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so I bought GENERATING! and I’ve been touched by an angel

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Do you think that the book that Fydor and Fitzgerald are trying to find is 「光と風と夢」 that Atsushi read at the orphanage or the third part of the novels that Natsume Souseki wrote and left Odasaku to write the remaining pages. Or is the "book" those remaining pages?

“Light, Wind and Dreams” as the mysterious book is one of the more popular theories, actually. Atsushi also quotes a line from that book near the end of BSD’s first anime trailer.

Souseki Natsume is a character mentioned only in the background, but is in prime position to play a heavy role in the future. As for the book he wrote, in the anime the characters are too faint to make out, but it doesn’t look like it’s “Light, Wind and Dreams” or any of the books the real life Souseki had written.

So let’s have a rundown of what we do know about the book from Fitzgerald and Fyodor:

  • Atsushi is the guidepost
  • it is located specifically in Yokohama
  • it is impervious to fire and all abilities
  • like the Holy Grail in the Fate series, the book is an omnipotent wishing device, wherein anything written on its blank pages becomes the Truth
  • it is connected to the “Promised Land”

In short, not a lot. It could happen that the book is either of the two we brought up, or not one of those at all. At this point, Asagiri can make Atsushi the book and it won’t be too far-fetched. I think I’ve also seen a fun theory before that Dazai’s suicide manual is the book itself, partly because of this line:

Personally, I think it’s less likely than the ones you asked about.

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How do I come out casually when love interests aren't something I talk about? I don't want to make a big deal about my being gay, but I can't just slip in "I like girls" because my friends and I don't really talk about relationships

Personally i never really “came out” i just kinda pretended i came out ya know? like as if i did and other people just hadn’t gotten wind of it yet, so that when it finally did come up it was just super casual and comfortable for me, although it would be helpful if other people weighed in, so if anyone has any ideas, send the in or reblog this with them or something!

There are quiet places.

Know that when I say quiet, I do not mean without sound. Know rather that I speak of places where one can stand and know utter stillness in their mind. I talk of areas that enforce a state of being that is perfectly tranquil, a moment captured where an individual does not think, does not speak, but is overtaken by a sensation of such overwhelming something that it defies words.

It is the feeling of humid air hanging heavy against the skin, of watching plump clouds heavy with rain roll like waves across the sky. All the while crickets chirp in hushed whispers, harmonizing with the cicada’s cries, and the grass that springs from the earth rustles in the wind like waves crashing against the shore. It’s the intake of breath before the first distant drum of thunder.

It is the sensation of standing at the railing of a skyscraper, looking out at a metropolis of sunlight glinting off windows and sturdy cement.  It’s the breeze dancing, unseen fingers snatching at loose clothes and fly away hair while the world rushes around and around, beautiful and busy. There are too many sounds to name, too many sights to see, but here, all here. Waiting.

It is the experience looking out through ice-rimmed windows, tasting brine and salt on your tongue as the sea ebbs and flows. It’s that almost painful cold, that shimmering color reflecting off the sea that nobody can ever quite catch just right. It’s remembering that there is nothing for leagues. Nothing but ocean forever and ever, stretching to the horizon to touch the sky itself.

It is the comfort of sitting in a pub with a drink in hand while a table away, a young couple meets for the first time. It’s the sharp bite of that same drink while your friend laughs, and the voices all join together until they are a symphony of sound. It is the feeling of a long day let go, of contentment and warmth filling the body despite the drink being cold.

There are quiet places.

They are sprinkled here and there; some permanent, some as fleeting as spring. One knows them when the appear, discovers them as one might discover breathing for the first time. They vary greatly, a million different moments and locations tied by only the sensation they bring inside the soul.

We need those places. Do not forget them.

Winter weather. Gravel in your shoe weather. Gravel strewn over ice to keep us safe. Invariably those sharp stones find creative ways into your boots and shoes. Or those frigid, merciless water drops that hit your head or neck from snow melting off the roofs above. Yellow dog pee stains on snow everywhere. Clean snow, dirty snow, filthy snow. Gone. The quiet everywhere after snow. The sound of cars hissing over wet streets as they slow to cautious stops at traffic lights. The whizzing whining helpless sound of car tires spinning on ice. Icicles like transparent daggers or vampire teeth. The sound of dripping everywhere when the weather warms after a snow. The hushed hiss of sleds sliding down a hill. The metallic knock of radiators as they expand and contract with heat. The huge scrape and skate of metal on stone of working snowplows. The dull muffled whumps of snow falling off trees or roofs, hitting the ground. The wind turned villain, coming after you everywhere like an enemy. Stomping snow off your boots before coming inside.Wet floors from just-outdoors boots and paws.Warming grateful hands around a cup of hot anything.The smell of wet stone streets. The smell of damp wool. The heavenly smell of wood smoke…. The list goes on and on. You love it and you hate it. Winter weather.
—  Jonathan Carroll

