is my fav qoute

  • "You are not naked when you take off your clothes. You still wear your religious assumptions, your prejudices, your fears, your illusions, your delusions. When you shed the cultural operating system, then, essentially you stand naked before the inspection of your own psyche…and it’s from that position, a position outside the cultural operating system, that we can begin to ask real questions about what does it mean to be human, what kind of circumstance are we caught in, and what kind of structures, if any, can we put in place to assuage the plan and accentuate the glory and the wonder that lurks, waiting for us, in this very narrow slice of time between the birth canal and the yawning grave. In other words we have to return to first premises.
  • Terence McKenna

after hearing the news, i actually logged into my old facebook account and had to smile a bit.

it was full of linkin park pictures, my angsty posts about linkin park, linkin park qoutes and little fights between me and my friends who was allowed to tag himself on chester because we all wanted to be him since we adored him like nobody else. when i got my first linkin park shirt i was the cringiest little teen ever, i’d always walk around in it, post pictures in it and i took so much pride in it. my english exams and class tests were full of linkin park qoutes, i have had note books full of my fav qoutes, i planned to see them live when i was older, i collected everything and definitely wanted to get a linkin park tattoo and talked about it when i was 12.

and as im sitting here, already tattooed, i know exactly what my next tattoo is going to be. i will make my angsty 12 year old wish come true and get a tribute of the person who helped me to deal with everything i have ever went through and i know i am not going to regret it and happily look back to it.