, so take everything with a grain of salt: I wasn’t sure about every single line (and even had to rope in my dear fellow Japanese-studying friends), so my translation is certainly not a 100% correct, but you should be able to get the gist of it. Do PM me if you think there’s anything wrong or if you want to correct me. Support Kamo Syuhei and Kohske by buying the first volume of Gangsta:CURSED (you can get the first volume at CDJapan).

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Fiend Follows FiveEver!!

There’s so many good feelings floating around, and even sickly I want to share to make anyone’s days a little brighter. :) (Although typing is a bit of a challenge, lol)

Let’s do this, shall we?

Can’t be that hard, can it?

(she said hopefully but with a withering, sinking feeling in her heart.)

This year has been pretty amazing. I’ve gained so many followers to my little corner of Dragon Age hell and I can’t even tell you how much you all mean to me, even the silent watchers like our lovely Scout Jim. :] I had…oh, I dunno, maybe 30 only a few months ago and suddenly I’m pushing 400. I was just writing for myself and suddenly I’ve got so many of you who hang on every word and it makes my little heart happy (I’m about to cry just typing this, no, Madison, stop!!).

To start this off properly, I must begin my thank yous where it all started.

Thank you to @eternalshiva, @fatally-procrastinating, @elfrooted, @carpe-cullen, @blustersquall, @eeveevie and @digital-goddess for inspiring me with their own fantastic fics to get me back into the writing game in the first place. :]

But an even bigger thank you to everyone who encouraged me to stay. :D

@demonicdivas You put up with my shit all the time and calm me down when Keram and Rylen just anger me to tears. It’s the least I can do to Beta for you. You deal with my shifting passions and general ranting and I couldn’t ask for a better friend to throw ideas. One of two things always happens: 1) we get excited, or 2) we cry. Funny, right?

@scumbag-solas For being my very worst instigator and smut compadre! When it comes to Cullen, I know where to go. We can throw art at each other, and be ridiculous and god damn, I value that so much. Em and M after dark is probably my favorite tag. Shenanigans happen there, and here’s to many more!

@slothquisitor I feel like you’re my number one fan, and your enthusiasm keeps me going, oh my god. I love you so much ship mate, and I’m glad I’ve got someone I can go crazy about it to! (Rylen and Keram 4EVA, put that on my grave, lol). I imagine you with like a foam finger, honestly, and even if I wrote for no one else, I would keep writing stories just for you. <3

@thesecondsealwrites Good friend, rock appreciator, and heartbreaker (Cullen and Essa? Oh lordy, go read it!), you’ve been so encouraging both as a reblogger and just a blogger. I’ve said it several times, I think, but I need to, just once more, I strive to be a writer like you. Great story, great imagery, always good about updates. Guys, Pony Seal over here is the writer you deserve. Haha. If you aren’t already, go follow her, like seriously. She’s a gem.

And to everyone else that reblogs my fics and leave such wonderful messages for me! You make my heart so happy!

Okay, now to some nittier, grittier, thank yous.

First of all, a thank you to all the “normal friends” who put up with my Dragon Age shit. These are the guys I know irl and for some reason they haven’t unfollowed me even though I flood their dashes with pictures of Cullen’s stupid face. I raise my glass to you guys!

@theteddylupinexperience The bestest cuz a gal could ask for!

@raven-of-ice-and-sword Awh lookit you, mah bby bruderrrrr!

@mckenna-corinne God, how many years has it been, Prongs? 15? 16??

@sir-alvin I see more of your stuff on Instagram, but I’m glad you’re doing so well! And with a beautiful fiance too! So happy for you. :D

@kikilicious-and-kitties She’s only here because she’s my brother’s girlfriend, but I try to give her fluffy cats to make the dash flooding better, lol.

@creepingdeath1992 I did in fact get your message, and I hope all is well. :]

A big thanks and I love yous to the Salt Squad Supreme, though nowadays we go by the Farquaad Star Squad. :D I love talking to you guys, and you give me a wonderful outlet to bitch about absolutely anything…or fangirl over art with Em, or SWTOR with Shau Shau. :]

@scumbag-solas | @nix-shiva (formerly known as dragonagesomethingsomething) | @stiria-shiva (formerly known as fuckboy-solas) | @shortchangeher0 (formerly known as thedreadwhitewolf) | @renatafortuna (you and I are the only ones that don’t have s names, yo. O.o) | Always and forever you guys. <3 Seriously, though! (RENI WE MISS YOUUUU)

A shout out and thanks to lovely people:

@dragon—-effect For spamming my blog almost every day! I get so excited and happy when I see you because you write the best tags and comments

@fenharels-thighs For tagging me in things and for being ever so friendly! You’re a laugh and I hope you carry on being awesome!

@xsnowfallx For being my Hawkeye buddy, cool art, and tagging and support and just commere let me love you!

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I’ve noticed several messages here from people who believe they’re probably autistic but have been invalidated by ignorant doctors, and that makes me feel just so incredibly sad. I feel like I ought to do something to help here, even with my limited time and energy.

This is an idea I’ve proposed here a few times, but I don’t think I can fit running another sideblog in my schedule. So this is a call for interest: would anyone like to start compiling an Autism Friendly Doctors blog? It would be a submission-based blog, tagged by city/state/region/country, where people could submit good doctors they’ve had experience with, doctors who can get a wide variety of autistics, not just super-stereotypical ones, diagnoses, and help those who know they’re autistic cope with troubling or hostile life circumstances. I have a couple I definitely would want to submit.

If you’re interested in running such a blog, go ahead and make it but please let us know so we can boost it!!