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So here is my weekly spread in all its rose and red colored glory! I’m very happy with how it turned out since it was inspired by Jimin’s rose colored hair for their comeback I mean did you look at him?? Oh and btw i died watching their new mv of Spring Day but I’m going to stop here since I don’t want to fangirl too hard haha and also because red and rose are some of my favorite colors 🌸

9 Tips for a better morning!

For me mornings are very important, without a productive morning I lose the day, I could even stay in bed all day. Now, you may not be that extreme, but definitely productive mornings will play a huge role in being productive throughout the day.So, here are a couple of tips to make your morning nice, and to keep you going: 

1. Try to get up once you hear the alarm. I know it’s hard, but by time it will get easier and it would be a habit. 

2. Set your alarm on the same time everyday, even if you don’t need to get up that early. If you want it to be a habit, you’ve got to repeat it everyday until you don’t need the alarm to wake up at that particular time.

3. Now that you’re awake, what is it that you’re longing for? Not breakfast, not yet. You have to brush your teeth first. I know some people prefer to wash their teeth after breakfast, but personally I prefer to wash my teeth first thing in the morning. 

4. Now it’s time for BREAKFAST. Breakfast is very important, and preferably, have it before 7:00 am to make the most use of it. Also, try to have a different breakfast everyday. At least for me, breakfast is pretty much what motivates me to get up in the morning, so I don’t wanna get bored with it, and I try to be creative. There are a few breakfast recipes on Pinterest and Youtube, maybe you should give them a try.  

5. Sometimes, especially in winter, I get lazy and think about skipping shower. In  order to avoid that, I use nice products, for body and hair, they not only smell good, but they also make you feel very good about yourself, maybe even confident. They don’t have to be expensive, just make sure that they do their job and smell good. 

6. Pick a nice outfit. Sometimes I like to get creative with my outfits, so I either come up with a new idea for a particular outfit, or I just pick up my favorite one. Point is, don’t get out of your house if you don’t like what you’re wearing. 

7. Before you leave, make sure that everything is organized, and that you didn’t forget anything. And try to make a to-do list for the day, to stay both organized and motivated.

8. If you’re late, you can get a nice coffee from a coffee shop on your way. If you’re not late, then maybe enjoy your home-made coffee with a book, or maybe the newspaper or podcast, to follow what is going on in the world. 

9. If your school/college is near, maybe you can walk or take a bicycle instead of a car. You could use that time by listening to an audiobook, or even just a nice music, to start your day right. 

I hope this helped, and although most of you guys know these things, I thought it would be a nice reminder for you and me to start the day right. 

My Big Totally Tubular Stranger Things S2 Reaction Post.

Best Things about S2…

Eleven and Hopper. These two becoming family was perfect. Their rules, their arguments, their broken promises, their tears, their confessions, the funny little dance. It was so them. I loved every one of their scenes together.

Steve and Dustin. The other best new character combo. The roots of this friendship were just so funny - i.e., you’re having a CODE RED emergency but all your useful friends are missing so you’re reduced to recruiting Steve to help you. Poor Dustin. He accidentally rears a pet demogorgan that turns into a killer pack of demadogs and all he gets out of this ordeal is Steve as his buddy and some bad advice on hair products and how to score with girls.

Steve in general. He may have lost Nancy and got himself beaten to a bloody pulp (again) but on the upside he gets to be everyone’s new favorite character. No hype! Exasperated-babysitter!Steve is the best thing ever.

More Will. After his largely off-screen role in S1, Noah Schnapp gives the performance of the season as Will/the Shadow Monster. The kids on this show are all outstanding but Noah blew my mind. All the awards for this kid please. But also…it would be nice if Will got a non-victimy story in S3.

Bob the Brain. Don’t touch me. Don’t talk to me. I’m inconsolable. Bob was a fucking superhero. Sean Astin! My Sam! My Goonie! He was perfect. I hurt my throat screaming “RUN!” at my TV and I’m still crying.      

