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If you don't mind, may I ask about your thoughts on Wonder Woman, please please? <3

most of my thoughts are [HUMAN EMBODIMENT OF HEARTEYES EMOJI] and are a nebulous mass of how amazing it felt to watch diana kick ass and be beautiful and be kind. and how much I love ww1 stories where the underlying theme is “IT’S ALL A BIG MESS, EVERYONE SUCKS TO A GREATER OR LESSER DEGREE” and how impressive it was that they somehow managed to get some idealism out of it anyway. 


I will comment on what was probably my favourite small moment, which was steve talking to the german chemist at the gala. because we so often get presented with ‘spy’ characters and we accept it because they have this label of ‘spy’ or else they’re just…shooting people and being a more charming version of themselves, james bond style. but this was an intelligence agent doing his damn job, ie. making a quick, efficient connection with a stranger and hijacking his way into their trust by directly targeting their personality and weak spots. it didn’t feel charming. it felt tense and unsettling and authentic.

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32. “Have you seen my… oh” Evan/Connor please! Thank u c:



Connor couldn’t seem to find his favourite shirt. Where had he put it? He wasn’t in charge of the laundry, Evan usually did that but he usually packed Connor’s shirts away.

“Hey Evan!” Connor called. When no reply came, Connor tried once more. “Evan?!” Still no reply.

Connor made his way downstairs. “Evan have you seen my…oh.” Connor smiled softly.

Evan was asleep, curled up on the couch of their shared apartment, in Connor’s favourite shirt. Connor swore he had the most adorable boyfriend in the world. He pulled out his phone and snapped a picture.

Connor shook his head as he headed back upstairs. He slipped on a different shirt, jotted down and note and headed off to work. The image of Evan in his shirt did not leave his mind, Evan was probably the most adorable human in the world.

Hours later Evan woke up, he rubbed his eyes and looked around. Connor must have left for work earlier. Evan made his way into the kitchen and noticed a note on the counter.

Dear Evan Hansen,

Today I couldn’t seem to find my favourite shirt. But when I did I also found your curled up on the couch wearing it. You looked adorable, I got a picture by the way. Wear my clothes more often.


Connor Murphy

Evan blushed. He looked down at the shirt he was wearing, maybe he should’ve picked a different shirt but oh well. This one was bigger and it smelt like Connor. 

Evan was still tired so he jotted down a quick note and went back upstairs to go to sleep once again, still wearing Connor’s shirt.

When Connor arrived home late that night, he walked into the kitchen and smiled when he was a new note accompanying his.

Dear Connor Murphy,

Sorry about stealing your shirt. But it’s big and I love wearing it. I’ll be sure to steal your clothes more often. But please no more pictures!


Evan Hansen

Connor shook his head, his thoughts reassured. Evan Hansen was definitely the most adorable human in the world.

Character Profile: Leigh Lamont

(art by @sarahkelsiwrites​ but LOOK AT THIS!! LOOK AT HER HAIR?? JUST? WHAT? HOW? SHOOK? I’M IN LOVE WITH THIS.)

Last week I shared the profile for my fav anti-hero, Gemma Marquez from Chain Reaction, and today I’m going to be telling you about a very, very, very different character, Leigh from my novel Blue (title subject to change). 

Leigh is one of my favourite characters I’ve created, and without even sharing a ton of details, she’s become a character that’s gotten a lot of attention. If you want to learn more about the book she’s in, I have a video on it here. In essence, Blue is a mostly contemporary, somewhat magical realism, vaguely comedic, new adult novel. Leigh has grown up being treated for a psychotic disorder that she’s adamant she doesn’t have. Why? She has memories of things that never happened to her. However, one day she finds a message in a bottle on the beach and opens it to find that it’s not any letter, it’s a letter she remembers writing, in the memories she’s been told her entire life are events that never happened. 


Name: Leigh Evelyn Lamont

Why did I pick this name? There’s nothing that interesting or symbolic about Leigh’s name, I simply thought it suited her. I also felt like she was the type of character who suited an alliterated name. 

Book and role: Blue; protagonist.

Job: she works at a gas station #it’s a career not a job, mom

Age: 19 - 22 over the novel’s course.

Personality type: ENFP

Character history: 

Leigh was a fun character to develop, but also a rather easy one for me. When I got the idea for this book in May of 2015, I knew pretty quickly that Leigh would be a more extraverted and goofy sort of character. However, the initial Leigh was also much more cynical, whereas with time Leigh became a very positive, optimistic person who only held bitterness towards a few events and people. As I developed her, I also realized that Leigh was very much a rebel without a cause, living a lazy, daredevil life. Strangely for such a sporadic human being, Leigh developed very linearly and very easily. 

Although I haven’t been able to start her novel for various reasons, what I have written has lead to one of my favourite voices I’ve created. Leigh’s voice is such a joy to write because she’s fun and lets me indulge in a childlike optimism and humour. 

Personality description: 

Leigh has a bright, bold personality; although she’s very flawed, she’s probably one of my most loveable characters. Despite being lazy, disorganized, impulsive, unfocused, oblivious, and kind of a disaster, Leigh is a very fun person. She’s confident, carefree, kind, friendly, loving, hilarious, goofy, and accepts and loves almost everyone she meets. Although not the boldest of her many bold traits, that might be my favourite thing about Leigh and what makes her such a lovely person: despite her constant state of disaster, she is so accepting and positive, and the type of person who loves instead of judging, and wants to share and spread happiness, since happiness is what she values most. 

