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GREY AREA. (M) | 02

And just like that, your fate was sealed - because Min Yoongi was absolutely going to destroy you. But hell, if you weren’t going to let him, or bask happily in the flames as he did so.

And sadly, at the time, you didn’t think that your thoughts would become so literal.


“You said my heart holds all the wreckage and still manages to grow a forest out of it.” -The Forest / Kriti. G

›› Pairing: Min Yoongi / Reader
›› Word Count: 6,805
›› Chapter Index 
›› Soulmate!AU, Slowburn, Angst

Two days later you are sitting at a table located outside a small cafe that you and Yoona often find yourselves at. Whether it be because it’s nearest to the college you both attend, or how cheap their beverages are, you both are always returning to the quaint little building.

You sit with one leg crossed over the other, hair up in a messy pony tail, back pack hanging lazily off of the chair your back is pressed against. Arms strewn across the surface of the table carelessly, and mind not letting you focus on the words spewing from Yoona’s perfectly glossed lips.

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  • Shallan: I shouldn't lightweave for my date with Adolin, what if he falls in love with the enhanced face and not the unmagicked one?
  • Adolin, sweeping on shimmer highlighter to complete his contour: hey ren do you think i should do a color lip with this eyeshadow or stick to a light gloss

Summary: When Lucy agreed to go on a blind date she hadn’t been expecting, well, this. A valentine dedicated to my followers.

Rating: T

AN: This wasn’t what I planned on giving you for a valentine but the other one started to turn a tad angsty and you all deserve some fluff from me for once. ;D Hope everyone had a wonderful day full of love (whether it be romantic, platonic, or even self). 

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Lucy evaluated her reflection in the store window thoughtfully. Not a single blonde hair was out of place, but she found herself lightly running her hands over the loosely curled strands just in case there was any frizz she missed. Her make up was impeccable (as it should be considering she spent over forty–five minutes agonizing over it), and the little black halter dress she had finally decided on (another hour long process) clung to her curvy body in all the right places.

She looked good. Damn good. 

She smiled at the thought, but immediately sobered back into a fit of nerves when she recalled exactly why she was dressed up in the first place. Down the street, sitting innocently on the corner, was a busy restaurant with a single man sitting at a table, waiting for her. A man who she was apparently suppose to find from a white scarf.

Lucy had half a mind to just turn around and go back to her apartment. This whole thing was completely ridiculous and she didn’t know why she had ever listened to those twins Gem and Mini when it came to her love life. Blind dates never turned out well for anyone. It was like the unwritten rule in the dating world. So exactly why she had spent hours on her appearance for a night that was ultimately doomed to be a complete disaster was completely beyond her, but she had a feeling that the twins insistence that the person they were setting her up with was ‘perfect for her’ probably had something to do with it. 

A sigh passed her glossed lips, fogging up the glass of the lovely shoe display. Maybe she should just go shopping – those pink stilettos in the corner there were incredibly cute. She could totally rock them. 

Of course, then Gem and Mini would never let her hear the end of it.

The thought of their echoed words of infinite frustration immediately had her stepping away from the (oh so tempting) display and towards the restaurant at the corner. One night of disaster would be better than a lifetime of nagging from those two. Being that they were both actors, they had the annoying habit of impersonating close friends, especially when said friend had done something silly or stupid. It was hilarious most of the time, their impersonations were always spot on which made it even funnier, but the joke wasn’t quite so amusing when it was her lack of dating prowess on front and center stage.

Checking her phone before she stepped through the restaurant doors, she reread the message Gem had sent her. 'He will be at Rainbow Sakura Restaurant at 6pm wearing a white scarf and sitting at a table for two. Have fuuuuuun!’ It was five after now (was fashionably late still fashionable?) so if this mystery man had any kind of manners he should be in there. Waiting for her. 

God, tonight was going to be awful. She just knew it. 

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i love your blog and we share pretty much all of the same fandoms, so i was wondering if you had any fic recs? for skam, the raven cycle, all for the game, black sails, the 100, shades of magic, harry potter, percy jackson, captive prince and shadowhunters, thank you.

oh my god, thank you??? you’re so lovely and polite, anon. i have TONS of fic recs for all of the above (except shades of magic and shadowhunters…i have one for both) so i like, apologise for the amount of fics you’re going to receive. you could check out my fic rec tag instead…there’s a lot in this list. i’m incapable of choosing between things, but i tried to narrow it down? i’m sure there are plenty of more amazing fics, but these are my absolute favourites. (IT’S A LOT.)

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Oh! Do you think you can do a Sasuke, Itachi, and Sasori scenario where they're leaving their s/o because they decided to leave their village?

(Ah my first ask! I’m making the s/o a girl since there wasn’t a specification okay? Thank you~)

Sasuke: “This relationship is done; we’re over.”

