is my favorite book from the series

So anyway I don’t think I’ll ever be as impressed with a book series adaptation than I have been with Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. My 21 year old sister and I, who read the books when we were young, recognized specific lines from the book and decided to find the books and see just how similar the two were. They were EXACTLY the same. Like, Lemony Snicket’s narrations were all direct passages from the book. We read along side the story. My sister (who is very much a person who does not enjoy reading) finished reading A Bad Beginning alongside the end of the second episode. I just. I am so impressed, and I wish Netflix would pick up all my favorite books that had been disgraced by a terrible movie adaptation.

Writeblr Community Questions

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Fun Basics

Preferred writing type: Fantasy novels, or fantasy short stories

Favorite genre(s) to write: Fantasy

Favorite genre(s) to read: It depends on the story itself. I read historical fiction, realistic fiction, fantasy, sci-fi, etc

Favorite standalone book(s): Katie’s Angel (haven’t read this since third grade, but it warmed my heart so much), Letters from Rifka (also haven’t read this since third grade, but it was the definition of beautiful)

Favorite Book Series: The Iron Fey

Favorite Movie(s): The Corpse Bride

Favorite TV show(s): As of right now, Flight 29 Down

Other Fandoms You’re interested in: I am huge members of the ATLA and LOK fandoms

Zodiac sign: Gemini and it does not really match my personality well at all

MBTI Type: INFP. It matches my personality very, very well. 

Introvert of Extrovert: Introvert

Favorite Season: Winter. Winter doesn’t exist in Georgia (no offense, Georgia).

Spirit animal: wait.. let me take a test. I hope it’s a wolf. Annnd …. I am an owl. Hooo!

Hobbies/interests other than writing: drawing, DIY, and psychology

Cat person, dog person, or both?: I like dogs, but I am a cat person. I’m also allergic to cats.

Writing Style Nitty-Gritty

Number/Names of WIPs: I have one main WIP called Raven and the White Marked Revolution. Then I have like three others (short stories) that don’t have titles yet. They’ll be on Wattpad.

Favorite Book about writing: I’ve never read one

Planner, panster, or plantser: I was a panster, then I become a plantser, but now I am a committed planner, 100%

Favorite Outlining method: Mind maps

Types of blogs you followed for reference: Only writing tip blogs

Reference topics you would like blog suggestions for: Hmm, I don’t know

Types of blogs you followed for inspiration: All the blogs i follow are inspirational: writing blogs, Christian blogs, and art blogs

Do you write on a schedule or sporadically?: I unintentionally write by schedule on weekdays. I write from about 4pm to 7pm. But on days of no school, when I wake up to when I go to sleep, my job is to write. I take plenty of breaks, though.

Any creativity rituals that you use: I don’t know, I just put on music. If I’m feeling rather tired and lazy, I’ll put on inspirational music and force myself to think about my characters, and that’ll be enough to get me working again. If only to write one page.

Your writing community

Current writing / creative communities you participate in: Writeblr here on tumblr, I joined, I’m on Wattpad, and the writing communities on Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, and StumbledUpon (sort of)

Are you part of any critique groups (local or online)?: Yes,

Would you Like to find online critique partners/groups?: Yes, the more the better

Would you like to be a beta-reader if someone needs one?: I would like to be one, but I’m terrible at it. I take too long. I might try again.

How long have you been on tumblr: Since January 2016

Would you like to be tagged in any writing games / questionnaries?: Sure

How do you feel about being messaged and / or tagged to discuss writing?: Very happy

Are you following #365k365dat or #spontaneouswriteblr?: I haven’t heard of them before. I’ll check it out.

Your Online Community Info

NanoWriMo Community Name (if applicable): NA

Wattpad Community Name (if applicable): Glorious74 or AO3 community Name (if applicable): NA

