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Okay okay I was looking through the tags here and I saw Witch Wiishu (like anti or dark) and started thinking of what kind of evil powers she would have. Like I feel she would be completely chill and has a bunch of evil schemes planned out and has the ability to create irl drawings to carry out her evil plots! What are your thoughts?

ohoho,why thank you for asking anon! 
witch!wiishu alongside with vamp!wiishu are definitely my faves<3
so,let us begin:

  • she would def be a powerful witch,but not someone who would spend most of her time making various schemes.
  • she has a variety of powers! for example:being able to change organic material into anything else organic! but i think that he favourite power would be something that helps her make art!
  • she also loves hanging out as a normal human!
  • that’s probably how she met jack tbh
  • even though most witches hate humans(bc of the stakes,various superstitions etc) witch!wiishu finds ‘em interesting!
  • also don’t try to tell me that she wouldn’t try to make a Trico of her own

and that’s all I have nonny!did I just turn this into an imagines post?oops

Thanks for your ask anon!

-Mod Maria

Just Like Tales IV (M) - Vampire!AU

Baekhyun fanfic - Vampire!AU

Chapters: (1) / (2) / (3) / (4)*


The stories weren’t completely unknown to you, he had mentioned them as a kid before. It was probably the most fascinating thing to you when it came to vampires.

The devotion and loyalty of a monster to a simple human.

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a / age: 17

b / biggest fear: uh i guess vomit bc I’m having cbt for emetophobia but,, “fear” is probably deep water

c / current time:  8:09pm

d / drink you had last: coffee

e / everyday starts with: putting my glasses on and making coffee

f / favourite song: life - RM

g / ghosts are real? as a natural cynic i’d say no, but the amount of consistent myths across almost every culture leave me wondering if there’s some truth to it?? it could also just be the classic human trait of making up stories to explain things that are scary/confusing which is seen constantly throughout our history as a species, so in short - idk ://

h / hometown: devon, england

i / in love with: min yoongi 

j / jealous of: people that aren’t dissociated 24/7 lol

k / killed someone: ya caught me 👀

l / last time you cried: this morning

n / number of siblings: 0

o / one wish: immortality for my dogs

p / person you last called/texted: my school

q / questions you’re always asked:  “hellooooo anyone at home in there???”

s / song last sang: does trying to rap namjoon’s verse in cypher pt 2 count as singing? if not, then 30 minute break by the luka state 

u / underwear colour: black

v / vacation destination: the usa !!

w / worst habit: perfectionism 

x / xrays you have had: none

y / your favourite food: apple

z / zodiac sign: libra

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STORY IDEA: Jacquie has to go save Jack's bootay from another thing he's screwed up. Objective: free him from the mousetraps. Go!

It wasn’t uncommon for Jacqueline to get a message from Jack asking for help. 

It also wasn’t uncommon for said message for help to be something very, very not serious from “Jacqueline I have a salsa stain on my favourite suit please come help me” to the slightly more serious “Jacqueline I can’t find the twins help”.

Today’s message, however, was one of the vaguest she had ever received. It had interrupted a mid-afternoon cartoon binge session and Voltron was getting good. What the message Jack had sent had been?

Jacqueline I’m at the Pole, come quickly it’s urgent!

What was urgent? She had asked, and gotten no reply. So, begrudgingly, she un-burritoed herself from her comforter and teleported over the the North Pole, zoning in on her brother’s whereabouts.

She walked into Santa’s office, mildly annoyed. “What on Earth is it this time?”

“STOP RIGHT THERE!” two people shouted.

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I like Rize so much, even though we know almost nothing about her. When I stopped to thinking that most things that we know about Rize are most idealizations of her I kind of feel wrecked.

I love Rize as well! She’s starting to become one of my favourite characters. But even though most of the things we know about Rize are Kaneki’s idealizations about her, we do know some actual things about her, from chapters 1, 36 and 46.5 from TG, and Banjou’s chapter from the light novel:

1. Rize refuses to follow anyone’s rules but her own.

She doesn’t follow any of the rules established by Hagi, the leader of the 11th ward. In chapter 46.5 alone, she already killed four humans (more if you include five from the light novel, although some of them probably overlap) in a short amount of time. She doesn’t clean up her messes either; Usu, one of the 11th ward ghouls, had to clean up Rize’s kill by the seaside, and Banjou and his friends had to clean up the “bloody mass of meat” after she killed Yuuri.

And Rize denies Tsukiyama’s invitation to join the Ghoul Restaurant, which she sees as a “human-like establishment” with its rules that would ultimately restrict her freedom. An interesting piece of information from this page, contrary to what a lot of people think, is that even though Rize is known as the Binge Eater, eating way more than she should, she is still picky with her food, “choosing her own opponents”.

So she chooses to live on her whims, killing whenever she is hungry and trying out anything to appease her boredom.

