is matt a boy or a girl ;)

Things From Season 2
  • Keith is a Galra
  • Lance has canon inferiority issues
  • Matt is still aLIVE
  • Shiro still thinks he’s gonna die
  • The reason our cows go missing is because aliens abduct them and sell them on the black market
  • jellyfish helmets
  • huge ass motherfucking spaceworms that eat planets and pUKE LAZERS
  • Coran has always had his glorious moustache, even as a smol bab
  • Pidge doesn’t know whether to use the girls’ bathroom or the boys’ bathroom
  • Keith is Texan??? what?? since when?
  • Shay has a massive crush on is extremely fond of Hunk
  • Mermaids exist on other planets
  • The Galras have a sense of humor 
  • “Vrepit Sal”
  • There’s a Galran resistance 
  • something did happen do Zarkon’s planet
  • “Music is the only way I can express myself!” *aggressively plays classical music*
  • keith’s mama was the galra, not his papa
  • dicks out for young coran
  • shiro got his bayard and the black lion is a goddamn angel

loving someone // the 1975 x artwork // @lightthefuze

tfc characters as scottish tweets
  • neil: When you're arguing n someone says "you done arguing now" cheers mate you've just started a second round. Should've kept that on the hush X
  • andrew: Y is my instagram full of crushed avocado and poached eggs on toast for breakfast, just have some coco pops and piss off
  • kevin: Pre drinks is the best, whoever thought of getting pissed before actually getting pissed is genius
  • aaron: replace ma heart wae another liver so a can drink more n care less x
  • nicky: imagine the week before yer wedding ye came home fae work early tae surprise yer bf and walked in on him wearin bootcut jeans
  • dan: Why are boys so nasty to girls n think it they're pure legends for it hahahaha jokes on u when ur wanking into a sock mate
  • matt: They letters you see on twitter of boys tellin their burds they're going to Paris the morn etc stress the fuckin life out a me. What if she canny get her shift covered the morn? Whos gonna walk the dug? Think about these things u absolute maniac
  • renee: Mental what a couple a fairy lights can do, ye could put them on a deed body n id be like omg that's fucking lovely get that on ma Instagram
  • allison: If u see somecunt in the cinema buying popcorn, nachos n a juice theyre a drug dealer. No other explanation for that sort eh disposable income
  • jean: ever just think to urself, check the fucking state of my life
  • riko: Everybody's got that cousin that's really fuckall to do with ye, just your maw n their maw have been pals since Yous were cabbages
  • Daddy Issues
  • The Neighbourhood

obsession with this song

i love that not only is pike keeping her bae a secret from vox machina, ashley is also keeping it from the whole cast of critical role and they’re DYING to know who it is like i’m pretty sure even matt is in the dark and he’s sooooooo not used to not knowing what’s going on just look at his face during the girl talk in episode 57

like he gets super focused when pike brings up her mysterious crush again and you can almost see the glimmer in his eyes of “oh my god new story telling possibilities and character progression”

and then keyleth and vex try to coax it out of her and all the boys are like “omg” and matt is like “omg” but then she’s like “i don’t know” and the girls are like “okay if you don’t want to” and matt just

starts eating his hand?? i’m laughing so hard at this absolute dork i love him

shadowhunters mains as explicitly not straight songs

clary: she keeps me warm by mary lambert

luke:  put em’ up by priory

simon:  radio-friendly pop song by matt fishel

jace: boys & girls by

alec: first time he kissed a boy by katie elder

magnus: gettin’ bi by crazy ex-girlfriend cast

isabelle: only a girl by gia

‘Friendly Reminder About Dallas Winston’

In most imagines that I see Dallas can just not keep it in his pants and was whoring around town while he has a girlfriend. Dallas wasn’t some whore-y cheater. He HAD a girlfriend,Sylvia. And he WAS pissed when she cheated on him. Even if there is girls throwing themselves at him, he would most likely stay faithful. Most boys then, were. Yeah they messed around and embarrassed other girls but at they end of the day they had their girl. Just like Soda, for example. He really loved Sandy and yeah, he embarrassed other girls but he wanted to MARRY her. Yeah, Dallas was a dick, but he wouldn’t cheat on his girl. Back then, even the worst greasers wouldn’t/couldn’t cheat on their girl.  They were faithful. It wasn’t like nowadays, how some guys wont even date girls if they cant get any and ‘side hoes’ are things that are normal to have. Dallas Winston is not a cheater, the boys dint even like cheaters. Like the way they told Johnny to stay away from girls because the way they are. It was more common then, for the girl to cheat on the guy. 

