is most probably my favourite human

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If you don't mind, may I ask about your thoughts on Wonder Woman, please please? <3

most of my thoughts are [HUMAN EMBODIMENT OF HEARTEYES EMOJI] and are a nebulous mass of how amazing it felt to watch diana kick ass and be beautiful and be kind. and how much I love ww1 stories where the underlying theme is “IT’S ALL A BIG MESS, EVERYONE SUCKS TO A GREATER OR LESSER DEGREE” and how impressive it was that they somehow managed to get some idealism out of it anyway. 


I will comment on what was probably my favourite small moment, which was steve talking to the german chemist at the gala. because we so often get presented with ‘spy’ characters and we accept it because they have this label of ‘spy’ or else they’re just…shooting people and being a more charming version of themselves, james bond style. but this was an intelligence agent doing his damn job, ie. making a quick, efficient connection with a stranger and hijacking his way into their trust by directly targeting their personality and weak spots. it didn’t feel charming. it felt tense and unsettling and authentic.

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32. “Have you seen my… oh” Evan/Connor please! Thank u c:



Connor couldn’t seem to find his favourite shirt. Where had he put it? He wasn’t in charge of the laundry, Evan usually did that but he usually packed Connor’s shirts away.

“Hey Evan!” Connor called. When no reply came, Connor tried once more. “Evan?!” Still no reply.

Connor made his way downstairs. “Evan have you seen my…oh.” Connor smiled softly.

Evan was asleep, curled up on the couch of their shared apartment, in Connor’s favourite shirt. Connor swore he had the most adorable boyfriend in the world. He pulled out his phone and snapped a picture.

Connor shook his head as he headed back upstairs. He slipped on a different shirt, jotted down and note and headed off to work. The image of Evan in his shirt did not leave his mind, Evan was probably the most adorable human in the world.

Hours later Evan woke up, he rubbed his eyes and looked around. Connor must have left for work earlier. Evan made his way into the kitchen and noticed a note on the counter.

Dear Evan Hansen,

Today I couldn’t seem to find my favourite shirt. But when I did I also found your curled up on the couch wearing it. You looked adorable, I got a picture by the way. Wear my clothes more often.


Connor Murphy

Evan blushed. He looked down at the shirt he was wearing, maybe he should’ve picked a different shirt but oh well. This one was bigger and it smelt like Connor. 

Evan was still tired so he jotted down a quick note and went back upstairs to go to sleep once again, still wearing Connor’s shirt.

When Connor arrived home late that night, he walked into the kitchen and smiled when he was a new note accompanying his.

Dear Connor Murphy,

Sorry about stealing your shirt. But it’s big and I love wearing it. I’ll be sure to steal your clothes more often. But please no more pictures!


Evan Hansen

Connor shook his head, his thoughts reassured. Evan Hansen was definitely the most adorable human in the world.

remember how i said i was in a writing mood


Dark is rather polite and talks to people without issue upon first meeting. Of course, he wants those he speaks with to trust him. Trust is a disadvantage for them, but not for him. He’s a calm type of short-tempered, meaning that he will easily get angry but that he’ll respond in such a relaxed tone that you’ll know he’s not pleased. Usually, he prefers not to create a mess as it’s needlessly annoying to clean, but he definitely doesn’t fear a hellish disaster if it gets him what he wants. To sum it up, he’s practically human (personality wise) unless you upset him, in which case, you’ve made a dire mistake. I also believe he’d find it beyond easy to read people: body language, tone, eyes, etc. You can try to hide, but he’ll know what you’re feeling either way.

The Host (Author?) is genuinely probably my second favourite, if not Google. He’s most definitely an intelligent person. Also, he seems quite self aware, or at least well-developed. I assume he’s extremely observant and notices even the smallest details about anything he can. I don’t know a whole ton about them to be honest, but they’re still one of my faves.

Google is my third favourite. He’s very literal and a major realist. Not a lot can be interpreted about him because he’s quite literally a robot, and therefore doesn’t have any real feelings. I do like about Google, though, how constantly calm he is (again, robotic nature) and simply the way he carries himself, speaks, and acts.

Wilford is a pretty all-over-the-place character. The first and most obvious thing I can say about him is that he’s impulsively literal. He doesn’t think about his actions until afterwards, and possibly feels regret, but doesn’t see a point in lingering on it. He’s basically a sadistic goofball, from what I can tell. Interesting to watch, though, because of the variation in attitude.

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Is it bad that I don't get the adoration over the boy squad? Like they're okay I guess. Probably the most boring part of season 3 tbh. They were all kinda these cliche teenage boys. I just feel a billion times more connected to the balloon squad even though they haven't had even half as much screen time. They feel more human to me. Idk. I mean, I guess boy squad is okay, idk? I feel bad haha.