Leigh’s very extraverted, although an isolated childhood has left her unfulfilled in the friendship department, and so her energy is contained in various outlets and vices. Although many would call her lifestyle unhealthy, since her preferred mode of existence is sleeping until three in the afternoon, then going out to a club to binge drink with her friend Ben, and of course follow that with whatever wacky shenanigans Ben dares her to do that night, Leigh is happy, and for her being happy in the present moment is all that matters. 


Hogwarts house: Gryffindor 

Theme song: Drive by Halsey / My Sweet Summer by The Dirty Heads

Lyric that describes her eerily perfectly:

“And they told you it was written in the stars / But you’ve never had a chance to look that far.” - “What It Is” by Kodaline

“And what a perfect day / To take what you can get / And live without regret. 
        – “I Can’t Figure Out What’s Going On” by Half Moon Run

“Our hearts forever glowing, there’s something in your motion / I never saw the view, I swerve to collide with you / You’re like a new creation, now there’s no hesitation / There’s nothing I can do, I swerve to collide with you.” – “Collide” by EVVY

“Your laugh echoes down the highway / Carves into my hollow chest, spreads over the emptiness / It’s bliss / It’s so simple but we can’t stay / Over analyze again, would it really kill you if we kissed?” – “Drive” by Halsey

Nothing in my world is wrong / At least I’m not the only one / Nobody wants to live alone / Hey there won’t you sing along.” – “Shaky Ground” by Freedom Fry

Arrested Development quote that best describes her:

“I’ll have a vodka rocks.”
“It’s breakfast.”
“And a piece of toast.”


“I’m afraid I just blue myself.”
(I couldn’t not)

Pretentious literary quote that best describes her:

“But I don’t want comfort. I want God, I want poetry, I want real danger, I want freedom, I want goodness. I want sin.” – Aldous Huxley, Brave New World

(just remove the part about God and poetry because I don’t think Leigh cares about either of those things)

Cinnamon roll status: looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll.

Was voted as ____ in the yearbook: Most likely to laugh at their own jokes OR best hair

Troubled Bird:


Best and worst school subjects? Leigh was not one to excel academically, and she dropped out of school when she was fourteen. She’s not very focused, driven, or organized which didn’t make her a model student. She can also be dumb sometimes. Her worst subject was probably Math, best English just because I have a feeling she’d be decent at bullshitting essays. She’s a good bullshitter.

What is her ‘literal logline?’ Girl who looks like a terrifying badass is actually a a pure ray of love and sunshine who doesn’t even know how to swear like a normal adult human. 

Dream job? Lol…Leigh’s dream job would be not having one. Leigh is perfectly content to work her minimum wage job. As long as she has enough money to party on the weekends, she’s happy. 

Cat or dog person? Definitely a dog person. 

Clothing style? Leigh tends to dress in simple, black clothes, usually just shorts and a tank top or some sort of band t-shirt. 

Coffee or tea? hmm…she says option three, tequila. She wants to start her mornings tipsy, not awake. But she’d take coffee over tea, I think she needs the caffeine. 

Their aesthetic? Long stretches of tropical beach; clear summer skies with only a few puffy clouds; airplanes at takeoff; dancing under strobe lights; tightly packed concert crowds; driving down a stretch of highway just a little too fast.

Something everybody likes that they hate? Hmm, thinking of stuff Leigh hates is tough. She loves most things. Most people like a sense of stability in their lives. She hates that.

Something they like that everyone hates? Working at a gas station.

What’s their sexuality? Leigh is pansexual. 

What I love most is that everyone seemed to immediately know that Leigh was LGBT+ without me even saying it. From the first time I talked about the book people were saying I should make Leigh queer or in a same-sex relationship, so many people have asked about Leigh’s sexuality, like everyone just seems to intuitively know, somehow, that Leigh is not straight. And you were all right!

What’s their favourite time of the year or day? Leigh prefers either mid afternoon or very late at night. 

Insecurities? Leigh is an extremely confident person, but what I admire about her is that she’s confident without being arrogant. She simply has great self image. However, what she would be most insecure about would be her childhood since it contains some details she wouldn’t like to immediately share with others. 


EDIT: Her birthday is now June 15th.

Zodiac sign? That would make her a taurus. ( @sssoto​ this is probs very wrong right help me)

EDIT: This makes her a gemini, yes?

Spirit animal? She is a human golden retriever. Loves everyone. So much energy. Jumps around when excited which is always.

Favourite thing to do? Traveling. Or doing stupid, reckless shit. Or drinking. Or sleeping. She has an array of hobbies. 

