is my new bling

Are you ready for the weekend?!!!

With the unseasonable warm weather weather we are having my thoughts turned to casual wear. I really love this top, it is so comfortable to wear, unfortunately it didn’t show up well against the light background. And check out my new belt, leopard print with rhinestones everywhere. Talk about your girly girl, blingy bling! :)

I really wanted to show off my new chunky heel platform sandals as well. You cant see them very well here, I’ll post some other photos to hopefully give you a better look. Enjoy the weekend! :)

SHINee In Dallas
  • A room of nothing but Shawols
  • *tears up*
  • The opening VCR = NOSTALGIA TO THE MAX
  • SHINee hitting us with everything they had for Everybody
  • I wasn’t ready
  • Key twirling that arm like the fucking boss he is
  • God bless dedication 
  • Shawols
  • The host 
  • The host’s sass
  • That girl that flew here from Tokyo omg
  • Honey, Korea is like, right next….. nvm
  • The boys singing Hello
  • Key cutting Minho off to talk about Pokemon Go
  • Key not understanding Pokemon Go
  • Minho looking fine af 
  • Like…… BOY
  • That one male Shawol that screamed his love for Jonghyun
  • And Jonghyun recognized him from the Chicago meet
  • Taemin asking if we’ll support a future U.S. solo tour
  • *intense screaming from everyone*
  • Kibum’s F L A W L E S S English
  • Onew’s weird elephant, horn noise that he wouldn’t stop doing
  • Onew being hella extra 
  • Shawols loving Onew
  • Key getting “movies” to act out and then getting last place
  • Jonghyun’s goldfish
  • Shawols
  • Taemin w/ black hair <3
  • That SHINee World video
  • The sea of baby blue lights
  • And pretty much every Shawol singing along to the songs in the vid
  • View fanchant
  • The love of Shawols
  • Replay
  • the vocalsT
  • Lucifer 
  • the most lit song of the night 
  • Jonghyun’s long ass note
  • Shawols screaming their lungs out
  • Key and Tae going so hard in the dance
  • Sherlock choreo
  • Minho owning everything
  • The bts for the View mv
  • Jonghyun being so flirty I want to jump off a cliff
  • the boys coming out before the video was done
  • everyone laughing at the boys
  • everyone crying because View starts
  • strong ass fanchants
  • Shawols <3333
  • Key looking so good in his outfit
  • Taemin being a reincarnated MJ
  • Taemin hitting those NOTES
  • Taemin slaying that song
  • Jonghyun’s “DOOOoooooWWWNnnnNN”
  • Onew being at the front 
  • Onew getting his life
  • SHINee saying goodbye
  • Shawols start singing Happy Birthday to Taemin
  • Tae being so. damn. surprised.
  • Key being confused and shady cuz
  • “Taemin, what day is it?” Not the 18th? Ok, then sit down.
  • Minho not wanting to leave the stage
  • SHINee loving us
  • Shawols loving SHINee

This was such a beautiful fanmeet/concert and nothing will compare to the night we all had. I feel so close to SHINee but I feel close to Shawols as well. Pure magic. 

SM Needs to Find a DJ

SM: Okay, so we need a DJ for Amber and Luna’s song at the concert. Who’s free?

Staff: Shinee’s back. Exo is busy, Suju never has time, Red Velvet is promoting and Girls Generation is too good for that. You only have NCT.

SM: Okay let’s use Taeyong.

Staff: He’s busy with a photo shoot that day.

SM: Okay then Ten.

Staff: He’s taking some personal days after Hit The Stage.

SM: Mark???

Staff: He’s prepping for the new unit, NCT Bling Bling.

SM: Right. Oh yes! My precious Shinee Jr. group! Well who else do we have that’s super popular and can make the crowd go wild?

Staff: Um how about WinWin?

SM: *bursts into raucous laughter*

SM: *wipes tears from eyes* WHEW BOY! I needed a good laugh badly, but seriously, who can we REALLY use?

Staff: Well….there is Johnny.

SM: He’s still alive?

Staff: Sometimes in the mornings, I go to the locker and open the door a little just enough to let light in and water him some so that he won’t die out.

SM: Perfect! This works out. He’ll be great!

Staff: Great enough to maybe even debut?

SM: *starts laughing again*


SM: But like seriously again, no. Lol why would I even?

Staff: Yeah I mean why would you ever ACTUALLY debut a trainee?


SM: Are you being sarcastic?

Staff: ….no

SM: Good because I can never tell. Go get the boy ready! And tell him that the event is for charity so that he doesn’t expect a check.


Staff: Of course. *leaves*

SM: Look at me. Always making dreams come true. I think I’ll spend his check on me as a reward!


