is nice when people is on your blog

Words of advice: 

FELLOW SHIPPER, PLEASE IGNORE THE TOUKEN HATE . It’s not worth your time . Block them if you can . It’s so fucking stupid when people said that it’s their opinion but we’re not allowed to tell our own . How fucking sad . Creating a blog just to bitching about your hate ? Good for you for having a lots of free time to spread your hate .


If you think your hate going to change that , it won’t . Do you think Ishida create the manga just to pleased your fucking pathetic ass ? If you hate it so much, leave it . It’s funny how much people freak out over one fucking chapter and pulling out all the past chapters just to define and make their point. 

People change throughout the series . Why isn’t anyone bringing up about Tsukiyama only want to eat Kaneki in the past ? Or that Kaneki breaks half of Ayato bones ? But it all stopped because they change for the better .

If you want to talk about abusive, you fucking don’t know anything about abusive. No one says it’s okay for Touka or any other characters to hit Kaneki especially because of what happened in his past but do they know about it ? They don’t . Why put the blame on every other characters ?

No one is saint in the manga . There’s no ‘healthy relationship’ especially after fully knowing what the story is about . You can fantasized all you want about your so called healthy relationship but that’s a different world than what we’re currently living . 

You can bitching all you want for attention , you can hate all you want until the earth split in two . IT WON’T CHANGE ANYTHING BECAUSE YOU’RE NOT THE ONE CONTROLLING THE STORY .


And I bet people going to say– “Can you believe someone spend their time just to scrolling through the hate and give their shitty opinion .” The hate itself is fucking stupid but I guess that’s the only defend that you have . 


Why absorb the negativity when you can live for the positive things ? You can’t shut other people mouth and people going to hate . They can be as low as they can, they can hate all they want, doesn’t mean we have to do the same . Don’t drink down the toxic just because everyone is doing it . You’re free to express your opinion but is it worth it ? 

when will people realize that not every lesbian is a white blonde girl with super long hair who has a “nice” body with tattoos and resides in california

black lesbians exist (incl. dark skins)
brown lesbians exist
east asian lesbians exist
indigenous lesbians exist
islander lesbians exist
latinx lesbians exist
jewish lesbians exist
muslim lesbians exist
fat lesbians exist
nb lesbians exist
lesbians who aren’t able bodied exist
trans lesbians exist
mentally ill lesbians exist
lesbians who don’t fit eurocentric beauty standards exist

and we’re not just here to be a token post on your blog. we exist and we’re real and we’re just as valid.


