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I’m reading a book about midwifery in New England in the eighteenth century and I’m struck by how pro-woman their treatment of birth was compared to how it’s done today.

Like, it was the norm for labouring women to be surrounded by a midwife and several female friends who all performed some kind of function to aid the woman in delivering her baby safely. Male physicians hated the social tradition and dismissed the gathering of women as facilitating “gossip” and as a hindrance on the rare occasion they attended a birth.

The work of midwives was so valorised that many town maps from this period clearly identify where every midwife was located, and paying the midwife was one of the biggest household expenses alongside taxes.

Midwives developed their own manuscripts full of medicinal remedies for all aspects of reproduction. Birth was managed by women themselves – it was a collective female ritual.

Male obstetricians, motivated in my opinion by a deep-seated envy of women’s reproductive power, began to steal and suppress women’s wisdom around childbirth in the nineteenth century, and by the twentieth century unnecessary medical intervention in childbirth had exploded.

We need to make childbirth woman-centred again.

Hello, Neighbor

Request:: the reader moves into Reid’s apartment and he sees her unpacking and thinks she is really cute and stuff and the next day he talks to Morgan about her but Morgan doesn’t believe the reader is real and then the reader walks into the BAU as he says that and is new to the team???!!?!

A/N: I got two request for something like this, it was clarified Spencer and Reader only live in like the same building and he did not know that they would work together. Kind of smutty, not smutty, who smutty knows, I just couldn’t write it all I’m sorry ya’ll. I hope you guys like it <3

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Spencer stood by in the mail room giving the two men with a couch a head start up stairs. The apartment across from him had been a revolving door of tenants and another one was moving in today. After a couple of minutes he headed up stairs, pausing when he saw a young woman directing the two men where to place the couch. 

He knew it wasn’t polite to stare, but what he was doing was gawking with his mouth wide open, this girl was gorgeous. She looked up to see Spencer standing across the way, she waved as Spencer walked into his apartment. 

“Good first impression” he thought to him self. 

Spencer was startled when he heard a knock on the door, it was 11 at night, no one had called, he couldn’t think of a single person who would be in front of his door. He looked through the peep hole and immediately opened the door, it was you. 

“Hello, neighbor! My name is Y/N, what’s your name” you said holding you hand out for a handshake, Spencer looked at your hand and then back at you, “I don’t do hand shakes” Spencer spat out. 

“Okay, I’ve never heard of someone names ‘I don’t do handshakes’ but first time for everything” you said smiling. 

Spencer realized what he had just said, “Spencer, my name is Spencer, and I don’t like shaking hands, germs.” 

“Makes sense, well Spencer, would you be a kind neighbor and let me borrow some sugar?” 

“Let you borrow sugar, as in you’re going to return it?” 

“Yeah I’ll return it, sure, I just need coffee, and I can’t have coffee without sugar because I love sugar” you said rambling “Coffee it’s 11 at night and you’re drinking coffee” Spencer said laughing. 

“Living on the wild side over here, it’s been a long day and coffee always makes things better” 

“I agree, I’ll get the sugar” 

Spencer handed you an opened bag of sugar, “That’s a generous amount of sugar, did you want some coffee, I made enough” you said with a smile on you face. “Sure” Spencer said closing the door behind him. 

“I’m sorry for the mess” 

“Don’t be you just moved in” your apartment was identical to his, you had boxes piled up in the living room, and some in your bedroom. Spencer couldn’t take his eyes off you as you prepared the two cups of coffee. 

“So you drink coffee when you’re stressed” he asked jokingly. 

“Amongst other things said” you said with a mischievous smile. You couldn’t deny how handsome he was, his hazel eyes never looking away from yours. You skipped the small talk and went straight for the question you wanted an answer to most, “Are you single Spencer” you watched his eyes for a response. 

“Yes, I am” he said shyly. “I saw the way the way you we’re looking at me earlier” 

“What?” his cheeks turned red embarrassed that you had noticed. 

“It’s fine, I was looking too there’s nothing to be embarrassed about?” 

“What are you saying” he said confused. 