DeviantArt Community Name (if applicable): NA

Patreon Community Name (if applicable): NA

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Relationship Status: complicated
Favorite Color: dark blue and silver
Last Song I listened to: time after time by cindy lauper
Favorite TV Show: none but I love to watch YouTube vids about crimes
First Fandom: honestly? Dragonlance
Hobbies: hmmm.. listening to music, editing pics, reading, gaming
Books that I’m currently reading: been reading alot of fallout fanfic lately
Favorite Book: I think I can put it down to the wheel of time series.
Worst Thing You’ve Ever Eaten/Tasted: bad tamales. Gas for days
Favorite Place: anywhere I can be by myself and no one bother me
Added DLC (?) from @mossybrows
Earliest Memory: don’t remember. I have bad memory
Funniest Memory: riding my bike straight into a sign
Scariest Memory: feeling my car slide on an icy freeway.
Coolest Adventure: can’t say.. I haven’t had any I would consider cool :(
First Fictional Crush: inuyasha, vegeta and king enki from the twelve kingdoms
What I want to be known for: my love for Danse. Lol I’m obsessed with him 😂

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RULES: tag 10 people you would like to get to know better

Name/nickname: Marissa, Mari

Relationship status: Single

Favorite color: Dark colors? Like red, blue, purple, black?

Last song I listened to: Probably something from Hamilton. I’m on a Broadway Musicals binge at the moment

Favorite TV show: I have a lot. Supergirl, Grimm, Agents of Shield, Shadowhunters, every Marvel series on Netflix, and more but I’m too lazy to write them.

First fandom: I want to say Harry Potter

Hobbies: reading, writing, drawing, sleeping, cuddling my dog

Books that I’m currently reading: Girl in Pieces by Kathleen Glasgow

Worst thing I’ve eaten: Soap. I accidentally drank liquid soap when I was little- don’t ask. But food wise I’d have to say fried bananas and papaya. I hate the taste.

Favorite place: Hogwarts? My bed? The park hidden behind my house?

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lol I don’t know 10 people so if any of you see this and want to do this go right ahead


“Welcome back, Hannah!”

The Scary Godmother TV specials and comic books were one of my favorite things to watch and read on Halloween as a kid, and they still are.

A big part of why I love monsters and the holiday so much probably stems from loving this series, and the many other Halloween stories that had the same charm~

26 list/page ideas for your journal

These are all pages and lists I have in my bullet journal. I’ve linked the pages I’ve posted pictures of. Hope you can get some inspiration from this :)

  1. Films I want to watch - When I sit down to watch a film I always end up using too much time trying to find a film. Therefore I have this list, its super helpful. Also, I always rate the films after I’ve seen them.
  2. My favorite films of all time
  3. Tv-series I’m watching/have watched 
  4. Books I want to read - Same here as with the films, if I stumble upon a book that looks good I add it to my list for when I’m looking for a new book to start.
  5. Books I want to read this year - This is separate from the other book list because it’s more of a challenge to myself, a list of books I’m gonna try to read in 2016.
  6. Countries and cities I want to visit (X)(1st pic)
  7. Countries I have visited - I like to see all the different countries I’ve been to, and its always exiting to ad a new one to the list.
  8. Habit tracker - I just started my first habit tracker in May, and I use it to track my training, water intake and when I last watered my plants. It’s really helpful!
  9. Quotes - I have two spreads dedicated to my favorite quotes, I love to have them all in on place. (x)
  10. Webpages - There are so many helpful webpages out there, but it can be hard to remember them when you need them.
  11. Places to visit in a specific city - I love London, and I often find places and restaurants I would like to visit next time Im there, so I write them down so I don’t forget them! (works with countries as well!)
  12. Grades - Keeping track of your grades is great, so you can see where  you have to improve next semester. I love this page because I like to be really organised and this helped me see where I needed to put more focus!
  13. Bucket list - A classic! (x)(2nd pic)
  14. Museums I’ve visited - I love museums, and my goal is to visit some of the best museums all over the world, so I keep a list over those I’ve visited so far. (x)(3rd pic)
  15. Things I’ve accomplished - I really like this one, because I’ve done so many cool things the past years, and its easy to forget them, so this list has really helped me be thankful and proud of myself.
  16. 100 things that make me happy - Makes you think and appreciate the things that make you happy more!
  17. Historical photographs - I love photography, so I have two spreads where I have put some of my favourite famous and historical photographs. (x)(8-9th pic)
  18. Concerts I’ve been to
  19. Themed doodle page - I have a ‘summer’ page full of everything I associate with summer.
  20. School calendar - A yearly calendar dedicated to schoolwork, so you can see when you’ve got classes and exams. Really helpful to have it separated form everything else. (x)(2nd pic)
  21. Anniversaries/birthdays - Always a good thing to remember your friends and family’s different anniversaries.
  22. Journal ideas - I can get some ideas for my bullet journal at the most random times, and I like to have a place to write them down. (x)(1st pic)
  23. Word of the day - There are so many cool words that we never use, and since english isn’t my first language, I think this is a great way to learn new words! (x)
  24. Packing checklist - I often pack a lot of the same things when Im going somewhere, so instead of making lots of checklists all over my journal, I’ve made one, reusable checklist! (x)(x)
  25. Instagram activity tracker - I like to track my Instagram activity (on my photography account), to see what kind of pictures are most popular and gets most response. (x)
  26. Future log - A place to write down important dates in the coming months or years. I think this is super helpful for when I make the monthly spreads, to go and check my future log so I don’t forget any important dates.  (x)