1. Imagine how you’ll look in tight clothes. No rolls no shame.
2. You’ll be delicate and small. No longer will you be the fat ugly friend.
3. Collarbones. Imagine having them to touch instead of just looking at them in thinspo.
4. You’ll have a thigh gap. No more chafing and no more disgusting fat just oozing off your legs.
5. Watching the scale go down every day instead of watching it go up and feeling disgusting.
6. Your sister will envy you.
7. Your friends will be jealous of your self control and tiny body. They can preach self love while secretly hating themselves all they want. It won’t matter because you’ll be thin and beautiful.
8. Thin hands and tiny wrists.
9. Delicate ankles and small calves. No longer will you be an elephant.
10. When you walk it will be virtually silent. People won’t hear you coming a mile away with disgusting hippo footsteps. You will be tiny and quiet. A shadow and a whisper.
11. People will ask how you got so thin. Oh they’ll be envious but none of them are strong enough to reach their goals.
12. For once you will be in control. No more binging, no more hunger after already eating. You will be powerful in your decision to achieve your ideal body.
13. You won’t be too embarrassed to draw yourself.
14. You won’t have to only date fat people.
15. In a relationship you will always be tinier than your partner. They’ll be able to pick you up and twirl you around.
16. People will give you piggy backs instead of you giving them.
17. Never again will you be too heavy for something.
18. You won’t be dictated by your fat anymore. Whatever you want, wear it! Everything looks good on thin.
19. Imagine how cute you’ll look in lingerie. Lace will just accentuate your tiny form.
20. Getting naked won’t be embarrassing. Let them stare. You’ll be beautiful.
21. It won’t always be unrequited love. People you didn’t have a chance with as a fat girl will love you. People need to get past the outside to see the inside. Nobody will bother getting past a disgusting fat outside.
22. Wearing makeup will be fun, not embarrassing.
23. You will be your own thinspo.
24. You’ll spend way less money on food. Food is temporary and a waste of cash. Instead spend it on games and clothes.
25. Looking in the mirror won’t make you want to break it.
26. A flat stomach is cute and tiny.
27. Your face will look thin and dainty. No more double chins and disgusting fat cheeks .
28. When people take pics of you it won’t make you want to cry. You’ll be the pretty one.
29. You won’t have to keep your hair short. Long hair won’t make you look like a greasy land whale.
30. Girls will envy you instead of pity you.
31. You’ll be the smallest person in your family. No longer will you be the fattest.
32. People will whisper about how thin you’ve gotten.
33. You’ll be light like a feather.
34. Food won’t control you. Eating is a necessity, not a crutch.
35. Think of bony shoulders. You’ll be defined and delicate instead of a shapeless mass of fat.
36. You’ll be able to count your ribs.
37. When you bend over people will be able to see the ridges of your spine. No more flubber.
38. You’ll have a tiny cute butt.
39. Thigh high socks will fit and look adorable.
40. Boots that travel up your calves will actually fit.
41. Shorts will look good on you.
42. Carnival rides won’t be embarrassing. The bar won’t touch your stomach. If anything they’ll worry you’ll slip out. You’ll be able to ride with anyone because your weight is barely anything.
43. Seat belts will fit easily. No more embarrassing struggle to strap yourself in while people silently judge you.
44. Any style will look good on you. Experimenting with fashion will be fun and interesting. Your body won’t hold you back.
45. You’ll be in the underweight category instead of the overweight one.
46. Your father won’t be ashamed of your weight. Your grandmother won’t keep getting shocked by how fat you’ve gotten. Instead she’ll fuss because you’ll be too thin.
47. There will be a huge difference in your before and after pics, and you’ll be proud.
48. You’ll finally get to fit your aesthetic. No more being ashamed of how you look. You’ll be the cute nerdy book girl instead of the fat gamer nerd slob.
49. Instead of eating you can follow hobbies like painting your nails, doing makeup, drawing, writing, and walking out in nature.
50. If you want some fun you’ll be able to hook up with someone of quality. No sloppy seconds. You’ll be first choice, not oh-my-god-never.
51. In a romance novel you’d be the beautiful thin one, not the tragic never loved fat one.
52. Shopping will be fun. You won’t have to keep looking for bigger sizes. Large will be too large.
53. If you want to you can shop at places that don’t carry plus sizes and be able to fit.
54. Changing rooms will be roomy and you won’t feel squished. Looking in the mirror to see how you look won’t be a disappointment.
55. You’ll fit in tiny spaces. No more bumping into walls when you go by.
56. Your breasts will be small and perky instead of fat.
57. Rings will look cute on your bony fingers instead of squeezing them like fat sausages.
58. The scale won’t make you want to cry.
59. Nobody will recognize you. They won’t be able to believe you went from whale to skinny.
60. Choker necklaces will look delicate and dainty on your neck. You won’t have double chins getting in the way.
61. Your jawline will be defined and sharp. No longer will you be soft edges and squishy fat.
62. You’ll be the pretty one.
63. Guys will actually like you instead of think you’re a blob of disgusting fat.
64. People will date you.
65. When you’re measured against other girls you won’t be the ugly one.
66. You’ll be able to love yourself.
67. At Halloween parties you can dress however you want and look good. No more ghosts or pumpkins.
68. Onesies. Just imagine.
69. Guys will chase you instead of you chasing them.
70. It will be okay to have something nice to eat every once in a while because you’ll be a pro at staying in control and if you do gain half a pound you can lose it just like that.
71. You could be princess carried without breaking someone’s back.
72. It’ll be “You’re so skinny” instead of “You’re not fat”.
73. When you’re at the gym you’ll be the one making people jealous and embarrassed.
74. Your feet will look delicate and dainty when wearing heels instead of like fat blobs.
75. Thinspo blogs will use your picture as thinspo instead of reverse thinspo.
76. ‘Cute’ will be the first word to describe you, not ‘nice’.
77. People will be concerned. Maybe they shouldn’t have called you fat and ugly all those years. Oh well, now you’re thin and beautiful.
78. You could be a model.
79. Crop tops will make you look cute, not fat.
80. No muffin top.
81. At family gatherings your snobby relatives will be blown away by how beautiful you’ve become.
82. Your exes will wish they’d never let you go.
83. You’ll be able to pull of cosplay like a pro. You won’t be the fat version of everyone you cosplay.
84. Every day will be exciting because you won’t hate the clothes you wear or looking in the mirror or stepping on the scale.
85. Shopping for a prom dress will be fun. You’ll look like an ethereal goddess instead of a sausage roll.
86. You’ll be able to pull off a bikini.
87. Going swimming won’t be embarrassing. You’ll be able to wear a sexy bikini without feeling like a joke.
88. You could wear baggy clothes and look stylish instead of like a slob.
89. You could wear your boyfriend’s shirt and nothing but panties and it would be the hottest thing he’d ever seen.
90. People will stare because they can’t believe you’re so beautiful, not because you look like you just crawled out of a gutter.
91. Unhealthy food will taste gross.
92. You’ll have a small stomach so when you eat small portions you’ll still feel full.
93. Eating will become so unimportant sometimes you’ll actually forget to eat instead of binging like a pig.
94. You’ll look like a ballerina.
95. If you’re eating less meat you’re helping the environment and saving animals lives.
96. No matter what else is going on in your life you will have control over your body. Nobody can take that from you.
97. Empty feels better than full.
98. Processed foods are extremely unhealthy. You’re doing yourself a favor by not eating them.
99. You’ll have so much more time and money if you’re not wasting them on food.
100. You will finally love your body.
☆Remember to stay safe. We want to be skinny, not dead. You can’t slay with a killer body if you’re decomposing six feet under. Be kind to yourself. Every pound is progress.

Time Out.

Hi. Jakei here. The real one.

I’m gonna delete the latest posts because this silly game is over. I learned something about this…”kind” of excersise. It was funny, but very serious as well..

Let’s get straight to the point.

In three days Underverse will have one year since I created the first animation, the pilot showing my favorite Sanses from de AUs. 

When I had the chance I tried to said all time this project started as a mistake, like a lucky moment to show people my love for art and videogames. But I learned to stop calling this story like that. Is just something that came up to my mind and made me feel more confident to do something I love with the chance to earn money with this to accomplish my goal to have my own house where I can live in peace with my only family that is my mother.

That’s my main goal. So, don’t think the rushers and haters are making me feel bad and forcing me to quit. I had to deal with real rude and evil people before, getting paid for being humillated from Mondays to Saturdays and coming back home crying because of a real stressing and miserable situation. I don’t think this is the same case here. I’m not receiving money from them. I keep with this because is a way when I can reach my goal giving love to my current job as a independent artist.

The latest posts were just for joking but I realized that some people was taking it too seriously. I’m very, very sorry for worrying you, but also I want to thank you for supporting me. Please don’t hate people who was involved into that shitpost, and don’t hate people who are really trying to hurt me. I don’t want you get hurt or having a bad time trying to defend me. 

Unlike other cases similar to this one. I learned to stop worrying about this. I prefer ignore this or even taking this with humor like I did this week for distract myself in some way due the delay of Underverse 0.3 has been a bit stressful to me because I’ll continue animating until the video is released. Stereohead Studios has also many important things to do so blaming someone is just useless and unfair.

Something that I’ve learned from other big artists that I admire with all my soul like Crayon Queen and Myebi/ Comyet… is that we have enough living hard situations in this world, in our personal lives, and the less thing we can do as recognized artists in this fandom is trying to make our blogs a nice place and spread positive feelings despite hatred and the amount of terrible asks people make to them, because we’re motivating people and teaching kindness and respect to each other.  Not for nothing exists options on this platforms to avoid those bad comments. Is a waste of time crying and messing up your entire day because two or three guys said something that could hurt you. 

