is my selfie worthy


i was tagged by my lovely sunshine @wonhosflower to do the selfie tag :’)))) now i want to tag all these lovely mutuals @kihyunsabs @jinkimon @calemiel @hyunqwvon @s0nhyunwoo @leemihnyuk @wonsikah @shitwonho @joohun @warmhyungwon @monmoongie @rooftopver @joolheon @heromp3 @monstamoosen @leeminpuppy!! you guys don’t have to do this if you don’t want to and if you’ve already done this i’m sorry alifhalkjfakdfhaf

The gorgeous and perfect @letshidetogether and @leprozorium tagged me to post a selfie!! I am not worthy! But I shall do my best. 

So, here I am earlier today, hiding in the shade of an old church courtyard after getting a haircut. It’s just too hot for all those curls, guys. 

Now, I tag @betterthingstofalltogether @liismalin @thatoneflowrkid @moonlitmoth @sapphicmoonwitch @ollis-beard @hanzaroobear @rowenaregina @crossroadsghost @thebugboy

anonymous asked:

Are you planning on posting a selfie anytime soon, love? It's just that you're so beautiful and like. it brightens up my year tbh.

self-esteem is not quite in a selfie-worthy place at the moment (hasn’t been for a while!) but you’re incredibly sweet. thank you for being so kind 💗💕