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Favorite drarry at hogwarts fics? :)

Well, my all-time favourite is the Leo Inter Serpentes series, by Aeternum, which starts at first year, and Harry gets sorted into Slytherin. Everything that happens - Quirrel, the Triwizard Tournament in the fourth book - still happens but now he’s a slytherin, best friends with Draco (and something more) and.. idk, I just love it so so much. They’re currently working on the sixth book!

Here’s an 8th Year Drarry rec list by @mxlfoydraco that I highly recommend you to check out, with as favourite from the list (and I think this is a fandom favourite, too) Mental, by Sara_Holmes !! It’s 186K, but highly worth your time. 

The last one I’ll recommend is Discretion Is Key, by thusspakekate (14.3K) which I enjoyed thoroughly and probably reread more times than I can count. Slight warning of drugs, though, marijuana is used in the fic. 

Top 5 favorite: YA Fantasy series

Halloween has never been my thing, perhaps because where I come from (especially when I was a kid), it isn’t celebrated. I do find it the perfect excuse to talk about my favorite fantasy books. These books might not be spooky in general, but they have their moments!

1. Mara Dyer 

I took the first Mara Dyer-book home with me from the library without having any expectations. Once I started reading these books, it was impossible to put them down. The story’s about Mara, a high school student who’s been noticing strange accidents around her. Accidents she’s afraid she caused. Noah Shaw is Mara’s love interest and he’s so hot and brooding but also sweet and caring. They really are M.A.D.N.E.S.S. (sorry, inside joke). Mara also has a great best friend and a cool relationship with her brothers. 

2. The Grishaverse

If there’s one author everyone should give a shot it’s Leigh Bardugo. She can create a mystery and let her kick-ass characters solve it with a lot of action and a little bit of humor. I deliberately wrote Grishaverse, instead of trilogy because Leigh’s Six Of Crows-duology is set in the same universe. The setting of Six Of Crows is very different from the Grisha-books but just as good. Maybe even better…

3. Vampire Academy (and the Bloodlines spin-off)

About three years ago I read Richelle Mead’s VA-series, which is narrated by the witty Rose Hathaway. She’s a dhampir, a half human-half vampire, who’s in training to become her best friend Lissa’s, a royal vampire, guardian. When I first heard of this series I wasn’t entirely convinced, but once I started reading the first book, I couldn’t put it down! I read the entire VA-series in one week. Luckily after I was finished there was the spin-off, which is about Sydney Sage. She gets introduced in the fourth VA-book. Bloodlines isn’t better or worse, it is only different.

4. Shatter Me

Writing, or even thinking, about Tahereh Mafi’s Shatter Me-series always hurts a little bit. I’ve read this series twice. When I finished Ignite Me, I started all over again the next day. Tahereh’s writing is beautiful. She writes about the journey of Juliette, a girl with fatal powers, who’s captured and eventually used as a weapon. In Unravel Me there’s this really intense scene and every time I read it, something scares the shit out of me, like the doorbell. My heart hurt so badly from being startled that it still hurts when I think about it.

5. Precious Stone

If you’re looking for an adventure with mystery and great humor, Kerstin Gier’s books are for you. In this trilogy, she writes about time traveling and her character’s are hilarious! Once you’ve finished this book you’ll want to read more of her. Luckily her Silver-trilogy is also published in multiple languages.

Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events Season 1 Review

Just finished watching all 8 episodes of A Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix. Please note that this is a lengthy review, possible spoilers lie ahead, and I would first advise you to read another review, for this one is Very Fatefully Dreadful. ASOUE has been my favorite book series since I was a kid and I had been looking forward to this adaptation since the aesthetically pleasing yet flawed narrative film from 2004, over 12 years ago. I’m pleased to say that it’s one of the most definitively faithful adaptations I’ve ever seen, and then some. The 2004 film was the caterpillar, the Netflix series is the butterfly. After the film made the fans doubt any possibility of future adaptations, the success of this true adaptation is a damn triumph. Because Daniel Handler himself has had a main role in the production of it, the dialogue oozes his quirky writing style and dark humor charm. Handler was working on the screenplay for a long time attempting to get it re-adapted and damn has it all fell into place swimmingly with the artistic freedom from Netflix. It feels like the 2004 film but with proper casting and story, and it’s interesting to note that the 2004 film had hints of elements that Handler wanted to introduce like the spyglass cryptex. Sonnenfeld with his Adam’s Family background nailed the ambiguously Victorian yet curiously modern anachronistic aesthetic on just about the same level if not better than the 2004 film. The set design, color correcting & schemes, and overall feel gives the show itself it’s own character; one of the most important things they did right. They have learned a lot in 12 years, this series was designed to be properly paced and fine tuned to the source material with two 45+ minute episodes per book. There’s real magic when the film adaptation gets so much right from page to screen. The liberties that the narrative has taken to expand the plot are really fitting and I welcome them. The attention to detail in every paper shown is immaculate and pleasing to story detectives like myself. There’s so many little hidden texts, insignias and references to future books. Many scenes are taken nearly directly verbatim from scenes from the books and I looove how well they execute it all. It all comes together gorgeously, just the way we fans have always wanted to see it depicted and I adore how much love went into making it shine. At first, I was a little wary when silly CG things began happening, but then it occurred to me that what the 2004 version got right was that uniquely wacky-gothic hybrid aesthetic. This series takes it and fully realizes it in a really pleasing way. The show’s universe is so ridiculous, but it embraces it well by sticking to the books so tightly that it all just feels part of the world. And because the source material is that way to begin with, I’m a lot more forgiving when something preposterous happens. A lot of the tongue-in-cheek humor is genuinely laugh out loud funny to me, especially NPH’s incredible job portraying Count Olaf, not in a “it’s just Jim Carrey being silly” way, but in a truly threatening imbecilic way. He’s less silly than Carrey, but in a way that allows him to still be more perceived as villainous and evil. NPH is the perfect level of evil goof. Klaus and Violet are also very wonderful, this Klaus is much better then the glasses-less 2004 version, and Violet’s actress feels more or less identical to the 2004 version, which is fine although I wish they had made her a bit taller to show her age. I don’t have a problem the other actors and actresses. Everyone played their part to my satisfaction, even Patrick Warburton as Lemony Snicket whom I had worries about. I think the show rides the line perfectly between surreal silly and melancholy, I’m so glad they got it right. And can we calk about the how the whimsical music is on point too? There were a few minor effects issues I have, I must remind myself that it’s truly meant for children and some of the wackiness can feel a bit excessive. Sir’s smoke inconsistencies, a few careless misspellings in documents (possibly on purpose???), and several flubbed lines are glaring. However, at the end of episode 7 they pulled the rug from under me with a narrative twist that should have been so obvious yet I didn’t figure out until it happened. It made proper sense, and made up for a bunch of plot issues I had, a wonderful way to delightfully surprise the seasoned fans with future continuity. I love how the end of episode 8 sets up season 2 so seamlessly and preparedly, I AM SO READY FOR THE DARKER BITS. I hope they explore Olaf’s exterior motives from his youth with expanded flashbacks and tie in the mysterious new characters just as well as they’ve sewn everything else so far. If you’ve read all the books and are a big Snicket fan, you are in for a very rare treat - one of the few truly magnificent book-to-film adaptations championed by the author himself. The world is quiet here. 10/10

Letters of Love (Words of Love Pt. 2)

You asked and you shall receive!! This is probably going to be a series so stay tuned for part 3!

AN: Thank you so much for the overwhelming support and compliments omg!
Warnings: more fluff. Did you really expect no fluff from me? I also didn’t have much time to edit because I have to go to work in 30 minutes!