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in neverland it seemed like there weren't adults anywhere unless they were allowed there by pan... everyone seems to think hook has had just like TONS of notches on his bedpost, but other than tink who showed up only a few years before hook left neverland, i thought there weren't really any women there. so does this mean hook might have been celibate for a couple hundred years? or male-exclusive?

Hmm.. good point. He could have done, who knows? 

I personally don’t think he would have went male-exclusive, he seems quite comfortable in desire for female company, but the man’s got centuries behind him, he could have done a bit of experimenting, who knows? - it remains a mystery.

Given that, we do know that he was sent quite a few times out of Neverland for runs. And he did stop off for a beverage of two in that time. Who’s to say he didn’t enjoy a little downtime too?

Plus we know that A&E expressed that their was history between Tink and Hook - a fling of sorts.

I wrote a bit of a meta on Killian and his reputation with women a while back, there’s a copy of the original post here.

Or if you’d prefer, i’ve pasted it below if you’re interested in reading it.


So i’ve been thinking recently (always a terrible idea) about Killian and his behaviour throughout the show and how he built a reputation.

I know i’m probably going to be way off base but this is just my thoughts and opinions…

The sleeping around thing

So we know that Killian has a reputation for sleeping around - being a pirate and all - but I feel like, while there is some truth behind it, it’s not as true as he has people believing.


We’ve seen that he does likes a barwench or two - the s3 finale showed us that.


We also heard him admit to Emma, that while his past self was more than ready to bed her (or another woman) if he would have remembered her, he would have gone after her. That doesn’t sound like the kind of thing a guy who uses and loses women would do.

Paying off the prostitute

We saw during the missing year that Smee and Killian’s crew paid a woman to spend the night with him. While he cheered and made all the right suggestive gestures to his crew, as soon as they were alone he paid her extra to lie about their evening and sent her on her way.

Now we know this was mostly to do with him missing Emma, but something tells me this isn’t the first time he’s used this tactic. As I said before - he clearly did sleep with quite a few women in his day, but I don’t doubt for a second that he’d paid them off on more than one occasion to keep quiet. It’s not like the women would complain - they get a pocket full of coins and bragging rights to bedding a notorious captain, without having to actually do any work. WIN - WIN, right?

Why do I think this??

Killian seems to be a man who falls in love quite easily. I don’t mean with everyone he meets - I simply mean, when he finds the one, he falls and falls hard. He spent centuries mourning the loss of Milah, his first love. He spent his time in the missing year mourning the loss of Emma; a woman he loved who as far as he knew, might not have felt the same.

Killian’s a one- woman kind of guy. And if given the choice, I think he’d rather spend his days with one woman than a string of mindless flings night after night. Not exactly something a guy who loves to sleep around can easily give up.

We saw how he was when he first met Milah. He was talkative, polite, courteous - he was interested in her and knowing about her. If it was just about sex for him, he wouldn’t have cared about her having a husband and he wouldn’t of cared about her desires to see the world or adventure with him. He’d have had one goal in mind. Which brings me to my next point.

“I’ve had many a man’s wife”

This was a line he used when tormenting Rumple in the crocodile. It’s been used against him quite a lot by anti’s (but we won’t get into that) and while it’s probably true that he has slept with women who have already had marital ties, I again think this line was built up on reputation.

Could I see Hook purposely scouting out already wed maidens and making it his objective to bed them, only to rub it in the faces of their husbands afterwards? No.

Could I see a newly formed pirate captain, seducing/being seduced by a woman and spending a night of bliss with her, only to be confronted by a raging husband the next night, demanding a duel while his crew cheers and eggs him on - renaming him the wife stealer? And while he probably had no clue she was legally tied to another, he used the mishap to his advantage by keeping quiet instead to boast about the incident for all it was worth and build up his reputation? Most likely.

“Your pretty face buys you a lot”

I saw a conversation on my dash last night about when they think Killian realised he was devilishly handsome and could use it to his advantage - I want to link to the post but I can’t bloody find it now, so if anyone knows what i’m talking about, please feel free to link to the post!