You couldn’t have heard him correctly. No, you know you couldn’t have. He’d promised you, sworn to you, that he wouldn’t leave your side. So why was he standing in your living room, refusing to look you in the eye as he broke your heart.

“Sasuke,” You were moving before you could stop yourself, hands grabbing his shoulders, and you forced him to face you. “If you’re doing this, if you really mean this then I want you to look me in the eye and say it again.” Why did you say that? This may have been your only chance to make him stay, to tell him the words the two of you so often glossed over. 

“____,” The Uchiha was never one to show much emotion. Everything he did, everyone he met, he was always so guarded. So when you saw such raw emotion in his onyx eyes your heart broke all over again. “We. Are. Through.”

When had the tears begun streaming down your cheeks? When had you begun to lean on him? And if he meant this, why hadn’t he pushed you away? “Sasuke….”

Rough hands cupped your cheeks as he pressed his lips to yours, a desperate plea on both your parts. “This isn’t your fault.” Those words, ghosted over your lips, was the last indication he had been in your life.

Itachi: “I’m sorry, ___-chan.”

Confusion was etched across your expression, moonlight streaming through the branches and illuminating your boyfriend’s pale complexion. You set your book aside, brushing your lap off as you stood, and reaching out to take his hands in yours. “Itachi-san? You haven’t done anything you need to apologize for!” Despite the churning of your stomach you swallowed your own anxiety to force a shaky smile to your lips.

He didn’t respond, letting your fingers intertwine with his as your other hand rose to brush against his cheek. Straining up you press a gentle kiss to his lips as his free arm wraps around your waist and pulls you tightly to his chest. Although you’d only meant to reassure him you weren’t upset for whatever it was he apologized for, worry making you heart pound loudly in your ears, but Itachi seemed to have other plans. He held you the way a person holds a dying loved one, passion searing your lips as he raised a hand to run along your cheek.

You gasped when you felt how chilled his skin actually was, though Itachi took the chance to slip his tongue into your mouth. Just as your hands rose to tangle in his hair, as you preferred to do when things grew heated, he pulled away leaving you feeling somewhat…hollow.

Five feet of space separated the two of you and guilt was written all over his expression. “Itachi…?” You wrapped your arms around yourself, the wind chilling you to the bone.

“I’m sorry, ____-chan.” And he was gone in the blink of an eye.

Sasori: “Leave.”

You jolted at the coldness in his tone, especially after the intimate experience the two of you had just shared. You sat up, eyes focused on his figure in the darkness, before crawling over to touch his shoulder. As his muscles tensed beneath your fingertips you paused. “Sasori?” He didn’t move, didn’t respond. Just straightened his back as you slowly slid closer. “Sasori…?”

“Don’t.” His voice was hoarse, holding more emotion than you’ve heard from him in a long time. This was the man you loved, clearly in pain, and he expected you to just walk away? What kind of person did he think you were?

“Don’t,” You mimicked his voice as you wrapped your arms around his neck, kissing his shoulder. “Give me that. Sasori whatever it is, let me help…” He didn’t respond. Instead he took your hand, raised it to his lips, and pressed his lips to your knuckles.

As he turned to face you the look in his eyes left your heart lurching in your throat. “Puppet, leave this village.” A bitter laugh escaped your lips as he turned to pull you into his lap. You opened your mouth to respond, but his lips pressed against yours as one hand held the back of your neck while the other caressed your still bare breast.

“Don’t….” You were shocked as he pushed you back on the bed, his chocolate eyes clamped shut as he took you for the second time that night.

“Puppet,” Sasori’s lips grazed your collarbone when it was all finished, you wrapped up in his arms. “Don’t leave me….”

“Never Sasori.”

He was gone the next morning.

Lip Service

Summary:  After you have Sam put your lip gloss on you, he thinks that doing your make-up can’t be that hard. Of course, you think he’s nuts and tell him there’s no way that he can successfully do your make-up. A bet is placed: the loser pays the winner $50 and gives them oral sex twice a day for a week.
Word count: 7k something. I was wordy.
Reader Gender: female
Warnings: Smut, established relationship, lip gloss, make-up, oral sex (both male and female), Sam has a lip gloss kink, come shot/swallowing, shower sex, light nipple play, marking

@oriona75 @ilostmyshoe-79 @sammit-janet @oh-jesus-sammy @dreamsfromthebunker @kayteonline @thegleegeneration @brokenyellowcrayons (I lost my “people who want to be tagged in my crap” post-it, so if I missed anyone, let me know. Or, if you want to be tagged, send me a message.)


“Guys!” Dean yells from down the hall. “Get a move on! Two for one appetizers end in an hour!”

“Five minutes!” you yell back, even though you haven’t started your make-up yet. It’ll probably end up being fifteen minutes, but Dean can wait.