Joyce’s House. Specifically this reoccurring theme of Joyce’s house becoming a surreal art exhibition and not the best signifier of her sanity each season. May it continue. The Byers house is the best house. And Joyce is the best mom. Bless her crazy lady Momma Bear dangerous driving. 

Eleven solo episode. Seriously? Some fans didn’t like this episode? Okay. But with a season that has three largely Elevenless (Janeless?) episodes I was so ready to have a full episode of Eleven running away and joining a gang of punk vigilantes in the city and getting a badass makeover. As much as I have raved about Noah this time, Millie is still a total powerhouse.

Justice for Barb. Yeah, I loved Barb. I didn’t want Barb to die. But seeing as she clearly did die in S1, I’m glad they didn’t try to reverse it due to fan pressure. I think the focus on Barb’s loss in S2 was just the right response.

Dustin and Lucas’s families. Finally! They both have families! And they are hilarious. Dustin’s mom and Lucas’s little sister especially.

The Snowball. This took me by surprise. What a wonderful surprise ending! With 20 minutes left after the gate was closed I was just expecting something else horrible to happen. Instead we got adorable scenes of kids dancing and Joyce/Hopper sharing a smoke in the parking lot. I was always going to cry at Mike/Eleven dancing at the Snowball but I was in no way prepared for the Nancy/Dustin dance. Totally got me in the feels.

Worst (Stranger) Things about S2…

Not enough Mike. In a season where everyone else got a great individual storyline, I felt like Mike missed out. After being the leader of the kids gang in S1, here he was reduced to pining over Eleven, worrying about Will and nothing else. There were hints of Mike having anger issues and that one scene where he explodes at Hopper was great, but his rage should’ve been better developed. Don’t underuse Finn Wolfhard next season!

Billy and Max. I didn’t hate them but I didn’t really see the point of them either. Honestly I kept waiting and hoping for someone to find 9 and 10 tattoos on their arms. But no, they were just new kid characters. Max’s only purpose was to give Lucas a love interest and to make us wish Eleven was hanging out with the boys instead. Billy’s only point was to be the new dickhead popular boy who bullies Steve so that we can all start liking Steve. But I already had a soft spot for Steve since Nancy drunkenly destroyed his genuine feelings for her. Well actually, I’ve had a soft spot for Steve since seeing his Christmas jumper. So Billy just wasn’t needed (aside from giving Steve a dark slash pairing?). Also the whole “bully is bullied by his father” cliche didn’t work for me.

THAT beloved character death. Noooo! Whyyyy????!! 

Other (Stranger) Things about S2…

Nancy and Jonathan. I’ve never really cared about this couple, but I did love how their hook up was handled so amusingly, with the conspiracy nut journalist openly shipping them and then forcing them to confront their unresolved sexual tension. I’ll like any ship if you make it funny. 

Dart. Dude, I’m a vegan, but I was kind of on Mike’s side when he wanted to kill Dustin’s pet before he turned into a demogorgan and multiplied and killed a load of people. Including Bob and Mews the cat. But then, the scene where Dustin tamed Dart with nougat was genuinely touching.   

The Upsidedown. What’s with all the feathers in the dark place? I keep imagining shadow monsters having pillow fights in the tunnels when nobody’s watching. It’s funny how it’s just not mentioned.

Eleven’s other siblings. Meeting Eight and Jane’s mom was a nice expansion of the mythology. Where are the other nine?

Overall? MUCH LOVE!! Roll on S3.


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showstopperhero  asked:

Hello, I asked you before your thoughts on Kamen Rider W. Took your advice from your wonderful post, and its become my favorite Rider series. So thank you! Was wondering, have you been watching Ex-Aid, and if you have is it any good? I found the aesthetics kinda weird and havent watched it yet, but was wondering what you thought of it? ^^

First off I am SO GLAD you watched Kamen Rider W, it’s one of the best!  The chemistry between the two leads really works and I love the suit design and gimmick for that season.  It really makes me happy to hear my advice lead you to you new favorite Rider! 

I feel like I have one less sin to count up now!