“I am saying you’re really attractive, and I think you find me attractive” 


“And I think we should be talking a lot less” Your lips met his feverishly, his hands wrapped around your waist, making their way down to your hips and firmly grabbing your ass. You could feel him as he began to take control of you, taking off your shirt and bra, you began unknotting his purple shirt. 

His hands grabbed yours tightly and he held them behind your back, “What’s the rush” he said as he began to kiss your neck. There was no rush, this was exactly what you needed right now. 

You both stubbled to your bed, leaving a trail of Spencer’s clothes behind. His lips never left yours, he stopped for a second, his hands holding on to your underwear “I don’t do this often” 

“Having sex with your new neighbors or sex in general?” 

“Both” he answered honestly. 

Spencer walked into the office looking sleep deprived, “Did the books keep you up last night pretty boy” Morgan said with a grin on his face. 

“No actually, I stayed up late with someone” Spencer said with a goofy smile on his face. “Pretty boy, staying up late with a lady friend, please Reid we all know you read more books and you should’ve” 

Spencer was used to Morgans comments by now but today he felt the need to fight back, “There weren’t any books involved, just my neighbor, and her bed” 

Morgan let out a laugh the words coming from Spencer’s mouth sounded ridiculous. “Stop it Reid, there’s no need to lie man, do you read all you want man” 

“I wasn’t reading I was with Y/N her name is Y/N, she just moved to town” 

“Right, right we’ll go with that” 

Hotch walked in with someone new, new to everyone else but Spencer. His eyes widened as Hotch walked up to him and Morgan. “Morgan, Reid this is Y/N, she’ll be starting with us today, we have a case, wheels up and 20″ he said leaving the three alone. 

Morgan glanced between the two very shocked faces, “Hello, neighbor” you said with a smile on your face. Morgans jaw dropped to the ground, “Is this real life?”

I wanted to start off and say thank you to all you new followers, it really means a lot that you felt my work was worth a follow❤❤❤ If you ever have an idea for a drawing or headcanon please feel free to send me an ask, and if you’re ever looking for anyone to talk to, please feel free to hit me up on the messenger❤

I read every tag and comment and I’m super grateful for all the lovely messages I’ve been getting on things, I love this fandom, and as my followers please feel if you ever need anything you can come to me~

I’m currently working on writing two one shots, drawing like three ideas and writing out a few headcanon requests sitting in my inbox, also…trying to balance work, thank you everyone for your support, it means so much~❤ 

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I just read the short story "The gift of the Magi" by O. Henry and the couple in it were so disgustingly in love that I immediately thought of your stuff. If you haven't read it, it's on wikisource(public domain) and it'll only take you like 10 minutes tops

Emily: “Maybe the hairs of my head could be counted, but no one could ever count my love for you.”
Adam: …………….*has to sit down until his heart works properly again*

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hihihi have you ever shown us your face can i see it sorry i just love you and your Woke Self

hihihi to u and wow thank you i’m blushing :)))) i did show my face Once Upon A Time, but i get a lil uncomfortable with it just bc it’s a bit scary for me to associate any part of my irl self w this blog for like ~professional reasons~ and bullshit like that. however, bc u r so sweet and i am probs gonna have a low blogging day today (work is literally kicking my whole ass) i’ll post just for u under the cut. please don’t reblogggggg &&& i’ll delete soon just like last time thank you thank you <3 

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Another “C'est la Vie” Remote Nomad Moment

I have gotten a lot better with accepting the things I cannot change & becoming more adaptable for Year II of remote nomading. I have always been such a planner & I can naturally get so frustrated when forces beyond my control mess with my itinerary… Like today.

I know this might sound surprising, but Italy transit strikes messed with my plans yet again. I have to be available for particular hours at my work & all the morning trains were cancelled so I am currently married to a train station Illy in La Spezia to be a wifi mooch. I should be able to catch a late night train into Lucca still, it’ll just make for a long day.