Sam pulls on his boots and shrugs on his jacket, then sits down on the corner of his bed, patiently waiting for you. He watches you argue with your eyeliner, swear a couple of times, wipe it off, then start over. “You need some help?” he asks playfully.



summary: a drabble all about barefaced namjoon for @saeshii! just a lot of fluff and i think?? a lot of pretentious metaphors???? i blame bastille. yet somehow it still ended up being rlly shitty :))) i’m sorry friends, i hope you can dig through this trash and find something enjoyable about this lmao

word count: 557

flaws– everybody, everything had them. trees were marked with broken off pieces of bark, the lighter wood showing as a loss to nature. animal to animal possessed scars, signs they persevered through the struggle of natural selection and lived on another day. even romanticised, beautiful objects like the moon had their flaws. crater impact after crater impact flawed the silvery dusted surface of the rock, adding all the more character to the object. nobody was immune to them– you woke up time and time again with flaws from pimples breaking out across your forehead to yellow and purple bruises scattered across your body, just like any other person did. yet it seemed that kim namjoon was the one person immune to them. whenever the pair of you left for a date, he showed up looking flawless, head to toe, not a single blemish, scar or cut making their appearance on his body. he was comparable to the ancient porcelain statues, godlike and untouched by time, from the neatly styled, sun kissed locks tucked under a sun hat to the foundation concealed skin that felt like a smoother surface than anything your hands had touched before, his gloss coated lips completing the look– the only word to do him justice being ethereal in your eyes.  yet here the two of you were, paint marked across your bodies and faces– what had originally been intended for a round of painting in your room had turned into, well, to say the least, a paint fight.

walls were scattered with a vibrant shade of colours, the hues making your own personal galaxy among the walls. droplets and streaks marked the clothing on the two of you, giving the already worn in clothes a bigger story to tell when asked of what aged stories came along with each item. your faces were scattered in what looked like war paint, dots and streaks covering your cheeks, your forehead, your lips, your noses. nothing was untouched from the hues of violet andgold. once the giggles got out, you threw yourself off the bed, declaring it was time to wash up. with that, you grabbed a washcloth, scrubbing the acrylics off of your skin. when handing the rag to him, you were faced with silence and a shake of his head. after questioning why he’d want to sit and let paint dry on his face, he looked over at you, eyes falling to the ground with a shrug. sighing, you merely walked yourself over to namjoon, bending your body to fall into his line of vision. with a reassuring smile, you brought your free hand to rest upon his cheek, ignoring the cold paint staining your skin once again, your thumb stroking small circles into the full cheeks on his face. bringing the rag to stroke along his skin, you slowly dragged the cloth across his face, wiping the paint from his face, foundation and concealer staining the rag along with the crimsons and sunsets already resting in the cloth. after wiping away the illusions and paints, you laid your eyes on kim namjoon– the real, flawed, stunning, beautiful, kim namjoon for the first time thus far. and the whole time, you couldn’t bring yourself to think about how flaws had never looked so beautiful on a person before, a warm smile on your lips.

Monkey Bars

Monkey Bars

Prompt: One shot AU- Riley and Lucas are single parents and they meet each other at a playground with their kids. They decide to go on dates + “I’m falling for you and I hope you’re falling for me.”

Word Count: 2,801

For: @josiebearx Thank you for waiting. I hope you’re pleased. :)

“Riles, you two got divorced two years ago. I think it’s time to move on.”

Her blonde best friend was right, but the wounds of her divorce from Charlie Garner were still fairly tender. In high school Riley was swept of her feet when Charlie asked her to homecoming by being a cliche romantic. He filled her locker petals, made balloons fall from the ceiling, and even got her classmate Yogi to rollerskate to hand her bouquet of flowers. After the dance they began dating through the rest of high school and two year of college before he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. Everything felt perfect to Riley. They welcomed a beautiful baby boy, Sebastian Ryder. Riley’s fairytale soon came to halt when she found Charlie and some red haired woman in their bed. 6 years of marriage down the drain.

“Hon, are you still there? Listen, I know you feel like you can’t trust another man after what happened, but you can’t give up on love, Maya said sincerely through the phone.

“I know, but I don’t know when I’ll be able to get back in the dating world,” Riley confessed.

“You don’t have to right now. Just get out of the house and take a peek at the other fish in the sea. And I have the perfect idea on how you can: take Sebastian to the playground,” Maya suggested.


The best thing that came out of her marriage with Charlie. Riley was allowed to gain full custody of him because Charlie’s new girlfriend didn’t want kids. Sebastian was currently the only boy that could make her smile and filled her heart with so much love.

Riley looked over to her 5 year old son who was currently playing Jurassic World with his dinosaurs in the living room.

“I guess that’s not a bad idea. Sebastian could use some fresh air,” Riley agreed with her friend.

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Summary: In the wake of tragedy, two polar opposites come together for one commonality, their Goddaughter–Viola Mellark. Based on the movie, Life As We Know It. Gadge. Modern AU.