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4, 7, 18, 42 for Nathan!

Thank you!!

4. What is their most embarrassing memory?

Probably when he first introduced Toniko to his parents when they began dating, and Elise showed her this photo.

7. Which of their relationships have impacted them most positively?

For sure, his relationship with Toniko. She treats him like a human being and not just some guy with super good looks, plus she brings out the best in him.

18. What kind of music do they enjoy?

I’ve always pictured him as a rock music kinda guy. Dancing around in his underpants/while naked to his favourite albums, if ya catch my drift?

42. Do they have any bad habits?

If nobody’s around, he tends to pick his nose and proceed to eat the evidence. Also, when he’s anxious about something, he bounces his leg up and down which irritates the hell out of Alice and Jaxon.

earlier this week, i spent the evening of my birthday in the presence of one of my absolute favourite human beings, watching him perform the lead role in my favourite play, at a level that was just completely out of this world, and there hasn’t been half an hour since then that i haven’t thought about it


World Building June, Day 03: People & Races!

One of my favourite parts of building Mercia has been developing these races (and Celestials are still a work in progress, and probably will be for a while because they’re meant to be vaguely insectoid and insects are… certainly not my forte lol).

Baseborn/Anima don’t fit exactly into our Earth-based, human-coined system for categorising animals, but I’d most liken them to monotremes. You can read more about their archetypal ethnicities here; ethnicity is mostly not a big deal to them, especially since the percentage of relationships that are cross-ethnic is climbing higher by the year, as is the percentage of mixed/veriet kids.

There’s some tension between nords and other ethnicities, due to the ongoing nordic rebellion in the north leading people down the road of prejudice, but opinions regarding that are very much a mixed bag depending on many factors, and it’s the less numerous higher classes who are most inclined to perpetuate that prejudice.

Aside from that, I don’t think there’s much else to add that won’t be covered in upcoming prompts! Very excited to get to the other stuff

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Does anyone in the family like scary movies, if so who and which movie is there favorite?

Carla: If they’re intelligent horror. Most modern horrors are predictable and the humans make stupid no.

Kris: Hm, I like some horrors! Slashers and gory ones like Saw and Hostel are the only ones I’m a fan of though..paranormal stuff kinda..freaks me out heh!

Thomas: I don’t mind them…like dad said they can be a bit predictable but I don’t really care for them much unless they have a decent plot and believable special effects. Rec was pretty good - probably my favourite.

Oliver: I like them - especially when there’s a shit-ton of jumpscares! They’re getting boring now though…they all have the exact same plot! How do people think of that many variations of the exact same plot?! Ugh I don’t get it. But that rare original horror film we get in between all the bullshit clones…gold! Can’t think of any off the top of my head though heheh~

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Favourite Female :

Originally posted by flipomatic

Weiss Schnee, clearly Weiss Schnee. Tbh she’s one of the only reasons I still watch RWBY ( along with Monochrome ). She’s the main characters who got the best development from all of team RWBY and I’m so proud of her. Weiss Schnee who goes from a racist little brat to a caring teammate that wouldn’t hesitate to sacrifice herself for someone she cares about, faunus or human :

also she’s totally my type

Favourite Male :

Probably Ren cause he is really the only male character that hadn’t been ruined by RT, along with Ghira. He’s respectful, interesting, badass, and most of all decent. He’s a good boy and I’m proud of him

3 Other Favourite Characters: 

Aouch, hard one cause Weiss is really my favourite, I don’t really have « favourites » like Weiss….

Hmm, well I guess Blake ( love this catrastophe emo cat ), Winter cause she really is best sister and…uuh idk uuuh…..I like Klein, I guess ? I don’t know ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

3 Otps :

Monochrome ( surprising I know ), Freezerburn ( It’s my second OTP but I don’t reblog often or even much…I should fix that ) and Elderburn

Notp :

Bumbleby, Black Sun, Tauradonna, Qrowin ( no, just no ), White Knight ( oh hell no ) and any Jaune/girl ship ( I’m okay with Jaune/boy ship, those ships makes me likes this jerk a little )

Funniest character :

Listen, this dude is crazy and I love him

Prettiest character :


Most  Annoying Character :

Originally posted by drunk-uncle-qrow

Qrow is not really the most annoying character ( I keep this one for the end ) but he’s pretty much a douchebag and an asshole

Most Badass Character :

Pretty obvious choice

Character I’d like as my BFF:


Ruby, Blake, Yang, Ren, Nora, Pyrrha, Penny, Sun THEY’RE ALL COOL OKAY ?!