But I just wanted to add my thoughts on the subject.

I feel like Killian becoming aware of his looks and charms was a slow process. I think he used it as a diversionary tactic and as a way of getting him out of trouble, which later he began to use as a defence mechanism.

I imagine him discovering how easy it is to get away with things as a new pirate. I can imagine a barmaid or some merchant etc, freely flirting or letting him off with free goods while gushing about his ‘pretty face’ etc. And when he walks away a bit bewildered, one of his crew informing him that he’s got the face to get away with murder when it comes to the opposite sex. I imagine him slowly trying out the technique and learning how to use it for his benefit, slowly mastering the art until he knows - if needs be, he can get himself out of a tough spot by turning on the charm.

I imagine this working for him over centuries to the point where the teasing and jesting from his crew members about his tactics become second nature and he begins to use it as a defence mechanism.

I think Killian lacked a lot of confidence when starting out - his morals, his role as a brother, his abilities as an honourable man etc. But I think there was one thing he learnt he could be confident about - and that was his looks/charm. And so he flaunted it.


No one hates Killian more than Killian himself. He’d rather have people expect the worst of him as he probably already thinks the worst of himself as it is. At times he can be his own worst enemy. So can I imagine him building up a reputation as a ruthless, wife-stealing, heavy drinking, whorish pirate - because it’s better than anyone knowing the truth of him being a broken, revenge driven, hurting shell of a man. It’s easier to let people believe a lie than see the truth, isn’t it?

So yeah. While I think Killian is rather honest with his past deeds, I have a strong feeling that they aren’t as bad as what his reputation makes them out to be.

As I said - these are just my thoughts and observations - i’m sure many will disagree with me… but that’s the fun about fandom, right??


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Steel; when there’s an absence of dark, of dark thoughts, and of heaviness– Tobias’ eyes are still the color of steel.

Graphite smoke leaving a pencil sharpener’s blade, words that carry with them a weight that paper shouldn’t carry. Oliver looks in his eyes and he thinks of the rings around the man’s long fingers, thinks of him when he touches the coolness of metal, when he picks a stone from his flower bed.

His eyes are ringed with flecks like a clock’s gears, gears that all wind and click and settle on Oliver himself. It’s stopped time, it’s those moments that stop time, and only a sheltering of thin skin and lashes can bring it back.

On the days where Tobias can’t hide his scar tissue, when he’s unsettled, his eyes are shadowed like a lens that has lost focus–

his eyes are black.

Black and heavy, a day where he pulls into himself and resides there, but…

Oliver could find Tobias a thousand times in a world with an absence of color, in a world with an absence of time.

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Will you tell us some of the different words for snow and what they mean? I would love to hear. If you want of course ❄️💙

Oh, sure! I’m not gonna list all of them as it’s a pain to translate them all but here’s a few of my favorites and the most common ones, also a few snow related terms.

Lumi- Literally snow, also used as a woman’s name.
Lumihiutale - Snowflake.
Lumikide - Snow crystal.
(Lumi)Hanki - The “snow” in front is not necessary but could be used. Means a thick layer of snow that’s been gathering undisturbed. Usually used for layers thicker than above your ankle. The snow is packed and heavy.
(Lumi)Kinos - a drift or a bank of snow made by the wind.
Nietos - kinda like a hanki, but made with powdered snow. Also used when the wind gathers snow in large layers, so it’s flimsier than a hanki.
Nuoska/Suvilumi - When the temperature rises/it gets warmer the snow gets mushier but not completely mushy. Suvilumi is lit. “summer snow”.
Pakkaslumi - lit. means “sub zero degree snow” but is used for snow that’s been frozen in way colder temperatures (starts round -10c or -15c). Crunchy and light, no use to make snowballs. There’s usually a crunchy top layer like a crème brûlée and the snow underneath is powdery.
Puuterilumi - Powder snow. Kinda self explanatory really.
Tykkylumi - Is this kind of snow that encompasses trees. Never seen that in person though as it’s more northern/eastern thing.

Räntä - Is the wet snow that falls from the sky. It’s not icy rain, that’s a different thing. Google suggests sleet as the English term. Basically it’s super wet snow/super snowy rain.
Loska - Is ränta but on the ground. So räntä is the thing that falls, loska is the thing on the ground. Wet and will seep through every single boot and make you regret you were born.
Sohjo - Snow sludge. Wet and dirty snow that’s been mushed by cars driving over it.