On to the topic of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid.  Oh boy do I feel you on that aesthetic problem.  When I first saw the designs for the series I was really, really turned off. 

Wh-what was this chunky, pink-haired (PINK-HAIRED!) thing with a belt that looks like a product of early 1990s Nickelodeon doing calling itself a Kamen Rider?! This series is going to be terrible, man they’ve really ruined things this time. Those were my initial impressions.

However, I have a pretty strict policy of giving every new iteration of a beloved franchise a chance.  I watch the first 5-10 episodes of any Kamen Rider, Super Sentai or Ultraman series that comes along because sometimes the worst looking shows can turn out to be really, really spectacular.  

I am so glad I gave Kamen Rider Ex-Aid a chance and stuck with it for those 10 episodes. What initially seemed from the designs to be a day-glo nightmare of a series has turned into one of the best written and most compelling since Kamen Rider W and I’m not just comparing them because it’s what you’ve seen most recently. I honestly think the characters, story, plot twists and writing are all excellent.  Yes, the designs took me some time to get used to well, quite a bit of time.

Quite a bit of time to be honest.

When you get into the show though, they begin to make sense as representations of video game characters and different genres of video game. Even their super deformed fist form makes sense if you think of it as a physical version of an 8 or 16-Bit character.

The basic premise is interesting as well with a computer virus that has the ability to infect people, essentially a form of rogue digital DNA able to make the jump from machines to humans.  Even worse, this virus is intelligent and cunning and has its own agenda and plans.  Who created the virus, why they did it and what they think they can gain from it are all central mysteries I won’t spoil here.  All I will say is just when you think you know who the big bad is, another layer is peeled back and you find an even worse foe behind them.

Opposing the Game Virus are the heroic Doctors of the CR who, under the direction of the Ministry of Health, use the Gamer Drivers and special game cartridges known as gashats to fight the video game virus on its own level. These Doctors include Pediatric Intern Emu Houjo a.k.a The Genius Gamer M.

The amazing, cool headed and detached surgeon who complete seemingly miraculous surgeries, can cut anything and loves cake, Hiiro Kagami.

Possibly shady and secretive Medical Examiner Kiriya Kujo.

And the disgraced former Doctor now working as an unlicensed radiologist Taiga Hanaya.

They are joined and assisted by a nurse from the Ministry of Health names Asuna Karino who is actually a game character brought to life named Poppy Pipopapo.

So there are your main characters.  There’s a lot I haven’t said here because honestly, this show is one you should experience the twists and turns of for yourself. I am really into it right now.

Oh and remember that pink and green belt I was worried about at the start? Yeah, I bought one of those. It’s the first Rider Belt in my collection.

So that might tell you how I feel about this series.

Thanks for the question and happy viewing!

new url, new masterlist

The good news is that my url now matches my Instagram. The bad news (for me at least) is that I have to make a new masterlist now. 


“Pretty” Makeup Tutorials

Note: In some of my older tutorials, I used products that were tested on animals. Since then, I have started switching over to cruelty-free products. Tutorials with a “💕 ″ next to them use cruelty-free products.

Hair Tutorials

SFX “Scary” Makeup Tutorials

Note: It’s safe to assume that all of the products in these tutorials are cruelty-free. As I understand, most SFX brands do not test on animals. 

Cosplay Makeup Tutorials

Other Cosplays (Not Tutorials) 

Note: These are cosplays that were either so simple or had already been done so many times (and done well) by other people that I didn’t feel like I needed to make a tutorial for them. These are just cool photos of cosplay projects I’ve done. 



Movies/Books/TV Shows

This list is constantly growing (especially now that I’m healthy again!) so let me know if you have a request! 