Female Character I’d Marry:

Male Character I’d Marry:

Uuuuuuuh I have no idea…maybe Sun ? Idk he’s fun but I would like him more as a friend

Character I hate/dislike/least like:

HE is the most annoying character, a jerk and the cancer of this show

Go die in a hole Vomit Boy

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NAME: Alex
GENDER: Non-binary
ZODIAC: Pisces.
FAVOURITE HOLIDAY: Christmas. I like the lights and its sentimentality.
FAVOURITE VIDEO GAME: All of the Castlevania series. I quite love Alucard …

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Hi~can I get a ship with bts/got7/exo/blackpink~I’m a blue eyed blonde that looks younger than I am but my mental age is simultaneously 6 and 60.Music is probably the best thing in my life tbh~I play guitar, bass and piano.I love to sing and I’ve written a few songs.I live on coffee and I love my dog more than most humans.I hate sports and my favourite hobby is sleeping.Ive been described as dead inside and quiet but with certain people I’m very weird and can be a little louder. Thanks  

I ship you with…. 

Bts: Yoongi! 

You and Yoongi would be perfect for each other! He’d adore the fact that you share his love of music and that you write songs too. He also love that you can play piano and find it really cool that you can also play guitar and bass too. He’d often have you in the studio to get your input on new songs and maybe even help a little. You two would sleep a lot. Not just because it’s something you both enjoy, but also because he’s a busy man and needs his sleep. We’ve all seen how happy he gets when he talks about Holly, so he’d appreciate that you also have the same love for your dog. Several cups of coffee would be drunk anytime you two were together because you love it and Yoongi needs it to stay semi-conscious. You both appear dead inside and quiet so he wouldn’t really pay much attention to that. He’s also a hell of a lot weirder and louder around his members so he’d like that you’re like that too. He secretly love your blue eyes and your blonde hair. He’d tease you about the fact that you look younger than you actually are. You both have the same mental age so there wouldn’t be any problems there. You too would seriously be good together, I ship it (obviously).

Got7: Jaebum!  

Jaebum would be impressed that you can play guitar, bass and piano. Music is obviously a big part of his life too, so he’d appreciate the fact that you feel the same. He’s written a couple of songs himself, so he’d find it cool that you have too and would want to here them. Jaebum freaking adores his cat so he’d like that you love your pet nearly as mush as he loves his (I say nearly because that guy loves that cat too much). He’d love that you love to sing and would definitely get you to sing for him. Jaebum’s a busy guy, being Got7′s leader has got to be hard work, so he’d like that you two could just sleep sometimes. Lots of coffee shop dates because he’d know how much you love it. He appears quiet and dead inside at first too, so he wouldn’t really mind that you come across as that too. He’d like that you get weirder and louder though. I’d say your mental age is fairly close but he wouldn’t pay much attention to it to be honest. He’d really love your blonde hair and your blue eyes but would only tell you sometimes. You two would make a great couple.

Exo: Chayeol! 

This ball of fluff would adore how much you love music. He’s quite the musician himself, so he’d love that you also play instruments. He enjoys songwriting so he’d love that you do too. He’d practically beg to here the songs you’ve written. He’d completely adore the fact that you love to sing. You two would be doing a duet. He wouldn’t even ask you, he’d tell you that you were doing it. Chanyeol would probably love your dog just as much as you do if not more because we all know he’s a sucker for anything cute. He wouldn’t mind sleeping sometimes but he’s a ball of energy so don’t expect him to do it often. He’s a giant child, so he’d like that a bit of your mental age is similar to his. Chanyeol is weird and loud, so he’d like that you can be like that too. He probably wouldn’t really notice if your a bit quiet or dead inside. He’d buy loads of coffee and force Minseok to make you some once he finds out how much you like it. He’d adore your blonde hair and blue eyes and wouldn’t be hesitant to tell you so. You two would be good together.

Blackpink: Chaeyoung! 

Chaeyoung would love that you love music too. She’d love that you can also play guitar and would always get you to play with her. She’d be impressed that you write songs and that you also play piano and bass. She’d definitely want to here some of your songs. She’d really love your blonde hair and blue eyes and would shyly tell you so often. Chaeyoung would find it really cute that you love your dog that much but would still tease you lightly about it. Speaking of teasing, she’d never let the fact that you look younger than your actual age go. She’s a bit quiet too, not dead inside though but quiet, so she wouldn’t mind that you can also be quiet. She’s a bit weird and a little loud sometimes so she’d like that you can be too. You two have similar mental ages but I doubt she’d pay much attention to that fact. She’d always get you coffee when she discovers how much you like it. She’d love taking naps with you. She’d love that you love to sing and would want you two to do a cover together. You two would be cute together.

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Has anyone figured out why the three nomads didn't realize Bella was a human in the baseball field like immediately?