Sataa nenäliinoja/siteitä/rättejä/aanelosia - Lit. it rains handkerchiefs/sanitary napkins/pads/A4 papers. Used when the snow falls in these huge snowflakes.
Pyry - Thick snowfall. When you can’t see anything but the snow falling, it’s so dense. Also used as a man’s name.
Tuisku - When the snow falls and it’s windy. So these gushes of wind and snow that’ll cut your face.

Kuura - Hard rime, aka ice that covers things like branches and makes them super white and hard.
Huurre - Frost.

There’s a ton of regional words as well, the dialects also have a ton of specific terms. But yeah, these are the most common ones and I tried to translate them as best as I could but mostly google was as lost as I was. :)

I love you like the wind loves softly caressing the tall pine trees that stand outside your window. I love you like you love the sound of the birds in the morning, singing to you from your slightly cracked window. I love you like the starry night sky we watch together, even miles away from each other. I love you like my favorite concert. I love you like you are my first love, my last love, my forever love. I love you like you love Hurley shirts and hats. I love you like the sound of the sweet songs we sing every day. I love you like I love Texas, slowly and then all at the same time.
—  For Bailey

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Like, THANK YOU. I went a little long winded on that Saphael post, but I'm so sick of people villianising Raphael while ignoring the flaws of ALL OTHER CHARACTERS. Like, Raphaels not perfect, of course he isn't, but dear God above so help me I will defend him from what he's not guilty of. And Raphael puts Simons health and well being in a place of importance WAY before Clary does. So. I went long winded again. Sorry. Just wanted to say thank you, and that you're awesome.

Haha, thank you! And it’s understandable, I’m happy to hear other input on this and I’m glad I’m not the only that feels this way about Raphael.

There are some big fires going on right now here in Chile, our president declared catastrophe zones were the fires are taking place.

My very old grandparents live near a uncontrolled fire zone, the fire already destroyed the first house on their street and all of the neighbours are watering their lands and houses. Their house is made out of wood, all the houses in that zone are wood constructions really, and their land are full of big trees that may catch fire very quickly.

Im really worried bc they live in a rural area with difficult access and they are REALLY OLD and all the ppl in the neighbourhood are too, and my grandmother has breathing problems.

Pls if you are religious pray for a miracle, like they can control the fire or that the wind changes direction (theres a lake nearby), or if you are not religious keep them in your thoughts.

JJBA Like=Answer meme (pt 3)

11. Favorite stand ability:  Earth, Wind and Fire!  I would use that SO MUCH.

12. Character you love to hate:  Joshuu.  :|

13. Character you hate to love: Anasui. Ugh, I don’t know why I like him, because he’s trash. Also Valentine, so good and so bad all in one.

14. Favorite Jojo moment: Okuyasu waking up. Johnny “going home”.  annnnnd Gappy telling Yasuho to look elsewhere while he delivers a beatdown.

15. Favorite stand design:  LOVE LOVE DELUXE.  (Karera Sakunami’s stand). I love it!

16. Worst arc: Stone Ocean, I think.  Every part is great, I think I was just really looking forward to having a female cast but it ended up being fairly disjointed and too closed, while focusing again on Jotaro too much and ending in such a spectacular feeling of being lost and ripped apart, I just can’t love it.

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What type of music do the boys like?

Alex is an old school rap and newer, political hip hop kind of dude. He loves A Tribe Called Quest, Kendrick Lamar, Lupe Fiasco. He also really likes Bruno Mars, Frank Ocean, Drake, Marvin Gaye, and Earth Wind and Fire. 

John has tastes all over the place. He likes alt rock (Foo Fighters, Stone Temple Pilots, Nirvanna, RHCP), loves Blink-182 and Death Cab for Cutie. Also likes Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Fleetwood Mac, the Eagles, Jack Johnson and She and Him. 

Lafayette likes a lot of oldies. Bob Dylan, the Rolling Stones, the Temptations, and the Beach Boys. He will listen to pretty much anything on the radio though, and picks up lyrics to songs pretty easily. He also LOVES 80s music. Oh, and Michael Jackson.

They ALL love Beyonce, Nikki Minaj, Adele, and the Beatles. Because DUH. 

Stuff they won’t listen to: Metallica, hair bands, “bro” country music, anything grossly misogynistic or homophobic. 

It’s weird how important and wonderful sailing /feels/ to me despite never having done it, stuff like Swallows and Amazons, Moana, or Wind Waker just fill me with such joy, just the sight of sailboats does too.

Shame I live about as far from the sea as it’s possible to do in England, otherwise I really ought to give it a go…