is literally just having the time of his life

“I have a couple friends who are gay, and life hasn’t been easy for them growing up,” Nilsson told the Buffalo News. “It’s time that hockey starts to pay some attention to that.”

Nilsson for #1 Goalie


i really think that has a family we need to talk about michaels sense of humor more bc well

its one of a kind

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No one is ever again allowed to tell me the following:

  1. That Draco wasn’t a dynamic character
  2. That he only married Astoria out of convenience and for his parents’ benefit
  3. That he didn’t love his family with everything in him
  4. That he raised Scorpius to be a giant prick, because clearly Astoria didn’t want that to happen


oliver wood is incredible. i have never seen such utter devotion the boy literally tells harry up front several times that quidditch is more important than his life and he fucking sobs like he’s just said goodbye to his cherished grandmother for the last time when he fnally wins the quidditch cup. not to mention how he trains his team to the ground all week all year in every weather condition despite the fact they play fucking 3 games a year like that is dedication, commitment and pure obsession right there. i love him

why plagg’s grumpy ass is good for adrien

so when i first started watching ML, I was lowkey pissed about the fact that Adrien got the asshole kwami

like, don’t get me wrong, i love Tikki with Marinette… but poor Adrien has such a shitty life that honestly he doesn’t need some rude grumpy cat spirit fucking things up for him further

like why couldn’t my sad cat son have a positive, supportive kwami like Tikki?

i was salty

but recently… i’ve realized that Plagg is actually perfect for Adrien

think about it. plagg consistently does 2 things:

1. piss adrien off

2. break the rules

you may thnk that these are not good!!! but ur wrong

think about it: adrien is the Perfect Son. he’s a model. he’s gotta smile allllll the time and be perfectly polite and constantly impress important people. he’s not allowed to express anger at his father or nathalie because they’ll just make his life more hellish. he’s literally forced to constantly be calm, cool, collected, AND charming. adrien is literally not ALLOWED to be angry

so what does plagg do? make him angry. plagg helps adrien stop repressing all his emotions. he makes himself a convenient target for adrien to express his frustration towards. he gives adrien an outlet for all of his irritation. and in doing so, he lowkey reaffirms that it’s okay for adrien to be angry. plagg is like the one person adrien can actually get away with being angry at, and plagg delights in it. it AMUSES him to see adrien angry. it’s actually a really healthy way for adrien to get out his frustrations, as clearly plagg isn’t hurt or offended when adrien gets pissed at him

additionally, adrien is clearly the type of dude who doesn’t break the rules. ever. like, the day that he snuck off to school was probably the first time he had ever actually done something he wasn’t supposed to. he’s been trained his entire life to be obedient, and there’s a 95% chance he has a complex about breaking the rules. he probably has a heart attack every time he even thinks about stepping out of line as his civilian self. so what does plagg do? break the rules and get him in trouble

plagg helps show adrien that some rules are stupid and ought to be broken. he demonstrates that the world isn’t gonna end if adrien does something wrong. he helps adrien get comfortable with the idea of not being perfect and messing up sometimes. he pushes adrien to be a little bit less rigid and obedient, and a little more human and flawed

in his own grumpy way, plagg is showing adrien that it’s okay not to be perfect and allowing him to really be himself, not just the actual poster boy of a perfect son

tldr; plagg is actually lowkey helping adrien recover from years of psychological trauma

literally the gay in Carry On is so soft,, so pure… we need more books like that where there’s just kissing until their mouths go sore,,,,, and kindness,,, Simon Snow who never kissed a boy in his life is now Simon “I Solve Problems With My Mouth” Snow kissing the BF whenever he needs to calm Baz down……………its great it’s a great time I may have cried a little


#let’s just take a moment and discuss the fact that killian jones has spent most of his life #trying to get ahold of the dagger to destroy the dark one #but now that he finally does have it #destroying the dark one is the last thing on his mind #instead all he wants to do is be certain that she’s alright #there’s no look of accomplishment on his face #no bloodlust #he’s literally just hurt and concerned #and if that doesn’t make you cry then idk what will

I waited 6 months to get the last word..

My (ex) boyfriend wanted to see a sold out show to the foo fighters this summer. Him and his friends failed desperately in getting their hands on any tickets. I, however, managed to snag 2. I waited until Christmas to give them to him and he was beyond excited. Jumping up and down excited.

