is me whenever i see a pic of him tbh

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Sunny, whenever I imagine people drawing, I imagine them as their icon, so whenever I think of you drawing your wonderful art, I have to imagine Jake behind a desk drawing, and for some reason Dirk has to be next to him commenting on everything he does, And I kinda want to see this drawn, might you be able to do this for me?

lol omg (sometimes I imagine ppl as their icons too tbh)

and I actually drew something similar once! it’s somewhere in this post

(this pic specifically kind of a doodle)

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how would you describe the stans for each of the vixx members? like what kind of fans are they :)

HMM OKAY LETS SEE!! this is just some of the things.. tbh, starlights in general are the most amazing stans. no one loves their idols more than they do, istg. so hardworking. 

hakyeon stans: usually sweetest and chillest people around. love hakyeon so much. SO MUCH. hurt hakyeon, you’ve committed #1 crime. also, dies whenever he dances. just in general dies 200 times a day because of his good looks. cannot believe they’ve been blessed w the best leader in the world

taekwoon stans: tbh, VERY SAVAGE TAGS. call leo grandpa 24/7 because theyre low-key also grandpa themselves. when taekwoon smiles, they cry. ABSOLUTELY LOVE TAEKWOON+BABY INTERACTIONS. very loyal stans in general 

jaehwan stans: oh my god, so much love for jaehwan. literally the stans that give the entire world??? bias wrecker is jaehwan??? can only see jaehwan??? would snatch 10000 stars for jaehwan??? their love is so pure and precious i swear. really emo stans

wonshik stans: RAVI’S #1 SUPPORTER. die whenever he does that CUTE SHY GIGGLY SMILE OF HIS. kim wonchic??? absolute fashion ravi pics lovers. high-key hype and support him so much. have 1000 tombstones because he goes shirtless so often. worry a lot about him too tbh. 

hongbin stans: ADORE CRINGEBIN MORE THAN ANYONE IN THE WORLD. HONGBIN SMILES???? HOLY FUCKING SHIT THANK YOU JESUS FOR LETTING ME BE ALIVE TODAY!!! 10 out of 10 think he’s the side profile god. shook whenever they see him acting. probably have a hongbin meme shrine somewhere in their room

sanghyuk stans: just. freaking. memes. MOST EXTRA PEOPLE AROUND MAN. always amazing tags. probably have all called him daddy once before. HYUK + HIS BLUE HAIR AND HYUK IN CHOKERS, aka rip hyuk stans. die whenever he sings, does anything rlly because he just is that giant ball of amazingness.