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so i just wanted to say something nd make sure u guys know that like… i really appreciate you all a lot nd i love it when u guys talk to me, i just feel really bad for leaving so many conversations hanging, i just want yall to know i never intentionally ignore yall or dont care cause like. im just beginning to recover nd i cant pay attention to shit bc my dissociation is rlly bad nd my adhd is unmedicated nd like. i get overwhelmed REALLY easily nd cant reply for a while nd its nobody’s fault !! i just wanted to explain because i constantly worried that ppl think i hate them

No spoilers Andromeda thoughts:

  • So far, 72% of my reaction to this game has consisted of whining to @odylism about how much I miss Garrus

  • On the other hand, I am now enjoying the game 400% more now that I have THE GUN (the gun, the only gun, the Black Widow)

please vote for monsta x please im begging i literally spent money on their album is really good

i sometimes don’t spend money on food when im hungry guys


anonymous asked:

at what point in never talk to strangers did steve realize he was in love with bucky

About four minutes after they started talking Steve imprinted on Bucky like the saddest duckling in the world. His real “I am in love with Bucky” moment came when Bucky hugged him after the Battle of New York. He 100% knew that he had strong feelings for Bucky before that, but when he recognized Bucky’s relief that he was safe, coupled with his own intense relief that Bucky was safe, he sort had the realization that this was more than friendship, more than attraction, more than a crush… It was love.

just a little dumb curious question I think about now

if you enter VRains in Den City, Japan (I assume), will the “access point” still be in Den City? are they somehow marked or is VRains a closed “area” only available in Den City?

Yusaku: time to get back home *uses an access point* uhm… *looks around and finds the Brandenburg Gate before him* …WHY THE HELL AM I NOW IN BERLIN!?!?!?


If you’ve been following my work since university, you might remember the really silly, embarrassing, nonsensical comic I made about a weirdly immersive dream I had featuring school PTSD flashbacks and a kiss with Severus Snape back in 2010… 

Well, I had another immersive dream about another kiss. So I just HAD to draw it, despite it being even more embarrassing and dumb. Hope you find my Jean Ralphio-esque begging as hilarious as I did upon waking up (despite being grumpy about that kiss being snatched away from me).

Just stumbled across the /stupidest/ Internet argument on whether or not the Nintendo Switch counts as a portable or not in a crusade of 3DS superiority.

“It doesn’t fit in pockets” well, clearly, somebody has never been, or known, a real actual girl.

Also good god, it’s not rocket science for it to be both portable and home-based!

So i just came out to my dad abt being nb, and he said something really wise about names, i think.

He said “Gifts are not obligations. You give things to people, and you hope they like them. And your name was a gift from us to you. If it doesn’t work for you anymore, you’re not obligated to keep it.”

and i just thought maybe other people could use hearing something like that.