Yes, we are the at the end. 

Thank you if you stuck around for my first ever Gadge fanfiction. You’re awesome.

Also, I hope you enjoy fluff.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

…and the final part–after the cut–



Madge opened the letter, frowning as she read over its contents before tossing it on the coffee table.

Sitting back against the couch, she sighed before getting back to work—there was still another load of laundry left. Gale was out getting groceries with Viola since they were tired of eating breakfast burritos.


It had been almost two months since her first date with Cato, since Gale had revealed what had happened before their own first date, since he had kissed her…

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family gathering with a twist | l.h.

family gathering with a twist 



requested : yes

“  Can u do a Luke imagine where u meet his family plz ?!? “ -anon

 “  LUKE KINKY SMUT PLEASE “ -anon ( part 2 )

“  luke imagine pleASE “ -anon


words : 1,943

trigger warning(s) - none :)

pairing : luke x reader


+sorry if not edited well ;/ 


I examined myself in the mirror one last time. I ran my hands down my dress, smoothing it from noticeable wrinkles. I then went back to the bathroom to fix my makeup one last time. I was applying my last coat of lip gloss when I felt two hand wrap around my waist, and a scruffy face on my shoulder.

“ You look gorgeous ” I heard my boyfriend say as he looked at my reflection in the mirror. “ You don’t look too bad yourself ” I said as I turned around, looking up and down at his outfit of choice, then meeting his gaze.

He reconnected his hands on my waist and leaned down to kiss me, but I pushed him away, “ Uh, not right now I just did my lipstick perfectly Luke ” I said, a smirk appearing across my face.

He then sighed and pouted, looking at me with his big blue eyes, “ Fine ” he said as he attacked my face with kisses, reaching every patch of skin on my face and moved to my jaw line, and I knew what was coming next.

“ Luke ” I giggled, “ I don’t wanna get horny before I meet your god damn parents ” I said, pushing his body off of mine.

He sighed once again, as he took his hands from my hips. “ Oh, baby, fine, but you know you’ll have to make it up to me later ” he said, exiting the bathroom.

I started to fantasize about the things Luke could do to me, whether it him tease me until I was putty in his hands, or tie me up in the most kinky way possible. I then remembered what was going to happen in less than an hour, and fixed my hair one last time before grabbing a pair of black heels and meeting Luke downstairs.

“ Ready ” he asked, looking at me with the biggest smile in the world.

“ Yeah ” I said back, grabbing my purse and slipping my heels on.

He opened the door for me, and gestured for me to go before me.

“ What a gentleman ” I said.

“ Only for you ” he said, sneaking a kiss on my cheek as I passed him. He then locked the door and we proceeded to the car.

As we settled in, he pulled out of the driveway, as I turned on the radio. He then told me to start the CD that was already in, and I did.

I smiled as a Good Charlotte song played, as we listened to the entire album on the way to the restaurant.

We pulled up to a fancy restaurant, and got out the car. He waited for me to meet him the front of the car, as he attached out hands. We walked to the entrance when the situation suddenly hit me and a whole new wave of thoughts came over me.

“ Luke ” I said, stopping in place.

“ What is it love ” he questioned my actions.

“ What if your family doesn’t like me ” I ask.

“ Now where would you get a thought like that ” he questioned, his finger settling under my chin, as he pushed my head up, forcing me to look at him.

“ I don’t know, I’m just scared they won’t like me ” I said, shrugging my shoulders.

“ Listen baby ” he started, “ You’re perfect to me, if they know how much I love you, they should love you just the same ” he said, leaning down to connect our lips.

He broke the kiss with a smile, “ Ready love ” he asked, as I nodded my head, a new boost of confidence coming over me.

We entered the restaurant, which was fancier than any one you’ve ever been in. Chandeliers lined the ceiling, as well as a mural of angels.

“ Reservations ” the lady with grey hair asked behind the counter.

“ Yes, uh, Hemmings ” Luke said.

“ Your party is here, are you Luke ” she questioned, tapping away at her computer.

“ That would be me ” he said, smirk evident on his face.

“ Okay, follow me ” she said, grabbing two menus, as she guided is to the table.

She brought us to a booth, some of Luke’s family sitting down together, chatting away at some subject matter.

A younger boys head snapped as he saw his brother, and said “ Look who comes this way. ”

Luke’s, I presumed, mother and father looked in our direction, a massive smile on their face.

The lady bright us to the table, and set our menus down. “ Your waitress will be here shortly to take your two’s drinks ” she said gesturing to me and Luke.

She walked away, as Luke then turned around and smiled at his family. “ Oh Luke ” his mother said, getting up and hugging his tall frame, him hugging back almost immediately.

“ And you must be Y/n, oh how much we’ve heard about you ” she said, hugging my small frame.