Hulk in the Thor: Ragnarok Trailers (Updated with New Chunky Bling!) does look even more like Bruce! 

My Thoughts …

CGI and MoCap: I don’t think we’re quite to the level of detail on the CGI in parts of the second tailer as we got in the first one, but it looks like the two-year hiatus brought advances in both the technology for Motion Capture and the designers have decided to take some steps forward in bringing Hulk’s look closer to Banner’s as part of the storyline. I would argue this has been happening all along–it’s just that the changes are more dramatic for Hulk this time. 

Nose: Along with his ears, the only thing undersized about Hulk is his nose. If you look, it’s gone from almost button-ish to more Romanesque like Mark’s in the first trailer. One reason I think the CGI isn’t totally finished in the second trailer is Hulk’s nose looks different (slimmer? pointer?) when he’s out of the helmet, and there may be different CGI teams working on different scenes; otherwise, I’m not sure of any other reasons for that difference since the finished look is usually very consistent within a movie. They have a few months to fix this, and I hope they do.

Lips: The distance between Hulk’s nose and the length of his upper lip has progressively shortened over the three films. Again, there is a difference between trailers, but it may be because of the emotions being conveyed because they are looking really close to Mark’s now. (No, I don’t think he got botox!) 

Eyebrows: People have been having a good time pointing out how manicured Hulk’s eyebrows are. There’s no denying those caterpillars got tweezed, waxed or threaded because they are cleaned up and shaped–maybe more than Mark’s. This didn’t come across in the first trailer but is somewhat evident there as well. The Green Gladiator is looking glam! When on Sakaar, get the spa visits and bling written into your contract, too!

Forehead, Attitude, Hair: The brow bones themselves are still heavy, but Hulk’s forehead is less sloped and ape-like. He’s also carrying himself taller–we were promised he’d be strutting his stuff after all. The shorter haircut shows this off better, too. It’s nice that they’ve let both Bruce and Hulk go gray. I know people will grouse because they think they “look old,” but one of the really smart decisions the MCU made was to let Banner finally grow up and try to evolve past the pattern of suppressing and “curing” Hulk until there’s a blowup and Bruce runs. Age of Ultron used this struggle as a setback that conveniently got them out of the way for Civil War. If you want to read my extensive meta on this, the link is in the note below. Anyway, Hulk is apparently the one who chose the military fade or “high and tight” for the convenience and most likely to also contrast with Bruce’s Age of Ultron curls. (Mark’s pics traumatized me. Go read my meta.)

Eyes: If you’ve been watching carefully since The Avengers in 2012, it’s apparent we were seeing two types of Hulk: the one who transitioned when Bruce was angry, scared, and under Loki’s staff’s influence on the Helicarrier and the much calmer one who took instruction and became a hero. Both had green eyes, but the look was different. There has a definite shift toward Hulk having eyes that were closer to brown than green in Age of Ultron with the exception of when he is possessed by Wanda and rampages through Johannesburg. For that sequence, Hulk’s eyes and face were reddened to show the mind control, and he reverts back to normal coloring just as Tony cold-cocks him and the mind control wears off.  His eyes are Banner brown in Sokovia, including on the quinjet when Hulk leaves, and this appears to be the case in both Ragnarok trailers as well. Hulk’s eye color has been a very consistent indicator of both mood, control, and how close he is to Bruce.

Conclusions (so far): We’ve not even seen Thor: Ragnarok, and it’s already apparent that the Banner/Hulk dynamic is going to be coming to a head or at least take a leap forward. We can tell from Hulk’s evolving look that he is getting closer to looking like Bruce. Now that Hulk is speaking in full sentences, he has a better vocabulary and expresses more complex thoughts than some had speculated he possessed. He may have been low-verbal, but he’s never been dumb. Even with his few lines back in 2008 (“Leave me alone!”) and “Puny God!” in 2012, he’s much more on the ball than a toddler. I’m not sure what effects this will have on Bruce who has apparently been suppressed since Natasha forced him to change and Hulk left on the quinjet from Sakovia two to two and half years before. (Bruce looked to be on the ball in the Infinity War set pics, so my fingers are crossed that any ill effects will be temporary and not rock the Brutasha ship too much.) Interestingly, in the second trailer, Bruce asked, “Did I win?” and not did “Hulk” or “the other guy” win. That is a huge step away from dissassociation with Hulk on Bruce’s part, and it’s possibly headed toward some degree of integration. Mark has hinted as much and told us to expect a three-film story arc equivalent to a standalone movie, so for now, we’re still waiting to see what that first third might be on November 3rd. I’m pretty sure it will be fun!

Note: I have a long post on how Bruce’s look has evolved so far and why in case you’re interested: