is like we really won


Being able to play there against FC Bayern is something very special for me. I had the good fortune to be at this great club and I really, really like looking back on those times. We won everything back then: Champions League, the league title, DFB Cup. We were at the top of our game and a united and really good group. It was just a brilliant time!

  • Sweden: Eurovision is all about music and fun and peace you guys
  • Sweden: ...
  • Sweden: ...
  • Sweden: *has 10 European jury groups in the outtakes to see what Europe likes and make sure to get “the right song” to eurovision so we can win*
  • Sweden: ...
  • Sweden: IT’S ALL FUN GUYS F U N

Hi! I have a little extra time this week so I’m going to open commissions!

If you want more examples of my work, look through my Tumblr!

All of my commission info is here but the prices are as follows:


Line - $6 + $4 for each additional character
Color - $9 + $5 for each additional character

Half body

Line - $11 + $7 for each additional character
Color - $14 + $8 for each additional character

Full body

Line - $18 + $10 for each additional character
Color - $22 + $12 for each additional character

I will draw:

Fan art
Props with the characters (like weapons, etc.)
Simple backgrounds (we can discuss)

I won’t draw:

Really detailed backgrounds
Furries (But I can do kemonomimi!)

Thank you for reading!

  • Coxswain: Okay girls, we are just on the 500m marker lets push it through to the end.
  • Rower: *internal or possibly external screaming*
  • Coxswain *two minutes later*: Okay girls at the 500m marker lets gain some pressure.
  • Rower: wait what i thought
  • Coxswain *another minute later*: We have crossed the orange buoy 500m left and you are done, leave it on the water.

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20 says it ends up wining Best Picture Oscar anyway just because the Academy looooooooves movies about themselves

Oh, obviously. It’s The Artist all over again and honestly? I liked The Artist better. 

“I know we technically won, but this really doesn’t feel like a victory,” Liam muttered under his breath. Sure, Sheriff Stilinski had killed Jones, and all of their enemies had gone back to where they had come from, but Liam’s mind was only on the amount of loss that Beacon Hills was now facing. 63 people were dead. Much of the town had been destroyed. He thought about his stepdad, working at the hospital, and he wondered how long it would be before he could come home. Maybe Jones was right, Liam wanted to say. Maybe if the supernatural weren’t there, this wouldn’t have happened to Beacon Hills. But he couldn’t bring himself to say it out loud. 

2 years ago I was really high sitting in an IHOP with like 4 other people at 10 pm and the waitress came over and just went “we won.” Like no context. We all were really scared and tipped her like 30% because we thought she was some kind of witch doctor.
An hour later on the car ride home we realized that it was the Super Bowl. The Patriots won. She wasn’t crazy she was just excited.

Apple event

ok HI. I haven’t really read anyone else’s reviews so I don’t know what people have talked about and I’m also a bit blindsided by the fact that I was like 20 feet from Sam and Cait today (and didn’t eat for 9 hours and then got locked out of my apartment for 30 mins. ITS FINE LIFE IS GOOD AGAIN). anyway here’s some things: 

1. Sam and Cait are a) ridiculously absurdly tall 2) ACTUAL FUCKING STATUES. You guys, I don’t know how to describe this but I had a realization while I was looking at them of like holy shit it looks like someone just like…sculpted them. They are SO BEAUTIFUL IN PERSON IT’S UNBELIEVABLE.

2. The Outlander fandom is full of some really obnoxious embarrassing people who I’d like never to be associated with, please and thank you.

3. I actually really liked the moderator. She had some really good questions I feel like we haven’t really heard being asked (and some we had. I won’t really touch the relationship question but to say it was not a flat out denial. It was more of a “it’s really sweet fans think we’re together” and “we’re great friends” but after yesterday’s selfie I was basically rolling my eyes at them because bullshit). And then there were some really wonderful fan questions as well and some really horrid embarrassing ones. 

4. Sam and Cait are currently watching a show Tobias is in (Night Managers? Family?). Together. Thank you for that one Sam. “we are watching…” and then Cait, subtly and off mic, corrected him on the name. 

5. Sam could not stop looking at Cait’s legs. COULD. NOT. STOP. 


7. Sam, Cait and Tobias talking about what their characters theme songs would be was hilarious. 

8. They were filming the whole thing and it’ll be on iTunes in a few days, I believe. 

9. Sam and Cait were not super flirty but they had moments where they’d just like grin at each other and they both blushed a couple times talking about sex scenes and when some fan said she got mildly turned on watching season 1 (I kid you not). 