Her boredom does lead her to become more sadistic with her prey, telling one of them that she would let him go if he didn’t raise his voice (while breaking his fingers), but that’s another story. But despite her cruelty, her actions have an interesting consequence, leaving a lasting impression on Banjou for him to wonder if it is better to live safe and restricted, or free from societal rules.

2. Rize is strong and independent.

In a way, her strength allows her to be independent and to live how she chooses. In Banjou’s words from the light novel:

Strength gives rise to violence, but there are also things that can only be gained through strength. Her figure, with the power to cut open her own path, seemed to shine with the brightest light in his eyes.

She refuses to live by other people’s (such as Hagi) beliefs, and if she is forced to, she cuts them down with an easy stab from her powerful rinkaku.

And Rize knows she’s strong. She is a confident person who doesn’t even bother hiding the smell of her victims from the other apartment complex tenants. Heck, she even invites one of them in after she notices him looking at her breasts (to become her future meal).

In addition, she doesn’t bother using a mask to conceal her identity, which is interesting since even the top Aogiri ghouls like Tatara and Noro wear masks. In her words,

As long as Rize is strong, she has the power to make her own decisions and respond to any trouble that comes her way.

3. Rize is an intelligent and well-read ghoul.

She has sharp instincts, immediately noticing when other men are attracted to her, such as Hayashi (shown above) and Kaneki, and using that to her advantage:

And then she uses her her appearance and her cute girl charm to lure them in (or to get out of troublesome situations):

(Does that look like a face of a sadistic bloody man eater to you? And somehow she can switch from a cute style to a sexy librarian man eater like what is this sorcery Ishida??)

And despite Rize knowing she is strong, the “king of all beasts”, she knows when to back off and cut her losses, deciding to leave the 11th ward after hearing that the CCG was planning to become more active following Rize’s actions:

In addition, how many well-read ghouls have we met? Not too many, since ghouls in general lack education and are unable to read at a proficient level. Yet reading is one of Rize’s hobbies; she is seen at the 11th ward meeting reading a book (which appears to be Monochrome Rainbow based on the spine) to pass the time and her shelf is filled with a decent amount of books.

Despite being a wild child, she sees something in books that makes her want to sit down and read while sipping coffee.

Somehow this turned into a Rize appreciation post LOL but I’m wondering if you had some of these things in mind when you realized that you liked Rize. I realized that I liked her when I noticed that she doesn’t give a fuck about what anyone else thinks, which is a characteristic I’d like to have more of since right now I care too much about what others think of me…

But even though she’s only appeared a few times, there’s enough information about her to paint a general picture of her character, and I really hope for more in :re because I need more moments like this:

Hi, Cassandra! Sebastian is a very interesting and complex character and it takes a lot of time to understand him and his backstory, which is probably one of the many reasons why he became my favourite character. I’m now reading City of Heavenly Fire and in a part of the book Jocelyn mentioned that she used to cry every year on his birthday and that she sometimes dreamed of a boy with green eyes and a boy who could laugh/love/etc, a human child and that this is the boy she cried over, though she claims he never existed. But my question is, isn’t it partly Jocelyn’s fault that Sebastian became who he is? It is obvious that most of Sebastian’s humanity was burned away by the demon blood, but if Jocelyn had stayed and helped raising him and gave him parently love and all the things he never got from Valentine’s side, would that have affected Sebastian’s feelings and actions in any way? Or would he still be the same? Because I think the demon blood damaged him a lot but also the cruel way Valentine raised him seems to have a lot of impact on Sebastian as well. I prefer him evil, obviously, I wouldn’t want to change him but I’m just curious whether there was a chance for him to be different or if he was irredeemable? If you do take some of your time to read/answer this I’m thanking you in advance! — palestiles

Ah, you subscribe to my friend Sarah’s “You’ve got to love your demon baby!” theory. :) 

Every reader has their own interpretation of a story. For my own part, I believe Jocelyn is far less culpable in the tragedy of Jonathan’s life than Valentine is. Valentine did dangerous experiments on his wife and unborn child. He did this on purpose, knowing that the results might be terrible. He did this without Jocelyn’s knowledge or consent, and tampered with her memories to keep her loyal to him. He was an abusive, manipulative zealot who was basically torturing Jocelyn and erasing her memory of it. Was she supposed to excuse all that and stay with him, just so she could be a loving mother to the monster he made their child into? That would have been horrible for her, and would have given Valentine access to another child to experiment on and manipulate: Clary. Jocelyn cut her losses and got out of there. I don’t blame her for that.

I think it’s entirely up in the air whether Jocelyn staying around would have made Sebastian/Jonathan a better person. It’s possible, but it’s also possible it wouldn’t have made a whit of a difference. Jonathan himself indicates at the end of his life that there simply wasn’t enough good in him for anything to have changed how he turned out. I think in some cases, love can make a difference — but I don’t always think you can love evil away.

I wrote a bit about what-ifs and Jonathan here:

“I wouldn’t want to commit to a specific what if. There are too many factors that have gone into making Jonathan who he is. A Jonathan with demon blood, but not raised by Valentine is one thing. A Jonathan without demon blood, but raised by Valentine is something else. A Jonathan without demon blood and not raised by Valentine might be what we saw in Clary’s dream — that’s as close to a what-if as I think we’ll ever get.”

“It is likely that if he had been raised by Valentine, Jonathan would have been affected by that upbringing even if he hadn’t had demon blood, yes, but he probably wouldn’t have been basically a demon in human form. Seb/Jonathan is a mixture of bad impulses and bad upbringing. Certainly I had no intention to imply that if he hadn’t had demon blood, he would have been an angel of light: we’ve no idea what he would have been like, and we never will know. What I intended to convey at the end of his arc was simply the tragedy of wasted potential. Jonathan himself says that he isn’t a real person after Glorious burns out the demon blood, he’s like Clary’s dream of him, a possible Jonathan that could have existed but never actually did.”

And I guess (depending on how much we want to indulge this what-if, and how cynical we are) I might add that being raised by Jocelyn for a time might have made Jonathan more manipulative. He’s not great at aping human behavior, and that’s good for the people around him. Some people do sense that something is off about him. Having Jocelyn around might have given him a better understanding of how humans relate… and that could have been bad for the rest of humanity. After all, what lesson would he learn from seeing his mother stay with a man who was abusive, manipulative and dangerous, out of a sense of duty?

Probably not a good lesson. 

We’ll never know.

Griffith is the most interesting character I have ever come across in manga/anime, or basically any tv. It is so refreshing to see a character who is created shamelessly realistic. The way he broke down when his best friend (guts) left him- something I have recently experienced myself- shows the frightening reality of depending so much on someone and then just having nothing
I find it hard to watch/read Berserk as the characters and story really hit me hard as it is so brutally reflective of humanity’s behaviour. It is one of the most impactful pieces of media I or anyone else will experience. And although while watching it puts me in a quite depressive mood, you have to admire the beauty of how miura executes his story. Berserk is and probably will always be my favourite manga.


*runs around like a madman* HERE HAVE ANOTHER CRACK AU *drops it and dodges the fandom’s pit holes*

A’ight! SO LIKE, people are allover billdip and all, but the one argument i see the most is about their huge age gap and how dipper’s underage (canonically, which is what seems to matter for these people mostly) and i just want to friendly point out that one of my favourite canon ships is helios/rini, and they are even further apart in age. Helios was Prince Endymion’s flippin’ priest! (And has probably been in existence since the beginning of time, seeing as he protects the golden crystal, which is powered by human dreams) And I know for a fact that Rini is at least younger than 12, yet no one seems to flip their shit on that ship (although, haha, i’ll admit, it’s waaaay healthier o3o) but yeah, the whole like, “pedofile” argument or whatever is really…weird? to me ‘cause personally, i don’t see age being an issue as long as both parties are willing and respectful about it (just as any relationship should be, really).

So, yeah! Have some ridiculous and fluffy Sailor Moon Super S/Gravity Falls crossover where i went Dr. Frankenstein on everyone’s asses and mashed Bill with Tuxedo Mask/Helios and Dipper with Sailor Moon/Sailor Mini Moon.

*cough cough* two of ‘em are transparent *cough*


Day 5 - Tripolis ☆ 7300-2862-8450

Tripolis belongs to mothscrossing and is probably my favourite dream visit so far. The town itself has a nice mixture of natural and tiled paths, and it’s just like walking in a real forest! The overall mood of the town - gloomy, silent, peaceful but kinda scary - is perfect.  Most of all I completely fell in love with the interior designs! They were a bit messy, but decorative and fun - very human, I’d say. I love the mayor’s eye for details! GOOD JOB!!! And also!!! Check out the QR designs bcs they are hella rad *v*

i was thinking about how projectbot13 (who talks about bees a lot) answered that her favourite pokemon was beedrill and how cool it is that a bot has enough knowledge of pokemon to know which one is bee themed.

and then i thought, well, no, it’s not that impressive. it makes sense that someone with prior knowledge of her bee affinity would have specifically told her about beedrill. beedrill is probably the only pokemon she knows about. because people are just reinforcing her having a big selection of bee knowledge without actual thought on her part.

then i thought

but that’s exactly how most human preferences work aaaaaaaaaaaaa

On November 4th 2007, exactly 8 years ago today, I drew my very first “proper” Gaara fanart:

Even though this picture is 8 years old, it is still my most favourite Gaara drawing. I think it’s because he was the first human I ever drew that actually looked like a human.

If Gaara had never come along I’d probably still be drawing people like this:

I cannot believe it’s been 8 years!

Here is a redraw to celebrate ~