I smiled and hugged back of course. She disconnected from the hug, “ My name is Liz ” she said, smile plastered to her face the whole time.

I smiled back, and looked at the man that stood up beside her. “ I’m Andrew ” he said, putting his hand out, which I took in mine and shook graciously.

“ And, Y/n, these are my brothers, Ben and Jack ” Luke said, turning my attention to the two boys who sat down. They smiled up at me and said their names, identifying who was who.

I said hello to them, and made my way back over to Luke, as we all sat down. The seating order went myself, Luke, Jack, Ben, Andrew and Liz who sat across from me in the circular booth.

The waitress then came to the table, “ Hello my name is Jillian and I will be at your service tonight, what would you two like to drink ” she flashed an all too rehearsed smile at Luke and I.

“ Uhm, can I get a coke ” Luke said, which Jillian than wrote down before turning her attention to me. I just Aladdin for a glass of water. She then wrote that down as well, as she made her way back to the kitchen.

Liz then started up a conversation, which was a conversation targeting me. She asked me some normal questions, like what I did, if I went to school at all and what interested me. I answered all of them, as she smiled and listed intently to my responses.

Luke’s brother Jack, then started up a conversation with me, as he asked me where I met Luke. I then started talking to him, as Luke joined in, and soon the whole table was asking us questions about our relationship.

Our drinks then came to the table, as she then told is it was time to order some food. I didn’t even have time to look at the menu, and Liz saw how frazzled I had looked, and so she started ordering. I looked over at her and flashed a smile, which she returned instantly.

I examined the menu, as I settled on a chicken salad, and ordered. She then wrote the last order down, and walked back to the kitchen.

Liz had then started a conversation with me, as Luke and his brothers were in one with his dad, The time had passed, Liz and I talking more about the upcoming tour that was happening in just a few months, and how I was going to be joining him on the US leg of the tour. My thoughts then became flustered when I felt a hand graze my thigh.

I thought nothing of it, as I quickly glanced over at Luke, his eyes still on his brothers, chatting away at some topic that was brought up among the boys. I just decided to dismiss it as a loving gesture, and continued my conversation with Liz.

She then asked me about Calum, Ash and Michael. I was happy to talk about them because of how close I had become with them. I had become flustered once again when I felt Luke’s fingers pull the bottom of my dress up ever so slightly, allowing him to rub over more skin.

I glanced over once again, and when I did, I saw Luke’s face in a small grin. He knew what he was doing, and I knew he wasn’t going to stop. I then went back to telling Liz about a funny incident that happened the other day with Michael and Luke.

Minutes later, Luke’s fingers were grazing the inside of my thighs, getting dangerously close to my panties. When I tried to start another conversation with Liz, I felt Luke’s fingers rub up and down my slit through the thin fabric. A moan tried to escape my lips, but I quickly covered it up with a cough and took a sip of water, “ You okay sweetie “ Liz asked, noticing my actions.

I nodded my head vigorously, as I shot a death glare to Luke, and when he noticed he chuckled under his breath.

“ Two could play at this game “ I though to myself as I started to rub his clothed thigh. As soon as he felt my hand, his whole body tensed, when he leaned over and whispered in my ear, “ Are you sure you want to get me hard in front of my family, Princess “ he asked, him addressing me as the name he used for me only in the bedroom.

His words went right to my core, which became soaked as Luke slid a finger under the fabric and entered a finger. A breath got stuck in my throat, and I coughed, taking another sip of water, this time it got the attention of Luke’s dad, and he asked me if I was okay. I nodded my head, and started to explain that I just had a tickle in my thought, when the food came to the table.

The meal included Luke, fingering me under the table, making me extremely horny, in front of his god damn parents.

I then decided enough is enough, when I then went all out and reached over and grabbed his crotch. His eyes shot open and he coughed. His eyes darting over to me, I just smiled. He then did what I didn’t think he would actually do. He slid two fingers in me, and then I lost it. I moaned, but Luke covered it up with a laugh.

His brothers smirked, because they actually heard me, but his parents looked at us with strange looks.

The meal went on, as Luke and I teased each other under the table until we all finished.

The waitress then came back over, and asked us if we wanted anything, Liz, and Andrew said they didn’t want anything, as well as Luke’s brothers. Luke also said no, and continued with “ I’ve got some desert at home, isn’t that right Y/n. “

I choked on swig of water, and a blush started to creep up on my face, The waitress then gave us the bill which we all decided to split. We paid for the meal and hugged each other goodbye. Luke then grabbed me by the waist and walked out with me.