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a short headcannon about neil giving matt friendship coupons (what a nerd) for @redbookpanda for the @aftgexchange. hope you like it!

  • it starts as a joke
  • dan decided to do a movie night before the girls all graduate and she made it clear they all have to be there 
  • so they all sit around matt’s room, matt and dan and allison are on the couch, aaron took up the other seat, renee and nicky are sitting on the floor, leaning on the couch, neil and andrew and kevin all brought their bean bags 
  • so like halfway through the movie, they all start drinking (besides kevin, kevin is already drunk, the boy needs to give his liver a break
  • and they forget about the movie and start talking about all kinds of shit 
  • and eventually allison brings up the fact that neil still has a flip phone (bc we all know she’d give him shit about that) (she’d give shit to andrew too but at least he has a maserati and she doesn’t text him anyway) 
  •  and so they all gang up on neil 
  • “how am i supposed to facetime you neil, i need to see that andrew hasn’t killed all of you when im in germany” - nicky 
  • “fuck that, how am i gonna stop neil from making terrible fashion choices” - allison (she still remembers the clothes from when neil first joined them) 
  • and neil mostly ignores them 
  • but like? he gets a new phone a week later anyway 
  • andrew rolls his eyes when he sees it and leaves the room 
  • and neil spends the rest of the day trying to figure out how to work it 
  • he brings it to practice as well and matt sees it 
  • he tries to help him when he sees he can’t use it but neil is a stubborn little shit and won’t let him 
  • and matt is annoyed™ and concerned™ bc how will his son neil talk to him 
  • and dan comes along and she jokes how they should make coupons to use so matt can help him even if neil doesn’t want him to 
  • and ofc other foxes chime in 
  • “he should make a coupon for a hug” bc that boy needs to be hugged 
  • and it’s a joke right and pretty much everyone forgets about it when they leave the court 
  • but neil 
  • the creative little shit he is he actually makes them 
  • he spends the whole evening making little coupons 
  • a hug 
  • a truth bc he’s still not used to telling the truth about everything and slips up and lies about things every now and then and he can tell other can tell but they never ask even if they want to 
  • a holiday bc allison still wants so take them to hawaii okay it’s pretty there 
  • a night out bc neil needs to go to the cinema before he graduates and can you believe he’s never been? allison tried to convince him to go once but he said he doesn’t see the interest in sitting in a dark room with a bunch of strangers just to see a movie but a couple of years later, when they went to visit allison in her new house, neil and andrew spent most of the nights in her cinema room
  • babysitting (that one is mostly a joke that nicky put in but neil still left it) 
  • and there’s some blank ones that mean they can choose whatever they want 
  • and the next morning neil goes over to matts room
  • andrew comes along bc he’s curious how this is gonna go 
  • his bf is such a nerd 
  • so neil gives the coupons to matt -and matt just stares at them for like solid 30 seconds 
  • and then he just 
  • hugs him 
  • and neil is like what 
  • and matt is close to tears bc thats so sweet? it was a joke but thats adorable and hes gonna use them all the time 
  • and neil is just standing there and he looks over to andrew and is like what do i do 
  • and andrew just rolls his eyes and leaves 
  • but secretly he finds it cute 
  • no one has to know he stole some of the coupons anyway

Imagine if they had gotten back together. Imagine her, a journalist for the New York Times, and he, an author, traveling the world and writing together. They had a connection one could only dream of; one that Logan and Dean could not bring to their relationships with Rory.