Is not that hard when you’re used to it.

Those guys don’t even know you and You don’t know them. So… man… why even waste your thoughts and feelings when you can keep working on your own stuff and improving your skills? Making a space for you and your fans to laugh, to smile, to show you how far have you came because of their support.

You’re doing something you love and that matter. Probably others not, probably they won’t have to deal with this style of life. And I’m sure many of us started to be recognized thanks to this fandom. Everyone started with a little level or we was too shy to show our stuff. 

Drawing well, animating well, telling amazing stories won’t decide your happiness if you’re not happy, if you don’t try to trust happiness and show them that you’re really fighting for that.

If you feel your blogs or another places with things like “uuh I don’t like this thing i made” “I suck” “this person told me that and i’m so upset i hate them” “that person made something terrible go and hurt them because them deserve it” “i love what i do but my life is hell” “i’m tired of x and y because they want z” … things can’t change in your life if you don’t start by yourself.

I thought many times about cancel Underverse and leave this fandom, not only because of haters and stuff. It was because I was judged by many of other big artists that doesn’t like this kind of fandoms and are working in their own projects. I thought it was unfair because I was getting recognition because something that I didn’t create. I just created a fan story. 

I’m pretty sure when I post the next animation the chaos will be back again but I don’t even care. I don’t have 100k yet so I don’t have a multitude telling me what to do and asking me when. Anyway, if I had them, I wouldn’t still care. Because I have clear what to do and how to make it works. I’m not here just for teaching people how to draw or animate. I’m here too for showing them how to be nice and patient and how those two things can bring you to a better way to see the world. 

That we are real, nice people and we’re having fun, putting effort and love when we’re making something for you. Fandom or not fandom content.

Have a nice day.

And XGaster.

To the corner. Right nao.

inkdropfox  asked:

As a trans guy who works in zoos and very much enjoys your blog, I might have to disagree with your current discussion just a little? While it IS very important to separate gender/sex and animals/humans, I think it's important to let the LGBT community find solace in animals displaying LGBT-representational behavior. Especially when many anti-LGBT people use the excuse "it's not natural" or "you have a disorder", it's very nice to be able to point to animals as "examples" or for our comfort?

(This ask is in response to this post on if animals can be bi). I’ve taken forever responding to this because I wanted to sit down with a trans friend who does activism/education on LGBT issues and hash out a) am I being shitty about this and b) if no, how do I actually say what I mean because getting myself out of science lingo when things cross over into social issues is something I struggle with. 

(I am very specifically not addressing trans/intersex animals in this post. I need to do more research and chat with people about that topic to get the wording correct first).

You’re absolutely right. It’s really important to say yes, in nature, there are animals that have sex / pair bond with / go through courtship behavior with animals of the same sex, or both sexes, or are uninterested in sex. This is absolutely a thing that occurs in nature, and while there are some species for which this is not species-typical behavior there are also species in which it is totally inherent in the normal behavioral repertoire. In terms of representation, yeah, it exists all over the animal kingdom and that’s absolutely worth acknowledging. 

I feel like there’s an important differentiation, though, between talking about is  ‘this animal’s existence is similar to / analogous to mine’ and projecting a human experience of that state of existence onto those animals. That’s where discussions about bi/gay animals start getting frustrating for me, as someone whose goal as an educator is to teach accurate behavioral science and remove anthropomorphism from how people think about animals. 

The really important parts of how people experience identity or how society reacts to someone’s identity (sexual attraction, isolation for not being heteronormative, for example) are too fundamentally tied up in being human to be correct for other taxa. We don’t know if animals have a sense of gender, or if they experience sexual attraction to conspecifics in any way other than an instinctual preference for specific indicators of fertility and quality, and I don’t think I’ve ever heard of an animal that was treated any differently by conspecifics as a result of who it tried to have sex with. When we assume animals experience being bi/gay/ace the way humans do, we basically invalidate all the ways their species-specific experiences and internal states would affect how they perceive and interact with the world. 

Tl;dr, bi/gay/ace animals definitely exist in a social/behavioral sense, but it’s really important to not assume that they have the same experience as a bi/gay/ace human. 

fandom blogs tag yourself

the basic: reblogs all kinds of fandom content, mostly gifs and fanart but produces their own content only rarely. has a reasonable amount of followers and friends but isnt popular. secretly has controversial opinions.

the professional: very organized, uses a complicated tagging system, often specializes in meta, gifsets or edits. they are respected but nobody actually knows anything about them??

the living shitpost: has a squad of similar people and all they do is create memes at 2AM. if you see a new fandom meme it probably came from these people. either has the default theme or changes their theme every other day.

the parent: has been in the fandom for a decade, is tired of the discourse and doesn’t keep up with new fandom jokes but is always friendly to new fans. always thinks the series was better in the Old Days.

the sinner: dont look at their blog when your parents are in the room. nuff said.

the writer: very text-heavy. posts are fics, roleplays, headcanons or asks. their writing is loved by everyone but somehow they still only get 6 notes on their posts.

the artist: produces nice fanart, probably sells it at cons or on their website. is poor and struggling and is actually a nice person. wants to take requests from people but doesnt have the time.

the discourse™: will fight anyone about anything.

  • go up to your fav blogs and drop them a nice lil message !
  • message a mutual that you’ve wanted to talk to for quite a while but never had the courage to !
  • look up puppies and reblog a ton of them !
  • share some funny stories or jokes you’ve come up with recently !
  • notice someone feeling a bit sad ? send them an ask and try to console them !
  • tag your friends in posts that remind you of them !
  • compliment other people’s content when reblogging !
  • make some positive content yourself !
remember: a day is already a successful one if you manage to brighten up at least one person’s day ! it costs nothing to be positive and bright but can mean soso much not only to other people, but to yourself, too !
The Profiler’s Safe Place [Spencer Reid x Reader]

Requested by anon: “I’m so glad you want Reid lol imagine being the person Reid goes to when he’s over thinking or panicked. Just being there for him when a case or situation is overwhelming. I think that’s cute and dramatic lol -🐞”

A/N: First Criminal Minds fic on this blog! How exciting. ^.^


If their is one thing you consider your apartment, its safe. It has a good security system, locks, and of course the FBI agent who is your neighbor. Yes, Dr. Spencer Reid is your neighbor.