How was their childhood? Leigh’s childhood was idyllic up until she was six. At this point, she had what was first interpreted as a manic episode, and she was diagnosed with bipolar I. However, that diagnosis was later removed and doctors struggled to properly diagnose her for years, until at twelve she was diagnosed Psychotic Disorder Not Otherwise Specified. Leigh was extremely resistant to treatment for what she did not believe was a disorder, but a great part of this resistance was her rebellious nature and desire to fight authority figures, namely her parents. She fought each decision her parents or doctors made, especially the choice to pull her from public school, and she wreaked havoc through her early teens in protest, especially because her mother’s attempts to raise her in a controlled, safe environment had extraverted, outgoing Leigh feeling increasingly stifled and isolated. This caused her to only have one close friendship, with her neighbour Ben; although she’s had a long string of relationships that crashed because of her disastrous and irresponsible behaviour.

Leigh’s protests eventually became more apathetic by her mid and late teens. She turned to exterior outlets such as alcohol, drugs, and general reckless behaviour; instead of violent outbursts at parents and psychiatrists, she hatched plans to avoid taking medication or other such silent rebellions. 

By the time we start the novel when Leigh is nineteen, she’s accepted the overbearing environment she lives in, but rather than fighting it, simply makes the most of her life in her times of freedom.

What’s their relationship with their parents? Leigh’s relationship with her mother is very poor. Out of bitterness for her mother’s controlling attitudes, Leigh does a lot simply to spite her.  However, Leigh’s relationship with her father is much better. He was always more inclined to listen to her when she was a child, expressing concern for her own experience and feelings when no one else did, so they remain close.

TV show you think they would enjoy? Leigh would probably prefer sitcoms an comedies to anything else. My favourite sitcom, Arrested Development, I think Leigh would love it. That, and she’d probably be game for any sort of brainless reality TV.

If they had social media, what would it be like? First of all, never let Leigh have twitter. She has so many ridiculous, random thoughts, she’d never shut up on twitter. She’d just shit post all the time. Her tumblr would be all memes and stupid shit posts. Her instagram would be a lot of super blurry photos from nights out, also some memes in there. Facebook, also a ton of memes. Leigh also has a fake Facebook account she uses to…well…stalk her psychiatrist?

I know all the dirt on good old Steve. Making that fake Facebook profile and friending him pays off more and more everyday. Oh Steve, if only you knew  the rebel who would make any self respecting soccer mom hide her children in fear of a bad influence was in fact the Sharon Johnson on whose (admittedly, fake) profile picture you declared “a great photo of you Sharon! How are the kids?” only last week. He totally has a thing for ‘Sharon’ and the joke’s on him.
         Yes, I did accidentally catfish my psychiatrist. Fight me.

Some beautifullllllll Leigh artwork from @sarahkelsiwrites who is killing it with her ink style??


“Did it hurt, when I fell from heaven? Yes. Yes it did.”


“I mean, why listen to Leigh? It’s only her brain.”


“Oh, this is the greatest win of my sweet young life, and it’s a giant screw you to all my overbearing authority figures. Even better.”


“Life isn’t about odds; crazy things happen every day despite them.”


“My whole life people have been trying to fix me, but there’s nothing broken. And yet they still wonder why they haven’t been able to put me back together.”


Sometimes I like to drop a conversational bomb on my family. You know, to keep things interesting. They’re a boring group, the Lamonts. They’re much more entertaining in a hysteric fit of panic.   
         “I’m pregnant,” I announce nonchalantly, amidst a five-minute-long span of silent chewing.
        Mom chokes on a sip of water. “What?” Her eye twitches.    
        I cut off a laugh. “Not really, that was just to cushion the real news I wanted to break to you. And that news is that [spoiler].”
        “What?” Much more violent than the last what. Clearly didn’t cushion it enough. Note to self: next time open with Mom, I killed a man.

So that’s Leigh! I wish I had better stuff in the quotes department, but unfortunately my plans to write this novel this summer were not able to happen. Sadness. 

Once again, a huge thanks to @sarahkelsiwrites​ for her AMAZING art of Leigh (I’m still shook). I’ll hopefully be able to post another character profile next week!

That’s all for now, folks!


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!!!! Can you talk about Fire by Kristen Cashore? You've called it perfection before and i really want to know all the things you loved about it~

oh my god i sat up straight when i read this i’m so happy. anyway this is a lot of incoherent gushing but you asked for it

  • fire herself: so fire’s the main character of the book, and probably my favourite female character in the world. fire’s a human-monster, she’s incredibly beautiful, and her beauty is this huge burden to her. and she spends most her time trying to make herself less and has a really hard time coming to terms with her power and the good she can do with it. also, fire has been dealt a difficult hand of cards in her life and yet, she’s so kind and good and she wants to be better than she is, always. she’s just so loving and caring and when the people around her hurt, she hurts. she just has so much love to give and in a world that hates her or wants to use her, she could have turned out so differently and yet she still prioritises love. 
  • the other characters: i love pretty much every single character in this story! there’s such a great cast of secondary characters, all fleshed out w/ their own motives and beliefs and ideals. i love the character development, like nash’s character arc is so good, oh my god. he stays away from fire until he learns how to control himself because he wants to be better than this, because his brother asks him too, because he himself eventually comes to love fire in a healthy way. it just makes my heart swell. fire and brigan are also one of the few straight couples i ship to the death, they just compliment each other so well. clara! garan! hanna! mila! everyone is wonderful!
  • the worldbuilding: i really really love the dells, i love the geography described within it, and how the colourful the land was. i love king’s city, and how it’s situated on the waterfall’s edge. i love the concept of monsters, esp the human monsters, whenever cansrel was described i was always !!! also, don’t forget that the dells is primarily made up of people of colour, and that the most beautiful person in existence is a dark skinned women of colour.
  • the writing and the pace: my friend sophie @beyoncepatronus pointed out to me after she read it that the pace was really slow and odd, there wasn’t enough drive to the story and it felt like a series of events or a biography rather than a story. after she said this, i realised that this was something i really loved about it. i get quite daunted by fantasy novels and this one felt like it took its time. and no, the plot wasn’t flawless, but it didn’t have to be. also, the writing itself i find so wonderful, there are some beautiful turns of phrase, most of which come from how fire sees the world in relation to how fire sees herself.
  • to follow up on that, there is a quote from fire which had a lot of impact on me from the moment i read it. and i think about it when i think about how hard it is to be alive, and how much i love my friends, and how they make that easier sometimes. and it’s “She had thought she’d already reached her capacity for pain and had no room inside her for more. But she remembered having told Archer once that you could not measure love on a scale of degrees, and now she understood it was the same with pain. Pain might escalate upward and, just when you thought you’d reached your limit, begin to spread sideways, and spill out, and touch other people, and mix with their pain. And grow larger, but somehow less oppressive. She had thought herself trapped in a place outside the ordinary feeling lives of people; she had not noticed how many other people were trapped in that place with her.”

the line “Burton to this Taylor” is easily my favourite from Ready For It. It is such an interesting metaphor to use to describe a relationship/potential relationship. The Liz Taylor/Richard Burton relationship is probably one of the most famous and written about relationships in popular culture, dissected by the media and fans alike. It was a relationship that appeared to reach great heights of passion, but also seemed to be extremely dysfunctional given the individual human frailties of both Burton and Taylor and the intense scrutiny they were both under. Regardless though Taylor described Burton as the love of her life even though they were never able to successfully exist together.

remember how i said i was in a writing mood


Dark is rather polite and talks to people without issue upon first meeting. Of course, he wants those he speaks with to trust him. Trust is a disadvantage for them, but not for him. He’s a calm type of short-tempered, meaning that he will easily get angry but that he’ll respond in such a relaxed tone that you’ll know he’s not pleased. Usually, he prefers not to create a mess as it’s needlessly annoying to clean, but he definitely doesn’t fear a hellish disaster if it gets him what he wants. To sum it up, he’s practically human (personality wise) unless you upset him, in which case, you’ve made a dire mistake. I also believe he’d find it beyond easy to read people: body language, tone, eyes, etc. You can try to hide, but he’ll know what you’re feeling either way.

The Host (Author?) is genuinely probably my second favourite, if not Google. He’s most definitely an intelligent person. Also, he seems quite self aware, or at least well-developed. I assume he’s extremely observant and notices even the smallest details about anything he can. I don’t know a whole ton about them to be honest, but they’re still one of my faves.

Google is my third favourite. He’s very literal and a major realist. Not a lot can be interpreted about him because he’s quite literally a robot, and therefore doesn’t have any real feelings. I do like about Google, though, how constantly calm he is (again, robotic nature) and simply the way he carries himself, speaks, and acts.

Wilford is a pretty all-over-the-place character. The first and most obvious thing I can say about him is that he’s impulsively literal. He doesn’t think about his actions until afterwards, and possibly feels regret, but doesn’t see a point in lingering on it. He’s basically a sadistic goofball, from what I can tell. Interesting to watch, though, because of the variation in attitude.

My Infinity War Theories?!!?!

Alright! Let’s get started! 

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Okay, so I think we can all agree that the trailer for Infinity War scared the shit out of all of us and also got the wheels going turning us all into little Sherlocks.. I’m just going to get right into it because I’m not witty enough to have a witty introduction… 

Originally posted by spaceandaliens

Alright so, Thor is with the Guardians. That was apparent from him landing on their windshield, that’s cool with me. I actually like the idea of Thor meeting them first. This leads me to think something bad is going to happen to Thor at the end of Ragnarok by the way.. Why else would he be floating around in space? 

Anyways (Drinking game, every time I say anyways take a shot, you’ll be right messed up by the time I’m done haha kms), Having Thor with the Guardians might be a could way to get the Guardians to go to Earth. Either They heard about Thanos’ in coming attack or Thor did and they tell each other. Either way, Thor would want to help and I’m pretty sure there’s a few Guardians who would like the chance to punch Thanos in the throat(heart?). So, the Guardians could be Thor’s ride back to Earth to warn the Avengers and probably explain why exactly he’s been MIA. It’s probably going to be hilarious once he gets back to Earth and realizes the petty and tiny humans have been fighting each other. 

Originally posted by neverlandvibes

The next part I want to talk about in the trailer is everyone’s favourite villain Loki’s appearance where apparently he’s ping ponged back to the dark side after seemingly being chill with Thor in the Ragnarok trailer. Seriously.. He’s like a bungee jumper when it comes to hero and villain. (Still love you tho, boo. And my pet cat is still named after you lol). Loki appears to be handing the Tesseract over to who is most likely Thanos since later on we see him open up a portal and walk through it and the portal looked almost identical to the one Loki opened for the Chituari in the first Avengers movie. I’m hoping Loki will realize he’s dun goofed again and bounce on back to the good side with his bro Thor. 

