is my favorite song by her ever i think

My favorite headcannon is that Jack has an amazing singing voice and he doesnt even know it.

One day when they’re driving in the car, Bitty has his Sappiest Love Songs Ever playlist going, and Jack’s hitting every note in If I Ain’t Got You. By now Bitty knows Jack can sing, so he posts a video of Jack just going at it on his twitter. The offical Falcs account retweets it. Lin-Manuel Miranda retweets it. Bad Bob retweets it with a “He definitely got that one from his mother”. #WhatThePuckZimmermann is trending #1. The world absolutely loves that this big, quiet, awkward hockey bro also belts it out to sappy love songs on long drives, and Bitty is so proud they finally get to see a part of the real Jack.


The best lyric I think I’ve ever written, and I think the fan favorite, is from a song called ‘Colors’.

It’s about a person who gets affected by their partner in a relationship and then their partner leaves them because of the person they’ve become. When, you know, the other person made them that way.

It’s a really personal lyric.

More Than Song Joong Ki?

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“Descendants of the Sun is so good. I don’t know how I’ve lived without it for this long.”

Your friend nodded her agreement and grabbed a handful of popcorn. “It’s my favorite drama. I don’t think anything will ever beat this,” she sighed as the episode ended.

“Right? There’s nothing that will fill this void when it ends,” you pouted as you stood from the couch to grab another bottle of water.

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One show: Hannibal. Always.

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Two performers: Eddie Redmayne, who I love in literally everything he’s done until now, I think he’s a magnificent actor an such an amazing person. Eva Green, who never ceases to amaze me with her performances, I can’t wait to see her playing Virginia Woolf.

Three songs: ‘Civilian’ by Wye Oak, ‘A Song for XX’ by Ayumi Hamasaki and ‘There Is a Light That Never Goes Out’ (Sara Lov version)

Four operas/books/plays: Händel’s ‘Giulio Cesare in Egitto’ which contains one of my favorite female arias ever. ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, my all time favorite from Shakespeare. ‘Angels in America’ by Tony Kushner which deeply impressed me when I first read it and Hermann Hesse’s ‘Demian’ for the same reason.

Five foods: I don’t pay much attention to food, but anything with strawberries on it is my thing.

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Relationship: Nah.

Favorite colors: I like everything in shades of purple.

Pets: Oh, you know I love having an excuse to post a picture of Anubis. Here he is pretending to be a ghost.

Last song I listened to: “Here Comes a Thought” from Steven Universe. I actually have it in a loop right now.

First fandom: My Chemical Romance. Yes, I was an emo kid.

Hobbies: *While sitting on an armchair made of books* Can think of any…

Favorite book(s): *hugs her entire library* How dare you ask me to choose, I love all my children equally.

Worst thing i’ve ever eaten: Pineapple pizza. (Fight me, I hate bittersweet things).

Favorite place: Crowded coffee shops, especially if I can snatch a seat in the corner where nobody bothers me while I read/write/people-watch.

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Amber Liu

What I first noticed about them:

So, the first thing I noticed about Amber, obviously, was her unique style and attitude. She’s just SO different from any other girl in kpop, and I think it’s fantastic she’s so unique and creative.

Where they are on my bias list:

Luna, Krystal, Victoria, Amber

What I like about them/why they’re my bias:

So, I’ve never considered Amber as one of my biases. I think her enough, she’s just never been my favorite in F(x). But, I think one of Amber’s best qualities is her voice. In F(x), I feel like they don’t showcase her voice enough. To me, she isn’t that great of a rapper, but that’s the only lines they give her. But her solo song was so amazing. She’s got one of the most beautiful voices I’ve ever heard, and I wish SM would showcase that a lot more.

Give me a name of a Kpop group member in ANY band and I’ll tell you what I first noticed about them, where they are in my bias list, and what I like about them!

I Think I'm Crazy
  • I Think I'm Crazy
  • Melanie Martinez

“this song absolutely beautiful, it’s sad that she didn’t want to put it out just because it reminded her of her boyfriend. there are a lot of songs that were really painful to write out there, but those are the best.”

she wrote this song for her boyfriend and deleted the video from her channel when he broke her heart (x)

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relationship status: single pringle lol

lipstick or chapstick: i wear entirely too much chapstick…

last song I listened to: How Far I’ll Go from Moana, since I’m currently obsessed with the soundtrack

Top 3 characters: how do i only pick three? like…how? ok but probably Cath from Fangirl because I identify with her a lot, Baz from Carry On because i just love him so much, and… i think i’ll go with Hermione Granger, probably my first ever favorite character? wow that was hard

Top 3 ships: again, how do i choose? agh this is hard ok currently? probably elizabeth bennet and darcy (all versions don’t make me choose i love them all), simon and baz from carry on, and madeleine tully and elliot baranski from the colors of madeleine (it’s a trilogy that i read a few months ago that no one else i know has read but everyone should because it’s super good!)