When we reached the car, all the dirty talk started.


a/n : okay so I tried merging two imagine request into one, but this one was getting long, so there will be a part two to this, w/ kinky smut okay so all you horny people can get what you want :)


Maybe it was just a symptom of growing up in the ‘90s, but I was obsessed with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen as a pre-teen. I watched Full House and So Little Time religiously and owned every single one of their movies on VHS. (I actually watched Passport to Paris so many times that I wore the tape out. Am I ashamed? Nope.) I played their video games, used their lip gloss, read their cheesy yet strangely addictive books, and even subscribed to their very short-lived magazine. In other words, I’ve pretty much always wanted to be an Olsen twin.

Obviously that isn’t going to happen, but I figure if I can’t actually be an Olsen twin, then I can at least dress like one, right? That’s where The Row comes in. Although the Olsen twins have been designing under this label for over seven years now—and despite the fact that they are two of the most recognizable Hollywood starlets-turned-designers—I still feel as though The Row does not get the praise and attention it deserves. While everyone else is fawning over Marc Jacobs and Alexander Wang, I am sitting here in awe and quiet admiration of the stunning and utterly refined collection the Olsen twins put forth for the upcoming Fall/Winter 2014 season.

The show opened with what I can only describe as the embodiment of all of my ultimate winter outfit goals: an enormous sweater-and-skirt combo in matching “fur cashmere” that would swallow my small frame—which is the whole point. This look alone meets all the criteria for a Perfect Winter Look: It’s comfortable, it’s stylish, and it is undoubtedly very, very warm. The chunky knits were followed by voluminous coats with no discernible fastenings; flowing, fringed scarves draped across the shoulders; elegantly flared skirts; and surprising nods to men’s tailoring, including gleaming oxfords paired with slouchy trouser socks, a pinstriped suit, and gorgeous crocodile handbags that will no doubt fly off the shelves.

While the Olsen twins’ particular take on minimalism might not be for everyone, there is no denying the thoughtful attention put into the design of each piece in this carefully-curated collection. New York Fashion Week might not be over yet, but The Row’s Fall/Winter 2014 collection—for me, at least—is going to be pretty difficult to beat.

Dress Up in You (Trixya) - Chapter Three

AN: Hello my lovelies, thank you for all your kind comments on the last two chapters (look in my tag to read them)! Sorry this took a while, I’m super busy at work right now but in a week I’ll be off for Christmas and I can write some more of this, I have loads planned for it. Love you <3

Warnings: Just smoking and swearing so far.

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Stitch One, Curl Two

Summary: February is fridged freezing and Marinette notices how cold a certain kitty gets.

Word Count: 737

Perspective: Marinette

Characters: Marinette Dupain-Cheng, Chat Noir

Shipping: MariChat


I know I’m an hour late but I still wanted to put this in for ML Staff Appreciation Week’s day one: Affection. Got this inspiration when walking to class in the November air today. As usual its Mari and Chat as  I am obsessed with these nerds.

“Knit One, Curl Two, Knit One, Curl Two…”

The sounds of clicking knitting needles together as they weaving a wooly black hooded cape out of love…

Was it love?

Marinette sighed, letting the puff of white smoke escaping her strawberry glossed lips be the physical interpretation of her confusing heart.

It had been about four days since she had tended to him and given him that ticket. Three days since he began leaving her gifts of delicious strawberries dipped in rich chocolates, fresh roses and fancy silk; each one of always left with a black card with a green paw print filled with by far the cheesiest romantic lines she had ever heard.

Honestly, if that mangy cat gone and fallen for her, it would have taken much more to woo Marinette as her heart belonged to Adrien and she wasn’t about to fall for any of Chat Noir’s romantic tactics.

Okay… maybe there are somethings I like about that dumb kitty. I mean why am I staying up late to knit this for him when I could be doing other things like practicing or homework?

For the past few nights, Marinette wondered if Chat Noir ever got cold. Sure his suit was black which made it easier for him to regulate temperatures. But still, it was late in February and today’s Akuma sighting was less than comfortable in the freezing temperatures as it left him shivering while she remembered to bundle up before she transformed.  And there was that instance where Ayla turned into the Akuma Lady Wifi and had tossed him into the freezer. Surely he would CAT-ch a cold if he didn’t not dress for cold weather.

So she took it into her own hands to knit him something warm for those cold patrols she ended up dragging him around at night. She wanted him at the top of his game, wanted him at his best…

Wanted him…

Marinette swallowed hard as she pursed her lips, a light blush glowed against her cold skin. She pulled orange and red throw that had slid off her shoulders back into its place, letting another puff of her breath gently float upward and fade into the nighttime sky.

She didn’t want to believe it. She refused to believe it. She absolutely swore that it wasn’t happening to her.

I’m in love with Adrien, not that stupid flirt Chat Noir. I like blond haired guys who look like an angel that Michelangelo painted, not crazy alley cats who flirt with every girl in Paris. Guys with gentle souls and kind hearts not, not pompous pussy cats that are reckless and… and… ugh…

She knew she was being unfair as Chat did have all those good qualities too. But, Marinette liked Adrien more than that boy as he was much more mature and quieter. But still that all those things that Chat did for her four nights before… it made her see a different side… one that ultimately invaded her thoughts every time she closed her eyes.


