is manly as hell

Some of my favorite stage directions in the 1993 Falsettos libretto:

  • Whatever, it’s both hot and incredibly innocent.
  • WHIZZER, all in white, looking great.
    MARVIN, in baggy and colorful jams, looking baggy.
  • Ingenuous scissor-kick formations.
  • WHIZZER decimates MARVIN, as you would expect.
  • Great joyous havoc.
  • MENDEL bumps her ass with his ass.
  • They’re very serious and very foolish and very manly.
  • MENDEL (appreciating JASON’S attitude)
  • ALL nervously await MARVIN… and then hell breaks loose.

btswifi  asked:

can you do a BTS reaction when your drunk and ask them if they are gay (even tho you guys been dating for a long time now) 😂

Hello my sweet darling! Thank you for sooo many requests~ 

‘Ahh… baby… let’s just go home’ *annoyed as hell, because it’s not the first time you ask him this question*

‘Maybe let’s just go to our bedroom, and the I will answer you?’ 


Rap Monster:
*makes you even more confused* Let’s just make it our secret, hm? Shh!

‘Hmm? What’ *can’t hear you because he’s too busy looking at Jungkook*

‘No, honey… I am not, but…’

*serious* ‘It’s because I’m not manly enough, right?’ * manly as hell*

Was feeling pretty confident, so I took this shot of me. And I gotta say, angle is everything! You would not judge me to be over 200lbs in his photo, but I am. Also- look how flat my chest is! Just. Look at it! Shoutout to @gc2b-apparel for giving me the chest I always dreamed of. I’ll be a repeat customer until I can afford top surgery.

Dear boys,

I am so sorry for all of the negative stuff you deal with.I am sorry that people treat positivity aimed at you as a joke. You are so much more than What everyone on here says about you. You are handsome, and frames ranging from tiny to enormous are manly as hell. Your emotions and opinions are valid. Whatever it is you wear looks great, just like your hair, whatever the length or texture or color. You are all wonderful and I love you.

So Harry comes back from the dead, and everyone is impressed and celebrating, hell there are manly tears pouring from all corners.

Merlin however hands him a file. “Fill this out.”

“What is it?”

“Your report on what went wrong and how we can improve in the future.” Merlin is already poking at something else on his tablet.

Harry stares at him. “What went wrong was I got shot in the head. How we can improve in the future is perhaps, not getting shot in the head?”

“Hmmm, yes, good point. Write that down. Thank ye Harry.” Merlin walks away.

Harry is stunned but automatically takes the file to an office to start filling it out for Merlin.

But instead of the after action report he expected to find, it is 20 or so hand written letters. 

Letters Merlin wrote to Harry while he thought Harry was dead. Letters of love, grief, anger. One was even just a shopping list, with the things Harry would have wanted crossed out, from where they had been written by rote.

Harry finds the proper report and fills it out carefully explaining his plans in the future to not get shot in the head. He takes it to Merlin who is in his office and puts it in front of him. Merlin is leading a mission and Harry doesn’t say anything, just puts his hand on Merlin’s shoulder. Merlin leans back into Harry just a little.

57 circles of hell as created by the Sherlock Fandom

In no particular order:

  1. Tarmac Hell
  2. Tie Hell
  3. Skull Hell
  4. Johnlock Hell
  5. Apartment Hell
  6. Shark Hell
  7. OOC Hell (Out Of Character)
  8. Queerbaiting Hell
  9. Elephant Hell
  10. Water Hell
  11. Drink code Hell
  12. Villain Mary Hell
  13. TFHC Hell
  14. Apple Tree Yard Hell
  15. SetLock Hell
  16. Twin series Hell
  17. Love conquers all Hell (Thank you Ben)
  18. Script Hell
  19. Leaky leak Hell
  20. TV HISTORY Hell
  21. Ring Hell
  22. Kermit Hell
  23. The Manly Hell
  24. Original Canon Hell
  25. M Hell
  26. Random glowing stuff Hell
  27. Choo Choo Hell
  28. 4th wall Hell
  29. Garridebs Hell
  30. Fishy Hell
  31. Plothole Hell
  32. Dog Hell
  33. Unreliable narrator Hell
  34. Miss me Hell
  35. Bro Hell
  36. Motivation Hell
  37. Note Hell
  38. Tranquilizer Hell
  39. Norbury Hell
  40. Blog Hell
  41. Text Hell
  42. Chess Hell
  43. BBC Marketing Hell
  44. BBC/PBS random programming Hell
  45. Cluedo Hell
  46. Missing footage Hell
  47. Radio silence Hell
  48. Hangman Hell
  49. Alibi Hell
  50. Production team fails Hell
  51. TD12 Hell
  52. Love Hell
  53. Fridge Hell
  54. Horror Hell
  55. Not Sherlock Hell
  56. Blog dates Hell
  57. 4th episode Hell

Welcome to the fandom, please, enjoy the warmth of our many many many different circles of Hell. 


Manly Monday

Eric Decker Is Out With A Shoulder Injury, And The Jets Are In Need Of His Return. 

Godspeed To Him!

For Now, I’m Content With Memories Of Him In Pre-Seasn Training Camp In Skin-Tight, Green Lycra.

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

I tried to publish an ask from @sweetlyautomaticnightmare but Tumblr ate it ;n;
So here’s the drawing I made for it in its own post.
Thank you so much for calling our blog cute, but unfortunately, Ham disagrees with you.

in my heart, a manly voice


Yato stared into the eyes of the man who had pushed him out from the bus’s path. He felt as though his heart were trying to escape his chest.

“Are you all right?” a manly voice asked.

Yato nodded mutely.

“Allow me to introduce myself,” said the stranger, helping Yato to his feet. His muscles rippled.

From somewhere, an entire trumpet section started blaring in Yato’s ears. It was majestic, but not as majestic as the voice shouting: