is mt favourite

cute pic of the other place i intern @ . that is the phone room where u make calls it has fish wallapepr. its literally mt favourite part of the studio. but im anxiety about phone calls so I will never go in there

Marianas Trench Asks (I'll send some back if you send me any!)
  • 1. Top 5 favourite songs of all time
  • 2. Go-to song on a bad day
  • 3. Favourite "silly" music video
  • 4. Favourite "serious" music video
  • 5. Favourite album
  • 6. First song that got you into MT
  • 7. Favourite Ian quote
  • 8. Favourite Matt quote
  • 9. Favourite Josh quote
  • 10. Favourite Mike quote
  • 11. What is the most played song on your iTunes?
  • 12. What song will you never get sick of?
  • 13. Most underrated song
  • 14. Favourite love song
  • 15. Favourite lyric from 'Fix Me'
  • 16. Favourite lyric from 'Masterpiece Theatre'
  • 17. Favourite lyric from 'Ever After'
  • 18. Best MMVA arrival
  • 19. First song that made you cry
  • 20. Your first impression of the band
  • 21. What moment made you the most proud of them?
  • 22. Least favourite song
  • 23. Favourite time you've seen them live
  • 24. What song did you maybe not like so much that you grew to love?
  • 25. What song do you most want them/Josh to cover?
  • 26. 1 song you most want to hear live
  • 27. Which song did you want to be a single but wasn't?
  • 28. Favourite Josh/Queen Carolina moment
  • 29. Favourite interview
  • 30. 3 songs you would suggest to someone who hasn't heard of Marianas Trench
20 Interesting Little Dancer Asks

Since lots of asks have similar questions I thought I’d try make a set with some new and different ones. You can ask me or reblog and get your followers to ask…

1. Which dance never fails to cheer you up?
2. What is the last dance you watched and what are your opinions on it?
3. Who is the dancer you have discovered most recently?
4. Favourite improv?
5. Which dance have you watched more than any other?
6. Which studio do you follow most closely?
7. Favourite MT dance in the teen/senior age category?
8. Favourite song used for a solo this season?
9. Favourite senior solo?
10. Favourite solo from a dancer aged 6 or under?
11. Favourite tap dance?
12. Favourite hip hop dance/combo?
13. Favourite hip hop choreographer?
14. Favourite performance by a little dancer on Ellen/SYTYCD?
15. Favourite ballet variation?
16. Favourite ballet/pointe solo competed by a little dancer?
17. Favourite costume used in a solo/duet/trio/group
18. Most improved dancer this season?
19. A dancer you wish you saw more of?
20. I wish I saw a solo by ______ choreographed by ________ to the song ________

Enjoy xo