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Next, we go to my bby in New York getting goosebumps on the school bus, which I got way too excited about because one of my favourite powers Spider-Man has is his “Spidey Sense”. I love seeing it in the films, especially Andrew Garfield’s in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. But it appears that they’ve gone with a more realistic/accurate version of the Spidey Senses in Infinity War. Peter’s hair standing on end on his arm, as he gets the itch that something is coming makes me think about how he gets involved. Would Tony actually ask Peter to join this fight after trying to keep him away from danger for basically the whole Homecoming plot or would Peter convince him into letting him try? Maybe thats how he finally gets that sick Iron Spider suit from the end of Homecoming.

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This is My Cat Maximo. You’ve probably seen him a couple times in some responses, he doesn’t like it when I pay attention to the camera instead of him.

He is my companion and favourite pet (including humans). unlike humans and lesser felines, and much like myself, we barely age. This of course is not that unusual. I hear other countries keep pets, I believe lutz has at least one dog.

Why a cat? Maximo has an elegance most humans lack. This paired with an amazing hunting instinct and almost poetic fluid motions paints the same image of beauty, elegance, and danger that I maintain.

I also adore him. Who can say no to that handsome face? He understands several commands and I would protect him with several peoples lives.

@ask-mama-germania I know you love my cat

(I’ve added him to Nicoletta’s world, he’s cannon)

ID #93455

Name: Berke
Age: 19
Country: Turkey

Hello everybody!

My name is Berke and I turned 19 this July. I instantly liked this concept of being penpals with someone when I first saw it in Tumblr so I thought I should give it a go! Right now im preparing for medical school entrance exam and I sort of feel like I’m beginning a new chapter in my life because I’ll probably be studying in another country.

I like a lot of things so it probably wont be possible to list them all here but mainly I like mathematics, history;book genres mainly about horror,poetry and drama, right now im reading Utopia by Thomas More and the Picture of Dorian Gray; I’m also at the side of literary realism, psychiatry, evolution, music(especially classical) and so on… And my favourite colour is white!

My favourite tv shows are/were House M.D., Hannibal, How I Met Your Mother and Game of Thrones.

One of the things that fascinate me the most in life is the human mind. I’m really looking forward to be able to research deeply in that field in the future. Also the relationship between good and evil, the existence in general is very intriguing to me. My favourite philosopher is Immanuel Kant. My favourite quote is “ Be kind to all creatures; this is the true religion-Buddha”.

I also like cats, I have two!

Preferences:  Any gender or race is fine. Can talk in just about anywhere, it doesn’t need to be snail mail. I can talk English, a little of German and I’m learning Italian. Also under 25 would be fine.

another recommendation

okay, so, seeing as my podcast rec list got… surprisingly popular, i realised there was something i left off.

cabin pressure

i didn’t include it because if we’re being honest it isn’t a podcast, it’s a radio 4 sitcom so i just didn’t think to put it in the list.

but really, everyone, it is so. good.

like i said, it’s a comedy, but not without substance. there’s character development, heartwarming scenes, progressive plotting… it’s really a stunningly good programme, and of course, exceedingly funny.

it’s about the team running the charter airline airdot MJN air.

  • there’s the owner, carolyn knapp-shappey, who is a fierce, funny and very competent. she brings her wayward pilots in line.
  • there is captain martin crieff, the only pilot in the world to have failed to get his licence six. times
  • there is first officer douglas richardson, an older officer fired from air england for having sticky fingers. he’s very competent, but also has an exceedingly fey attitude to life. games and antics surround our dougie.
  • finally, there is arthur shappey, carolyn’s son and air steward of the plane. he is a human embodiment of sunshine. really one of my favourite characters in anything.

to round this off, the series has probably the most satisfying end in any piece of media i’ve ever enjoyed. it’s often that a series leaves you wanting more, because why wouldn’t you? it’s brilliant! but rarer that in your heart you know that the end was so perfect that to continue would spoil that. i really, really loved it.

for a better summary, see here


Song of the Day - November 15, 2017

B.A.P - That’s My Jam

[M] I have no idea how I have not posted this as a song of the day yet but seriously every Kpop fan needs to jam out to B.A.P’s That’s My Jam and as we get closer to the deep, dark, cold days of winter the upbeat and lively song that is That’s My Jam is perfect for a pick me up on drab winter days. This is probably one of, if not my favourite B.A.P title track and I can listen to it on repeat and it never gets old. I love when B.A.P shows this side of them because they have a tendency to get so dark and serious most of the time when they are actually pretty ridiculous human beings. Honestly I love every aspect of this song from the MV to the music, to the over all vibe. I always look forward to whatever B.A.P releases and this one was no exception. 

[S] I completely agree with C in saying this is one of the top B.A.P title tracks for me I cannot get enough of this song I remember being a little weirded out watching the first time but the more I watched it the more I loved it and a song like this really does fit B.A.P’s personality they really are just a bunch of derps.
This song is the perfect pick me up on a bleh day and I often find myself listening to it when I am on my work. it makes the trek to my dreaded place of employment just a bit more bearable. also on a side note… ISN’T ZELO SO ADORABLE??!!

[C] B.A.P is that group that always throws deep meanings around like it’s nothing and destroys your soul and makes you think about life in the deepest way. Then the next minute they will change up their whole style and release something fun and care free like this and I have no complaints whatsoever. B.A.P releasing songs like this are a nice breathe of fresh air watching them be their weird selves in music videos is always nice because we all know they’re complete and absolute dorks in real life.


Days 6&7/100 of productivity. I realised this morning I forgot to post yesterday 😥. I’ve started rewriting my notes in a way that I think might help me remember the information better - I tried to show a picture of the notes but my kitty decided to sit on them. This usually happens at least once while I’m studying 😂❤️. I also realised most of my posts so far have been Human Bio notes, probably because it’s my favourite subject.

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Questions! U said the half-demon is a Warlock. Is that Fox? Also what makes him a warlock as opposed to a wizard? The type of magic he uses? Did he break an oath? Or is it just the term u prefer? I love ur ideas haha sorry for sending 2 separate asks. Also I pledged a few bucks on patreon I hope it helps!

Don’t be sorry at all, I love getting asks and your enthusiasm is making my day so much better thank you <3

Yep that’s Fox well spotted! Honestly, Fox is probably my favourite not that stops him from suffering poor boy out of all the characters I’ve ever written, his personality shines through so well in the first draft of this book (I’m rereading now for the rewrite and some of the others not so much but ah well, I can fix that). 

Okay so Fox’s ability to use magic comes from his half-demon side, in their world most normal humans can’t access any magic at all (there are a few ways to change this but none of them nice) and that’s what makes Vincent’s true sight so unusual. 

People are aware of demons and magic even if they can’t always see it (demons appearing without glamours would shock most of us into believing it). However, partly out of fear and partly out of Christian stuff, people in this version of England have outlawed all forms of magic.

Witch burnings are still common, discussing demons can be dangerous, the whole atmosphere is tense with the fear people have.

So living in this world, puts Fox at a bit of a risk, especially as you can see from looking at him that’s he not all human (his canines are extra pointed, his eyes are far too green, and slitted like a cats). 

The term warlock being used to describe him comes from the idea that witches and warlocks gain their powers from the devil, his demon side coupled with all this religious fear people have, led to him being given that title.  

Fox himself struggles a lot with his identity as a half-demon, knowing that that half of him is drawn to evil. Here’s a quote from Draft 01 that illustrates that quite well:

“No it’s not fucking okay!” he screamed at her “You don’t get it do you? It didn’t turn me evil or add some more in. It just woke up what was already there. I’m not like you Laura - people are people. Your actions can be good or bad, your nature is nearly always a bit of both. But I’m not like you. I’ve got demon in me and the blood reminds me of that.” He smiled, tiredly. “It reminds me that I’m all evil.”

And thanks so so much for becoming a patron, it means the world to me <3

Hi, Cassandra! Sebastian is a very interesting and complex character and it takes a lot of time to understand him and his backstory, which is probably one of the many reasons why he became my favourite character. I’m now reading City of Heavenly Fire and in a part of the book Jocelyn mentioned that she used to cry every year on his birthday and that she sometimes dreamed of a boy with green eyes and a boy who could laugh/love/etc, a human child and that this is the boy she cried over, though she claims he never existed. But my question is, isn’t it partly Jocelyn’s fault that Sebastian became who he is? It is obvious that most of Sebastian’s humanity was burned away by the demon blood, but if Jocelyn had stayed and helped raising him and gave him parently love and all the things he never got from Valentine’s side, would that have affected Sebastian’s feelings and actions in any way? Or would he still be the same? Because I think the demon blood damaged him a lot but also the cruel way Valentine raised him seems to have a lot of impact on Sebastian as well. I prefer him evil, obviously, I wouldn’t want to change him but I’m just curious whether there was a chance for him to be different or if he was irredeemable? If you do take some of your time to read/answer this I’m thanking you in advance! — palestiles

Ah, you subscribe to my friend Sarah’s “You’ve got to love your demon baby!” theory. :) 

Every reader has their own interpretation of a story. For my own part, I believe Jocelyn is far less culpable in the tragedy of Jonathan’s life than Valentine is. Valentine did dangerous experiments on his wife and unborn child. He did this on purpose, knowing that the results might be terrible. He did this without Jocelyn’s knowledge or consent, and tampered with her memories to keep her loyal to him. He was an abusive, manipulative zealot who was basically torturing Jocelyn and erasing her memory of it. Was she supposed to excuse all that and stay with him, just so she could be a loving mother to the monster he made their child into? That would have been horrible for her, and would have given Valentine access to another child to experiment on and manipulate: Clary. Jocelyn cut her losses and got out of there. I don’t blame her for that.

I think it’s entirely up in the air whether Jocelyn staying around would have made Sebastian/Jonathan a better person. It’s possible, but it’s also possible it wouldn’t have made a whit of a difference. Jonathan himself indicates at the end of his life that there simply wasn’t enough good in him for anything to have changed how he turned out. I think in some cases, love can make a difference — but I don’t always think you can love evil away.

I wrote a bit about what-ifs and Jonathan here:

“I wouldn’t want to commit to a specific what if. There are too many factors that have gone into making Jonathan who he is. A Jonathan with demon blood, but not raised by Valentine is one thing. A Jonathan without demon blood, but raised by Valentine is something else. A Jonathan without demon blood and not raised by Valentine might be what we saw in Clary’s dream — that’s as close to a what-if as I think we’ll ever get.”

“It is likely that if he had been raised by Valentine, Jonathan would have been affected by that upbringing even if he hadn’t had demon blood, yes, but he probably wouldn’t have been basically a demon in human form. Seb/Jonathan is a mixture of bad impulses and bad upbringing. Certainly I had no intention to imply that if he hadn’t had demon blood, he would have been an angel of light: we’ve no idea what he would have been like, and we never will know. What I intended to convey at the end of his arc was simply the tragedy of wasted potential. Jonathan himself says that he isn’t a real person after Glorious burns out the demon blood, he’s like Clary’s dream of him, a possible Jonathan that could have existed but never actually did.”

And I guess (depending on how much we want to indulge this what-if, and how cynical we are) I might add that being raised by Jocelyn for a time might have made Jonathan more manipulative. He’s not great at aping human behavior, and that’s good for the people around him. Some people do sense that something is off about him. Having Jocelyn around might have given him a better understanding of how humans relate… and that could have been bad for the rest of humanity. After all, what lesson would he learn from seeing his mother stay with a man who was abusive, manipulative and dangerous, out of a sense of duty?

Probably not a good lesson. 

We’ll never know.

Finished Toradora. Absolutely loved it. Definitely my favourite romcom (or just love story in general, not that I’ve seen that many), I don’t really feel qualified to claim that it’s “the best” or anything but if you enjoy shows of it’s type I’d definitely recommend it. And it’s not all romance either, it’s got great friendship writing and character dynamics, drama, comedy etc. The two main characters and their relationship is definitely the main draw of the show and that was made clear since episode one, I love them sooo much. But along the way I was pleasantly surprised by how much I also fell in love with the main side characters. Kitamura and Minorin are hilarious (seriously, I actually kinda can’t decide whom I find more entertaining), and they appear sort of otherworldly, which is probably intentional, like it’s clear why Ryuji and Taiga would have crushes on them in the first place. But in the end they’re only human like the rest of us and have their own struggles and development. Same goes for Kawashima, she’s kind of an oddball in the group and probably the most interesting one when all’s said and done. The entire cast is wonderful.

Not sure where exactly I’d place it in terms of my favourite shows overall but it’s at least top ten, maybe even five. I dunno, I really want to place it high, I think it deserves it and my enjoyment of it was high enough to warrant it.

Anyway that’s enough of the “review” for now, the show is fairly old at this point and I know that it’s highly popular so I’m sure it’s been reviewed to death by now, I’m looking forward to reading posts about it later. But now I just wanna talk about the ending a little, spoilers ahead obviously. It uh, kind of wrecked me. Had to go sit outside and calm down and stuff for a while, so this is no longer a “raw” reaction lol.

The final episode was quite the wild ride, I wasn’t expecting another bump on the rode via Taiga leaving and was about to get upset if the ending would’ve simply been “Ryuji accepts that he’ll meet Taiga again when the time is right and that’s that” but FORTUNATELY they met again at the end and man…it was so perfect. The throwbacks to the first episode with the narration and Ryuji finding Taiga from the locker, it’s kind of a simple story telling trick to bring things full circle but fuck it I loved it. And the casual “Guess what, I love you” fuuu- I was waiting for the ending to provide me with that emotional blow but I didn’t expect to get hit so hard. I don’t think I’ll cry like this again till I witness the ending of Gintama.

On one hand I’m of course sad that I won’t get to see how their life goes on from here, but on the other hand I feel like I’ve already seen what it’ll be like. And that’s the great thing about Toradora, we essentially see Taiga and Ryuji be a “couple” for the entire series before they are one officially, not much is really going to change in terms of their basic daily interactions. I definitely want to rewatch all of Toradora eventually and enjoy all of their moments knowing of the happy ending.

Because that’s the way it’s meant to be~

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More Inheritance Cycle questions :P What do you think of the bond between dragon and rider? It was probably my favourite part of the books, especially Eragon and Saphira's relationship (duh xD)

I will admit that of all the human-dragon relationships I have seen in books, Paolini’s Inheritance Cycle takes the cake on what I find most preferable. When I imagine a dragon-rider bond, the first thing I think about is not How to Train Your Dragon, not Temeraire, but the Inheritance Cycle. This is, in many ways, my personalized, ideal concept of what a human-dragon bond can be like in fantasy. I don’t think any other story about any other dragon rider has topped this concept for me.

Eragon and Saphira’s relationship was what MADE the book series for me. They could understand one another so incredibly well, become connected to each others’ thoughts, and through that, get influenced in their own use of magic. I loved that magical connection. I also was entirely entertained with the fact that this incredible relationship resulted in a bit of snark. I think this was the first book series I read where the dragon was legitimately SNARKY.

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I like Rize so much, even though we know almost nothing about her. When I stopped to thinking that most things that we know about Rize are most idealizations of her I kind of feel wrecked.