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I was just thinking how neat it would be to have this belief that, you know, you’ve lived before. And if energy isn’t ever destroyed, then anyone you’ve ever loved, anyone that’s ever loved you in a past life - none of the love goes away. It never disappears. It’s always around you. And the meaning of the song was realizing it.

I’m over-my-head in love.

—  Brittany Howard in an interview with NPR on her intentions while writing my favorite song on her Grammy-winning album, Sound and Color. What she says really pinpoints everything that I feel. ❤

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Since Taeyeon is coming back soon, favorite solo of hers??

hands down I. it’s so… i don’t even know how to explain myself, but it’s so Good? like it’s the second female solo song to ever make me feel this way (after ailee’s heaven, which is also a masterpiece btw) and i don’t think i’ll never get sick of it. sometimes i have days where i just have it on repeat while i’m going about my business and singing along badly lol


favorite character meme: three relationships [2/3] → Peyton and her parents

“My mom used to sing to me, I don’t think I’ve ever really told anybody that before. It was like out little secret, but every night, she’d come in and she’d tuck me in and she’d sing me something like lullabies or album rock stuff. And then, I don’t know, after she was gone, I remember lying in bed for the first time and just feeling silence, you know? And then realizing that for the rest of my life it was gone. All her songs were gone and her voice, and the way it used to soothe me, just all of it. So I guess I tried to find new songs to fill that quiet but none of them really have.”

I never pictured myself falling in love, especially so young. Then, I met her. From that moment I knew I was ready to learn what falling in love meant. It was the little things that caught my attention like the way her voice quietly cracks when we talk or how she remembered all the lyrics to my favorite song. I was told falling in love was dangerous and I believe that. I gave her my fragile heart in hope that she’ll cherish it forever. Whenever I think of her, I think about forever. Nothing in the world can stop me from loving her, being with her, and wanting her more than anything. I fell hard but it’s okay. I was told falling in love was dangerous, but with her, I’m willing to go into the danger zone over and over, even if it means being torn into pieces. God, I rarely ever pray to you but I’m begging you to keep her in my life forever.
—  She is my galaxy

“To the general public, it’s not about your body of work. In most cases, it’s about the song that reminds them of something in their lives. They take you into their heart. That’s, like, the biggest thing ever. You have to play that song.” - ADELE


30 Bands/Artists in 30 Days | 23/30: TARJA

Favorite Song: Mystique Voyage
Favorite Album: Colours in the Dark (2013)
Favorite Lyrics: “Missed forever, wonder why, Close and far as you and I, Like ice flowers trapped in time” (Too Many)
First Song Ever Heard? I Walk Alone
Most Played Song: Oasis
Seen Her Live? No
Fan Since: 2007
How Did You Hear About Her? Like anyone else, 1st time I heard about her was with Nightwish. So it was natural following her solo career.
Favorite Memory of the Artist?Well, I think the many collaborations she is doing over the years.


Ok so this is Tay singing with Alanis Morissette “You Ought Know” one of my favorite song EVER!!

But, I’ve just died when I heard the lyrics “and are you thinking of me when you fuck her” and can’t stop thinking of her and Karlie…

Like someone reproaching her for that, and she’s like: well… Yes! It’s Karlie Kloss 💁🏻😍🌞

I think my favorite part about how Calvin probably wrote this song for Taylor is how in the past whenever someone asks Taylor about how she writes songs about her exes she always responds with the fact that they are perfectly able to write songs right back about her and i think everyone has always just assumed that it would be a negative or bitter song about her but i don’t think anyone has ever thought of someone she’s dating to write a heartfelt and meaningful song about her and i love that thats what happened with Calvin’s song

i’m not trying to be on some type of high horse by saying that i don’t know how many people understand the chorus of “i write sins not tragedies” but bc the key line of the song is joked about so much i sincerely wonder if ppl think about it and it’s honestly one of my favorite lines of any song ever

“haven’t you people ever heard of closing the goddamn door” like. haven’t you ever heard of cutting ties with people you can’t stand. why are you close enough to the bride to be a bridesmaid but calling her a whore. i love it i love how fever is about calling out fake people right and left i love it. “it’s much better to face these kinds of things with a sense of poise and rationality” satirically summing up what people subconsciously believe and it’s that pretending to like someone is more sophisticated, polite, and mature, when all it does is make you a bitter person. i love it pls reblog if you’ve ever thought about this i’m sure people have but nobody talks about it so i wouldn’t know