is mt favourite

“Mayhem” is an old English legal term for the crime of maiming someone. Originally it referred to maiming by cutting off a body part that would hamper the ability to defend oneself in combat, such as a limb, but it later extended to all body parts. So if you see an old prison record stating someone was arrested for “mayhem” it doesn’t mean they were causing mayhem, it means they cut bits off another person

Dancing Through Life
Samuel Edwards
Dancing Through Life

Dancing Through Life - Samuel Edwards (ft. Emily Tierney, Richard Vincent, Carina Gillespie & Ashleigh Gray)  Wicked Tour, Bristol 14/03/15. (more audios)

subatlove  asked:

Hey, I'm looking for some fics where Bruce gets hurt or injured. Would you mind sharing some? I'm having a hard time finding them. Any will do :)

Oh boy, I know what you mean. I don’t tend to read hurt/comfort fics, but even the ones I come across it’s rarely Bruce.

Injustice – non-con, probably the darkest darkfic I feel comfortable recc’in. Very good.

uhhh and a freebie:

36 views of mt. Fuji – my favourite fic. I’m preeetty sure there’s a little bruce whump in it…. but it’s pretty far in.

Sorry for the late reply & if anyone could add to this list I would love them forever.

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Why do you dislike the billy bragg version of the internationale? I'm probably biased since that was the first one I ever heard, but it's mt favourite by a lot

Billy Bragg’s a left liberal and he wrote left liberal lyrics to the anthem of international communism - “you have nothing if you have no rights”, “respect makes the empires fall”…he even changes the word “internationale” to “international ideal”… sorry but it’s trite liberal crap, and even his rationale for writing new lyrics is just wrong, the original lyrics aren’t hard to understand at all, and they connect people right through history as well as internationally.

The original British lyrics are full of stuff like going on strike, mutinying and shooting your own generals, and he took all that out…he actually removed all reference to class from the internationale. It’s an unnecessary and shameless piece of liberal revisionist historical vandalism. 

No, no, no, no........

I’m starting to get nervous all the time because of this chaos! Come on, Oda! Give us the final K.O.!!!! and some panels where Sanji and co. is!! and Wano Kuni! and Shanks! Just pleaaaasseeee!!!!

but I think I understand your fangirlism over Dressrosa somehow….


I think I’m a fucking pervert because this Birdcage looks like a granny’s tit!

I must have totally fucked up imagination and I don’t know why

ok… Luffy…. hurry up….


is that.. is that??? Law? Is he fine now????

don’t do this to me, Oda. It hurts, really…..



LOL! THIS IS PANEL IS MT FAVOURITE ONE! Just look at these dorks XD

no way…






only one minute…

Birtday Alert!

It is Fassy’s birthday! (and tomorrow is mine yay! I will be officially 19 in less than 12 hours -I want to be little again tho- :D)

So, it’s celebration time!

In the year 1977 a boy named Michael was born on the second of April in Heidelberg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

He was a very adorable boy, little Fassy, playing Superman games with his cousins in Ireland…

(the shark grin is the same!)

He grew up, appeared in a few productions, started to show himself,

as Hermann in Hearts & Bones (2001)

as Sgt. Burton ‘Pat’ Christenson’ in Band of Brothers (2001) 

as Guy Fawkes in Gunpowder, Treason & Plot (2004)

as Harry Coleburn in A Bear Named Winnie (2004)

as Caz Miller in Murphy’s Law (2005)

as Azazeal in Hex (2004-2005)

and then this role came but he still had time to show himself for real…

as Stelios in 300 (2006)

as Esme in Angel (2007)

as Barney in Wedding Belles (2007)

and then Hunger came (but I won’t put a gif or picture of him in Hunger because it really makes me sad seeing him like that…) after Hunger we saw him in Eden Lake (2008) as Steve:

then Thomas Rainsborough in The Devil’s Whore (2008) came with his hair and beard…

after Thomas, Conor came with his charm (but still I don’t think he is a good man.) in Fish Tank (2009)

ooh, the one that followed is one of mt favourites for sure, he was so yummy in this role of course but he was really shining in the scenes as well, the first time that I watched him (actually I watched 300 before this, but I didn’t know it was him)

of course I am talking about beloved Lt. Archie Hicox in Inglorious Basterds (2009)!

he was the star of his scene for sure!

Quintus Dias in Centurion (2010) followed Archie.

then Burke in Jonah Hex (2010) (I still haven’t watched this film though…)

and we saw another of my favourites, dear Rochester in Jane Eyre (2011)

the following role of him earned him many many new fans for sure:

he became the young Magneto/Erik Lensherr in X-Men: First Class (2011) he met James again which resulted in a life ruining bromance *sigh*

you both are…

Erik was followed by A Dangerous Method (2011), Shame (2011), and Haywire (2011). As Brandon in Shame we saw what he really got you know and perfect acting…

and in Haywire:

he was simply delicious.

after these we got David, Edwin Epps, the Counselor and Frank.

I personally have a thing for Blonde Fassy (he is perfect as ginger tho, for sure) and he was even hot as a robot…

Edwin and his perfect beard (I hate the character tho, he may be the worst for me)

and Frank

and the sexy bastard the Counselor:

this movie was basically porn.

extreme eyefucks (you’ve been warned!):

sweatpants porn (continuation of Shame):

the infamous first scene:

black shirt of sex:

and intense stare porn:

bonus because I love this:

X-Men: Days of Future Past Erik was even hotter:

yes… you’ve ruined us Fassy…

and now I am trying to prepare myself for Slow West, Trespass Aginst Us and Weightless (untitled Terrence Malick project is finallt titled can you believe it?!)

because as far as we saw of Silas, we are ruined.

but put all these important roles and films aside, he is a now 38-year-old goofy and adorable man with a smile so big that when I see it I can’t help but smile as well…

and he is hot as hell…

smoking Fassy deserves a special place don’t you think?

and at last my personal favourites!

yeah, I enjoy that too.


I hope he is having a wonderful birthday! He is a real talent and a real beauty. He has come so far.

after all:

I am tagging a bunch love you all :)

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cute pic of the other place i intern @ . that is the phone room where u make calls it has fish wallapepr. its literally mt favourite part of the studio. but im anxiety about phone calls so I will never go in there

20 Interesting Little Dancer Asks

Since lots of asks have similar questions I thought I’d try make a set with some new and different ones. You can ask me or reblog and get your followers to ask…

1. Which dance never fails to cheer you up?
2. What is the last dance you watched and what are your opinions on it?
3. Who is the dancer you have discovered most recently?
4. Favourite improv?
5. Which dance have you watched more than any other?
6. Which studio do you follow most closely?
7. Favourite MT dance in the teen/senior age category?
8. Favourite song used for a solo this season?
9. Favourite senior solo?
10. Favourite solo from a dancer aged 6 or under?
11. Favourite tap dance?
12. Favourite hip hop dance/combo?
13. Favourite hip hop choreographer?
14. Favourite performance by a little dancer on Ellen/SYTYCD?
15. Favourite ballet variation?
16. Favourite ballet/pointe solo competed by a little dancer?
17. Favourite costume used in a solo/duet/trio/group
18. Most improved dancer this season?
19. A dancer you wish you saw more of?
20. I wish I saw a solo by ______ choreographed by ________ to the song ________

Enjoy xo