is my first in ths type

The houses on social media

(Based on people in my friend group)

- will post any picture of themselves
- leaves you on read
- screenshots
- barely ever online
- always draws on top of pictures

- either replies in seconds, or you wait days
- pictures with thumbs up
- ?!???!??!!!
- like eight filters at once
- first comment on instagram
- still uses facebook
- uses the group chat all the time

- pictures of anything but their face
- always inspirational
- uses the pinky/purple filter on boomerangs
- types long paragraphs
- constantly films the weather
- is pushy about keeping the streak
- messages at the weirdest times

- mirror selfies
- pictures of food/work
- tlk lyk ths 4 irny
- never get replies
- send random things during important conversations
- backs out of plans last minute
- mutes the ravenclaws

wanted: skating lessons

based on this post that @actualyuuri sent me that of course spiraled into a fic idea (you know, the usual. we’ve been over this) 

disclaimer: not to be taken seriously at all, the skating progress is not accurate, etc etc 

length: 2k 2 many // rating: gen 

Wanted: Skating Lessons

Hi. I am Victor and I need to learn how to skate before Saturday. My parents have been paying for me to get skating lessons every week for the last fifteen years but I never actually attended any of the lessons and I spent the money on marble busts instead. Now they want me to perform to ‘Stammi Vicino’ at their wedding anniversary on Saturday.

If you can teach me, be here at Ice Castle tomorrow at 7:27am with an extra pair of skates. I am a fast learner (well, at least my dog Makkachin is–it took me only two weeks to teach him how to roll over) so I am pretty sure I will pick it up quickly. In return, I can teach you how to say some pick-up lines in Russian or tell you some facts about my love life. Whichever you prefer. Not both, though.

Yours sincerely,

PS. I’m a size 8

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Band Bus (Jared x Reader thing)

backstory: hey so last week was my first game of this year in marching band and going to the game (about an hour drive) we could sit wherever the fuck we wanted on the bus but when we came home we had to sit separated (girl in the front and dudes in the back) so that nobody gets pregnant, right? Well I got this idea so enjoy? 

warnings: nsfw (fingering, mainly), cursing, erm brief mention of deepthroat lyrics lmao

a/n: O K TH I S IS MY FIRST NSFW TYPE THING SO IT MOST LIKELY SUCKS BUT I AM NOT USED TO THIS LMAO IT IS NOT GOOD I WILL BE EDITING IT SOON  also this has a lot of marching band references in it so?? it might not be understandable if you aren’t into that type of thing but if you want to you can just look it up or ask me lmao or just, ignore it. this also includes my headcanon that Jared would most definitely  ((also I couldn’t think of any school mascots seeing that everybody is different so I just said Wildcats bc why tf not and that’s my school’s, so.))

‘What are we?” your band director yelled from the sidewalk while all of the band members were in line, in their respective sections.

“Wildcats!” you yelled back.

“What are we?” he yelled back, louder.

“Wildcats!” you yelled pumping your fist into the air. 

“Alright! Get on the bus. Seeing that it’s dark, you know the drill. Guys in the back, girls in the front,” you and your other clarinet members shrug it off before heading off to the van to throw in your cases. You meet up with Jared who’s polishing his trumpet mouthpiece before throwing it in his case.

“Hey, y/n dearest,” he said kissing your cheek, then your sweaty forehead. You giggle lightly and give him a big old smooch on his swollen lips. He has a wide dorky grin when you pull away and his glasses are starting to slide off. You push them up and grab his hand pulling him to the bus. You were two of the first people to get on the bus. You were about to flop down in one of the front seats when Jared grabbed your arm and pulled you back up. 

“Ha, first game and you were gonna follow the separation rule? Come on, y/n. It’s a two-hour drive. You’ll survive,” he scoffs.

