is my handwriting really that bad

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Uh,, hhh my depended lives across the country from me, and i cant be with them in person for at least 2 years because of shitty family situations, and they cant be online as much as i need them to be and they know i have dpd so i know they are trying their best to be there, but its so hard. It literally hurts so bad that i have to wait to be with them.. idk what to do about it?? Idk if this is okay to send here but,,? Idk its really lonely here...

Of course it’s okay to send here, and I wish I could say more to help. Is it possible to send packages and letters to eachother? My friend from across the country would send me stickers and care bears and beads he made, so maybe if you have something solid to carry with you to help missing them it could help, or even just holding their handwriting could help. 


next week is my finals week… procrastinates on studying by drawing characters studying

i didn’t really think about what they would both study but i like the idea of them being the same major/field bc it’d probably be 2x funnier with them being in the same classes trying to one-up each other every time one of them brings up an argument


I tried to do something cute I think I failed… 

V!Palette: Gothy!! Look what I made. It’s called pudding, here wanna try some?


V!Palette: Goth?! W-what are you d-doing?!!

M!Goth: What? I’m waiting for you to feed me with pudding.. Is there something wrong?

V!Palette: Ahaha, no it’s fine. Sorry, but could you leave me for a moment…


V!Palette and M!Goth design by me

Palette Roller belongs to @angexci

Goth belongs to @nekophy

hello studyblr folks!! okay listen. i have, like, notoriously bad handwriting. like, the kind where you have to tell people what it says because they can’t read it. you’ve tried every cutesy handwriting post telling you to practice, and practice, and practice more, but it never sticks?

well, practice may make perfect, but for someone who doesn’t have the time to spend hours practicing handwriting, i just want it legible. not to mention, even if i did consistently write like that, i would end up spending hours on my notes.

this guide will tell you is how to consistently write legibly while maintaining speed and how to prioritize which styles to use (so that you can still be cute when you wanna!).

some tips:

  • when you’re taking fast notes in class, no prettiness necessary, work on WRITING THE BODY OF YOUR LETTERS BIGGER. you’ll still have to practice with this to get it up to a good speed. experiment with it, find what works for you, but i’ve found that i write fastest when i’m connecting my letters.

    for instance, at its absolute best my natural handwriting is this:

    but when i take notes in class, i write like this:

    bigger letters almost always = more legibility.

  • work on making the stems of your letters (your y’s, d’s, g’s, q’s, and b’s) much shorter. that way, the lines above and below don’t get cluttered, which makes it even more messy. added bonus of not having to double space your writing if it’s not required.
  • when you have to write neatly, but still have to write A LOT, work to write bigger and with disconnected letters. having disconnected letters makes it a bit slower, but goes a long way for neatness. like so:

    this is useful for rewriting notes and handwriting essays on tests (especially if your teacher refuses to grade if they can’t read it!! that’s happened to me before, would not recommend).

  • in places like your planner/bullet journal, or in captions on diagrams, writing small, neat, and cute can be a blessing! this is the kind of writing i use in my bullet journal:

    it’s the perfect handwriting to use so long as it’s in the right context. 

  • recognize and accept time constraints on your writing. i cannot stress enough: you will not always have enough time to write perfectly, especially if you’re writing pages and pages of notes. don’t worry over not being “studyblr” enough; worry about getting it done.
  • listen to your hand. one of the reasons i’m telling you to write so big on longer batches of writing is that unnaturally small writing will hurt your hand. take breaks if your hand is starting to hurt (unless you’re in a test, of course) because it can lead to more serious hand problems like carpal tunnel if done consistently. i know people who it’s happened to before.
  • stop pressing down so hard with your pen or pencil. 
  • a final tip: experiment with different pens and pencils to see what makes your handwriting better, worse, bigger, smaller, etc. i myself tend to write a lot messier with pencils, a lot neater with muji, a lot messier with bic atlantis, a lot smaller with rapidograph…… the list goes on. find what works best and feels best to you.

practice and discipline will make perfect with this! i hope this was helpful. happy studying!! :))) ☆*✧

(header background is “paradise”, a painting by maurice denis.)

29-10-2015 / 14.49 / I’m really not well today but the deadline for my dissertation proposal is tomorrow so I’m having to grin and bear it. It’s a formative assignment and it’s just a page so that’s not so bad. I’ve essentially finished now; I just need to type it all up. Feeling pretty confident about my proposed research study so I can’t wait to actually get started with it!

edit: idk if it was clear which name went with each palette so i added lil arrows

excuse my bad handwriting, but i decided i wanted to make my own color palette challenge!  these are always really fun to do :^D

send me a palette name + a character and i’ll (try) to do a painting/drawing of them!  feel free to reblog and do this challenge yourself!  (also if you want, tag me if you use any of these palettes!  i’d love to see what you do with them)

have fun!

oh, under cut is just the colors without the border and the names for your convenience

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got my philosophy exam back yesterday—i got the highest grade (tied with another person) among all the sections my prof handles (which made my day because i’ve heard a lot about how my prof is really tough when it comes to grading)! wah

this morning i’m studying for my midterms on tuesday so i’m using my exam as my inspiration. :-) it’s going to be an oral exam! when i was a freshman i dreaded these things but when i took my first oral exam it wasn’t as bad as i thought. i have four more thesis statements to go, then i have to pick something up and attend a fancy art auction (just for fun—they’re auctioning off a rare juan luna and i want to see how much it’ll go for!).


121916 — • G E O G R A P H Y • —

I’m trying to improve my Thai handwriting because it’s actually really bad.
I think I’m doing a lot better now though.
I still don’t really like geography. I prefer history, but oh well, I’m not in the place to choose.
I’ll just try my best to keep myself motivated.



WIP; The Yuri on Ice / Miraculous Ladybudy au nobody asked for! feat. my really bad sketches and chinese handwriting! 


*You can read about Dreamwalker in one of my future doujis

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This had to happen, Marinette needed to unburden herself. But it’s okay!

@faith-xx-love you were wrong, but I love you anyway.
I really, REALLY thank @mirthalia for fixing my bad grammar.
Font, this time! I will continue using a font! èvè7
My handwriting is kinda bad.

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Translation 030:

Toriel: I’ll heal you when we get to my house.

Toriel: Just tell me if you need or want anything, okay???