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15.05, the gift that keeps on giving: blocking edition.

look, everyone knows where my priorities lie with this new season, but even objectively speaking, this shot is awesome. you don’t need the context of the story to see that dylan is an intruder that tucker, wash and carolina are all united to defend against if necessary, at varying levels of readiness: tucker is armed but here to listen, wash is prepared to engage if he has to, and carolina will shoot dylan if she so much as twitches threateningly. 

only seconds pass between this shot and one that i didn’t even think was going to make it into the episode:

like. damn. joe understands his fucking visuals. once again, you don’t have to hear what they’ve been up to to know that they’re okay: you see it the moment they form up. 

everybody’s place around this table isn’t an accident, either. (and i love that caboose and tucker’s preferred red is over on their side. that’s a nice touch.) even if you don’t consciously notice it, the positioning of the characters in “previously on” suggests unity and balance at multiple points throughout the episode.

sure would be unfortunate if something happened to throw this off…

//Anyways I though ya’ll might enjoy this

Just as a general rule of thumb the yardstick i use for judging whether or not dating advice is good is whether or not it can be applied to a same-sex relationship.  If there is no way to translate it then it’s probably rooted in archaic relationship dynamics.

“The man should always pay for the meal, it’s classy.”  All right so who pays when it’s two men?  They pay double?  How about you take turns paying for each other, unless one of you makes more money and feels generous.  “Pull out the chair for the woman” lmao all right let’s just pull out each other’s chairs since we’re both women.  “The man should lead and the woman is his co-pilot.”  Breaking news:  plane flies with no pilot, only two co-pilots.  You see what I’m saying if it relies on archetypes and gender roles there won’t be a graceful way to apply it to a same-gender couple.

“Respect them,”  “Always ask for consent,” “be polite and thoughtful”  these are all gender-neutral things

Road Trip

Bucky Barnes x Reader x Steve Rogers

Summary: The title is self explanatory.

Word Count: 2,968

Warnings: Language, Light grinding, Light M/M 

A/N: This is my thank you to the +500 little cupcakes who clicked the follow button. This is a domestic polyamory fic. I love you guys so much! Also I’m going to be 25 tomorrow so I might get really drunk tonight. 

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You had spent the weekend with your boyfriends in a nice cabin at the edge of the woods. It was now time to go back to the compound. You walked to the back of the car and put your backpack in the trunk.

“Everything’s here?” Steve asked, his footsteps made a soft crackling sound as he crossed the porch. You turned around and glanced at the trunk’s content.  

“Yeah, I just need to warn Nat that we’re heading out.” You pulled your phone from your back pocket and unlocked it. “I’m driving. Want to be my co-pilot?”

“Sure thing, sweetheart.” Steve smiled, it was so contagious that you couldn’t help but giggle.

After a quick call to your mum-friend, you sat behind the steering wheel and waited until your two super boyfriends were inside to pull out of the driveway.

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Please fire me. I had a customer tell me that his deceased wife’s bill should have been paid off by God when she died. My response? “I apologize sir but we do not receive payments from God.” He did not believe me.

No Matter What

Author: @dylan-trash-tbh

 Pairing: Stiles x Reader


 A/N: I’m actually kind of proud of this 🙈 Let me know what you think! 

A huge thank you, to my favorite co-pilot Em @fillthevoid-stilinski, for editing again 💖 


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oaksmash: I always try to speak from my heart with love after listening. I have listened. I’m more than grateful for all the love and support the community and fans have shown me.  It makes what we do and deal with as artists easier when you know many people do indeed have your back and that you are valued for your work. In spite of everything, I am grateful to have had the time to bring this character to life with a remarkable cast that truly make the Imperial Theater a sacred place every night.  My pops would always tell me to be aware of the company you keep.  I’m fully aware of the remarkable talents this cast holds, with Denee at the helm.  My work is just a reflection of what they bring, have brought and will continue to bring, be it me, Mandy, whomever is co-pilot to Denee. AUGUST 13th WILL BE MY LAST SHOW! I will not be returning. So make room in your schedule between now and Aug 13th. Come through, have a drink, and let’s celebrate the time we have because as always, that’s all we are guaranteed.  We make the most of the gifts we are given and I’m driven to deliver a defining moment in time, with every line I let loose on stage.
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Peter growing up with the Ravagers hopefully included –

One day, when witnessing just how amazingly terrible the Ravagers are at math, Peter just turns around to Yondu with an absolutely horrified expression – because he just witnessed grown-ass men failing at understanding what a third of something really is – and Yondu is there, one hand over his eyes, looking to all the world as if he’s in physical pain while the others still bicker over how much a third really is.

When Yondu catches Peter’s gaze through his fingers, he huffs, dropping his hand and snarls, “We ain’t gonna ever mention that again.”

“You seriously work with those guys?” Peter points at the bickering men, torn between shock and amusement and disbelief.

“What did I just say?”

“You. Work. With. Those?”

Yondu throws his hands up and turns and stomps away. “Tha’s it, I need booze.”

“Yondu, wait!”

“Not if ya still gonna talk about it!”

“How can you seriously work with guys who can’t even count to-….!”

“Don’t’cha remind me, it was worse ‘nough hearin’ this shit once!”

“Yondu!” By now, Peter is in tears of laughter – amusement ruling out whatever pity he might have felt for the Captain who had to deal with this on a daily basis – but he still runs after the grumbling and swearing Yondu, unfazed by the snarls directed at him.

“Nope, nah, I ain’t listenin’ to that, I’ve had ‘nough.”



“I promise I will pay more attention in my lessons with Horuz from now on.”

“… Well ya better do, else ya gonna end up like them boys.”


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