“Asshole you chose to sit with your ‘camp friends’ last year,” you laugh, crossing your arms over your chest. He rolls his eyes and drags you to the back of the bus, making you sit by the window. You two scroll through your Instagram showing each other random memes until the bus is full. You lean your head against the window and Jared wraps his arms around your waist pulling you into his side. You both doze off together listening to the other band kids screaming ‘Get Schwifty’ from Rick and Morty. 

Lick lick lick lick lick. I wanna eat your dick 

You woke up to Jared blasting Deepthroat by Cupcakke through his Bluetooth speaker into your ear. You flipped him off, smiling, and then rubbing your eyes.

“How much longer until we get home?” you asked groggily.

“About another hour and a half. We were only asleep for a half an hour,” he laughs. You groan and pull off your awkward bucket helmet you need to wear for performances. You had forgotten to initially take it off earlier. You set it on the floor and browse on your phone for a couple mindless minutes. You were about to try to go back to sleep when the bus started playing one of the performance songs on their instruments. You quickly put your clarinet together while Jared was keeping a beat with his drumsticks on the back of the seat. You started joining in when Jared stopped and put his drumsticks down into his backpack. He grabbed onto your inner thigh while you played and kissed your slightly puffed out cheek. He started to slightly dance his fingers along the hemline of your marching pants. He slowly progressed from the hem on the inside of your thigh to the crease where your legs and torso met, to the waistband. 

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grumpy kitty // based on this fic

anonymous asked:

✗ with Kev ;)

McKinley went into the living room to scold Kevin for staying up so late. The brunette always had the habit of getting wrapped up in a book just before curfew… But this time, things seemed.. different. A tad bit off than what they usually are.

“Elder Price, you are aware that it is an hour past your bedtime, right?” Connor tsked teasingly, moving to stand in front of his fellow missionary. Kevin let out a soft noise in acknowledgement, not looking up from his book despite knowing full-well how much that annoyed his district leader.

“Elder Price, is that any way to.. to…” His nose crinkled up, and he stomped his foot down like an upset child. “Put that stupid book down and go to bed!”

Kevin cocked an eyebrow, looking up at the steamed redhead with an innocently playful expression. “Are you always this grumpy at 11?” He asked softly. “Or do you just break this attitude out for me specifically?”

“E-excuse me?” Connor wasn’t going to lie, he was a little surprised at the tone that was being used against him. But then again, Kevin was the type of person to push buttons and toy with emotions. “Just.. it’s time to go to bed, okay?”

“Okay, Mr. Grumpy-Pants, I’ll get to sleep.. Don’t get your temple garments in a twist.”


Elder Price couldn’t help but laugh at Connor’s reaction. “You’re adorable when you’re whiny like this..” He hummed, setting his book aside and standing up, making Connor reassess and take a small step back. “I always get all tingly when you use my first name. It sounds so strange when you say it.”

“Elder, th-this is highly inappropriate, do you–”

“There’s nothing inappropriate about this, Connor.”

Wait, did Price even know his first name? It had never come up in any conversation..

Kevin moved closer, and Connor suddenly felt a lot less in control.

“Price, please, I..” He swallowed thickly. Was it hot in here or was it just him? “Y-you're– it’s bedtime. I can tell you’re tired. Can you please just retire to your room? I’m sure your companion is worried about how you’re taking so long–”

“Oh, just shut up already..” Kevin huffed, grabbing Connor by his tie and closing the space between them as he captured his lips in a fiery kiss. A muffled gasp managed to escape Connor, but it only took him a moment more to completely melt into a mewling mess. He could feel his cheeks starting to burn in a mix of shame and lust and found himself grasping at Kevin’s shirt to pull him against his chest.

“You’re such a needy little whore. How long have you waited for this to happen? How long have you dreamed of this exact moment?”

“K-Kevin, goodness gracious, please.”

“Aren’t you going to answer my questions?”

Connor felt a hand close around his throat, and his eyes fluttered open to see horns sprouting from Kevin’s forehead. His stomach sunk, his heart practically skipping a beat.