Right on schedule

Marinette pretended to not notice the green eyes staring vividly at her backside as she removed the needles from her little project and tied the final strands together. She held the hooded short cloak out, admiring the white knitted words “Meow” against the fluffy black yarn, the fluffy black puff balls dangling on the adjustment strings that swung back and forth in kitty temptation. She heard a faint gasp behind her and could already see his claw reaching for the fluffy pompoms that were hypnotizing him.

Instantly, she whirled around, throwing her handmade net over his head and letting it drape over his chest. He blinked for a moment, trying to register what just happened.

Marinette stepped back to admire her handy work as Chat had jumped down from his perch on the railing, his feet quietly landing on the hardwood flooring. He spun around to get a better look at his new garment that she just threw on him, ears flicking with curiosity. The way the ear shaped areas accommodated his cat ears on each side of the hood was just right, the way the “Meow” words look befitting for his theme, and he looked absolutely adorable in it!

All and all… it was perfect and to see him enjoy it was even more welcoming to her.

He turned to her, cocking his head as he set her heart racing with that childish sparkle of awe and wonder echoing from his green eyes.

“Is this-”

Marinette finally stood up, walked up to him and leaned upward to plant a kiss on his nose. She stepped back, enjoying the sight of his burning face against the black fuzzy cloak she spent her precious time making.

“A little something to keep my knight warm during these winter nights,” she said with a playful grin.

Request -- I was wondering if you could do a imagine where you've been Cas' girlfriend for like 2 years and Naomi captures the reader and Cas gets her back and she has a scar on her hand from being stabbed and Cas rubs it all the time. Pleased

(I hope that you like it!)

The reddish-brown hair tucked neatly into a twisted bun, not a single hair sticking up or out of place. You were sure that it always stayed perfect after studying it multiple times in order to alleviate the physical and mental pain that was relentlessly flowing through your body. The two apatite jewels that penetrated yours and were unmoving when they stared, full of greed and longing for information that you couldn’t even begin to dig up out of your brain; they were the ones that weren’t at all like the clear, calm oceans that you enjoyed waking up to in the mornings. Pink-glossed lips speaking, no, hissing menacing words into your ears that reverberated throughout your mind and bounced off of its walls until they grew so painful that you wished to the long-gone God that you would just cease to exist right then and there. That never happened, though, and you were still forced to writhe against the silver bindings that strapped you in a chair; through all of the agony, you hadn’t even known how long you had been kept prisoner. All you had known was that your torture never stopped, and now, you were reliving it again.

Naomi’s blue eyes, cut into wicked facets, gazed into yours with no mercy at all. Those pink lips were curved into the sly smile that she always had on, and you tried to ignore what she said by instead listening to the sound of her heels clicking against the floor. That just made her turn up the volume of her voice in your head even louder, though, and it made you wince and coil against your restraints; you desperately wanted to put your hands over your ears, but even as you struggled, you knew that that wouldn’t make a difference at all.

“I think that we’re having just a little bit too much fun here, wouldn’t you say so, Y/N?” As those words echoed through your mind, you cringed and watched helplessly as she put her hands on the armrests of the chair that you were bound to, leaning over you. “Just give me the information that I need, and this can be completely civilized.”

What she said was absolutely calm and reasonable, but it sounded like she was yelling at you straight into your ears. Your jaw clenched, trying to fight your way out once more.

Just stop it! was what you wanted to scream out so badly, but it was as if your mouth had been sewn shut, the needle and thread that did the work not in sight.

"I’m sorry,” She laughed, and never before had you heard something so threatening in your life. “Would you mind speaking up a bit, dear?”

Stop it! Stop it! You tried and tried your hardest, but nothing would come out of your throat, no matter how bit of a breath you took to support the words or how much determination you put into the thought of screaming them out. Stop!

“Stop! Stop!”

You didn’t realize that you were shrieking into the soft cloth of your pillow, even when you felt two arms snake around your waist. They felt familiar and comforting and something that you should welcome gratefully, but you still shook them off in hysterics, your eyes still squeezed shut; you fought whoever was trying to reach you blindly, tears running down your face in frantic streams that couldn’t be stopped.

"Y/N!” Castiel yelling out your name suddenly brought you back to Earth, and your heart started to speed up when you became aware that you weren’t with Naomi anymore, and that everything had been a dream. Your angel’s hands made their way gently to your face, cupping your face tenderly as you began to shake. Your breathing grew faster and started to become ragged, and a sense of lightheadedness began to invade you.

“W-What—I…I can’t—”

His sapphire eyes were beyond panicked, but he managed to keep calm for your sake. It was the hardest thing to do, but he forced himself not to drown himself in worry because you needed him and he wasn’t going to back away into his own fright.

