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Fic.  Months later Part Deux.


There was more. Sorry NotSorry.

Second part. In which everything goes to hell and back.

I’m just tagging this as NSFW just to be on the safe side, there are make outs in here. 

Word count: 7.098

Prompts filled.  11. “I almost lost you” kiss |  14. Kiss on the neck |  16. French kiss

Again, maybe NSFW. Also unedited. Sorry C: 

They should have seen it coming, really. Marinette knew Alya. Their little moment here? It was bound to end explosively. The couple was just breaking apart from their kiss when the door opened in a swift movement.

“I knew it!” She gave Marinette a look “just talking my ass”


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Why I stand with Strand

1. It’s his boat. I know it’s the zombie apocalypse, but I don’t know where these people learned manners. In my family, you go to someone else’s house you respect their rules.

2. I know this is the beginning of the apocalypse, but the truth is taking in strangers is a danger. It’s even more true on the water imo.

3. Strand is clearly trying to make a deadline. A good argument can be made that he should just be open and tell them where he’s talking them (but see: “it’s his boat” again), but tugging along strangers slows them down. That’s just the truth. We like Alex cause we know her. None of them do. They have repeatedly tried to bring complete strangers aboard this man’s ship.

4. They’re snooping in his shit. I get this is a need to satisfy where they are going giving his closed nature, but they’re still snooping through his shit.

5. Everyone is incompetent but Strand and Daniel. Travis is getting better and Nick and Madison have their moments, but these people repeatedly make bad life decisions that should be common sense. I don’t know why anyone would listen to any of those people not named Daniel or Victor. I was cackling at Alicia saying they needed to help Alex and the guy (Justin, right?). I know she’s a teenager, but she was literally leading murderers to their boat. She’s not exactly the paradigm of wisdom.

6. They have repeatedly threatened this man on his boat, talking about they don’t need to listen to him. Okay, and they ain’t got to stay on the boat either, but there they are relaxing in bed and eating his food and shit. Get off if you ain’t here for it. Literally leave.


Unless Strand personally feeds them to the walkers, I’m not going to go around calling him particularly cruel. Would I have cut the rope? Naw. But then I might not have let them veto me on letting them hitch a ride to begin with. I think there are chances you can take on land that you simply can’t in the water.


Of all the things you could have attacked him about, of all the things you could have accused him of… you accuse him of being bad to his fans?

This is the person who holds his fans hands in both hands, not letting go even when he signs the signature. He is the person who answers whatever questions asked by fans – the colour of his bedsheets, the brand of his lipbalm – so honestly that we were afraid it would backfire on him. When fans ask if he would sign her iPhone case as well, he hides it from the manager and signs it. When fans say that they are going to get married, the next time he sees her, she would ask how the wedding is going.

His fansigns always overrun because of how he chats about this and that with his fans. His fanmeetings are full of him making eye-contact and reactions to every camera. Behind the scenes, he is always taking care of costars and staff members (even the most “insignificant” ones). During interviews, he always make sure to remember the name of every reporter and takes care of them. He is a grateful person, to his fans and to everyone around him.

He has a phobia of crowds, he breaks out in sweat when he is in public situations; it has taken him such a long time to even get used to being in the limelight. And now, to a person who has shown us nothing but honesty (his every interview is a testament of spontaneity and truthfulness), the society wants to quash him. 

They don’t want an apology. They want a sacrifice.

As a fan, it is natural to want to ‘shield’ him. But this is so laughable that I almost forget to cry. Because – away from the anecdotes and the 'they told me’ and the cameras and everything – he is a man who took my hand and smiled and said, “Thank you, thank you.”, when I told him I was from Australia. He is the one who pulled me in for a hug without me asking.

And that is it.

P.S. I wish some of his reporter noonas would speak up. But no, there goes Sports Seoul posting the blurry 240p video yet again on their front page. When you crush him, when he becomes timid and not able to act naturally in front of his fans anymore, is that when you’ll be happy? Okay.