Anon: Can u do a jack one where YN is not easily scared, and the guys try and scare her so they tell the fans to try and scare her, but the specifically no popups/screamers cause it brings back bad memories and brings on the worst anxiety attacks (jack and alex know) and the fans send her what they said and she thought was a link for blue hairs dye (she has blue hair,piercings,tattoos) and it was actually a screamer and she clicked it and screamed/started to cry and the atl boys yelled at the fans etc

I’m sorry this took forever to do! Hope you enjoy! (Y/T/N - your twitter name)


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Personal Space: Jade Taylor, Senior Beauty and Grooming Editor at NYLON magazine

We’ve been obsessed with Jade Taylor’s style for a while—those bangs, that lipstick, those tattoos. Throw in the fact that she has the coolest job ever, and you’ve got a serious girl crush on your hands. We stopped by NYLON’s office in New York, and talked to Jade about feminism through beauty, hungover Saturday mornings, and how she’s going to start scribbling on her Vans with a Sharpie again.

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Hi All,

I just wanted to share with you my new favorite natural hair product that I’ve created called Snappee, the Snap Off Hair Tie! Just wrap and snap your hair into awesome up-dos and unsnap to let them down. No more snagging and pulling out your hair, trying to untangle a hair tie that has woven itself between thousands of your precious hair strands. Visit for more information and the entire collection.

Christmas Present

Scenario: Merry Christmas!! You tweet a picture of one of the presents your boyfriend gets YOU!


y/t/n: always wanted a Polaroid! thanks to the wonderful bf @aaroncarpenter, couldnt wait to snap some cute pics!


y/t/n: wow! first a private jet to a secret location NOW @camerondallas has surprised me with this beautiful new watch, love my boy to bits! xo


y/t/n: Spending christmas with my boy, new book and beautiful perfume! i hope he didnt because i smell bad lol :P thanks babe! @carterreynolds

Jack Gilinsky:

y/t/n: oh my fucking god! when this little guy popped out all i could do was cry @jackgilinsky words cant describe how much i love you. best christmas present ever! What should we name him? xo


y/t/n: Love my Christmas present from my favorite boy @Hayesgrier (sorry dad) haha lol. Merry Christmas and thank you Hayes!


y/t/n: Flowers= Beautiful, Bag= Gorgeous, Boy who gave them to me= PERFECT, Me= Luckiest Girl Ever!!! Thank you @JacobWhitesides


y/t/n: Dillon woke me up this Christmas morning with this beautiful makeup bag full of amazing products. makeup, hair things, nail polish and perfume Couldnt ask for anything better! Love this boy


y/t/n: OMG! @TheMattEspinosa spoils me rotten! New beats, new phone and MacBook? So inlove with this kid, never take him for granted. Merry Christmas everybody!!!

Jack Johnson:

y/t/n: no words. i just stated crying, tears of joy thank you so incredibly much @jackjackjohnson for these beautiful rings. #christmaspresent #inlove #grateful 


y/t/n: Nash put the most adorable kitten in the Christmas tree to surprise me! Lets just say i jumped up and down, squealed and havent let the little cutie go since i got him. Best Christmas!


y/t/n: When i said get me everything chanel i didnt think @sammywilk was seriously going to go out and get me all this for Christmas, cant wipe the smile off my face. He’s so perfect thank you so much babe!


y/t/n: So @shawnmendes totally just bought me the new iPhone and a bouquet of red roses, feeling blessed this Christmas




Merry Christmas Beautiful People! I hope you enjoyed, you might think some of these are a little out there but hey you’d deserve it and he’d want his princess to only get the best present haha!



So Fresh And So Clean

Men’s Grooming Essentials

I know this blog is mostly about the fashinz but today let’s talk about a subject that goes hand in hand with your overall steez. After all, grooming is part of the full package when it comes to looking good so it’s time to step your game up gents! Check out my review of some new hair and skincare products I had the chance to try out and let me know what you use as part of your daily grooming regimen in the comments.

Gentleman’s Brand Co.

