is my raydor


Sorry for the spoilers! But I had to. I HAD TO. You don’t understand how important this was. How important it was back in Season 1 when it didn’t happen! Finally! FINALLLLLLYYYYYYYY ♥♥♥

Who would have thought that Sharon getting punched would create more of a stir in the fandom than Sharon kissing Andy and marriage talk at the dinner table :-)  I gotta say, I damn near fell out of my chair when Sharon got socked in the face and then went giddy with girly excitement when Andy shoved the son of bitch up against the wall and said if he tried anything like that again he’d beat him to a pulp. 

Oh my shipper heart!

James Duff wants Rusty to be the lens by which he tells stories. Ok, fine, Rusty is the lens in this little one-shot:

She navigated her keys around the black box in her hand. Even on the drive home, she was unwilling to drop the box holding her commander stars into her purse – afraid that if she let go of it, it would disappear before her eyes.

Commander Raydor. Isn’t that just a kick in the head?

Andy kissed and congratulated her, then complained in the same breath that he was stuck cleaning up the debris while she strolled off with her little black box. Well, he’d gone out without orders and put himself in harm’s way – again – the least he could do was sweep up the dust and shattered glass that remained of her office. And he did it, because he loved her and he did whatever he could to make her life easier.

Commander Flynn also sounded awfully nice, come to think of it.

She didn’t even have a chance to toe off her heels when she caught sight of Rusty on the couch. The tv wasn’t on, the stereo wasn’t playing; he was just sitting, staring out the picture windows toward the green of Griffith Park.

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