is my heart breaking

okay but seriously i’ve recently found out that there are ACTUALLY people on this site who bitch about other blogs and genuinely feel a dislike to towards other people here (??????) that they have not only never met (!!!) but the only real thing they know about them is that they have a common interest in Harry Styles; a man whose main message is KINDESS. i’m absolutely heartbroken. if you can honestly say that you would actively speak ill of someone here because of their religion, race, sexuality, or social status, please, for the love of god, unfollow me and go tf outside for a minute and just think about your life and how - if you ever were faced in front of this man that you so dearly love - would you justify these nasty actions.

She’s back! *skips about with bunting and frantically checks sparkler supplies*
Serena Wendy Campbell is back in Holby-land soon and after seeing the Winter trailer I can’t believe just how much I’ve missed her!
Roll on February! 😄😄😄😄