The two of you have become quite the friends. You’ve also even gotten to meet some of his co-workers/friends. They were all amazingly nice people, but they noticed how different your relationship was with Spence. It was completely friends, no co-worker, or case drama to mix in.

Over time your apartment has become a safe haven for the good doctor. No matter what time of day or night you’re always open to listen to his overly thunk thoughts or the nightmare he just had.

Often you’d even let him crash on your couch if it was late and he was still worked up.

All of these things made tonight no different. Finding him leaning against your door, looking like a lost puppy.

“Hey Spence” you greeted. Giving him a wide smile, something he dearly loved to see adhere your features.

“H-Hey [F/n], sorry to bother you just getting home but could we talk? Please?” his voice shaking a little as usual, for some reason it did that when he started talking but eventually warmed up to your presence. You thought this happened around everyone he was comfortable with but in fact it only happened around you.

This boy was head over heels for you. No matter how he’d like to deny it. He didn’t want to pull you intimately into the life of Rapists and Serial Killers.

“Of course, you know my door’s always open to you” Answering while unlocking your door.

He followed you in, taking his shoes off by the door. “What were you out doing tonight?” curious as to why you were later than usual.

“A date“ you answered simply. “Oh really?” he asked, his voice a bit pained.

“Yeah, it was a waste of time though. Guy was an ass. Last time I let my friend set me up with someone” you chuckled while standing in your kitchen. Having made some tea for the both of you. Not hearing his sigh of relief.

Meeting him at the couch you handed him a mug before sitting by his side. “So what’s got the doctor troubled?”

“I, um. You know how my mother has schizophrenia?” he asked hesitantly. You nodded having been told about his childhood already.

“Well I’m reaching the age where those symptoms begin to show, I mean I’ve had testing done and those results say I’m fine but there’s always the chance that I won’t be and it’s scary.” The pace of his words quick. He did that when trying to get a thought out or opening up to someone.

At this point you’re more than capable with keeping up with him. 

“Spence, yes there will always be risk factors but if the tests say you’re going to be okay you should trust them. Over thinking about what might happen will only affect your time in the present. Enjoy life in the moment. And if something does end up showing itself then we cross that bridge when we come to it” You comforted him. 

“But what happens if I do end up having something? What if I end up as bad as my mom?”

“Spence you know more than anyone that mental illness is different for everyone. There’s no guarantee that you will reach that point. But how things are going now, you’re about as normal as a genius can be” you giggled. Making a smile pull at his lips. 

“Thanks [F/n]. You always know just what to say.” he smiled at you. Relief filling you at seeing he’s back to his fact spewing self.

“Hey, that’s what I’m here for.” You laughed, shrugging. “I’ll always be here for you Spence, okay?” reassuring him at taking his hand. He smiled, lightly squeezing it.

“[F/n]?” he whispered, staring at your hands. “Yes?” you matched his tone.

Looking up at you, hope in his eyes. A completely new expression on his face, one of hope and confidence. “Would you maybe want to–” Though his voice was cut off by his phone ringing.

He apologized before answering, “Hey Hotch… Yeah I understand… I’ll leave now”

He hung up the phone and looked at you apologetically “I’m sor-” you stopped him by raising your hand, “No worries, duty calls” smiling at him. 

Getting up to leave he slipped on his shoes. He was halfway out the door when you stopped him. Looking at him from the couch you called, “Hey Spencer?” He looked back at you curiously. “Yes” you answered.

“What?“ His face contorting with confusion. 

“Yes, I’d love to get dinner with you.” He visibly tensed from shock. “Y-You mean?”

You chuckled, “Being friends with you I’ve picked up some profiling abilities. I finished the sentence for you, how’d I do?” smiling at him, a sparkle in your eyes.

He smiled and looked at his feet, “Great, you did a great job. I’ll uh, I’ll call you after the case” nerves twisted with happiness in his tone.

“I’m looking forward to it” you smiled. He waved before closing the door behind him. Biting your lip you smiled before nestling into the couch further. Unaware of Spencer high-fiving himself in the hallway.

anonymous asked:

could i ask for changkyun from monsta x for the au thing? i absolutely adore u™ and your blog ! your writing is, without a doubt, one of my favorites on this site ! it makes me so unbelievably happy when i see new updates from you ! i hope you have/had a nice day and that school is treating you well !!

fkdsffdkh this is so sweet you’re gonna make me cry???

  • waiter!changkyun
  • works at like a family restaurant/24 hour diner kinda thing and hates the yellow wallpaper and the photos of people smiling
  • but it’s the only job with a flexible enough schedule for him
  • and he’s always on the graveyard shift and him and fellow waiter kihyun shit talk any of the super rude, super creepy regulars
  • looks pretty cute in the uniform though, until you realize he has a mustard stain on his apron he hasn’t been able to get out for the past 4 weeks
  • it was someones birthday and kihyun was like “you should rap for them” and changkyun was like “kihyun if you weren’t older than me i would Say Something Really Freaking Mean right about. Now”
  • spends like 80% of his time out back playing games on his phone
  • you come by at literally like 4 am when there is No One in the diner
  • and changkyun is surprised you’re you and not some kind of demon whose surfaced from the night streets to get pancakes 
  • and you’re just like,,,,,,i really want a burger and he’s like sure!!
  • and he serves you but he’s also like ?!???! why are u here at 4 am
  • and it’s really got to do with how you haven’t slept in the past two days because of exams
  • and changkyun is just Intrigued
  • so he sits down in the booth opposite you and he’s like “,,,,,,hey,,,,,dude,,,,,,,everything ok?” and you’re eating a fry and shrugging and you’re like “school is hell on earth.” and changkyun is like oh,,,,,,,,,,,im sorry
  • and you two get to talking 
  • and there’s no customers like at all so you just tell him about school and changkyun thinks it’s kinda cute the way you nibble on fries instead of just shoving them in your mouth like someone he knows (jooheon)
  • and you guys have stuff in common and it’s like,,,,,such a weird place to get to know someone. a diner at 4 am but
  • the clock hits 6 before you know it and changkyun’s like my shifts over wanna take the train together
  • and he’s not even going your way but he rides with you anyway since it’s early and you’re alone and it’s sweet
  • and changkyun writes his number on your palm and tells you to stop by the diner whenever you’re craving food really late he’ll give you a discount
  • and you grin,,,,,but also you pass out the second you step into your dorm LOL
Being Tony Stark’s Daughter and Dating Pietro Maximoff would include...

