is my point being made

I would rather, I would rather not. Thank you.

Some things to remember about the scene where Eren defends Mikasa: 

1- Eren was aware of how delicate his situation was and kept quiet no matter how bad the things that were thrown at him (“monster” “it’s better to kill him” “experiment on him and then dispose of him”), but it was impossible for him to keep silent seeing them throwing accusations at Mikasa. 

2- Eren’s language when he screams “NO!” was very informal, which counts as something very disrespectful and unfavorable coming from someone in his situation, throughout the entire court Eren kept a formal speech until they brought up Mikasa and persisted enough for him to lose it and not care anymore (when he calms down after that he rectifies by using a more respectful term, but point still stands) 

3- Eren sure had things to say to the people present there from the start, but it wasn’t until they brought up Mikasa into it that he couldn’t hold it any longer and decided to let them hear what he had to say which resulted in him getting his ass kicked by captain smurf

4- “I may be a monster”,  he says this not caring about the dangerous consequences it entails, just as long as it keeps Mikasa off the hook 

5- I mean

BOI ! 

Don’t tell me not to fly
I’ve simply got to
If someone takes a spill
It’s me and not you
Who told you you’re allowed to rain on my parade

Santana Lopez (Naya Rivera), Episode 5x09 “Frenemies”

When People Give Me Shit For Being Undiagnosed

Wow, congratulations, you have a certificate to be sick, not a certificate to be an asshole

Like seriously, me being undiagnosed means I’m good at not getting caught/my weight isn’t too alarming yet. It doesn’t mean I’m not starving, or that I don’t over exercise, have dysmorphia or any other symptom of anorexia. I’m at the worst point in my Ed up to this point, I think if me being undiagnosed made me a poser, I would already be scared of the consequences and backing my weight loss train the fuck up.

Arbitrary Token of the Week: Goblin Warrior (SHM)

This week’s arbitrary token is Dave Allsop’s 1/1 red and green Goblin Warrior creature token, created by Wort, the Raidmother from Shadowmoor. I wanted to not-so-arbitrarily showcase these two this week since they are both being reprinted in Modern Masters 2017, so it might be many people’s first time playing with them side by side. I’m not really a Vorthos, so you’re gonna have to ask @flavoracle or @vorthosjay about the Magic lore when Lorwyn and Shadowmoor were around if you want to learn a little more about Wort. All I know is that she was an Auntie in the day and now a Raidmother at night. XD

Click here to check out last week’s arbitrary token: Dragon (ALA).

can we talk about how this gif is so relateable I mean

when your innocent friend turns out to be dirty af

when you don’t understand a joke but laugh anyways and your friends notice

when you see your ex on the street while you’re on a date

when your parents come back home while you’re having fun alone and you forgot to do the chores

when a big ass bug flies in your direction

when some shit is about to go down

when you suddenly realize that you said something you weren’t supposed to say

when you see your crush walking over to you

when you realize you aren’t as funny as you thought you’d be

This is for my very very lovely @rutobuka2 , to whom i wish all the best with all my heart; you are a precious friend and a precious, sweet sinnamon bun


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lezbrianna  asked:

So adderall helped me last semester with work and notetaking during lectures, but it made my anxiety really bad and ended up having really bad ptsd flashbacks at night. Concerta reduced my appetite to the point of me being underweight as well, and made me twitch my toe and bite my tongue a lot. Do you have any other med recommendations? I'm currently considering Focalin or Vyvanse.

Focalin is methylphenidate, like Concerta; Vyvanse is amphetamine, like Adderall. Each drug is a slightly different formulation, though, so you never know. Strattera is a non-stimulant that works for some people. It’s related to antidepressants (but isn’t one). You can learn more about ADHD medications at this web page.



In November 2016, pre-S4, I did some storytelling about Sherlock as Mycroft’s sniffer dog. Details probably not right. After S4 madness, I’m not sure what to think about details. *rolls eyes*. Whatever.

I recently found myself telling a similar story. The details focused on Sherrinford’s horrifying but valuable prisoners. *rolls eyes*. Whatever.

So I came to similar conclusions, even though I approached from opposite directions, before and after S4. This *probably* just proves I’m not very creative (which is true. I’m a reader, not a writer).

Anyway, here’s the outline. Not sure who knows what; or when or how. (Oh that’s helpful, isn’t it?)

1). Mycroft is controlling and using Sherlock. Lots of room for gray morality and justification. Sherlock gives Mycroft extra legs. (Just like Eurus is Mycroft’s extra brain).

2). It’s been getting more stressful for everyone. Mycroft has lost track of his original mostly decent-minded goals; maybe he’s lost control of the room. It’s not a game anymore. People will die.

3). Sherlock’s naive eyes have been opened. I still like Jim and/or Irene for this alarm clock role. “Cock a doodle doo!” They know how the world works.