I could be stuck in much worse places though, at least I will never be under-caffeinated. Also, two awesome stories so far:

  • La Spezia is the major bus & train connection to all Italian cities from the French Riviera so I come here often enough, I also usually try to stay a night in La Spezia if I can because it’s just a really fun little city. I found a hotel I like, right above the train station & everything is perfect about it [Price, bed, bathtub, free breakfast at Illy, etc]. The hotel manager recognized me from when I was here in November to hike the Cinque Terre & he gave me a very generous discount as a returning guest. It is a little mom & pop hotel so they don’t have computerized check-in, I was surprised he recognized my face. I usually just assume I am forgettable, but he acted really happy to see me again.
  • Once I figured out I couldn’t get to Lucca before my work shift started, I just began searching for the closest cafe with wifi. I saw about a dozen men in business suits on laptops at an outdoor Illy so I joined them. I was just working & really concentrated since end of the month is my busy work time so I nearly jumped out of my skin when this middle aged Italian woman approached me, grinning ear to ear while chattering away at me in Italian. I was confused, apologized & asked if she spoke English. Her grin got even bigger & she just said “Oh goodness, I really like foreigners! I just love seeing a woman working hard, especially amongst all these men. I just wanted to let you know I think you are awesome!” We chatted for a few minutes, she was originally from the Amalfi area & she was going to get her daughter from school. So yeah… Rock on, awesome lady! I hope she had a great day, she made me feel really good about myself today.

1/100 Days of Productivity // 24 February 2017

Since I have exams coming up in a few months, and I should really start thinking about revision, this seems like the perfect time to start the 100 Days of Productivity challenge! Today, I am spending it doing my politics and econometrics reading, then will probably go out for my friend’s birthday, before starting on the (insane amount of) work that I need to get done over the weekend!

Hirose Tomoki 230217 Ameblo


Good work (^^)

Today’s news stated that some ten light years away, 7 planets with the possibility of life forms were discovered.
You see, I told you they exist (^-^)
Is what I want to say (^^)
People are usually talking about aliens so I want to meet an alien soon.

Also today, I immediately found squeezed orange juice at the vending machine.
Everyone, did you know??
When I was in high school, after my club activities of chasing around a soccer ball, I would always drink that.
That’s why when I found it, I was so happy I bought it.
That time was the best.
It feels like how an adult feels when having beer after work~
In reality, what really happens when you become an adult?
Well, it feels like that.

However, recently I haven’t drank alcohol at all, my head immediately hurts after I drink (laughs).
Did I grow weaker because I haven’t been drinking (◞‸◟) ?
Well, in the first place, I’m the camp that feels that juice tastes better than beer, so it’s all good.
But when the time comes, I’ll drink alcohol!

It has been a long time since I could last see the sky from the filming venue. I somehow feel relieved.
The sky has some unnatural powers doesn’t it?
And today’s sky had an amazing trail of clouds.
I wonder if it’s the Gods’ sports festival.

Just imagining how the different Gods run youthfully and vigorously on the clouds made me smile.

I will text again (*^^*)

Protip: If you’re gonna see the Duchovinator, at least make some other good choices (like maybe not staying up til 4am when you get up at 730am and have to work?)

Actual things I think I did today due to the crazy elixir of a lack of sleep and an abundance of thirst:
- picked up a tissue off the ground and proceeded to blow my nose with it
- couldn’t think of the phrase “med school.” Had to describe it as “going to school to become a doctor.”
- Walked into a wall
- considered putting icy hot on my calves because they’re sore from standing/dancing. Still considering it

Today was supposed to be a really good day and I was supposed to go to my friends house and snuggle and watch movies and go home and order pizza and relax with my dog and catch up on supernatural and go to bed early so I could be rested to work a 10 hour busy af Friday shift with a boss who likes to point out every little thing I do wrong.

A few hours into snuggling I get a call from work and I ignored it so they called my dad and when he told them I wasn’t home they called the friend I was with, who also works with us. Apparently one of the other managers went in when he was supposed to work, set his uniforms and keys on the desk with a note that said “I can no longer work here, here is my stuff,” and just left without saying anything to anyone.

So I had to go into work today and close. We had a line around the building from the time I walked into the door until almost close. I didn’t realize that someone had flooded the bathroom and pulled my pants down to go pee and ended up soaking them with toilet water. Cash ended up bad and I had to spend an extra 20 minutes trying to figure out what happened. Now I’m home and I have to be back to work in approximately 9 hours. I have to work on my usual hang out day with my friend next week and our schedule is probably going to be all different now so who knows the next time we’ll be able to hang out and hanging out and snuggling has been doing wonders for my hasn’t-had-any-kind-of-human-contact-in-years-and-is-touch-starved-to-actual-death issues. And now we’re going to be short the rest of the week and I was only scheduled 6 people to work dinar rush Sunday and we ALWAYS end up having at least two people call in so that’s going to be fun.