I don’t think anyone has a good explanation for this, beyond the plot demanded it

To me, the most plausible reason for the nomads’… lack of attention? delayed realization? is general assumptions about vampires and humans clouding their perception. They’re so certain that vampires and people don’t spend time together that hearing Bella’s heartbeat didn’t mean anything to them. Plus, they probably had a slight but distracting fear response to seeing such a large coven. 

Now it’s time to reference one of my favourite psychology experiments! So there’s this video of people in black and white shirts playing basketball. The experimental subjects are asked to count the number of passes between players in white. In the middle of the game, a guy in a gorilla suit walks through, comically pounds his chest, and leaves. Shockingly, the vast majority of watchers don’t notice him because they’re so preoccupied with counting throws. And the human brain is pretty primed to notice a) faces b) animals c) guys in gorilla suits, making these results extra-neat. Anyway, I kinda think Bella’s scent and heartbeat were the gorilla-guy in this situation, whereas the factors which stopped James and co. from noticing her were the Cullens’ superior strength and their own ideas re: human-vampire relations. Vampire brains are probably fallible in similar ways to ours. 

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!!!! Can you talk about Fire by Kristen Cashore? You've called it perfection before and i really want to know all the things you loved about it~

oh my god i sat up straight when i read this i’m so happy. anyway this is a lot of incoherent gushing but you asked for it

  • fire herself: so fire’s the main character of the book, and probably my favourite female character in the world. fire’s a human-monster, she’s incredibly beautiful, and her beauty is this huge burden to her. and she spends most her time trying to make herself less and has a really hard time coming to terms with her power and the good she can do with it. also, fire has been dealt a difficult hand of cards in her life and yet, she’s so kind and good and she wants to be better than she is, always. she’s just so loving and caring and when the people around her hurt, she hurts. she just has so much love to give and in a world that hates her or wants to use her, she could have turned out so differently and yet she still prioritises love. 
  • the other characters: i love pretty much every single character in this story! there’s such a great cast of secondary characters, all fleshed out w/ their own motives and beliefs and ideals. i love the character development, like nash’s character arc is so good, oh my god. he stays away from fire until he learns how to control himself because he wants to be better than this, because his brother asks him too, because he himself eventually comes to love fire in a healthy way. it just makes my heart swell. fire and brigan are also one of the few straight couples i ship to the death, they just compliment each other so well. clara! garan! hanna! mila! everyone is wonderful!
  • the worldbuilding: i really really love the dells, i love the geography described within it, and how the colourful the land was. i love king’s city, and how it’s situated on the waterfall’s edge. i love the concept of monsters, esp the human monsters, whenever cansrel was described i was always !!! also, don’t forget that the dells is primarily made up of people of colour, and that the most beautiful person in existence is a dark skinned women of colour.
  • the writing and the pace: my friend sophie @beyoncepatronus pointed out to me after she read it that the pace was really slow and odd, there wasn’t enough drive to the story and it felt like a series of events or a biography rather than a story. after she said this, i realised that this was something i really loved about it. i get quite daunted by fantasy novels and this one felt like it took its time. and no, the plot wasn’t flawless, but it didn’t have to be. also, the writing itself i find so wonderful, there are some beautiful turns of phrase, most of which come from how fire sees the world in relation to how fire sees herself.
  • to follow up on that, there is a quote from fire which had a lot of impact on me from the moment i read it. and i think about it when i think about how hard it is to be alive, and how much i love my friends, and how they make that easier sometimes. and it’s “She had thought she’d already reached her capacity for pain and had no room inside her for more. But she remembered having told Archer once that you could not measure love on a scale of degrees, and now she understood it was the same with pain. Pain might escalate upward and, just when you thought you’d reached your limit, begin to spread sideways, and spill out, and touch other people, and mix with their pain. And grow larger, but somehow less oppressive. She had thought herself trapped in a place outside the ordinary feeling lives of people; she had not noticed how many other people were trapped in that place with her.”

Finished Toradora. Absolutely loved it. Definitely my favourite romcom (or just love story in general, not that I’ve seen that many), I don’t really feel qualified to claim that it’s “the best” or anything but if you enjoy shows of it’s type I’d definitely recommend it. And it’s not all romance either, it’s got great friendship writing and character dynamics, drama, comedy etc. The two main characters and their relationship is definitely the main draw of the show and that was made clear since episode one, I love them sooo much. But along the way I was pleasantly surprised by how much I also fell in love with the main side characters. Kitamura and Minorin are hilarious (seriously, I actually kinda can’t decide whom I find more entertaining), and they appear sort of otherworldly, which is probably intentional, like it’s clear why Ryuji and Taiga would have crushes on them in the first place. But in the end they’re only human like the rest of us and have their own struggles and development. Same goes for Kawashima, she’s kind of an oddball in the group and probably the most interesting one when all’s said and done. The entire cast is wonderful.

Not sure where exactly I’d place it in terms of my favourite shows overall but it’s at least top ten, maybe even five. I dunno, I really want to place it high, I think it deserves it and my enjoyment of it was high enough to warrant it.

Anyway that’s enough of the “review” for now, the show is fairly old at this point and I know that it’s highly popular so I’m sure it’s been reviewed to death by now, I’m looking forward to reading posts about it later. But now I just wanna talk about the ending a little, spoilers ahead obviously. It uh, kind of wrecked me. Had to go sit outside and calm down and stuff for a while, so this is no longer a “raw” reaction lol.

The final episode was quite the wild ride, I wasn’t expecting another bump on the rode via Taiga leaving and was about to get upset if the ending would’ve simply been “Ryuji accepts that he’ll meet Taiga again when the time is right and that’s that” but FORTUNATELY they met again at the end and man…it was so perfect. The throwbacks to the first episode with the narration and Ryuji finding Taiga from the locker, it’s kind of a simple story telling trick to bring things full circle but fuck it I loved it. And the casual “Guess what, I love you” fuuu- I was waiting for the ending to provide me with that emotional blow but I didn’t expect to get hit so hard. I don’t think I’ll cry like this again till I witness the ending of Gintama.

On one hand I’m of course sad that I won’t get to see how their life goes on from here, but on the other hand I feel like I’ve already seen what it’ll be like. And that’s the great thing about Toradora, we essentially see Taiga and Ryuji be a “couple” for the entire series before they are one officially, not much is really going to change in terms of their basic daily interactions. I definitely want to rewatch all of Toradora eventually and enjoy all of their moments knowing of the happy ending.

Because that’s the way it’s meant to be~

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More Inheritance Cycle questions :P What do you think of the bond between dragon and rider? It was probably my favourite part of the books, especially Eragon and Saphira's relationship (duh xD)

I will admit that of all the human-dragon relationships I have seen in books, Paolini’s Inheritance Cycle takes the cake on what I find most preferable. When I imagine a dragon-rider bond, the first thing I think about is not How to Train Your Dragon, not Temeraire, but the Inheritance Cycle. This is, in many ways, my personalized, ideal concept of what a human-dragon bond can be like in fantasy. I don’t think any other story about any other dragon rider has topped this concept for me.

Eragon and Saphira’s relationship was what MADE the book series for me. They could understand one another so incredibly well, become connected to each others’ thoughts, and through that, get influenced in their own use of magic. I loved that magical connection. I also was entirely entertained with the fact that this incredible relationship resulted in a bit of snark. I think this was the first book series I read where the dragon was legitimately SNARKY.

More Questions!

These ones are from @drift-time-tales

1. Favourite historical era?  

I go through phases, but at the moment I’m bouncing between Victorian London and 1920s Ireland

2. Favourite landmark?

The Disney castle (CA or FL). I find it impossible not to be happy at Disney Parks.

3. How many languages do you speak?

English is my native, I have pretty decent French and basic conversational German and Irish Gaelic. 

4. Which scene from your favourite show stands out to you the most?

In the Ripper Street episode “A Stronger Loving World,” Reid’s conversation with Issac Bloom about how humans are caged by what is, but the real tragedy would be to see no further than the bars.

5. Favourite mythological creature?

Probably the bean sidhe- spooky, historical, culturally impactful

6. If you could master one skill what would it be?

I would love to play a musical instrument well. I’ve taken up fiddle in the past year, but I would love to be really good.

7. Favourite genre of music?

It varies. Lately I’ve been bouncing between folk and Disney soundtracks, but I also like classic rock and ‘60s pop

8. Who is your greatest inspiration?

I don’t really know. I tend to do a lot of stuff just because I like it, and it’s more of in internal determination than an external inspiration. 

9. City or countryside?

Country, definitely. I like visiting cities, but I’d get stressed trying to live in one for any length of time.

10. If you could relive one past memory what would it be?

We had gone to Disney World when I was little, but I had pretty severe anxiety and hated parades, fireworks, anything with a loud noise. Last November I went back with my mom, and we sat together and watched the fireworks and for the first time in my life I was able to just appreciate how beautiful they were anxiety-free. One of my favourite pictures of myself is the one she took of my back in my Star Wars Mickey Ears silhouetted against the fireworks.

11. Are you religious?

I’d say more spiritual than religious. I like feeling connected to nature and do a lot of ancestor work, but it’s more personal than part of any organised thing. 