So I kinda had two requests from this (anon) but one asked for sister!stark. I decided to put them together because recently the little sister stark thing has been troubling me because ages are really weird and ik some people don’t care but it’s really hard to write little sister stark when this stuff is stuck in your head. BUT ANYWAYS.

“Hey could you do a being tony Starks daughter dating pietro would include pls lmao ?? Love your blog btw 😂💕 (if u could include reader being on the avengers would be v v nice m8y)” AND “being tony stark’s little sister (and falling for either pietro or steve) would include….?”

Here we are

Tony Stark / Headcanon Masterlists

  • Tony didn’t want you in the Avengers, he was worried about your safety
  • But you always found a way to help out
  • Either you were watching over them, or out in the field with them…Tony just didn’t always know
  • Sometimes you would hack into nearby cameras to watch over them and guide them with their comms
  • But sometimes you get into your Iron Daughter suit that Tony didn’t know you made
  • He gave in and realized you weren’t going to give up. He would rather you be safe about it than not…so he let you join the team, as much as he didn’t want you to
  • that only meant you got closer to the entire time
  • Especially the new recruits
  • You quickly became friends with Wanda and Pietro
  • Tony was not happy
  • He liked Wanda, she was mature
  • But Pietro is different. He has a different way of talking to people, and it didn’t right with Tony.
  • Pietro is a flirt, and Tony doesn’t like the fact the two of you are nearly the same age.
  • Ultron was a tough fight, and it almost killed Pietro. But with your brain, Banner’s brain, and Helen Cho’s brain, there was a way to save him. 
  • His recovery was speedy (no pun intended), after everything was stabilized so he was able to get back out there
  • He was so thankful that he got to live on like there was no way to repay the three who saved him
  • But at least he could spend time with you
  • It started friendly at first- you weren’t looking for a relationship and you figured he was a flirt to everyone, so you didn’t let it phase you
  • You two became good friends. You’d watch movies together, play games, spar, literally do everything together
  • But it progressed quickly
  • Pietro never gave up on sweeping you off your feet, but he knew you weren’t looking for anything, so he didn’t push it
  • BUT THEN you had a dream about him
  • and about how much you really liked him and his presence
  • so it bugged you for like two weeks and you couldn’t get him off your mind
  • and finally you gave into your feelings, realizing you wanted him as more than a friend
  • You walked up to him one day after his scheduled training and said “Hey, wanna go out on a date with me? Like for real.”
  • he thought he was dreaming so, naturally, he squealed out a yes
  • the date was lovely
  • it was like hanging out as the friends you are
  • but with more kissing
  • You two went to dinner then walked around the city and yeah there was a lot more kissing than when you were just friends
  • It felt right, as cheesy as it sounds
  • But you knew Tony would disapprove, so you had two choices:
    • Date in secret
    • or tell Tony and face his wrath
  • After talking about it and going on a few more dates, it was in your best interest to just tell him. keeping it a secret would only end you in more trouble.
    • “Hey, dad, so um I have something really important to tell you: pietroandiaredating”
    • “That’s what this is about? Oh, I know. You guys are really bad at keeping these dates a secret, I had a bet going with Bruce to see how long until you told us all about it. My guess was at least two years, damn, I now owe him a hundred bucks.”
    • “yOU KNEW?”
    • “yep. i have contemplated killing maximoff a few times but i really wanted to see how this would play out. and now that i knowwwwww………”
    • “please don’t kill him.”
  • Tony was never really 100% okay with it, but he was living. 
  • He couldn’t go the rest of his life disapproving of what makes his daughter happy
  • And it was nice to see that you two know when to stay all business and to keep your personal stuff off the battlefield.
  • He was just happy he didn’t have to listen to you two flirt over the comms
  • because you’re responsible
  • most of the time
  • Tony gets scared every time you say “hey pietro and I have to talk to you”
  • he always thinks you got pregnant 
  • but really all you want is a trampoline i mEAN LOOK AT HOW MUCH FUN THEY ARE
  • he bought you one out of happiness it’s not a grandchild he thinks its too early in the relationship for you two to be parents
  • Tony did not like Pietro. Tony still does not like Pietro. But Tony does like seeing you smile and being happy. Tony just wishes Pietro will continue to make you smile like that.
  • Or he has his suit ready
What kind of blogger would the Fates characters be?

Xander: Posts motivational images and Nohrian propaganda. Doesn’t like the topic of parental abuse. Gets into fierce debates with Ryoma but is still mutuals with him.

Ryoma: Also motivational images, but his blog would be Hoshido-themed. Pictures of lobsters tagged as “#me”.  Gets into fierce debates with Xander but is still mutuals with him.

Laslow: A joke blog dedicated to pickup lines, with the occasional genuine positivity. Little do people know, the pickup lines are serious.

Saizo: His blog is themed entirely about how cool ninjas are. Most likely to send anon hate.

Kaze: Traditional art and cooking tips. Posts about Luigi every now and then. Least likely to send anon hate.

Effie: Would post bodybuilding images, muscular girls, nutritional tips, and comics about friendship. Likes to talk about how nice it is to work for your best friend.

Arthur: Superhero/ comic book stuff. Most likely to try comforting mutuals and strangers alike when they receive hate. He isn’t the best at it but his heart’s in the right place.

Peri: Would post gore, then cute pastel things, then gory cute pastel things. 

Odin: Dank memes, rare pepes. Unironically uses “Welcome to my twisted mind” as a blog title. Most likely to have a Vendorverse alt.

Niles: NSFW blog and innuendo-based humor.

Subaki: Self-flattery, not too liked. However, his inspiration/self-improvement posts are enjoyed by many.