  • Face Wash - I have pretty sensitive skin so it’s hard to find a cleanser that isn’t too “sting-y” and leaves my face feeling raw instead of refreshed. With just a small dab, this face wash lathers nicely and is super gentle enough to use twice a day for my morning shower and after the gym.
  • Daily Moisturizer - It’s made with all natural botanical oils, and even though I don’t really know what that means, I do know that this stuff is amazing. No ashy elbows or knees anymore, this moisturizer hydrates well and is fragrance-free so it won’t clash with your cologne.
  • Body Wash - I’ll admit that I’m a loofa guy because I’m a fancy New Yorker now and this body wash is giving me every reason to switch from my typical wash aka whatever’s on sale at Duane Reade. From the tropical scent that makes me want to drink it like a pina colada (ed. note: please do not actually try that at home) to the soft feeling clean it gives your skin, I think I’ve found my new favorite shower soap.

Bad Norwegian

  • Facial Cream - Unscented, non-greasy, and no-shine - what more could you ask for in a daily face moisturizer?


  • Chap Skin & Lip Remedy - I always find myself losing my chapstick but this is one I’ll definitely want to hold on to. Non-shiny (this ain’t lip gloss) and does exactly what it’s supposed to. Bonus points for the cute masculine package design.

Mr. Natty

  • Clay Hair Preparation - The secret to my “Asian pompadour” all lies with the perfect hair product. This hair clay works perfectly to add volume to my very fine hair. I use a small amount palmed through my blow-dried hair to lift and style it into the perfect shape. Holds well on its own with a matte finish but because I’m from Jersey I can’t say not to a little, well a lot, of hairspray to finish it off.


  • Ocean Mist - Literally my favorite hair product discovery to date. As I already mentioned, I have very fine Asian hair and this product adds such a great almost crunchy texture to it. I’ve tried this out on  my towel-dried hair with a few sprays and then combed it through. The best part is that you can reshape and play with your hair throughout the day without getting any flakes and it even provides a decent hold to use without any additional hair product.
  • Hair Repair - I tried this out on my hair at the end of the week to undo a week’s worth of hair product residue buildup. After shampooing, I pretty much used it like a conditioner and left it in for 5 mins (directions actually say 5-10 mins but I’m impatient so…) and then washed it out. It actually does leave your hair feeling amazingly soft and has a great tropical/outdoorsy scent as well. Highly recommend using it a few times a week in place of your usual conditioner.

Special thanks to Serena for helping me with these photos.


marleyroseuniverse asked: How do you keep your hair looking so smooth, clean, and non-frizzy?

Regular deep conditioning treatments help keep hair super shiny and a great smoothing serum before a blowout is the best way to tackle frizz. Stay tuned, I’ll be sharing some of my new favorite products for color treated hair soon! - Naya

*This question was submitted by marleyroseuniverse. To submit your own question, click here

anonymous asked:

Here are some things I want to know: are they just heading up to Vancouver 6/7 and going to the set 6/8? Will there be a table read? Wardrobe fittings? Won't they need a few days to re-acclimate to their characters? There's not much time left now... and with both of them booked this weekend, when will they arrive and get started? This is so exciting.

I ALSO WANT TO KNOW ALL THOSE THIIINNNNGGGSSS. It’s super exciting! Does “it starts 6/8” mean SHOOTING starts 6/8? Or do they all get there and have like their rehearsal dinner and Gillian’s like “oh, I never dyed my hair, I guess I’ll get that done tonight, if I remember lol” and David is going to all his old favorite strip clubs and giving them pictures he drew with umbrellas and hearts and smiley faces (and a copy of his album) to show them that he’s a new man and wants to be friends, and Chris is…still working on roughing out the story, and Frank Spotnitz is like “why, why did I let him talk me into this, I have so much work to do to get this production in shape, sigh” and Darin Morgan is like “so here’s my script, it’s 96 pages long and it’s about how even believing in nihilism means you believe in something so therefore nihilism can’t exist and so there are no belief systems so we should just stop doing anything and float alone in space” and Morgan and Wong are like “You’ll see it on shooting day and not before” and WBD is like “is everyone hanging out without me? and other concerns” and Vince sends over an edible arrangement with a card that you open it up and some pop-up arms come out like you’re getting a hug that says “GOOD LUCK, YOU GUYS!!!!” with a bunch of emojis that he hand-drew and colored in because he couldn’t figure out how to print onto the card but he really wanted those emojis in there, and Piper is like “…OK, so where did you guys want me? I have a lot to do” and…

yeah, it’s pretty exciting. 