So yeah. It’s been a great day. Tomorrow is going to be a great day. The next three months we’re going to be running on three managers are going to be super fun. I love my job. I love my life. There is no war in ba sing sa.

But on the bright side. I’m probably only going to be getting one day off a week for the next few months and getting 50+ hours so I’m going to be bringing in the cash for my Chicago trip. I was going to postpone my zoo trip and tattoo until after Chicago but I might be able to afford all three now.

I feel like I’ve changed so much in the past…month? It’s been really good. I’m looking to change up my job and to start thinking seriously about grad school, I’m learning a lot about how I need to change and mature and what to disclose and what not to disclose…I feel like soon I’ll be making some art! I also got a concussion for a while. It’s really beautiful in Buffalo today, kind of damp and rainy. I keep using this blog’s archive so it seemed silly to abandon it altogether & moreover I think switching my url back was the right choice (at the very least so old links to posts work properly.) Hope everyone’s doing well. 

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I really hate to ask it, but could you please write a little thing Jack selling with the reader, his S/O and she faints from exhaustion cause she aint been sleeping due to nightmares that won't leave her alone so she just stopped and he kinda scolds but comforts her and helps/ comforts her again when she wakes back up (from a nightmare) after passing out

“Jack, what’s this word?” You yawned, staring at the paper that had spread ink all over your hands. Reading wasn’t exactly your strong suit, and you had to ask about some of the larger ones. Today was such a long day. The two of you had sold the morning, and the evening edition. Money always got tighter over the summers, when people were less inclined to walk in the hot weather. It was such a hot day out. July felt like such a damn long month when you worked outside, hauling papers.

Your selling partner, and actual partner pulled the paper out of your fingers and looked at it. “Oh, it’s ‘misunderstandin’.” Jack muttered. He handed you the crumpled paper back, which you took with shaking hands. Thankfully, he didn’t notice how they moved. Your entire body was feeling the effects of sleep deprivation, of course. On top of the heat, and scrounging for food. But all the other newsies had to deal with that sort of thing. About a week ago, you’d purged sleeping for as long as you could put it off. The nightmares that had plagued you since you were young, started affecting your sleep. You’d woken up with your bunkmate, Romeo shaking you awake, because you’d started sleep talking. After that, you forced yourself awake each night, to avoid disturbing the others.

The sun was blinding that day. You yanked your hat off and fanned yourself with it, feeling as those you had on too many layers, in reality you didn’t, but the unshakable heat seemed to make you feel sick. “Jack, I ain’t feeling so well.” You hadn’t even wanted to say anything, so the fact that you opened your big, dumb mouth stood as a testament to how terrible you felt. “I think I outta sit d-down, or—” And before you knew it, you hit the pavement, the cement being particularly unkind to your spine. The world around you felt too fast. You heard a faint “(Name)!” Before the comforting darkness consumed you.

People on the streets around the two of you started to stare. Immediately, Jack fell to his knees, abandoning his papers to the ground. “(Name), (Name), stay with me.” he desperately shook your limp shoulders. “Princess, please…” Jack wasted no time scooping you up in his arms, one hand across your back, the other under your knees. As quickly as his legs could go, Jack ran back to the lodging house. Once he made it there, he placed you in your bunk, and after making sure you had no scrapes, bumps, or physical wounds, the tall boy ran off to get you some water.

While he was gone, you had apparently started to call out in your state. Screaming, even. It stirred Jack up from the kitchen, dropping the clear glass on the ground. “(Name)!” Jack hollered, trying to rouse you from your sleep. You cracked your eyes open, looking up at Jack’s soft eyes, laced with panic. The tears welled up too quickly in your eyes, and abruptly flowed out of them. In a heartbeat, Jack’s strong arms were around you. “Shh, you’re okay now.” He assured. Neither of you spoke. You cried. He just held you, and rocked you.

