is like a then and now xd

That sex ed class made me cringe so hard lmao XD

It wasn’t Ms. Delaney’s fault though. She was actually trying to be objective this time. The students were just being immature as always and made things THAT awkward.

Now, I know how sex is a huge issue for some and not so much for others. BUT I liked how Rosa didn’t make a big deal out of it by doing the demonstration with the banana.

My country leads the rate of teenage pregnancy in the Americas. I can’t help but think that things would be different  IF society were to address sex with a better approach, taking in consideration people’s different social classes and situations. 

My point is, as embarrassing it is, I do think sex ed is extremely important. It’s even better when it’s approached in a more lighthearted yet informative way. That’s why I like how Rosa handled the situation (Hey, it was impressive by MCL standards XD)! Candy even mentioned she made them feel childish or something! das my wife =3



As astonishing as it may sound, MANY people don’t know gay and lesbian couples are supposed to use protection. There being penetration or not, ALL couples of any sexuality are supposed to use some kind of protection cause STDs are a huge problem everywhere. Unfortunately. 

Raising awareness for sexual health is necessary. 

Priya’s little discourse was enough to make me happy. Being bi myself, I cannot agree more with her because everyone tends to ignore LGBT topics at school. Thumbs up for Beemoov this time x3 

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Oooh! I can see why Pidge is shipped with every paladin (for me, though, I see Pidge as asexual and in a deep BROTP with Hunk over science), but this is the first time I see Pidge\Lotor and I must confess I didn't think about this ship. Would you mind explaining to me why and how this can be a ship? I'm curious about this, now that I've discovered your blog XD

Well there are plenty of reasons to ship something. If you look at older fandoms, you’ll see people had plenty of “crackships” they pushed together purely because the shipper wanted it so.

For me personally, I started really shipping it during SDCC when the first ep was liveblogged. Lotor’s personality and words “the masses are easily manipulated” really inspired me! To me, Pidge is the most vulnerable to a villain like Lotor. She is probably the most vital member, she’s the smartest, most adaptable fighter, and has saved everyone by herself multiple times. She also has the most to lose, her family was taken at the beginning of the series. I feel if Lotor manipulated her into joining him, it would cause the most damage to the team as a whole. It’s not the loss of a friend, it’s betrayal.

Anyway that’s my reasons why I got into it. Reblog this and list the reasons you ship lotidge?

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I saw an article about the origin of the word 'pineapple' the other day and wondered if you'd like it. A while ago, it wouldn't even have registered. Look what you and your (awesome) pineapple-obsessed followers have done to me.

Pineapples are just
now XD
I am interested in that article tho o3o
Leave the link in the comment section of this post?

DAY-2~ Dance 

I watched The Eve performance and got instantly inspired for this ^^ welp, i know what i drew is kinda different from anything you see in the choreography, but it’s for another time to rethink different ideas xD

right now let’s enjoy a startled kyungsoo suddenly getting pulled down by jongin~

Day-1 . Day-2

Don’t repost, reblog instead ^^

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Hi hun ^-^ May I request reactions/headcannons for Aomine, Midorima, Akashi, Atsushi, Kise and Kagami after they get into a fight with their girlfriend, who then decides to troll them with an unusual revenge by ruining their basketballs (like this youtube. com/watch?v=EWZcvbZ0GAg lol XD) and what they'd say/do after~ I hope this isn't confusing <3 I love your writing style and fantastic skills :3

heyo bub! thank u sm and i hope you like this <3

if anyone wants to watch that vid there’s a lil mistake in the link so click here and you should see it!

Aomine would stare in despair at his once beautiful and shiny basketball that is now everything but a basketball. Not only will he be sad about losing his dear basketball but afraid of you. He imagined himself on that ground instead of the basketball and it definitely wasn’t the best experience he’ve ever had. If he was at fault then he would accept this and apologize. But if it was yours, then beware because he has a few ideas for revenge right up his sleeve as well and is not afraid to use them to show you he’s not one to be messed with.

Midorima would probably stand for a few minutes with bewilderment, fear and most of all amazement in his eyes. He actually never thought you were smart enough to think of such a revenge let alone actually act on it and succeed. It’s chemistry, which he thought was your worst subject? But apparently, it’s not. Depending on his mood, he’ll either apologize or pretend like that did not affect him at all when he’s actually dying from the inside.

Akashi wouldn’t even flinch because he knows he’s got more balls where that came from. He’ll only give you a reaction because he loves you so much and doesn’t wanna see your hard work go to waste. “Aw, no, my ball.” he’ll say. At least he tried. You can see he’s not actually impressed nor affected. Which is why you went to plan B. “No sex for 2 weeks.” and that’s when you saw his face change.

Atsushi will not let this go so easily, no. He might be lazy but his basketball is not something you’d wanna mess with and yet you did. He will walk towards you, towering over you, making you regret doing that with all your heart, making you wish for time to go back. You didn’t even get a chance to call a truce before he has you carried on his shoulder and dumped in the nearest pool he can find. 