Oboro: Would run a fashion-themed blog and offer advice to anyone who submits a picture of themselves/their outfit. Can sound prejudiced at times, but has learned to slowly lose that trait and be more accepting.

anonymous asked:

Do you ship Natasha and Elise? (I feel like the fandom sometimes/a lot of the time oversteps its boundaries with this, but I was wondering where you stand) Thanks :)

Y E S (how can you not? LMAO) but I’m respectful and not delusional about it.  If they say they’re not dating, then I believe them.  I don’t invade them with personal questions or tell them “to date” or “fuck each other” on their social media accounts.  Like I will be trash whenever they interact and maybe it’ll seem like I have a few screw loose in the head for a couple days depending on how cute their interactions are, but I calm down and let reality take me back.

  • Do I think they would be cute together if they dated?  Yes.  
  • Am I ok if they never date?  Yes.  
  • Am I fine with them being just friends?  Yes.  
  • Will I be fine when this is all over and they may not interact as much anymore?  Yes (but I will greatly miss it).
  • Can I still enjoy them individually as people without the other?  Yes.
  • Do I enjoy their interactions?  Yes.  
  • Do I try to find deeper meanings in them?  Not really.  
  • If they dated, would I be invasive about it?  No.  
  • Do they owe us anything?  No.  
  • Will I attack anyone they date?  No.
  • Am I waiting around for them to date?  No.
  • Do I make conspiracies/speculations trying to prove they have mutual feelings for each other?  Not really.

It’s easier, healthier, and funner to “ship” people if you do so casually.  It’s important to remind yourself that these people are not “characters;” they are individuals living their own life and have feelings just as much as any other person so you shouldn’t force anything on to them or expect anything from them.  

People who have meltdowns over RLS are people I try to stay clear of….  Other people’s personal lives/relationships should NOT affect you greatly at all.  I think the batshit crazy shippers really give us a bad name and we’re associated with them so I tend to feel iffy admitting that I do “ship them” (if there’s any other word, please let me know lmao).  Sometimes, I really don’t “trash” on my blog because I don’t want to be lumped in with them.  Instagram and twitter (and occasionally tumblr when people TAG THEIR TRASH POSTS IN THE ACTRESSES’ AND C*RMILLA TAG FOR EVERYONE IN THE WORLD TO SEE AND WE ALL KNOW NATASHA OCCASIONALLY LURKS HER TAG) can get super meddlesome/problematic/cringe at times.

anonymous asked:

I've never worked retail- only food service- but man can I relate to your issues with costumers. I worked for about two years down in Orange County California, ugh don't even get me started on those customers. But I think it's also a great lesson, to be able to see how dumb people act and how entitled they think they are so that you are able to watch yourself when you are out shopping. Love your blog and stories. Hope you get some nice customers come your way more often.

I’m glad y’all can relate. 

We get some good customers every once in awhile, its just that our interactions are usually shorter and don’t go nearly as far. But just for you, Nonny, here’s a short list of fun customers I’ve had!

  • Three little old ladies came through my line with a bouquet of flowers and a roll of tulle. They’re all giggling. “Ethel here is getting married!” Ethel, who is probably in her 80′s, blushes a deep red. The woman talking to me leans in a whispers: “For the very first time!”
  • A man comes to my register with a fake orchid: “There’s a woman I work with that we jokingly call my ‘fake wife,’ so I’m getting her a fake flower for fake Valentine’s Day.”
  • One night I spent about thirty minutes helping a bunch of teenager girls find materials to put together Steven Universe cosplays. For the record… my hair is pink and my girlfriend is working on a Rose Quartz cosplay for me. So this was really cute. They gave me hugs at the end. 
  • Woman is buying all of the Star Wars merch she can find. I ask her if she’s buying for herself or for a grandson. “Oh, they’re for me of course! I was taking pictures at the opening night for the new one. All these young fellas- they kept asking me all these trivia questions and I said: Boy, I was there for the first ones. If I don’t know the answers its because I damn forgot!”
  • I asked a dude if he found what he was looking for. He held up a velvet box and told me that for Valentine’s Day he was going to fill it with french fries and give it to his husband. 
  • A small child in the toys section put a lot of effort into building a pyramid out of sharks. 

Okay, sorry for wigging out earlier. Not only do I make mistakes, I sometimes lose my shit over stupid things. ;)

The truth of the matter is, like a lot of people, I’m often struggling with things in my life that you don’t know about. Sometimes it’s just everyday stress, like all of us feel. Sometimes it’s a lot of stress that all piles up at once. These are the days when I may not have a lot of time for the blog, but I make time for it anyway because I don’t want your questions to sit too long. On days like these, I’m sometimes a little bit foggy or addled and may misunderstand a question or make some other silly error. It happens. It’s no big deal.

Then there are the bad days, the bleak ones. They only happen now and then, but those are the days when I need the blog the most–when your questions give me something else to do, something else to think about. Those are the days when it feels especially nice to know I’m helping and that you’re enjoying and appreciating what I do here. These are the days when I tend to lose my shit when people are unbelievably rude for no apparent reason.

Yes, I need to just ignore people like that. Goodness knows I have blocked enough of them. But I think what got to me about that particular comment was the sense of entitlement, like I owe it to anyone to read more carefully and never be confused–as if I am being paid for my services. Since I’m not actually being paid, it made me feel like a servant, like I somehow owe my time and a flawless product to someone just because they asked a question. It made me feel gross, and on a day when I was already mentally worn out, it didn’t go over well. I’m over it now, though. :)

Thanks to everyone for the kind words and support. I think it’s super cool that you all expressed your disappointment while still supporting my need to do what I needed to do. <3 Although I suppose it may happen eventually, I won’t close the blog right now. Too many of you are still enjoying it and finding it to be helpful, for now, that’s more than enough for me to keep going. I’ll try to do better with ignoring rude people in the future. 

Thanks again for your understanding. :) <3


Again, thanks for all of the kind words and support. I’m feeling a lot better today. :)  @oceanspray5 go ahead and send in your question. The ask box is open again. :)

Request List

✔️Clubs and Blood–Jerome smut? where he gets incredibly jealous where it gets to the point where he kills the guy right in front of you thats been flirting with you all night? and then ends with angry passionate s m u t ?