“C'mon, Connie-bear. I know how much you adore me. How much you fawn over ever little thing I do. It’s so painfully obvious.” Kevin hissed as his lips curled into a sinister sneer, showing off sharp fangs and a forked tongue. Leaning forward, his voice lowered to a evil-sounding growl. “Just admit it already.“—

— Connor jolted awake, a strangled-sounding wail sounding from him. Sweat was causing his garments to stick to his skin, his chest was tight with fear, his lips burned.

He felt like he was going to be sick…

Taking a deep breath, he hesitantly looked over at the bed beside his. At least Elder Thomas had been able to sleep through his hell dream this time. His guilt only doubled when his cries woke up his companion…

Connor curled back up under his sheets, squeezing his eyes shut to ignore the tears starting to well up in them.

‘Turn it off, McKinley.’

A Serving Of Awkward Wrapped In A Shy Little Bow

Author: AvengeSuperWhoLock

Word Count:1600

Pairing: CastielxReader

Summary:  You’re desperately in love with Cas but you’re so awkward and shy around him that it’s comical. And, of course, in true Winchester style, Dean and Sam tease the hell out of you for it.

Part 2: The Food Run From Hell 

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My Feather Bed

So I wrote a setting of the lyrics to a song from Game of Thrones (well, from A Song of Ice and Fire. A Storm of Swords to be exact). Please excuse the mediocre guitaring. This was, like, the elevendy-th take and so my fingers are very angry (and painful. It hurts to type this).

I loved this song from the first time I read it in the book (also it’s basically the Gendrya anthem and I’m kinda mad that there was never Acorn Hall in the show). Also I actually took the time to write out the music (writing guitar chords is awful) So that’s what’s in the sheet music below. The guitar line is more so just for the strumming pattern.

Music and chords below the cut.

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[image: two drawing sets that are of Lycaea Archeliou, a chubby pastel purple togruta with spikes on her montrals, yellow eyes, and skeletal black metal prosthetic legs. Each drawing set shows her whole body at straight on, 3/4th view, profile, and back view. each shows her entire body. the first drawing set shows her in short black jean shorts and a purple tanktop, and the second one shows her in black durasteel armor, wearing a cape hanging off her back, attached to metal shoulderpads. end image]

the lycaea ref pics i randomly drew

first is to show her body type, second is her wrath armor, remulus drepya’s armor set

she doesn’t look exactly like she does in game, because she’s ¾ togruta and ¼th sith (hence the bright yellow eyes and montral spikes), and because fat women are allowed to exist in my SWTOR universe

her armor is modified so its not skin tight, and looks more armory. i like that aesthetic for her better

anonymous asked:

Hello can I request the BTS members having a younger sister and she comes to the dorm in tears one night, because she found out that her boyfriend of 9 months has been cheating on her/ been in a 4 year relationship and lied about it. He also lied to the sister saying that she meant more to him than just sex, and he took her virginity too.. this happened to me a few days ago, so that's fun.

I’ve never done a request before but I hope this imagine was at least up to your expectations and once again no one deserves such treatment. 

-at the dorms-

Y/N: *walks in with a heavy expression*

BTS: *turns to look at Y/N

JM: *approaching you slowly* Is something the matter?

Y/N: *takes a deep breath* I….I…*voice cracking* h-he cheated on me..

RM: *expressions darkens* He did what?

Y/N: *fidgeting in place* Turns out…h-he was already in a 4 year relationship…when he was dating me…

JK: *frozen*

TH: *shocked* What? Why? H-how can someone do that?

SG: *face hardening* What the fuck

Y/N: *tears spilling* He lied to me, he freaking lied to me *chews on lips* he he said I was special to him, tha-that our relationship was more than just sex..

JM: *goes and wraps around Y/N in a tight embrace* c’mere, come sit down on the couch

JH: *runs hand through his hair in frustration*  This is fucking ridiculous. I can’t fucking believe this. 

RM: I knew it, I knew he was that type of guy. *clenches fist* I shouldn’t have let you date him in the first place…


TH: *looks at Jin* Hyung.. 