4). There’s a plan to break free. It has to *look* like heartbreaking failure, like chaos, like magic. That will be the only way to distract Mycroft from the truth. (This is where we are now. At the end of TFP).

5). Sherlock can’t do it alone. He knows that now. That means John, at least. Maybe Jim and Irene, Molly and Mrs. Hudson. Eurus, too….ohhhh. Maybe she’s the key… stop. *rolls eyes*. Whatever. Details.

I think this works on multiple levels, I always like that in a (vague) solution. Mycroft is BBC and Moftiss. Mycroft is the modern Sherlock fandom. Mycroft is the larger Sherlock Holmes fandom. Mycroft is Arthur Conan Doyle himself.

John was right. Sherlock really *is* brilliant- he’s pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes. Defining himself for himself- he’ll do his *own* legwork, thanks very much. On his own terms, in his own time. And John’s. (Probably mostly offstage, now that he knows there *is* a stage).

Sherlock changed the frame of the story without telling us (or Mycroft and Mary; maybe not even the directors and actors). We were like children at a Punch and Judy puppet show. We saw a pantomime, and we thought it was real.

And now with Post-S4 ARG… It’s like Sherlock opened multiple browser windows on his laptop, and we aren’t sure which stories to watch. (OH. Like in TSoT. Sherlock cross-examines five women in the courtroom; which condenses to 5 or more laptops on the table at 221b; which is probably REALLY just 5 pop-up windows on a single laptop screen. And we never see “reality” do we…?)

Anyway. I’m hoping for something like this. WHATEVER the answer, I continue to dare to hope for The Lost Special- even if it’s a short bookend. SOMEthing to give us the context we need to make sense of things. And-

Bon Voyage John and Sherlock… Welcome to your new sunrise! 💥✨❤️


“I’m g o o d.”

anonymous asked:

How long have you been catholic?

short answer: cradle catholic

long answer:

i am a cradle catholic who thought church was boring and stupid and didn’t learn much from CCD classes (my parents didn’t teach me anything either). i didn’t even see the point of being confirmed. my mom made me. i have no memories of my confirmation, honestly. so after this, i only went to church on christmas and easter. and then it only became easter and then not at all. i essentially left the church. in college i remember going to mass once, for ash wed (and then rushing to my room to wash them off). after college i basically realized my “normal mood” was actually depression. so a few months into therapy, i asked a friend if she was religious and then she invited me to mass. that moment was 2.5years ago. 

i guess i got lucky that my church was the catholic church. i went and knew that i needed to learn more about my faith. so i’ve been teaching myself the teachings of the catholic church ever since. 

thanks for the ask :)


geez mammookka, maybe you should google dulquer salmaan if you don’t know who he is

movie pitching in munnariyippu (2014)

I have forced myself to bite my tongue several times, but this point keeps being made and it’s really just reached my limit of patience. “Lydia is eighteen! She isn’t a minor! She chose to stay in school for another year to be with her friends!” 

Okay, let me explain something to you. I am an adult. I am twenty-three years old. I have a teaching career. Every single year, we have a meeting where we learn what can get us put into jail. Every single year, we cover the topic of high school students. According to the law and the Code of Ethics, we can lose our licenses and go to jail if we sleep with someone in high school. Every single year, this point is made:

  • “It does not matter if the student turns eighteen. A student is considered a minor until they graduate high school.”

I have this seared into my brain because there is no way in HELL I am violating that law. Because I’m so annoyed by this argument, I just checked California’s views on age of maturity. Here is the exact definition: “18 years of age except an unmarried child who has attained the age of 18 years, is a full-time high school student, and who is not self-supporting, is considered a minor until the time the child completes the 12th grade or attains the age of 19 years, whichever occurs first." 

It does not matter that Lydia ‘chose’ to stay. In fact, did she really ‘choose’ when she didn’t technically reach the required number of credits? She could have taken a summer course, yes, but that doesn’t change the fact that Lydia Martin is a high school senior and is thus considered a minor in the eye of the law.  

You can come at me and say I’m irritated because I ship Stydia, and that’s fine. I mean, it isn’t like I’ve totally supported Lydia in other relationships in the past or anything (spoiler alert: I have and I always will). I just have a serious problem with men older than me seeking out young girls. In the real world, you guys are so quick to call people out on this, but the moment it’s a cute cop? You seem to forget all about it. I’m always infuriated about this on TV shows - whether it’s Teen Wolf, PLL, or any other show where an older man is after a younger girl. It’s sickening. It’s contributing to the sexualization of young women and I just cannot support that.

For once, I want to see a man in his mid-twenties held responsible for going after a young and impressionable girl. Lydia isn’t at fault here. Parrish, in his mid-twenties and holding down a career where he has inevitably been taught all of these same laws and ethics, is. 

PS: If Lydia were played by someone other than Holland Roden - oh, I don’t know, an actual 17/18 year old - you might see how disgusting it is. 

There. Rant over. I’ve made my point and that’s the last I’m going to say about it.