is my sun and stars

I’m not sure why
I’m not sure how
not sure what
brought you to me
but all I can say
is between you and me
I’ll love you darling
til last I breathe.
And I will lie
here with you,
forever forgetting
the sun as it sets.
For you are my star
and you are my home.
I’ll love you, love you
for ever and ever.
I’m not one for promises but
I’m sure of you
so I don’t mind so much.
And here with you
is where I’ll be
and where I’ll always
want to stay.
I love you, dear
and please don’t forget
that my love for you
knows no bounds.
Constellations on your skin,
a thousand lights
I always love,
like you
like you
oh my dear
I love you so.
—  3/27/17 5:57 AM, I love you

dear future dime piece wife/husband/spouse,

im having trouble shutting my brain off. im so exhausted and i’m tossing and turning. im writing to you in hopes that you don’t struggle like this tonight.

i hope that you are resting your tired eyes. i hope that your covers are wrapped around you just right and that sleep overcame you with ease. i hope that you sleep peacefully and have pleasant pink-yellow dreams. i hope you awake tomorrow well-rested and ready to take on the world. i hope that it is a better day than today.

sleep well, my love.
you are my sun, my moon and al my stars.

Klance idea
  • Lance: MOON OF MY LIFE!! *points at Keith*
  • Keith: ...
  • Keith: ...
  • Keith: my sun and stars?
  • Lance: HOLY SHIT BOI OH MY GOD YOU DID IT RIGHT? WHAT THE FUCK YOU DID IT! HOW?? HOW DID YOU KNOW, I AM SO HAPPY? HALLELUJAH!!! *put his shirt off and is literally jumping of happiness*
  • Keith: *blushing slightly bc he's happy that he made Lance happy*

happy 23rd birthday to the love of my life, my sun, moon, and stars, my everything, jackson wang! i love you so so much and i hope you have the most wonderful day, filled with love and happiness and everything you deserve! i hope you know how loved and how appreciated you are by us, and i hope you know that we just want you to be healthy and happy. please remember to take care of yourself! happy birthday and i love you so much!


Jongin for Esquire Korea 2017 Feb issue