“It’s alright, sweetheart. Okay? Breathe. Tell me the date if you can. Breathe.”

You nodded frantically, trying to rummage through your thoughts and put them into a straight line that could easily be emptied from in between your quivering lips. You weren’t even quite certain yourself if you knew who was speaking to you. All you knew and was grateful for was that it wasn’t Naomi.

“It’s…It’s October. The s-seventh. No—no, it isn’t—”

“You’re right, darling. Just keep on going. Where are you?”

You let out a shaky breath, and your eyes widened as you looked around you. “I’m in a plain w-white room—” A gasp left your lips, and you found yourself encased in the scene of your dream. A sudden numbness ran under your skin, and you were drawing into yourself quickly. “The—the windows…the pure white—I’m still there—” Castiel’s mouth tugged down at the sight of you looking so frightened and out of it and he trembled a little at your answer, but swallowed hard and intertwined your hand with his and watched as your gaze focused, finally seeing reality. “—No. I’m in my bedroom. I’m not in that room with Naomi. I’m not…I’m n-not.”

“Good,” Cas breathed in relief, brushing the hair that was sticking to your sweaty skin away from your forehead. “Who are you with right now?”

“…I’m with y-you. C-Cas,” Even though you didn’t sound too sure at first, he smiled slightly when you put your free hand on his cheek. “The angel that I love. And you’re not an i-illusion, not like the ones she t-tortured me with.”

“And you’re safe,” he told you softly, taking you into his arms now that he knew you wouldn’t push him away again. “That’s the most important thing.”

“Safe,” you mumbled to yourself, and nodded slowly as you curled into him, repeating the mantra. “I’m safe. I’m safe.”

Castiel pressed a loving kiss to your temple, remaining there for an extra moment before pulling away. He rested his chin on top of your head, letting out a sigh of solace with now only an edge of shakiness in knowing that the terrors were over, at least, for tonight. Loosening his hold a little on your laced fingers, he gently rubbed his thumb over the raised scar that was prominent on the palm of your hand. Even though he had healed the stab wound that had been made there by Naomi, the mark just wouldn’t quite fade from your flesh, always there as a reminder of what you had gone through. Sometimes he wished that it would disappear and the horrible memories would as well, but you assured him that that wasn’t the case. If anything, the scar kept you more sane than you would be if it wasn’t there; it helped you remember that you had escaped from your torture.

“This can’t keep going on,” you suddenly whispered to him, your soft voice emotionally piercing in the still night air. “Every night…it’s like I’m reliving it over and over again, and I can’t stop it.”

"With everything I am, I wish that there was something I could do,” Castiel’s voice was aching with pure agony, and the sound of his anguish made fresh tears start to pool in your eyes. “Something that I could have done. Rescued you sooner. All of this could have been very well avoided if I had come up with a working plan in time—”

He was stopped short in his sentence when you looked up at him, shaking your head violently.

“Don’t you dare put any of this on yourself, Cas,” you told him through your teeth, certainty ringing in every word. He looked down at your intertwined hands as you said this, and you brushed your free fingertips over the apple of his cheeks so that he would look at you. “It’s not your fault.”

"…I know, I know, sweetheart,” he murmured, his eyes a bit sorrowful as he traced an intricate pattern around your scar. “It is just hard not to blame myself after seeing you like this night after night.”

“That’s it,” Your throat tightened up, and you couldn’t swallow the discomfort away. “I’m being such a burden to you, Cas. Every night, I need to be calmed down and reminded that I’m here. And—and who knows how long I’m going to be like…like this?”

Y/N,” he breathed; it was his turn to shake his head, pushing away what you had just told him. “Please, do not ever think that you are a burden to me. You are most definitely the opposite. You are the light that brightens up my existence, that sheds a warmer glow on me that the sun does, and I would do anything for you without any questions asked.” He shuddered when he paused. “It…pains me greatly to see you in such a state every night, the same dream, the streaks of tears on your cheeks that should only be painted with your light pink blush. That does not bring me annoyance at all. It only gives me more determination to make certain that you know that you are safe.” After those words fell from his lips, he lightly brushed his mouth over the scar on your hand before continuing. “I love you, Y/N, with more fervency than I will ever be capable of conveying. I will always be here to assist you with anything that you are in need of, and will always be your guardian in the nighttime when it seems that all hope has crumbled once again. You are my only, and you are my all. Please, do not forget that.”

The tears that were now staining your face were ones of pure joy, and you wiped them away before lightly pressing your lips to his. The taste of saltwater mingled in with the kiss but neither of you cared and just smiled, looking into each other’s eyes; they were no longer filled with the previous pain, but optimism and bliss.

"I love you too, Cas,” you told him. The words resonated in the angel’s ears, making his smile turn into a grin. “I won’t ever forget.”