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Top 10 Most Notable Types of Holiday Shoppers

Written by Zach Feintuch, Yahoo Mail copywriter

As you may know, Yahoo Mail is rolling out its newest feature for the holidays, Coupons, on both mobile and web. And with Black Friday / Cyber Monday nearly here, we’ve been thinking about all the different kinds of shoppers out there.

Here are the top 10 most notable shopping characters we see during the holidays… in no particular order.

Which one are you?

Robin (the Early-Bird Shopper)
Meet Robin. Her favorite month of the year? November. Her favorite holiday? All of ’em. A whole lot of love to give, and giving presents is her favorite way to do it. That’s why she plans holiday shopping in advance, sees all her coupons in one place within her inbox, and puts ’em to good use in order to get shopping done super early. With all her presents purchased and wrapped before the holidays roll around, Robin avoids the stress of crowded malls. Which means less time being anxious, and more time spreading holiday cheer!

Last-Minute Dan (the Last-Minute Shopper)
Ahh, Dan. What a guy. His heart’s in the right place but can never seem to prioritize his to-do’s, especially around the holidays. Which means a bunch of “Oh, shoot!” moments and even more last-minute shopping. What’s left for him come holiday time? Whatever’s convenient. That’s where Yahoo Mail comes in to save the day; by saving him time. Thankfully for Dan, his inbox kept all his coupons in an easy-to-reach Smart View. Whewww!!

Gaby Gift Cards (the Gift Card / Money Giver)
Gaby, Gaby, Gaby. She lives a hectic lifestyle. And with her full schedule, there’s barely any time to spend thinking of “the right gift,” let alone time to go shopping. That’s why she either buys gift cards in bulk nearly a year in advance (thanks to special coupons she receives via email), or gives money to everyone on her list. After all, that’s the easy thing to do. And her life just became easier thanks to Yahoo Mail.

DIY Denise (the Do It Yourself Gifter)
Denise puts her all into each and every gift she gives. And that means spending the time to make them herself. Her loved ones will never call her out on being “budget conscious” (or broke), which is perfect for this starving artist, so long as she gets to the stores early enough to grab the necessary arts & crafts supplies needed for her creations. Thank goodness for coupons, otherwise, the art supplies would really add up!

Mimi (the Selfish Shopper)
It’s alllllll about Mimi. She loves to shop- for herself. No need to stress about the holidays because she makes sure the things she wants are bought in advance. Will she take advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Sure! …’cause when Mimi sees the coupons saved together in her inbox, she gets uber excited about how many more gifts she can buy for herself thanks to the savings she piles up.

Organized Adam (the Careful, Thoughtful Shopper)
Adam is thoughtful. He’s considerate. He’s… organized. And that means taking the time to gather his knowledge about who in his life will receive which kinds of gifts, and what sort of coupons he can use for each person. But it also means he’s developed a serious appreciation for the organization his Yahoo Mail provides. Because for Adam, it’s process, process, process. And he has it down to an exact science: Let Yahoo Mail do all the legwork, and take all the credit … It’s okay, he deserves it!

Hunter (the Deal-Sniper)
Hunter is … extremely careful with his money. Okay, fine, he’s cheap! So he’s constantly on the lookout for the best deals and may even partake in couponing from time to time. Or every weekend. (Shhh, don’t tell anyone!) His kitchen drawer is filled with coupons from Bed Bath & Beyond, and Black Friday feels like his birthday. In fact, if you ever see Hunter receive a new coupon in his inbox, you’ll be witness to the single happiest man alive. And that’s why he’s lovin’ this new feature from Yahoo Mail. Because it notifies him when a deal is about to expire. Basically, deal hunting has never been easier!

Johnny Moneybags aka Mr. Moneybags (the “Money-Is-No-Object” Shopper)
Johnny Moneybags has all the dinero in the world. He gets what he wants, whenever he wants it. But that doesn’t mean he’s the one doing all the shopping. In fact, his executive assistant, Penny, is the brains and the brawn behind his holiday shopping operation. And Penny needs to use coupons in order to save money and look savvy in Johnny’s eyes. Because the less money he has to spend, the more money she can pocket for herself as a “holiday bonus” so to say. Yup, she’s thrilled to have Coupons available to her.

Sensible Sally (the Cyber Shopper)
Crowds are the worst. Physical stores are a thing of the past. And besides, why go out when you can sit, click and tap? And now, she doesn’t even have to search for coupons because Yahoo Mail keeps them in one place for her. Every coupon she’s ever clipped, right in her inbox. Talk about a relaxing lifestyle, Sensible Sally is doin’ it right!

Manny the Maniac (the Scattered Shopper)
Manny is crazy. Crazy awesome! He loves to be around people and experience shopping in-person. He’ll wander through stores for hours on end, waiting for the perfect gifts to suddenly appear right before his very eyes. For Manny, shopping is a visceral experience. And luckily for his loved ones, they get some pretty amazing gifts out of it! But this unpredictable behavior has never yielded any holiday savings, as couponing never found its way into his lifestyle… Until now. Thank you, Yahoo Mail Coupons, for making it all too easy for Manny to ignore!

Different types of shoppers are all seeing the benefits of Yahoo Mail’s Coupons feature. And so can you… Try out the new feature on the Mail app today.

Happy Shopping, everyone!


Happy 35th birthday, Sebastian Stan! (August 13, 1982)

I think I might have been a toy maker [if not an actor]. I’m a kid at heart, and maybe some people might say that it’s immature, but the truth is, you gotta recall your childhood because it’s an important time. I guess I’ve always been fascinated by people who make toys, because they have to remain a child one way or another.


fangirl meme: favorite female characters [1/??]
↳ max mayfield (stranger things)

from here on out, you leave me and my friends alone. do you understand?

Exploring in Colorado

(With reference to this post here)

Required supplies:

  • Water
  • more than that.
  • I’m not kidding people die of dehydration more than anything else I’m talking 2 liters minimum.
  • snacks
  • first-aid and survival kit including after-bite, splint supplies and emergency signalling devices, and a thermal blanket.  I am absolutely not kidding people get lost a mile from the road and die of exposure.
  • Map, your phone won’t work more than a mile from city limits.
  • change of socks.
  • something iron.
  • an offering or three.  you might not need any, you might need all of them.


  • Always close any gate you open. Even if the fence around it is gone.  Both from a spiritual perspective and becuase there’s a nonzero chance the farm isn’t abandoned and the livestock is lurking in the scrub.
  • Cattle will stare at you.  As long as they’re on the other side of the fence or river or ditch it’s fine.  If there’s no barrier you need to leave.  Range cattle fight coyotes and cougar and the worst of winter and don’t give a single fuck about you.
  • That’s not lore Range Cattle will fucking kill you.
  • Never approach any horse, but especially the ones without humans.  They’re either fae or feral and the odds of them eating your hands are about the same.
  • Drink your water.
  • There are Others in Colorado, but the relationship is not nearly so adversarial out here.  They’re like your neighbors but only sometimes corporeal.  Mind your manners and obey any posted signage and you’ll be fine.
  • posted signage includes trees fallen across paths or washed-out sections of trail (trail closed), bits of dead animal on stumps or fence posts (occupied, fuck off) and the smell of urine (Mountain lion or bear turn right the fuck around)
  • Don’t eat anything you find there unless you brought a permit for it with you.  Anyone who says you can forage on public land is a liar and going to get their ass poisoned or cursed.
  • If you did bring a permit, leave an offering anyway.  The Law of Man is not the same as The Law of Mountains and you need to pay taxes in both.
  • Salute magpies, and any bird larger than them.
  • Everyone going uphill yields going to everyone going downhill, regardless of whether or not they’re human or real.
  • If you’re over 7000 feet and you seem to have picked up another member to your party, it’s just the mountain wondering what’s happening.  It’s like bird watching for them.  Be polite, pick up your trash and call the mountain whatever name it gives you.
  • Drink your fucking water.
  • If you feel like you’re being followed, especially at dusk, you absolutely turn around and tell whatever’s behind you you know they’re there.  This is becuase it’s almost certainly coyotes and they need to be told to fuck off.  If you can see what’s following you, face it and walk calmly backwards towards civilization until it goes away or you’re back in your car.  If you can’t see what it is, tell it you’re headed home now, then you can turn back around and proceed calmly back from whence you came.
  • Do not, under any circumstances, run.
  • things that run are meant to be chased and everything up here is faster than you are.
  • also you’ll fall off a fucking cliff.
  • If you get back to the car or edge of the wild space and still feel like you’re being followed, check your shoes, pockets and any baggage for extras and leave them.  If you’re STILL being followed, they’re being rude and you’re allowed to chuck a rock at them.
  • I’m not kidding about the water.
  • Don’t go into any “abandoned” buildings because 1. there’s a nonzero chance the building isn’t actually abandoned and then you have to explain to the rancher what the fuck you’re doing on their land 2. if it is abandoned it’s probably structurally unstable 3. the only things inside are rattlesnakes and tetanus.
  • Exception to above: if you hear thunder, you’re close enough to be struck. you can step inside then, but do not touch anything, especially the building it’self.
  • You are encouraged to walk out to abandoned tractors and plowshares and touch them.  Don’t move them but stop to say hi and have some water.
  • If you find human remains, don’t panic.  If they’re out there, they wanted to be found.  Write down (you won’t be able to remember later, trust me) where you found them and inform the park service/police as soon as possible.
  • Drink your water.

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