I’m having a major brain blockage right now buuuut video and photos are coming so hold on for those and feel free to ask if you have any questions. :)

One day I’m going to make a movie called Holmes and Watson. It is going to be in Victorian London with Lupita Nyong'o as Sherlock Holmes and Zoë Kravitz as Dr. Shayna Watson (pronounced as vinestien). They are lovers and partners in crime solving.

Also Watson is like Jewish like you can deny it in your face Jewish and not really a doctor actually a nurse, but she was a nurse to sick and poor so people call her doctor. 

And Sherlock will Autistic and like not in that we won’t really say it bullshit way and then done in an albeistic way, but like for real with it actually being shown and done with lots of respect.

 Emmy Winner Viola Davis as Mycroft Holmes, Ming-Na Wen as Inspector G. Lestrade. I would also have trans Mrs. Hudson and would played by an actual trans actor. Moriarty would basically be generic white old guy being generic old white guy bullshit.

It would basically be a primarily female cast with most of the characters seen on screen as racial and ethnic minorities. Lots of sexual, romantic, and gender diversity.

Maybe steampunk-esque because I like the atheistic, but in essence my version of a classic that is more in reality of what London looked like by which I mean not every single person is white.


The first video cosplay crack is online! We’ve been working on it for some weeks during our shoots and it’s finally done. We had sooo much fun filming it, and we really hope you’ll like it!
And it won’t be the last one~

i know there’s like a joke about being a “starving artist” out there and how it won’t make you money but like we really should talk about how there’s a serious economy inaccessibility in art because even with having a relatively “cheap” art (i only need writing utensils), with 5000+ poems, that’s about 1500 hours of hard work which is unpaid. i work in “the real world” in two jobs, at minimum wage, and am a student full-time. i keep writing out of love for it, and the vague and desperate hope somebody one day might discover me and publish me so i can actually make money. plenty of us will never get there, and we’re pretty grateful the internet gives us a place to be heard even without being financially equal. i will probably, realistically, have to stop writing at some point. although it is my breath, it doesn’t put bread on the table. as far as the world is concerned, all of these poems don’t add up to “work” at all.

it’s the hardest thing in the world for a creative person to rip themselves out of their talent in order to survive. it feels like a part of yourself is being torn from you. and we do it. we work at starbucks and smile when you shout about how “these aren’t the normal size names”, we work as waitresses and serve you politely when you whisper to your kids “stay in school”, we stock shelves with food that we will not be able to afford and nod gently when you turn to your husband and hiss “that’s why you don’t get tattoos.”

actors, painters, poets, dancers, musicians. except we can’t be those, not really. and we’re laughed at for that. we all should have known better. artists starve. the occasional one of us is remembered once we die. many of us know that we will fade. we chase our dreams even though someone better - or not even better, just better selling - will erase our trail completely. we jump out of warm beds to pen bad poems, we coat our bodies in writing, we leave the shower to sketch, we sit in achingly early hours just working at it. and that is love. a love that cannot feed us, cannot house us, is just love.

and yet we are laughed at for it.

I love how early in txf David Duchovny was like “no me and Gillian aren’t really close and we probably won’t ever be we are strictly colleagues we just work together” and Gillian was like “yeah he’s kinda arrogant tbh I don’t really like him” and now Gillian sits in bed missing him and they kiss on stage and hold hands under the table at conventions like ???????


So for a long time now I’ve been playing with the idea of a blog, which people could submit posts about life in their country and ask to be added as a sort of “contact” for fan writers and artists to go to, to ask them if something would be correct/acceptable to do. Or to ask for oc advice etc.

A blog which new (’problematic’) hetalia fans could be linked to for guidance.

What we accept and what we really won’t (like romanticising certain historical events, ship wars etc).

I don’t know if this is what the fandom wants but I have started it (sort of) at beautifulworldhetalia

But I really can’t do this alone. Obviously I don’t know everything about the world, so if this is indeed something you guys would be interested in being a part of, please have a look at the /about and /apply pages on that blog and let me know if you would like to be added as a contact or would like to submit some posts about life in your country (say: what the school system is like there or folklore etc. Common names/surnames for an oc… Anything really)

Right now I’m not really looking for an extra admin (maybe later) but I could use help getting the guides (what is and isn’t acceptable in Hetalia) written up.

To spread this, a reblog would be really appreciated, but if I don’t get any replies/asks about it I’ll assume this isn’t something the fandom wants and scrap the idea

Thank you!