✔️Laughter is the best medicine–jerome fluff where the reader was held hostage and jerome saves her but shes hurt and he cares for her and is just super over protective? thank you so much and love your imagines!

✔️Number one fan–Can you do one where the reader is the number one crime boss/villain and Jerome admires her so much that he follows them around until he gets caught. Maybe they become partners, he gets jealous and stuff, and it has a pretty happy ending.

✔️Breaking out my baby–Imagine where the reader gets thrown in Arkham when Jerome is killed,since she was crying over his dead body and Jim saw this as an opportunity to arrest her.So when Jerome returns he goes to save her,finding her completely insane from being tortured

Jelly beans–Could you please do a fanfic where Jerome gets Jealous or one where he meets the reader in Arkham? Thank you! You’re a great reader! I look forward to reading more of your work soon! :)

Sticks and Stones? Staples and Thrones- You should do one where Jerome meets Harley for the first time after being all cut up. (Yet he’s somehow still beautiful!!) And he takes an immediate liking to her because she’s totally bad ass and doesn’t care about his scars? The rest is your imagination, I guess.

Don’t be so stupid–Could you do a rough kinky Jerome smut

Perfectly plump–Hi can you write something where Jerome reacts to someone making a rude comment about the readers weight? Thanks XxX

Lost and found–Could you do a Jerome imagine where he finds the reader after coming back to life

Monkey see monkey do–Jerome with a little kid who likes to mimick him and wants to be just like him? Murdering and all? It can be whenever in the time line

I’m the boss–I was thinking of a jerome x reader. Like maybe you’re part of the Maniax with him and you get in an argument with him during a job that gets a little rough. Maybe he pushes you against a wall or something? Maybe an “i’ll deal with you later” and so on and so forth.

Eye catching–I need me some Jerome circus imagine in my life!!! Maybe you could do one were the reader is into 80’s/90’s fashion and rocks it?. She’s blonde and loves clowns and freaky shit so when they bump into each other in Gotham’s carnival they’re both instantly stunned!? They could be super flirtatious and both as bad as one another. (P.S if you make the reader British I’ll love you for life

Has anyone seen my Harley?!–Could I get a Jerome fic? Him and Harley were already an established relationship and she was there with him the night he died, after he kills Dwight he goes to find her!! I need total worship of his face please :)) You can have whatever you want to happen just as long as they reunite.

Sweetie pie–Okay so Jerome always seems to have a sort of narcissistic additude right? What if there was a girl he’d known his whole life who he had on a pedestal? Like do no wrong, maybe even wanting the cult to worship her instead.

You wish!–Hi can you do an image of Jerome X Reader where everyone knows that the reader belongs to Jerome even after death so when Dwight tried to become Jerome he takes the reader and she keeps fighting him and saying things like he will never be Jerome so Dwight hits her on live t.v. causing Jerome to become furious and he saves the reader in the end.

King and Queen–Reader met him when he was in circus and both are crazy (XD) in love with each other. And have plans to be King and Queen of Gotham city. When Jerome is in Arkham he misses her so much. One day he find Queen of hearts card under his plate..and then Queen’s and hers entourage most epic and badass arrival in history.
I have end in my mind, but don’t want to tie you with to many details. So you have free hand, I guess. Just some mad fluff.

Sweet little monster–Jerome with a little kid who likes to mimick him and wants to be just like him? Murdering and all? It can be whenever in the time line

Have you learned nothing?!–Can you do an imagine where The reader is Jeromes ex and he finds them after they went on a date with another man and it turns into jealous smut?

Good Cop Bad Cop–Maybe Jerome could have a thing for, or be in love with, Jim Gordon’s fiancé or girlfriend before he died?And she finds reawakened Jerome instead of Lee?

Triangles–Can you do a imagine or headcanon where everyone likes the reader, as in they’re all cool with her & got her back, so when they find out she’s in a polyamorous relationship with Edward & Jerome (let’s pretend that Penguin isn’t head over heels for Ed ) they getting really upset cus shes basically everyone’s little sister & its just a bunch of funny dramatic fluff mess 😂😂😂 Also your work is awesome❤❤

Lookie here!–Hi I was wondering if you could do a Jerome imagine where he meets the reader at Arkham is always trying to her attention

Innocence is Pure–Do you think you could please make a fluffy imagine where the reader is not into the whole, “murder yay” thing (I guess you can say she’s a bit innocent), so Jerome is a bit sensitive/careful around her? Idk, something different than when the reader is a bad girl.

Now that’s interesting–I love your blog and you’re writing can I request a Jerome Smut where he’s just been bought back to life and he comes to find and sees your dating some one else and gets jealous . So he shows you who you belong to

Nice Effects!–Can I request an imagine where Jerome is back from the dead and on the hunt for his face when he meets reader and she points him to Dwight and when Jerome finally gets his face and puts it back on they can kiss and have some naughty times lol?

The best people are–reader being a normal teen girl and then being crazy and then being a maniac and then being jerome’s girlfriend or something, i can’t be more clear XD

Small but violent–could I maybe get a fic where Jerome is just wandering the streets to just cause chaos, and sees the reader and decides to mess with her. but he seriously underestimates what they’re capable of and he likes her dark side. I hope that makes sense and I gotta say I love your work. Makes my day.

Chicken noodle soup–Can you do a request with Jerome where he comes home “after work” to a sick gf and they just have a cuddly moment wrapped up in the covers and just fluff

Red as blood–Jerome request His not-so-sane plans for valentine’s day? Humorous yet smutty, maybe x

Familiar– Can I request an imagine where the reader and Jerome both come back from the dead and don’t remember each other. But then Jerome remembers the reader after a near death experience

Armed and ready–Could you do a Jerome smut where he is in a relationship with s crazy evil girl y/n and he basically gets arrested and then y/n bursts into the prison covered in weapons and saves him then they have rough sex with a lot of biting from Jerome

Entertainment–can you please make an imagine where the reader is like the hottest stripper at the club and jerome notice how good she looks and can’t stop looking at her so he take her to his place and they well you know. Thank you!!

