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Tagged by @walcohtt to put my music on shuffle and list the first ten songs that come up!
1. Barbie nation- holychild
2.bluebird- beach house
3. On verra- nekfeu
4.dairy queen- PWR BTTM in the afternoon- Saint Vincent and patron- FKA Twigs rabbits- the shins
8. Tough guy- cyberbully mom club
9. King kunta- Kendrick Lamar
10.fantasy- Alina Baraz
I’m so fucking lazy I’m tagging anybody who wants to do this lmao @ my mutuals im SORRY I want to go to sleep but I lov y'all and if you do this let me KNO


I was certainly a misfit, sort of by design in a couple different ways. I had a breath-line stutter when I was a kid, which meant even from a really young age I had a hard time fitting in with the group, because I would get nervous and that would intensify my stutter, and if I was being teased or mocked for my stutter, it would intensify it further, the more conscious of it I became. And then I found the cure for my stutter was opera. And then I was a six-year-old who was obsessed with opera, which also didn’t really put me in the in-crowd. And then right when I was coming out of the opera, I was beginning to have questions about my sexuality and was starting to kiss boys sometimes, and that didn’t help either! So yeah, I’ve known the reality of being a social misfit in a world of heavy privilege. It certainly affords you the opportunity to see things more clearly from afar with a grander perspective, but we shouldn’t discount the pain, and how unfortunate it is that we don’t create a society that can be conducive to that sort of invention or creativity, and in fact makes people feel really stifled and like they have to be outside of society in order to express themselves fully.


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(some well-deserved softness for these angsty kids ⋆:・゚✧)

  • Hamlet: My dad's dead.
  • Horatio: I-
  • Hamlet: My uncle's gonna die.
  • Horatio: I l-
  • Hamlet: Polonius is dead.
  • Horatio: I lo-
  • Hamlet: Ophelia is dead.
  • Horatio: I lov-
  • Hamlet: Shit, the Queen's dead.
  • Horatio: I love-
  • Hamlet: Fuck, Laertes is dead.
  • Horatio: I love y-
  • Hamlet: Ha! The King is dead.
  • Horatio: I love yo-
  • Hamlet: Oh fuck, I'm dead.
  • Horatio:
  • Horatio:
  • Horatio:
  • Horatio: I love you.

got tagged by @rachellelie sweet i lov doin these THENK <3

Rules: Tag 9 ppl you wanna get to know better

Relationship status: single my dude . .. [justin mcelroy voice] i cant do easy things and u want me to do a h a r d on e??

Favourite colour: RED .. .  AND TEAL. ..  ALSO GOLD

Pets: i have 2 cats named cali and sebastian and a dog named shadow

Wake up: im supposed 2 aim 2 b up @ noon but im bad so i mess that up on a weekly basis…… the king of waking up, hearing my alarm, shutting it off and going back 2 sleep

cats or dogs: how can u expect me 2 make this choice they are both good good friends

Coke or Pepsi: pepsi but also neither cuz i dont drink pop anymore


Text or call: text bcuz idc if im gonna die if i dont make this phonecall guess ill die then theyre Bad

Chapstick or lipstick: chapstick i cannot b bothered 2 wear makeup 99% of the time,,,,

City or country: CITY because theres actually…. things here….. li k e

Last book I read: uhhh good question i started words overflown by stars but 1) havent finished it 2)its not like stories its creative writing essays so probably like….. Lost Light#3???? does that count its a Comic but still

Last song I listened to: next exit by interpol cuz james roberts is playin me like a damn fiddle

Five facts about me:
- i play overwatch far 2 much
- but ive been playing breath of the wild more than anything the past few days and i loVE IT
- ive got Too Many OCs
- i desperately need a haircut
- i can bend my fingers back at a 90 degree angle and get my thumb to touch my wrist ?? ? ? 

ANYWAYS UHHH i dunno @trustme-im-a-pirate @naopao @venomines @gayrob0t @wardencommando @jackashery @flyzilla @youareunbearable @b-e-n-n thats nine right (((no pressure tho)))

last time i did one of these was december last year and that was only 3 months after i remade (because i was half asleep and deleted myself).

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