  1. What is the last thing you cooked ?
    I made a proper roast dinner with lamb, potatoes, carrots, and stuffing.
  2. What would you name your pet if you had a new one ?
    I really like the idea of having a little dog (like a jack russell or a rat terrier) and naming it Tidbit (I love both dogs and trivia)
  3. What do you think about cryptids ?
    I just had to look up the word, so I obviously haven’t given this much thought, but I think most undiscovered animals are probably deepwater creatures.
  4. Artist or just enjoying the art, do you prefer traditional or digital ?
    My artistic skills are more craft-based than fine art, so there really isn’t a digital option for me. In terms of looking, I honestly can’t tell the difference most of the time. 
  5. Favourite super-heros ?
    Cyclops, Captain America, Deadpool, Thor (mostly bc Thor is the bringer of Loki)
  6. Last show you watched ?
    Hotel Hell. I have really crappy wifi at the moment, so I’m trying to watch things that I can do one episode at a time, since marathoning is difficult/impossible
  7. If you could visit any new country, which one ?
    I’ve never been to Germany and I would love to go!
  8. Which type of tea ?
    Barry’s in the morning, chai in the afternoon
  9. What is your Hogwarts house ?
  10. Where are you from ?
    The Bronx, originally, but I lived in the NY suburbs for longer
  11. C’est une bonne situation, ça, scribe ?
    I think it’s asking if writing this was good. Yep!

Okay, my questions!

1. Favorite Villains?

Loki, Riddler, Darth Vader, Kylo Ren, Yzma, Maleficent, and Jafar (My parents love to tell the story about 3-year-old me scaring the guy in the Jafar costume at Disney by running up and hugging him.

2. Favorite Folk Story?

Cheating on this one, bc it’s actually a new movie that uses a lot of folk story elements, but Song of the Sea. Blends a lot of traditional Irish lore and themes into its own story, and has absolutely gorgeous music. 

3. If you could choose to live in any fictional story, what would it be and why?

Wow, this question is making me realise how dark most of the stuff I watch/read is. Need to give it some more thought.

4. Hornblower or the Aubreyad?

I’ve actually never read or watched any version of either.

5. Colin Firth or Matthew Macfadyen?

Macfayden, definitely!

6. Most embarassing childhood fact (that you feel comfortable sharing with god and everybody)?

I once decided it was a good idea to cover my sister’s and my shared room in baby powder. All of it. Like, it looked like there had been a blizzard. It was the most trouble I’ve ever gotten into in my life.

7. Favorite series that was cancelled too soon?

Weird example bc of the way things ended up working out, but Ripper Street. It was cancelled and then brought back, but the new episodes feel really different and a bunch of plot lines got dropped, and I preferred the pre-cancellation seasons.

8. Favorite books that the movie/tv show screwed up?

From Hell. The original graphic novel is really creepy and well-written, and the movie manages to take an interesting story and make it feel boring. 

9. Have you ever seen a movie you preferred to the book? What was it?

Pretty much anything by Charles Dickens. I think his plots are really interesting, but I can’t stand his writing style, so I watch the BBC movies instead. They don’t leave anything out, but I don’t have to put up with pages and pages to describe one action.

10. Favorite obscure, under the radar band?

Altan. They’re an Irish-language folk group, and my professor went to school with a lot of the people in the band, so he uses them to teach us new vocabulary. The lead singer’s voice is beautiful!

11. Steampunk or Dieselpunk?


As always, if you haven’t done it yet and want to, go for it!

Hi, Cassandra! Sebastian is a very interesting and complex character and it takes a lot of time to understand him and his backstory, which is probably one of the many reasons why he became my favourite character. I’m now reading City of Heavenly Fire and in a part of the book Jocelyn mentioned that she used to cry every year on his birthday and that she sometimes dreamed of a boy with green eyes and a boy who could laugh/love/etc, a human child and that this is the boy she cried over, though she claims he never existed. But my question is, isn’t it partly Jocelyn’s fault that Sebastian became who he is? It is obvious that most of Sebastian’s humanity was burned away by the demon blood, but if Jocelyn had stayed and helped raising him and gave him parently love and all the things he never got from Valentine’s side, would that have affected Sebastian’s feelings and actions in any way? Or would he still be the same? Because I think the demon blood damaged him a lot but also the cruel way Valentine raised him seems to have a lot of impact on Sebastian as well. I prefer him evil, obviously, I wouldn’t want to change him but I’m just curious whether there was a chance for him to be different or if he was irredeemable? If you do take some of your time to read/answer this I’m thanking you in advance! — palestiles

Ah, you subscribe to my friend Sarah’s “You’ve got to love your demon baby!” theory. :) 

Every reader has their own interpretation of a story. For my own part, I believe Jocelyn is far less culpable in the tragedy of Jonathan’s life than Valentine is. Valentine did dangerous experiments on his wife and unborn child. He did this on purpose, knowing that the results might be terrible. He did this without Jocelyn’s knowledge or consent, and tampered with her memories to keep her loyal to him. He was an abusive, manipulative zealot who was basically torturing Jocelyn and erasing her memory of it. Was she supposed to excuse all that and stay with him, just so she could be a loving mother to the monster he made their child into? That would have been horrible for her, and would have given Valentine access to another child to experiment on and manipulate: Clary. Jocelyn cut her losses and got out of there. I don’t blame her for that.