anonymous asked:

Bean, could you please list all of the things you would recommend from lush?? I don't know where to start

I would recommend:
1.9-5 cleanser
2.African paradise moisturizer
3.Cupcake face mask
4.Brightside Bubble Bar
5. Magnaminty face mask
Out of the things I’ve tried those are my favorites. I also have some hair products but they’re new and I haven’t tried them enough !!


#naturalhairjourney keepin’ it black & nerdy.

Hope everyone’s 2k16 is off to a beautiful start! I’ve been so productive this year already and i’m so proud of myself for that because I can be a straight procrastinator! i don’t really do “resolutions”, but as always, I’m constantly striving to achieve all my goals. i’m working on some really small goals (switching (almost) all of my household products to organic/all natural,cleaning out my wardrobe, volunteering more) and some really big ones (paying off my very LAST student loan, getting my traveling plans together). I’m sure i will be writing posts on all of those later, but first, let’s talk about hair goals since this is a natural hair blog first and foremost! My hair goal is to just keep on keepin’ on. I have a set routine and an arsenal of favorite products, so I get to really focus on trying out new products and accessories. Happy natural hair journey to all you babes going natural this year! xx 


Beauty mogul Alli Webb makes it a triple.

If triple sec is the linchpin for our favorite cocktails, it’s fitting that Drybar’s new three-in-one product bares the same name. Founder Alli Webb created Triple Sec for her stylists to “add a ton of texture and definition—turning a basic blowout into a more tousled, windswept style.” She quickly become an ardent devotee of it for her own hair, which loves to go flat, she says. “I’m obsessed with it. The Mai Tai—messy, beachy hair—is my go-to look, so I use it almost daily.” We caught up with her to learn more about the new triple threat to drab, lifeless hair. MELISSA LANE

“We really wanted a product that would give tons of texture and volume and could also act as a clear, dry shampoo,” says Webb of the triple-hitter. “We wanted to give our Drybar stylists and clients the perfect combo for all hair types and textures.”

“Microporous minerals get deposited on the hair to create texture, add volume, and absorb oil. The formula is fully invisible, so it doesn’t leave a white or powdery residue in your hair. It works on all hair colors, types, and lengths by blending right in. It’s also incredibly light and dries fast.”

“Triple Sec gives a perfectly tousled style by separating hair strands, giving them a piecey look with a matte finish. It happens as effortlessly as it looks: Spray in, twist and turn slightly with fingers, and you’re good to go.”

“Triple Sec creates space between each strand giving the appearance of thicker fuller hair. It can be used again and again without making hair sticky or stiff. The more you use it, the more volume you’ll see.”

“Triple Sec adds life and lift to any style, lightly and invisibly absorbing oil and making hair smell great.”

“Shake extremely well. Spray three to four inches from hair to create texture and body in the tresses. You can also spray it at the roots for extra lift and oil absorption.”

“Triple Sec transforms hair, creating a perfectly tousled look with tons of instant volume. It brings dull, flat hair back to life, and adds fullness to deflated, slept-on blowouts.”


As Seen on TV

When I was a kid, I kept myself amused by acting out a thousand small rebellions. Picking my nose and wiping gobs of snot on the back of the driver’s seat in my mom’s minivan. Sneaking into my sister’s room and cutting the hair off all her dolls. Burying my dad’s tools in the sandbox.

By far my favorite rule to break was: “No late night TV.” Some nights around midnight, after I’d lain quietly in bed, struggling to stay awake and listening for my parents’ bedroom door to finally shut, I’d sneak downstairs into the den. I had to be totally silent and make the journey in the dark. It always sent an extra, thrilling shiver down my spine – creeping in the pitch black, feeling my way along with one hand until I touched the basement door.

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