TH: *goes to hug Y/N on the couch*

SG: Clearly, he doesn’t deserve you. That kind of scum shouldn’t exist on this earth. 

Y/N: *sobbing onto Taehyung’s shoulder* He..was. my first… 

JM: *rubbing Y/N’s back* Our precious Y/N doesn’t deserve this…

JK: *leaves to go in his room*

JK: *comes back out, keys in one hand*

Jin: Where are you going?

JK: *eyes filled with anger* To knock some sense into this fucking asshole

JM: *looks up in alarm* Jungkook, No

JK: *eyes closed; jaw tightening* If I don’t, then who will?

RM: Jungkook, I understand why you must be mad right now, heck we all are, but violence doesn’t solve anything. What Y/N needs right now is our undivided attention, love and care.

JH: *leaves*

TH: Look here, Y/N *wipes away tears on your face* We’re here for you, yknow that?, you’re not alone.

JM: *pats Y/N’s head* You’re safe with us and you know that we love you dearly from the bottom of our hearts-

JH: *returns* Y/N!!!

Y/N: *looks up startled* Jhope!! omg you scared me *breaks a smile*


TH & Jin: *bursts out laughing*

SG: What the fuck is he doing *tries to hold in laughter*

RM: *covers face with hand in embarrassment*

JK: *chuckles* I can’t believe this is happening

JM: *turns away to laugh silently*

Y/N: *sniffles* ugh you guys, y’all idiots but I love you too

More Imagines 

anonymous asked:

66 85 87

66. How do they feel about sex?

Benny gives a sultry smirk then. “Ah, one of th’ first great pastimes mortals came up with~” His tail flicks happily behind him as he slips his hands into his pockets. “I enjoy a good romp as much as th’ next demon, though I prefer t’focus more on my partner than myself. Somethin’ about seein’ someone so vulnerable is…excitin’~” He purred, licking a fang absentmindedly.

85. What kind of personalities do they find attractive?

The little demon hummed tilting his head. “Attractive personalities huh?” He tapped his tail against the floor a moment as he thought “I appreciate th’ quiet shy types, but confidence always makes things fun~” Benny said with a little snicker.

87. What is their age?

“My age?” The demon blinked and he glanced up in thought. “Geeze, I’m not sure honestly, time kinda all blends t’gether up there ya see..” He said giving an airy wave to the sky above him. “But I can tell ya that I’ve been down here for…about nine hundred years, give or take a few decades.” Benny said with a slight nod and a grin.

yuna123  asked:

Can I have a BTS ship plz?? I'm quiet at first but once you get to know me I become really loud. Im awkward, loyal, friendly, and honest. I tend to be a lil gullible naive, and random. Also I'm usually one of the youngest in my friend groups but I'm also usually one of the tallest. I love dancing, singing (although I'm not the best), watching cartoons, eating, etc. I love puns/jokes and skinship. And I tend to get along with all types of people. And I listen to music 24/7. Thanks so much🤗!!!

-JH / TH / JK vibes-
I ship you with Taehyungie!

Originally posted by pinjix

I think it’s safe to say, he’s the most gullible in bts it’s unreal but the cutest thing too.
Tae also reaaally likes skinship as well, from back hugs to tight, long bear hugs and close cuddles 24/7 so hopefully you’d be able to tolerate it lol.

Originally posted by jjibooty

He jokes around a lot due to his playful personality and listens to a whole ton of different music genres, which he listens to almost all of the time.

He also gives me the feeling that he loves to sit down and watch cartoons, kdrama’s and movies!

Originally posted by seokjins-wings


“Uh… some pumpkin-flavored cookies?”

Adrian stared at all of the ingredients he’d set out, then slowly looked back over at Nocturne.

“…My friend sent me a recipe for ‘em the other day, and I may have forgotten t’write down all of th’ measurements.”

The Dark type just stood there wondering how someone could forget an important piece of information to baking.