I think it’s entirely up in the air whether Jocelyn staying around would have made Sebastian/Jonathan a better person. It’s possible, but it’s also possible it wouldn’t have made a whit of a difference. Jonathan himself indicates at the end of his life that there simply wasn’t enough good in him for anything to have changed how he turned out. I think in some cases, love can make a difference — but I don’t always think you can love evil away.

I wrote a bit about what-ifs and Jonathan here:

“I wouldn’t want to commit to a specific what if. There are too many factors that have gone into making Jonathan who he is. A Jonathan with demon blood, but not raised by Valentine is one thing. A Jonathan without demon blood, but raised by Valentine is something else. A Jonathan without demon blood and not raised by Valentine might be what we saw in Clary’s dream — that’s as close to a what-if as I think we’ll ever get.”

“It is likely that if he had been raised by Valentine, Jonathan would have been affected by that upbringing even if he hadn’t had demon blood, yes, but he probably wouldn’t have been basically a demon in human form. Seb/Jonathan is a mixture of bad impulses and bad upbringing. Certainly I had no intention to imply that if he hadn’t had demon blood, he would have been an angel of light: we’ve no idea what he would have been like, and we never will know. What I intended to convey at the end of his arc was simply the tragedy of wasted potential. Jonathan himself says that he isn’t a real person after Glorious burns out the demon blood, he’s like Clary’s dream of him, a possible Jonathan that could have existed but never actually did.”

And I guess (depending on how much we want to indulge this what-if, and how cynical we are) I might add that being raised by Jocelyn for a time might have made Jonathan more manipulative. He’s not great at aping human behavior, and that’s good for the people around him. Some people do sense that something is off about him. Having Jocelyn around might have given him a better understanding of how humans relate… and that could have been bad for the rest of humanity. After all, what lesson would he learn from seeing his mother stay with a man who was abusive, manipulative and dangerous, out of a sense of duty?

Probably not a good lesson. 

We’ll never know.

Sterek Fic Rec

Since I’ve been reading a lot lately, I’ve decided to share my favourite fanfictions for this pairing. I will probably update the list from time to time. All of these are complete and most are of the NC-17 type.

Prince Among Wolves: Looking for full day/evening sitter. 2 twin boys age 4. Must have exp. w/werewolves. Must be human. No pedophiles. No teenage girls. Pay negotiable. (101k)

Gravity’s got nothing on you: The one where the Hale fire never happened, Laura is a nosy sister, Derek is desperate, and Stiles is the only one that can help. (84k)

Every Step You Take: Stiles accidentally ends up magically bound to Derek. It’s super. (49.3k)

Darling It Is No Joke: The first thing Stiles thinks when he opens the door is that it’s not his birthday, but someone has sent him some kind of cop stripper. (13.3k)

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anonymous asked:

I like Rize so much, even though we know almost nothing about her. When I stopped to thinking that most things that we know about Rize are most idealizations of her I kind of feel wrecked.

I love Rize as well! She’s starting to become one of my favourite characters. But even though most of the things we know about Rize are Kaneki’s idealizations about her, we do know some actual things about her, from chapters 1, 36 and 46.5 from TG, and Banjou’s chapter from the light novel:

1. Rize refuses to follow anyone’s rules but her own.

She doesn’t follow any of the rules established by Hagi, the leader of the 11th ward. In chapter 46.5 alone, she already killed four humans (more if you include five from the light novel, although some of them probably overlap) in a short amount of time. She doesn’t clean up her messes either; Usu, one of the 11th ward ghouls, had to clean up Rize’s kill by the seaside, and Banjou and his friends had to clean up the “bloody mass of meat” after she killed Yuuri.

And Rize denies Tsukiyama’s invitation to join the Ghoul Restaurant, which she sees as a “human-like establishment” with its rules that would ultimately restrict her freedom. An interesting piece of information from this page, contrary to what a lot of people think, is that even though Rize is known as the Binge Eater, eating way more than she should, she is still picky with her food, “choosing her own opponents”.

So she chooses to live on her whims, killing whenever she is hungry and trying out anything to appease her boredom.

Her boredom does lead her to become more sadistic with her prey, telling one of them that she would let him go if he didn’t raise his voice (while breaking his fingers), but that’s another story. But despite her cruelty, her actions have an interesting consequence, leaving a lasting impression on Banjou for him to wonder if it is better to live safe and restricted, or free from societal rules.