WC: 1720

AU: Hamiltime

Part 1 3 4 Masterlist

My dearest (Y/N),

Though it has only been a few days since we have met, you have never left my mind’s eye. The way that your eyes light up when we touch on your favorite books leaves me breathless. The way you smile leaves me helpless. And when we touch, I feel electricity flowing through my veins. My heart longs to see you again.

While we have exchanged numerous letters to one another, would you be so kind as to allow me to see you again? I will be in town today with my mother as we need to acquire writing materials as well as food. My wish is that we could possibly meet, even if it is in secret.

Forgive me if that is too forward and rash.

I patiently await your reply.


P. Ham.

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“I see you, even when you hide from the rest of the world. I hear you, even when you’re silent.”
Gallowglass is my favorite character in this series…..did you know that it’s going to be a TV series???

We know you guys love the Book Concierge – so do we! – but if you’ve still got Christmas shopping to do, and you want to branch out beyond just books, take a look at our Read, Watch, Binge! series from this summer – hundreds of cross-platform recommendations for books, comics, movies, TV, podcasts and more (working on that project is how I discovered the My Dad Wrote a Porno podcast, which is sheer bat-bananas genius.

We did three separate lists, based on movies, books, and TV – so have a look, and maybe you’ll find something as utterly magical as my new favorite podcast!

– Petra

If we were a couple

I would send you sweet texts every morning.
I would show you my favorite movies, series, books and comics.
I would take you on adorable dates where we make new sweet memories together.
I would play with your hair and buy you cute gifts.
I would write you poems that are only for your ears
I would make you puny art.
If we would live together I would come home with random bouquets or take out food from the weirdest restaurants.
Our apartment will be filled with fairy lights and porcelain grandma figurines because they’re adorable.
I will just randomly stare at you and admire your existence.
You’re flawed but that makes you even more lovable.
They make you you.
I love you.
Even though I probably don’t know you yet

With love

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Relationship status- i have a bf of 3 years

Favorite color- light green

Pets- i have a cat named Tom and actually another cat named Mary but she’s living with my dad so i don’t get to see her often :’(

Last song I listened to- 10 years today - bullet for my valentine

Favorite TV shows- Supernatural, The Walking Dead, Stranger Things, Sherlock <3 oh and Bones, yeah that’s about it

First fandom I joined- uhm puuuh…i guess the HIM-fandom, but first one for a series was spn

Favorite book- you want me to name ONE favorite book? uh nuhno you can’t have that. my favorite books are all from Gillian Flynn (she’s awesome btw) so yeah those 3 three

Worst thing ive ever eaten- uhm…shrimps, just ugh

Book I’m currently reading- you’re never weird on the internet (almost) -felicia day :)

Favorite place to be- my bed i guess….but hey at a lonely lakeside sounds pleasing too, surrounded by a forest :)

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hey everyone!

i’m Megan and i’ve been lurking in this community for a while now and finally decided to actually join it and start posting my own content!

i’m a sophomore from europe (i live in a smol country you probably wont know it anyways!) and love basically every subject, but my favorites are biology and chemistry

have been slacking off a bit this semester, so hopefully with a help from this blog i’ll find the motivation to be productive the next one!

recently discovered my passion for rewriting notes, drinking tea and journaling! love reading books and watching tv series way too much hehe

self learning german at the moment!

i’m a pro at procastinating

hope to get into med school one day but idk what the future holds for me

open to new friendships, so if you wanna talk send me a message!:)

a few blogs that inspire me:

@studydiaryofamedstudent / @studyign / @studypetals / @studyandtea / @academiix @aestudier / @bookmrk / @cee-studies / @eintsein / @focusign / @jhonstudies / @notesworthtea / @neureo / @katsdesk @cakestudies / @nightystudying / @neko-studies / @thecoffeedesk / @universi-tea / @studylustre / @acadmia / @studentsandlattes / @aestudier / @acadehmic

Title Bronze and Flame  

Media: Arches 300 Gsm, Hot Press and KWZ Iron Gall Inks in Orange and Noodlers Ink Rome is Burning( FP) and watercolor

This is the scan and I finally finished..  Thank you to friends who encouraged me and to advise from Ms. Karen Sioson and Sir Rolly. Its a piece I really am proud of. A piece that  i spent time thinking about and pondering because it is my favorite bronze dragon and my fireproof boy.  An amazing scene from the book “The Lost Hero “ of the Heroes of Olympus series by @rrriordan.