I love Rize as well! She’s starting to become one of my favourite characters. But even though most of the things we know about Rize are Kaneki’s idealizations about her, we do know some actual things about her, from chapters 1, 36 and 46.5 from TG, and Banjou’s chapter from the light novel:

1. Rize refuses to follow anyone’s rules but her own.

She doesn’t follow any of the rules established by Hagi, the leader of the 11th ward. In chapter 46.5 alone, she already killed four humans (more if you include five from the light novel, although some of them probably overlap) in a short amount of time. She doesn’t clean up her messes either; Usu, one of the 11th ward ghouls, had to clean up Rize’s kill by the seaside, and Banjou and his friends had to clean up the “bloody mass of meat” after she killed Yuuri.

And Rize denies Tsukiyama’s invitation to join the Ghoul Restaurant, which she sees as a “human-like establishment” with its rules that would ultimately restrict her freedom. An interesting piece of information from this page, contrary to what a lot of people think, is that even though Rize is known as the Binge Eater, eating way more than she should, she is still picky with her food, “choosing her own opponents”.

So she chooses to live on her whims, killing whenever she is hungry and trying out anything to appease her boredom.

Her boredom does lead her to become more sadistic with her prey, telling one of them that she would let him go if he didn’t raise his voice (while breaking his fingers), but that’s another story. But despite her cruelty, her actions have an interesting consequence, leaving a lasting impression on Banjou for him to wonder if it is better to live safe and restricted, or free from societal rules.

2. Rize is strong and independent.

In a way, her strength allows her to be independent and to live how she chooses. In Banjou’s words from the light novel:

Strength gives rise to violence, but there are also things that can only be gained through strength. Her figure, with the power to cut open her own path, seemed to shine with the brightest light in his eyes.

She refuses to live by other people’s (such as Hagi) beliefs, and if she is forced to, she cuts them down with an easy stab from her powerful rinkaku.

And Rize knows she’s strong. She is a confident person who doesn’t even bother hiding the smell of her victims from the other apartment complex tenants. Heck, she even invites one of them in after she notices him looking at her breasts (to become her future meal).

In addition, she doesn’t bother using a mask to conceal her identity, which is interesting since even the top Aogiri ghouls like Tatara and Noro wear masks. In her words,

As long as Rize is strong, she has the power to make her own decisions and respond to any trouble that comes her way.

3. Rize is an intelligent and well-read ghoul.

She has sharp instincts, immediately noticing when other men are attracted to her, such as Hayashi (shown above) and Kaneki, and using that to her advantage:

And then she uses her her appearance and her cute girl charm to lure them in (or to get out of troublesome situations):

(Does that look like a face of a sadistic bloody man eater to you? And somehow she can switch from a cute style to a sexy librarian man eater like what is this sorcery Ishida??)

And despite Rize knowing she is strong, the “king of all beasts”, she knows when to back off and cut her losses, deciding to leave the 11th ward after hearing that the CCG was planning to become more active following Rize’s actions:

In addition, how many well-read ghouls have we met? Not too many, since ghouls in general lack education and are unable to read at a proficient level. Yet reading is one of Rize’s hobbies; she is seen at the 11th ward meeting reading a book (which appears to be Monochrome Rainbow based on the spine) to pass the time and her shelf is filled with a decent amount of books.

Despite being a wild child, she sees something in books that makes her want to sit down and read while sipping coffee.

Somehow this turned into a Rize appreciation post LOL but I’m wondering if you had some of these things in mind when you realized that you liked Rize. I realized that I liked her when I noticed that she doesn’t give a fuck about what anyone else thinks, which is a characteristic I’d like to have more of since right now I care too much about what others think of me…

But even though she’s only appeared a few times, there’s enough information about her to paint a general picture of her character, and I really hope for more in :re because I need more moments like this:

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which video from dizastamusic/tvfilthyfrank/toodamnfilthy have you watched the most times? if it's music video then same question for not music video from these channels. (also is it because it's favourite or other reason?)

Me and @megpecka have watched Human Cake together an unreasonable amount of times, but by myself probably the life hacks video is my most watched. It was one of the very first videos of his I really liked and will always be dear to my heart.

As for the music videos, I think I’ve watched Teriyaki God the most, I love angsty shit man


*runs around like a madman* HERE HAVE ANOTHER CRACK AU *drops it and dodges the fandom’s pit holes*

A’ight! SO LIKE, people are allover billdip and all, but the one argument i see the most is about their huge age gap and how dipper’s underage (canonically, which is what seems to matter for these people mostly) and i just want to friendly point out that one of my favourite canon ships is helios/rini, and they are even further apart in age. Helios was Prince Endymion’s flippin’ priest! (And has probably been in existence since the beginning of time, seeing as he protects the golden crystal, which is powered by human dreams) And I know for a fact that Rini is at least younger than 12, yet no one seems to flip their shit on that ship (although, haha, i’ll admit, it’s waaaay healthier o3o) but yeah, the whole like, “pedofile” argument or whatever is really…weird? to me ‘cause personally, i don’t see age being an issue as long as both parties are willing and respectful about it (just as any relationship should be, really).

So, yeah! Have some ridiculous and fluffy Sailor Moon Super S/Gravity Falls crossover where i went Dr. Frankenstein on everyone’s asses and mashed Bill with Tuxedo Mask/Helios and Dipper with Sailor Moon/Sailor Mini Moon.

*cough cough* two of ‘em are transparent *cough*