2. Rize is strong and independent.

In a way, her strength allows her to be independent and to live how she chooses. In Banjou’s words from the light novel:

Strength gives rise to violence, but there are also things that can only be gained through strength. Her figure, with the power to cut open her own path, seemed to shine with the brightest light in his eyes.

She refuses to live by other people’s (such as Hagi) beliefs, and if she is forced to, she cuts them down with an easy stab from her powerful rinkaku.

And Rize knows she’s strong. She is a confident person who doesn’t even bother hiding the smell of her victims from the other apartment complex tenants. Heck, she even invites one of them in after she notices him looking at her breasts (to become her future meal).

In addition, she doesn’t bother using a mask to conceal her identity, which is interesting since even the top Aogiri ghouls like Tatara and Noro wear masks. In her words,

As long as Rize is strong, she has the power to make her own decisions and respond to any trouble that comes her way.

3. Rize is an intelligent and well-read ghoul.

She has sharp instincts, immediately noticing when other men are attracted to her, such as Hayashi (shown above) and Kaneki, and using that to her advantage:

And then she uses her her appearance and her cute girl charm to lure them in (or to get out of troublesome situations):

(Does that look like a face of a sadistic bloody man eater to you? And somehow she can switch from a cute style to a sexy librarian man eater like what is this sorcery Ishida??)

And despite Rize knowing she is strong, the “king of all beasts”, she knows when to back off and cut her losses, deciding to leave the 11th ward after hearing that the CCG was planning to become more active following Rize’s actions:

In addition, how many well-read ghouls have we met? Not too many, since ghouls in general lack education and are unable to read at a proficient level. Yet reading is one of Rize’s hobbies; she is seen at the 11th ward meeting reading a book (which appears to be Monochrome Rainbow based on the spine) to pass the time and her shelf is filled with a decent amount of books.

Despite being a wild child, she sees something in books that makes her want to sit down and read while sipping coffee.

Somehow this turned into a Rize appreciation post LOL but I’m wondering if you had some of these things in mind when you realized that you liked Rize. I realized that I liked her when I noticed that she doesn’t give a fuck about what anyone else thinks, which is a characteristic I’d like to have more of since right now I care too much about what others think of me…

But even though she’s only appeared a few times, there’s enough information about her to paint a general picture of her character, and I really hope for more in :re because I need more moments like this:

The messenger whispered. “Two blind men waited at the end of an era, contemplating beauty. They sat atop the world’s highest cliff, overlooking the land and seeing nothing.”
“Huh?” She looked to him.
“‘Can beauty be taken from a man?’ the first asked the second.
”'It was taken from me,’ the second replied. ‘For I cannot remember it.’ This man was blinded in a childhood accident. 'I pray to the God Beyond each night to restore my sight, so that I can find beauty again.’
“'Is beauty something one must see then?’ the first asked.
”'Of course. That is it’s nature. How can you appreciate a work of art without seeing it?’
“'I can hear a work of music,’ the first said.
”'Very well, you can hear some kinds of beauty - but you cannot know full beauty without sight. You can know only a small portion of beauty.’
“'A sculpture,’ the first said. 'Can I not feel its curves and slopes, the touch of the chisel that transformed common rock into uncommon wonder?’
”'I suppose,’ said the second, 'that you can know the beauty of a sculpture.’
“'And what of the beauty of food? Is it not a work of art when a chef crafts a masterpiece to delight the tastes?’
”'I suppose,’ said the second, 'that you can know the beauty of a chef’s art.’
“'And what of the beauty of a woman,’ the first said. 'Can I not know her beauty in the softness of her caress, the kindness of her voice, the keenness of her mind as she reads philosophy to me? Can I not know this beauty? Can I not know most kinds of beauty, even without seeing it?’
”'Very well,’ said the second. 'But what if your ears were removed, your hearing taken away? Your tongue taken out, your mouth forced shut, your sense of smell destroyed? What if your skin were burned so that you could no longer feel? What if all that remained to you was pain? You could not know beauty then. It can be taken from a man.’“
The messenger stopped, cocking his head to Shallan.
“What?” she asked.
“What think you? Can beauty be taken from a man? If he could not touch, taste, smell, hear, see … what if all he knew was pain? Has that man had beauty taken away from him?”
“I…” What did this have to do with anything? “Does the pain change day by day?”
“Let us say it does,” the messenger said.
“Then beauty, to that person, would be the times when the pain lessens. Why are you telling me this story?”
The messenger smiled. “To be human is to seek beauty, Shallan. Do not despair, do not end the hunt because thorns grow in your way. Tell me, what is the most beautiful thing you can imagine?
—  Words of Radiance
tbh this is probably my favourite part of the book. It’s just so good.