is midnight i don't care

most of the fic/headcanons about the fake ah crew come from the heist videos, which i love, but there is so much untapped potential in the things to do videos

“this is officer vasquez, calling for backup. the vagabond is reported to have injured or killed a total of eleven officers of the lspd as of this radio-in.”

“christ. is the fake ah crew pulling another bank robbery?”

“uh, no. they stole approximately two hundred vehicles from around the city.”

“for what, a heist?”

“uh. no. they used the vehicles to create a massive maze and are currently taking turns racing to the end of the maze on pogo sticks.”


“police showed up to arrest them. the vagabond was reported to have shot in their direction while balanced on a pogo stick and yelling stop ruining our fun.”



“…i hate this fucking job.”

anonymous asked:

Wait so...All Might is your kid? That seems kinda....

aNON what problem do you even have with my skeleton son let’s talk about this what has Toshi done to you that you’d exclude him like that he’s as much worthy of the title of Son™ as any other bnha character actually in my specific case my child Toshinori is one of the two reasons why I started this manga to begin with he was my son even before I knew him yes, yes, he’s definitely my son as well

I’d fight an actual army for this mess of a human being tbqh

today’s goal: finish assignment early enough that i can go to the grocery and cook and be eating fettuccine alfredo before midnight

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out of context text meme
  • [ Text ] i'm going to get a ditto and name it dildo tbh
  • [ Text ] oh dear god
  • [ Text ] yeah i'm fighting grass outside at 1 am because i want to know what it's like to fly
  • [ Text ] i'm too tired to write no fuck off
  • [ Text ] i'm satan i know everything d u h
  • [ Text ] you were blessed by nobody
  • [ Text ] i can't fite u because they're too op
  • [ Text ] can you put lettuce porn on there?
  • [ Text ] rip applebottom u will be missed
  • [ Text ] I need to 1v1 the grass
  • [ Text ] i'm actually dead
  • [ Text ] i feel like that grandma who goes "it's been eighty four years"
  • [ Text ] i literally have no memory of this
  • [ Text ] it's only one
  • [ Text ] ok i remember now omfg
  • [ Text ] go fuck urself eyes
  • [ Text ] 10/10 would meme again
  • [ Text ] out of context shithole
  • [ Text ] i am most creative when it's after midnight
  • [ Text ] i don't really care if you do or not tbh
  • [ Text ] 99% of those are shit
  • [ Text ] come tomorrow i'll forget what i said anyway