is my absolute fave okay

  • Michael: *gestures at Lindsay and whispers* Hey, hey, I was always about us as a team—
  • Lindsay: I figured, yeah, Team Jones, right, Team Jones.
  • Michael: So yeah. Remember when I was like, ‘Lindsay will you marry me?’ and [Geoff talking over Michael]
  • Lindsay: Was this before or after you sucked my dick?
  • Michael: *pauses to consider* After.
  • Lindsay: *to the camera* That’s how it works.
  • - Let's Play Magic the Gathering

starrylester  asked:

okay so my crush is this girl named key and she's literally my whole life and i don't know what i'd do without her. she's literally the best thing that's happened to me and i'm so grateful for her. she's the most gorgeous person ive ever seen and i'm so lucky to be able to call her mine :)))))

:,))) you always make me so so happy I love you so much 💞 I’m so lucky to have you

talk to me about your crushes!

I felt like uploading something today! So here’s my latest work in progress. I simply adore Slytherin!Harry, it’s my absolute fave okay? And drawing profiles is the pure evil. Just saying. But look at tiny pet snake. I wuv tiny pet snake.

hello, everyone, so, I saw this morning I reached 1k, I have been on here for a while or so and gosh it’s been a wild ride and this is a somewhat milestone for me, because I can’t believe 1k people think I’m good enough, thank you so much 

so I decided to make this out to all my mutuals, or so that i follow, happy easter ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^) ┓but first.

partner in crime: vegetableblaine okay cece, you are one of my absolute faves, i love you and your blog, we’ve been mutuals for like? half or almost a year or there about, you’re the most fluffy amazing person ever, thank you for existing. ♥♥♥♥♥   

angel : felicetysmoak francesca, you’re a saint, i love you alot, i feel amazing that we’re mutuals, it’s been a roller coaster seeing you on my dash and being filled with smiles. stay fab.♥♥ ♥ ♥ 

flower crown : lydiaparrish you’re amazing, i adore you and your work, i even spazzed out the day you followed me, you made me to even watch teen wolf all day, you are a literally ball of sunshine, stay rad.♥♥♥

now for the follow forever, the bolded ones are one of my fav blogs even tho you are all amazing and cupcakes.

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thanks you guys for being amazing and dealing with me, i follow like idk almost 200, also i know there are some i have been following for like a week or a day and you made it, because you’re amazing and you deserve it, shoutout to those if you don’t see your name, you have a special follow forever in my heart. Happy Easter everyone.