“What is with you humans and pumpkins around this time of year?” He asked curiously. First his kids come back with pumpkin flavored cookies and now this.

“…I’d suggest looking it up if it was a recipe they got online or from a cookbook.”


“Hey, Let’s Make A Band” Michael’s part.
I feel like I can hear his voice in the back of my head while reading this. Even from ths first sentence lol. It’s definitely how he explain things in the interview xD

Credit to @/ww5sosdaily on twitter for typing it.

You can tell a lot about a person by the type of music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your music and list the first ten songs that play,have fun:3

1. Fuck You, Google- Emma Blackery

2. Mr. Brightside- The Killers

3. Gasoline- Troye Sivan

4. Perfect (Acoustic)- Emma Blackery

5. Teenagers- My Chemical Romance

6. Don’t- Ed Sheeran

7. Raise Your Weapon- Deadmau5

8. The Fault In Our Stars- Troye Sivan

9. Nicotine- Panic! At The Disco

10. Thnks Fr Th Mmrs- Fall Out Boy

I tag- dil-howlters-crotch, dil-howlter, dil-howlters-piano-skills, dil-howlters-earings, dil-howlters-wardrobe, dil-howlters-roof, dil-howlters-watch, dil-howlters-window, dil-howlters-right-nipple, dil-howlters-refrigerator, dil-howlters-right-buttcheek, dil-howlters-right-eyebrow, dil-howlters-table, dil-howlters-three-nosed-twin, dil-howlters-table-lamp, dil-howlters-toilet, dil-howlters-trash-can, dil-howlters-uncreative-username, dil-howlters-uncle-chris, dil-howlters-uncustomisable-dick, dil-howlters-uncle-pj, dil-howlters-imaginary-friend, dil-howlters-oven, dil-howlters-oatmeal, dil-howlters-owlslide, dil-howlters-owl-slide (there’s 2 of you wth), dil-howlters-potted-plant, dil-howlters-penguin-tv, dil-howlters-phone, dil-howlters-pink-microwave, dil-howlters-aspirations, dil-howlters-ass (nice url), dil-howlters-awkward-smile, dil-howlters-anus, dil-howlters-auntie-louise, dil-howlters-sex-life, dil-howlters-sugar-daddy, dil-howlters-squid-book, dil-howlters-smoke-alarm, dil-howlters-steamy-shower, dil-howlters-door, dil-howlters-dad, dil-howlters-daughters-fiance, dil-howlters-dil-pickle, dil-howlters-dream-house, dil-howlters-fruitbowl, dil-howlters-front-path, dil-howlters-friend, dil-howlters-front-tooth, dil-howlters-giantpalmtree, dil-howlters-glabella, dil-howlters-garden-salad, dil-howlters-hotdog-suit, dil-howlters-hamburger-cake, dil-howlters-hotdog-costume, dil-howlters-jeans, dil-howlters-knives, dil-howlters-kaboombox, dil-howlters-kitchen, dil-howlters-kitchen-island, dil-howlters-left-nostril, dil-howlters-left-nipple, dil-howlters-left-kneecap, dil-howlters-lips, dil-howlters-left-index-finger, dil-howlters-crate, dil-howlters-viola, dil-howlters-bestfriend, dil-howlters-butt, dil-howlters-bin, dil-howlters-banana-hammock, dil-howlters-bunny-slippers, dil-howlters-neck, dil-howlters-neighbors, dil-howlters-microwave, dil-howlters-mirror, dil-howlters-mailbox, dil-howlters-murderer (wait what), dil-howlters-murderers-murderer (guys)

Yes, I decided to tag the ENTIRE Dildom.

Yes, that’s about an hour and a half I’ll never get back.

Fresh Ink

Summary: based on a prompt from awful-aus:  “I’m getting my very first tattoo and I look nothing like your regular customers and when you walk in I’m flipping through your art work. You think I’m lost and when you try to ask if I am I jump in surprise and push a piece of paper at you saying I want the drawing all down my side. Now I’m flustered and embarrassed and you’re my very attractive tattoo artist and whAT DO YOU MEAN I HAVE TO STRIP IN FRONT OF YOU”
Rating: E

also on ao3!

