is mt favourite

cute pic of the other place i intern @ . that is the phone room where u make calls it has fish wallapepr. its literally mt favourite part of the studio. but im anxiety about phone calls so I will never go in there

A good breakfast begins in the evening. Is your chia soaking already?? If not, what are you waiting for. Chia seeds + nut milk + cinnamon =breakfast ready when you wake up!
Mt favourite recipe is in the previous link. Enjoy 🍒

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Marianas Trench Asks (I'll send some back if you send me any!)
  • 1. Top 5 favourite songs of all time
  • 2. Go-to song on a bad day
  • 3. Favourite "silly" music video
  • 4. Favourite "serious" music video
  • 5. Favourite album
  • 6. First song that got you into MT
  • 7. Favourite Ian quote
  • 8. Favourite Matt quote
  • 9. Favourite Josh quote
  • 10. Favourite Mike quote
  • 11. What is the most played song on your iTunes?
  • 12. What song will you never get sick of?
  • 13. Most underrated song
  • 14. Favourite love song
  • 15. Favourite lyric from 'Fix Me'
  • 16. Favourite lyric from 'Masterpiece Theatre'
  • 17. Favourite lyric from 'Ever After'
  • 18. Best MMVA arrival
  • 19. First song that made you cry
  • 20. Your first impression of the band
  • 21. What moment made you the most proud of them?
  • 22. Least favourite song
  • 23. Favourite time you've seen them live
  • 24. What song did you maybe not like so much that you grew to love?
  • 25. What song do you most want them/Josh to cover?
  • 26. 1 song you most want to hear live
  • 27. Which song did you want to be a single but wasn't?
  • 28. Favourite Josh/Queen Carolina moment
  • 29. Favourite interview
  • 30. 3 songs you would suggest to someone who hasn't heard of Marianas Trench

Just got back from this amazing event~♪ there are thousands and thousands rolls of masking tape and mini houses covered in washi tape~♡ the one on the bottom right is by my favourite brand 🌠MT💕. Although major brands like MT and Maste are actually a little bit more expensive than other stores at this event, I recommend going to see the entire collection of certain brands!There are rare designs and indie brands from artists in japan, hong kong and taiwan. きゃああああ、マスキングテープ展覧会すごく楽しかった。 いっぱいすぎ困ったw いろいろ我慢したw イベントは来月まで。文房具が大好きな皆さん香港で旅行なら是非行ってみようね~♪

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