Roof tops and dark ally ways–Can I have an imagine where Jerome stalks

Who even likes sticks?–Can I have an imagine where I’m curvy and Jerome has a crush

How to let go of study stress; 8 ways

I am in my final year of law school and always very busy. When my exams come up, studying 9-13 hours a day for a few weeks is normal routine for me. This is how I stay as relaxed as possible. My tips for you:

1. Take a long warm shower or bath. Not just your normal routine but let the warmth of the water heat you and all your muscles up. Scrub yourself clean with your favorite products. After your clean and dry again, do a full beauty routine; body oils or lotions, eye/face cream etc. Taking time to take care of your body is important for your mind as well since you can focus on that for a bit and relax.

2. If you feel like you are constantly tired every day and just feel like you have a huge lack of sleep and energy; just SLEEP. Take a day of from everything and sleep as much as possible. Try to spend the whole day in your bed and take naps between reading relaxing books/watching Netflix. This may seem like you are wasting but if you really need sleep, this will help you feel so much better for days afterwards! You will be more energized and will make up for that ‘lost’ time very quickly and you’ll feel much better as well.

3. If you are really close to some deadlines and really have no time to take time off from your duties than try to multitask relaxing things. Don’t eat while working, but watch a nice television show or some YouTube videos while you eat. Like this you still did some fun things and took your mind of your work a bit. You have to eat anyway and it won’t cost you to much time when you only spend those moments away from your studies.

4. Take a power nap when you feel very stressed. Even if you think you are not particularly tired, just try to sleep for about 20 minutes and you will shut out that stress again. If you can’t sleep; meditate or listen to some relaxing songs while laying down and doing nothing at all.

5. Call a family member or a friend, just to talk. This doesn’t have to be about your studies. Just chill a bit and talk about everything you like. Complain a bit, hear their complains and know you are not alone with your stress. :) This will take your mind of things and can get you in a better mood.

6. Make your study spot as comfortable as possible. Make sure everything is quite tidy and there is no rubbish or trash lying around. A clean space is truly a clean mind. Of course you may need a lot of notes/books/stuff but sort them into piles and have a ‘structure’ on your desk. Light a few candles, wear comfortable clothes and put a pillow in your back. Have some nice tea or coffee and a few healthy snacks like fruit and nuts. Make it as comfortable as possible and you’ll feel way more chill.

7. Go work at a coffee shop and treat yourself with a nice latte.

8. Go study at your university library and go with flow of all the other motivated students. When you surround yourself with other people studying you will become more motivated and get more work done. Also, when you see that everyone is busy, you feel a bit better. It’s not just you, it’s hard for everyone.

anonymous asked:

Hey you dont have to answer this but i wanted to say i love this blog and thank you to the people/person who put time and effort into running it. Just so we can all get cute cat pics to make us smile n feel good lmao. It makes a nice difference to our days when we see your posts. Love u beautiful cat people and thank you

Thank you for the compliment and taking the time to let me know! I love when people think that it’s a group of people running the blog. It’s just me. :)

{Reaction} BTS Find Out You’re Hearing Impaired

Could you do a BTS reaction where they find out that you’re hearing impaired and they are really nice and sensitive about it? (I’m hearing impaired to the point where I almost needed hearing aids) its just kinda embarrassing when I have to tell people 🙃🙃 (ps. I LOVE YOUR BLOG SOO MUCH💖💖)

Note: There is absolutely no need to be embarrassed about that. I admire you so much. I hope this reaction is okay ♥ Fun fact for you, I nearly needed a hearing aid as a child because I had really bad ears back then. I still do, but not at the same extent. 

Disclaimer: i don’t own the gifs/ images used. 

Min Yoongi

Originally posted by gotjhope

Yoongi would be all about making you feel happy and comfortable. That means that he would learn sign language in order to communicate you in other ways. He’d be a little shy using it with you, but would become more confident over time and would love it when you help him by showing him when he has done something wrong. 

Yoongi: “I’m getting better, right? I promise I’ll be fluent one day, {y/n}”

Jeon Jungkook

Originally posted by jjks

This wouldn’t be an issue for Jungkook at all. What matters to him that you’re good to him and that you’re considerate and kind. He would do his best to find ways to learn sign language so he can talk to you in other ways, But Jungkook doesn’t always need to be verbal, and besides, he is always better at showing how he feels in comparison to words. 

Jungkook: *Kisses you passionately*

Hoseok: “Get a room!” *Joking”

Jungkook: *Doesn’t stop kissing you, just puts up the middle finger at Hoseok*

Kim Taehyung/ V

Originally posted by taegxk

Taehyung would be very much more into showing you how he feels and wouldn’t rely too much on words when he knows you’re sensitive about your hearing impairment. He’d be very sweet with you, and would honestly present you with all the aegyo in the world. 

Taehyung: *Aegyo*

Kim Namjoon/ Rap Monster

Originally posted by bangbaptan

Namjoon is already fluent in English and Korean, and now he’s about to become fluent in your countries sign language. He’d be sure to be sensitive of you and how you feel and would ensure that everything he is doing is what you want and that you’re happy with him to do so.

Jung Hoseok/ J-Hope

Originally posted by bulletproof-heaven

Let’s be honest, this man does enough talking for the both of you. But he is the most sweetest man on the earth when it comes down to supporting you and making you feel happy. If anyone dares to upset you he won’t hesitate to shoot them down for it. 

Hoseok: “Can’t you be a little more considerate to people? {y/n} is amazing. If you ever talk to her like that again I will fite”

Park Jimin

Originally posted by hajimajimin

Jimin wouldn’t be phased at all when you told him that you were hearing impaired. He is still the same person around you and still has all of the same feelings for you. When he finally plucked up the courage to confessed to you, he is still the blushing mess he would be if you didn’t have it, and he still loves you, perhaps even more now that he knows. 

Kim Seokjin/ Jin

Originally posted by blackandwhitebangtan

Jin would take the opportunity to ensure that he makes sure you’re happy and comfortable with him. He would learn sign language to talk to you, and would make sure that everything he does,you’re comfortable with. Imagine all for he aegyo, and all of the air kisses. (so damn. many. air. kisses)