Shit. Maybe I can’t do this.

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Hello guys o3o)/ this is Lucy’s Public service announcement :3 (lol) XD just something to catch yer attention.

anyways, i’ve noticed that my comic “That Random Story” got a few good feedback :3 and well, it was enough to encourage me to get more into it :)

So here’s how it will go:

- I will start posting chapters on May 21. The first chapter :) (i jsut want to let my sem to end before working on it for the rest of my summer) – if I’m lucky, I’ll be able to post it earlier.

- It will take me 1-2 weeks to complete each chapter :)

- I’ve conceptualized the story last night so I have a clear basis- it won’t be cut off in the middle just cos “I don’t know what to do” cos I’ve already planned :) if good happens, the story will be even more developed with extra tidbits :)

- There are three narrators in this comic. There’s your Lucky Charm Lucy <3 There’s Levy & there’s Gajeel. Why Luce? Obviously because Levy for her chapter & Gajeel for his. Luce is there for the chapters that centers THE BOTH of them. :) cos she’s basically the one who sees this love blossom from beginning to finish. (i want to say why but– SPOILERS hngg)

- expect some sibling action :3 and a few raijinshuu clips. I barely see much of them OuO so I want to give them credit for it

- For the readers of my first pilot chapter– which is like a prologue or something– The setting is the Apartment– Lucy’s apartment :3 Therefore there are floor plans and designs of these rooms that each person stays in :D (I especially like how me and my friend designed Gajeel’s– yes I asked help from a friend :) )– You guys will see these floor plans as soon as i finish it :D I’m starting off with references from Google, then actualizing the floor plan and room structure via Sims & then sketching :3 (i use sims 3 for this XD)

-  YES! EXPECT SKETCHES OF THEIR ROOMS XD :3 – you guys will find out who lives with who :> - or you can also try guessing now!

- I will try my best to make my drawings consistent. i tend to get lazy but hopefully– i won’t ;v;)/

- I won’t bee too keen on “precise places” in seattle since I have never been  there personally ;v;. I’ve just dreamt of stepping onto that beautiful Seattle pavement. <3

- Progress might become slower once June steps in again since it’s back to the university for me (i am currently at 4th year – college OTL)

- These chapters are Heavily based on songs :) like the chapter titles themselves are song titles (except ch.1) so you can expect a few mellow drama moments if you know my type of music :3

here’s a few:

  • Skinny love (Bon Iver)
  • Team (lorde)
  • Chocolate (1957)

So yeah that’s as good as a spoiler & preview :3

- How lucy got that apartment will be explained in th story– first few chapters :3

- if ever something else came up, i’ll post about it again as “Lucy’s Public Announcements” :3 Lucy will be our Muse for this story ^u^)/

- I’ll try to cover each characters’ story & past since this is a modern time AU. I want to make it less depressing ;v;)/ – i placed a lot of tenants in Lucy’s apartment you see :3

That ends this Announcement! A big warm of applause for our muse Lucy ^u^)/ she is an attention getter <3

brount  asked:

tell me abt kagome's Blog

  • blog url - ok obviously kagome is down to clown so she’s not going to have her OWN NAME as a url or anything like that itll be something like goshinboku2 or maybe notkikyo (kikyo’s url is notkagome)
  • the kind of posts they reblog - positive posts!!! ‘i hope all the girls in the world are having a great day’ and like. forests. she reblogs the history of japan video seven times.  
  • the first person they followed - inuyasha definitely. 
  • what kind of theme they’d have - simple, easily accessible for everyone so big font clear colour scheme. 
  • what kind of text posts they make at 2am - ‘geometryy is kickng my ass’ ‘if a half demon is hitt w an arrow in th mdidle of aforest where no one can hear doesit really happen? ??’ (she isn’t good at typing after 1am)