Once, your sobs had ceased to just sniffles, he held you at arms length, and looked you up and down. “Are you okay? What’s been going on, Princess?” Jack asked, staring into your eyes.

Tentatively, you shrugged. Were you ready to open up to him like that? Before you could stop yourself, the words came tumbling from your mouth. “It’s… I’ve been havin’ these nightmares, for a long while, Jack. They’re about my Ma and Da. There was a fire when I was little, and these dreams keep getting worse. I hasn’t been sleepin’, cause Romeo said I started calling out, and I didn’t wanna keep everybody up…” you couldn’t say anymore for fear of crying again.

Jack’s eyes looked hurt. “You can’t just not sleep, (Name). Youse gotta,” he sighed. “I can see the dark circles under your eyes, don’t think I can’t. Look, next time you’re worried about these nightmares, come and get me. I’ll hold ya, like this, and we can talk through it, okay? But you gotta sleep. You’re gonna get hurt this way.”

A weight had been lifted off your shoulders, and you got the chance to release a breath you hadn’t realized you were holding. “Thank you… God, thank you, Jackie.” You were able to really smile for the first time in days.

“Here, lay down, an’ I’ll stay with ya. No more papers for the day.”

“But Jack, you gotta eat!”

“And youse gotta sleep.”

Gently, he pushed you down onto the mattress. Jack pulled his boots off, and wedged himself into the space beside you. “Wake me up anytime you need to. We’re getting you through this.” He whispered. His arm wrapped itself around your waist.

For the first time in a long time, you felt safe.

It’s gonna be a busy weekend

Work today….. My parents are coming tonight to babysit in the morning…..

Because Dan is supposed to go to DC for work….. And I have to work at the studio.

Then my parents are coming to swim lessons with me. Then they are supposed to take him to their house for a sleepover!!!!!!

I have plans Saturday night with my girlfriends (and drinking so I’ll be sleeping there)….. Then Sunday I’ll drive to my moms to get Gavin.

Friday’s are always slow, so today will drag but I’m not feeling like absolute crap so I’ll take it!

Surprise, you heard right!  I’ve got a lot of comics to work on and some aren’t going to be fun, but while I work on those and hopefully queue a few (I can dream), I thought it’d be nice to cheer up a little and try some quick funny doodles with the friendliest, silliest (and kinda most popular) “Nothin’ Bunny” character…Cocker Spaniels! My friend @kmorrisoncartoons​ has been doing these lately and it’s been like four years since I have, so why not bring it back now that I’m bored and trying to ignore lame stuff!

Questions are open today and at least Saturday (not sure about Sunday yet but I’ll let you know), and I’ll pick some of my favorite questions to answer with a doodle! The only rules are keep it family-friendly (funny-business will be ignored) and no stealth requests with your characters. Ask with my ask box here or reply to the link to this post on Twitter if you know me there!

If this works I’ll try some with the other characters sometime down the line! Have fun!

I had plans for today I wanted to visit my best friends house and mayb go somewhere liek idk starbucks or fuckin nandos bt looks like it won’t work out ;-;

Today is “Dress like your favorite book character” at the school where I work and I just…..

Molly Weasley?
Moaning Myrtle?

I have so many outfits and I really haven’t worked here long soooo how big do I go? Lol

no offense but i lost 20 pounds and i’m FEELING myself and i looked so good today and working out makes me feel good and i have a lot of overdue assignments but i’m gonna do them tomorrow so it’s ok ??? i’m getting my shit together?? i did the math yesterday and realized i’m going to graduate with my bachelors at 19?? like fuck??

I feel…weird for finally being one of these people? Idk its just odd to me.

My sister and I are going somewhere to explore after I’m done work today, so I brought October with me. I had fully intended to keep her in the carrying bag all day, but i decided, since nobody except me goes into the office, to take her out and sit her on my computer and have her supervise me.

I have NO idea whats going on, but its almost like my anxiety and depression have become manageable now that shes here with me. I haven’t felt this at peace at work in…ever. 

So, October shall supervise my shift today :) As awkward as it is, I like not being overrun by crazy thoughts and feelings at work. 

Olympus Bless you, October. You’re making work more tolerable for me!