Fast forward 1.5 shitty months later and he dumped me 2 days before Valentines day after (literally) ignoring me for 3 weeks. The entire breakup blindsided me after 1.5 years together.

I haven’t talked to him since, but little does he know that I wasn’t quite finished with him yet. My brother just so happens to be a huge foo fighters fan as well…..I logged into my ticket master account and suprise suprise, tickets can be transferred. So my brother is going to have the time of his life while my ex boyfriend gets turned around at doors. Sucks to suck.

UPDATE: So, many of you wanted an update and here it is!

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We all have old versions of ourselves. Do you see yourself the same way as last year, last month, or even last week? I do not. I talk to people so easily these days, I stand where I once crumbled just at a touch last year. I do not cry when my father raises his voice like I did a few months ago. I compliment a girl I could not talk to last week. Constantly, we are changing, growing, fluctuating.

This is how I know we have many soulmates. Maybe you met yours when you were as young as eight or as old as seventy-eight. Either way, we have a soulmate of every version of ourselves. You loved an old version of me. You can keep her. I do not want that version of myself back ever again.

—  We are growing and changing constantly, we all have different versions of ourselves that different versions of people love.

Just randomly remembered a time when I was a tiny little kid where my Mom forbid me to watch cartoons in the morning before school (because I was already always late), but my Dad would secretly let me watch them (and sit with me) on Wednesdays. You gotta know that my Dad is a fairly old, very quiet and closed-off 5′2 man, a Father of 5 and Grandpa of 7, spending his life building wooden sailboats and potteries and silently offering random people literally anything that is growing in his garden at the time. Basically, imagine Ron Swanson but older and tinier. So, having him organize secret Resistance to be able to watch Franklin the Turtle with his tiny daughter before dropping her to school was just very cute and yeah I just love my small and quiet Dad.


I can’t believe this is the first time I’ve watched Tiger and Bunny.

Literally every other anime I’ve ever seen in my life would have played panel one off as a homophobic joke normalizing the discomfort Seymour causes heterosexual men, but it doesn’t phase Kotetsu in the slightest. He trusts his friend, appreciates him, knows that this comment is coming from a place of concern and just laughs back in turn.

There should be more jokes where the heterosexual friend is just plain comfortable with their homosexual and bisexual friends. Why do I not see this more often?

What your favorite Radiohead album says about you

Pablo Honey: You don’t like Radiohead.

The Bends: You’re just a chill dude who likes to rock out and have a good time and wish life could be like it was in the 90s when people were making real music instead of this emotionless techno polluting the airwaves.

OK Computer: You want Jonny Greenwood to use you the way he uses that telecaster with that sticker from that volleyball anime that you watched just to feel closer to him and his avant-garde genius and beautiful jellyfish bangs. Thom Yorke is your real dad.

Kid A: You literally masturbate to Pitchfork articles and break down into tears every time you hear a G major chord on an organ.

Amnesiac: You know what time signature Pyramid Song is in.

Hail to the Thief: You read 1984 in high school and now it’s the only book you recommend. You like Banksy.

In Rainbows: “The word ‘hipster’ is actually a slur”

The King of Limbs: While you do enjoy Anthony Fantano’s reviews, you don’t always agree with his opinions. You hate nuclear power.

  • me: i'm fine
  • what i really mean: every day i think about the fact that clark can, even from the other side of the world, pick out bruce's heartbeat amongst the literal billions of other people on the planet. how long did he need to be around bruce to pick up it's pattern? how intently did he listen to it to remember it's rhythm? just how long did he spend separating every little tiny minuscule detail of each of bruce's heartbeats to differentiate them from literally everybody else's heartbeat on the planet? can he hear it all the time? is bruce's heartbeat the background noise to everything clark does in life? does he ever hear it slow down and panic that something might have happened, maybe every single time bruce goes to sleep? has bruce ever told him that he wasn't scared but clark heard his heart skip that little bit faster?

