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Do you have any plans of voice acting in anymore upcoming games?

No, none at all. I’m retiring at 27 and living out my ultimate goal of being a degenerate who dunks his Oreos in orange juice.

You make me feel like a Monet.

A bit fuzzy on the inside,

with a kaleidoscope of colors running through my veins.

And maybe not everybody understands why I have been painted,

nor what my ultimate picture looks like in fine detail…

but they can’t deny the feelings your colors bring.

Hey guys!

My name is Lilja and I am a 16 y/o girl from Iceland. I’ve submitted several times before but I love making new friends!

I can speak fluent Icelandic and English and I can comprehend in Danish. I’m probably going to learn German next semester too

I listen to some music: Coldplay, Marina and the Diamonds, Muse, kpop and occasional hip hop

I’ve seen shows such as Gravity Falls, Avatar the Last Airbender (and Korra), Over the Garden Wall and Doctor Who. I’ve seen some anime but my ultimate fav has got to be Boku dake ga Inai Machi (pls watch it it’s so good)

I like drawing and playing the piano and occasionally make food. But I’m up for anything that doesn’t require much physical strain

So yeah, that’s it I guess?? I would prefer people around my age (like maybe 15-17) to contact but other things don’t matter! I’m open for anything tbh

My tumblr is @cloudseokjin so please contact me there for more info! I’d love to talk either there or maybe on snapchat :)

Hope to hear from you! :)

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GIRL. Big Bang is my ULTIMATE BIAS group. There was so much in that video I didn't even know about!!!!!! I'm DEAD... Thank you 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽❤❤❤

Thank you!! I’m glad you love it! 💙

One thing that my friends can’t get over *cough @beeishappy cough* is the fact that I didn’t really like Coldplay AT all but I went to their gig in December last year because Bee was visiting from Melbourne and our bestie was moving to the UK, so I just tagged along… How quick I went from 0-100 to absolutely becoming Coldplay trash is unbelievable after I saw them live.

Like I actually enjoyed Paradise live???? which is the ultimate white girl anthem. I don’t know who I am. I’m even getting urges to watch Mylo Xyloto 2012 DVD again - honestly I need to stop dropping bombs on myself.

I can’t even believe I spent $300 on 1 ticket to see them in Stade de France which I ultimately planned my Europe trip around 😅💣🚨

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okay my ultimate dream for solo louis and solo harry is that one day they perform together at the grammys or something and cover the stevie nicks/don henley duet "leather and lace" like i would literally die for that i need it so bad (harry as stevie, louis as don 😭)

This Kills The Man 🗣

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What kind of soup is "the best fucking soup" exactly?

my secret ultimate soup recipe is I take a can of store brand tomato soup and add pasta (with the water its boiled in so there’s more soup), onions, garlic, assorted seasoning, and whatever vegetables I have lying around that are about to go bad (usually that means more tomatoes because I love tomatoes). it gives me 3 times as many servings and is 10 times more filling than the can on its own and now I won’t have to think about what to make for dinner again until monday

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I hardcore ship him with Italy, Germany, and sometimes both at once. Yes. The Axis is like my ultimate OT3


I also relate way too much with him and how he constantly apologizes like damn I feel called out

I’m getting my life together

I’ve been doing pretty bad with mental health lately, to be honest. I relapsed a while ago and my eating problems are coming back. I’m constantly feeling like I’m going to have a heart attack. But I’m going to try and relax and come back to this blog. I’m just scared that I’m disappointing you guys every time I get on and I don’t want to do that. It’s really stupid and you guys probably don’t even care but it’s a bit overwhelming for me.

I love you all so much. 

I’m going to see SHINee - my ultimate band who saved me from depression - this Sunday and I’m going on my first spring break trip as an adult, fully funded by me. 

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What is your preferred porn sources?

Many! Googling gets you a lot of nice gifs. Manporn (yep, its horrific) has some good stuff but you have to trawl through some total eeeesh. Cockyboys remains my ultimate though. Not that I have a problem or anything…

I just learned yesterday that Pikachu, my favorite Pokemon, was originally designed not by Ken Sugimori (he only finalized the design), but by a female graphic designer named Atsuko Nishida. 

Also after googling her, I found out that she’s also designed Sylveon–another favorite PKMN of mine. She’s also illustrated some very pretty Pokemon cards!!

Thank you Ms. Nishida! :-) May you get more credit and love for your contribution to the Pokemon franchise.


“I have had the privilege of meeting so many young girls that have visited set this season and I’m always blown away by their faces when they see the cape and the ’S’ and the whole costume and just how excited they are to be there. That is really moving and I always kind of… have to go to my trailer and cry a little bit.” [x]