ALSO when they pull away from the kiss and Alec is like “what did i just do?” and it’s so glaringly obvious that maybe for the first time in his life he acted on an impulse and just did what his heart told him to do but before he can even start to panic about whether he made the right choice or not, izzy is there telling him she’s proud of him, and simon bounds over and excitedly makes some weird comparisson to a movie alec’s probably never even heard of and magnus is next to him smiling and these people ground him and they make him realize he totally made the right decission and it warms my cold cold heart

  • Jaime: **questions Brienne about her sex life**
  • Fandom: Yeah, but in a platonic way.
  • Jaime: **overshares to Brienne about his own sex life**
  • Fandom: Yeah, but in a platonic way.
  • Jaime: **literally cannot have a conversation with Brienne without bringing up their sexual/romantic histories and/or proclivities**
  • Fandom: That's just Jaime being Jaime.
  • Jaime: **jumps into a bear pit with no weapon like a dumbfuck for Brienne**
  • Fandom: He just loves her like a sister! I mean. Wait.
  • Jaime: "I dreamed of you"
  • Fandom: No hetero.
  • Jaime: "I only rescue maidens"
  • Fandom: Totally not flirting even a little bit.
  • Jaime: **Climbs naked into a bathtub with Brienne**
  • Fandom: Bros do this all the time! Platonically.
  • Jaime: **pops a boner at the sight of Brienne's wet, naked body**
  • Fandom: It's not an erection, it's a RESPECTion.
  • Cercei: "Are you [Brienne] in love with Jaime?"
  • Fandom: GODDAMNIT HBO why did you have to turn this perfectly normal and healthy platonic friendship into a romance?

Are you telling me that Regina - the Regina Mills who rightfully didn’t want her son’s birth mother to suddenly be in her kid’s life, and who took a long time to get used to the idea of sharing him with her - is okay with Henry living with the sleazy pirate and being close to consider him a father figure?

Are you telling me that Henry - the Henry Daniel Mills who took 2/3 seasons to finally forgive his own mother - is forgiving the pirate after literally 5 minutes, and not only that you have him say “he would never hurt this family” when he literally tried to kill them all just the month before?

Are you telling me that Emma - the Emma Swan who could always see right through everyone’s lies and took crap from no one - can’t recognize the multiples times in which her bf is lying to her face, and keeps buying all the bullshit he throws at her?

And finally, are you saying that Snow - the Snow White who could immediately see that Ruby shared true love with Dorothy, and who is quick to point her finger at Rumple for treating Belle badly - can’t see how much Regina and Emma love each other, and how horrible H00k is being to her own daughter?

I’ve read the Harry Potter series 9 times and am currently on my 10th re read and when people ask me why I keep going back, I tell that that I love the series, not for the action ad adventure (although that part is great) but I keep going back for the day to day life at Hogwarts. I just love the classes and the homework and what they have for lunch that Tuesday after DADA and how many points Snape subtracts for Neville making his potion wrong.

(Tech’s note: literally why HBP is my fave book, it’s mostly filler and I love that)

Remember when Kakyoin said if he ever fell in love, it would be with someone like Holly? Everyone’s always making milf jokes but he said like her and described her as someone who could calm the hearts of others and help them feel at ease when she is nearby. Throughout the entire Stardust Crusaders there has been one character that everyone has counted on. And that’s Jotaro. As a fan, whenever a member from the gang was in trouble, I was always counting on Jotaro to show up and during the times he did, I was able to breathe again. I wasn’t even afraid when he showed up in front of fucking DIO. If you’ve listened to Kakyoin’s character song “Goodbye Nostalgia” and have seen the episode of his backstory, you’d know that Jotaro was literally the first friend Kakyoin ever had. And it’s just so fucking sad that this kid’s (because he was only seventeen) best times in life were when he was constantly in danger but believed it was worth it because he was finally with friends who understood him. Kakyoin’s last thoughts weren’t about his parents but about Dio’s power because more than anything, Kakyoin wanted to protect his friends. Months before, Jotaro had saved him from Dio’s flesh bud despite not knowing who he was, despite having attacked him and didn’t even give a valid reason as to why he did because there was none. Like his mother, Jotaro is a good person and thought Kakyoin’s life was worth saving. That’s what compelled Kakyoin to want to make him smile, protect him like Holly and help him on his quest to save her. And in the end, Kakyoin was able to return the favor. He discovered the power of Dio’s stand and was able to pass on the information to Joseph who was able to warn Jotaro in time.