Kagami would panic and start moving frantically trying to register what had just happened to his basketball as you watched him. The way the look on his face changes so quickly when he sees the sight of his basketball looking like that actually makes you feel a little bad but also laugh because it is actually priceless. “I’m not letting you try any of my cooking for a month.” he said. He now was not the only one moving frantically.

“AAAAAAAAAAAH MY BALL!” Kise would yell as he falls to the ground on his knees. He will become even more dramatic than he already is and will stare longingly at his precious ball while sitting still on the ground. You actually felt bad for him and was just about to give him a back hug when he turned around with the scariest look he’s ever given you. You didn’t even know he was capable of having such serious eyes. “You will pay for this.”

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Those Voltron vlogs though: they just record whatever is going on (like the disaster that is Shiro and Keith cooking together) and a funny idea a friend told me was about the team visiting a planet for diplomacy purposes and Keith brings out the video cam since the sights are so pretty but then he sees a cat and he starts following it for the rest of the time he's there and now everybody on the space Internet is calling him the Cat Stalker because he follows every cat he sees. XD

Keith? Using vlog time to record alien cats? That’s canon.

Also Shiro helped him find the kitty he’s a true friend. He also started filming Keith playing with the cat because it was cute.

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I was trying soo hard not to read moonlight before it was finished but That kinda didnt work out so well and now im SUffEriNG They are ALl AMAZing, i cant (Except for Madara, fuck that guy) I love how you take characters that dont have anything but a name and appearance and make them alive, interesting people, so recognisable and wonderful. That interaction between Kawarama and Hikaku, i just *clenches heart*


I’m glad you’re enjoying it! And that you liked Kawarama - I was trying to go for a cross between Hashirma’s cheer and charm and Tobirama’s honestly sort of terrifying focus and brains. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. 

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No really I would like to know who's that sim and why she seems so famous xD

Ok. I’ll seriously tell you her story then:

She was born in The Sims 3, as a psycopath sim, member of a criminal band called The Insanity Clan.

She likes to wear weird clothes: Like these or these and to hold guns. Big guns. She also used to hang out with weird friends, like these (@kosmokhaos​ <3)

She once attended the simblr awards and ended up kidnapping @circasim, here

She then became a ts4 sim. Like the rest of the Insanity clan.

And now Idk…She’s always the same psychopath and I would like to have the time to continue her story ç_ç

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For those, like me, who are frustrated that they have to go to several Disney apps to catch all of their Disney content, it appears that Disney is working on a fix. on September 29 the old app called Watch Disney Channel App will rebrand as Disney NOW!

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i kinda want a drawing now of all of us what we wound look like in this fruity au xD ahhahahahahahaahhahahahhahahaha maybe not since you surely got a lot of work to do eitherway thank for making mine day a bit better evie!! *hug*

Ohh I will surely make UnderVeggies the most Gracious and fruitful AU around :3 xD

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Sorry (not really (?) senpai, But now i shipp that kids of the "battle" you have with that cat-lady xD </3 can you made something of that two babys tougether?~

There you are, anon~ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Now, I want a cute name for this ship! @meidenphantom please don’t kill me for doing this, you know what is really cannon (?

Astrea by @nainty-drak

Passion by me uwu

If you understand spanish, check this post to understand about why this cute anon ship this two (?

It’s 3:10 am so I’m going to sleep; see you all in, like, five hours…

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Fuck it ok. This has been in my head for weeks now. But I want to dominate Sigurd. That's my head cannon. Seeing him as extremely submissive in the bedroom. Loves to have his hair pulled. Loves to beg and plead, submit to his lover.

Yes! I like can honestly only see him as a little sub who just lives to satisfy xD

xxFoxyTrumpxx: notices ur nuke OwO what’s this?

kimjongdong: glomps guam how do u like it?

xxFoxyTrumpxx: uwu it’s so big!!! XD want 2 see my nuke…s?

kimjongdong: yes bb! i want to see ur nukes hugs you and wags tail

xxFoxyTrumpxx: arms nuke r u ready? nuzzles ur pyongyang

kimjongdong: OwO yis! pants, begs for nukes

I’m certainly begging for nukes now

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I really like all of your AUs, TBH. College AU is my fave since I always like seeing my fave characters as young adults! XD How is Mob & Ritsu's relationship in College Au? I wonder if they talk or maybe hang out as bros even more since they're adults now :"D

thank you!!! and for your question i think these tags i put on this post best describes their relationship

#ritsu tries to bend spoons when he’s stressed out#so when mob sees twisted silverwear all over the apartment#he breaks out the hot cocoa and the fluffiest pillow and ritsu’s favorite drama

they just really care for each other a lot aaaaaa

Black and Gold - |
College AU - |
Hunters AU -

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At least i’m not some kind of mad hacker that wants to take over it like last time xD

She willingly gave me her password it’s fine she knows i’m posting this anyways xD

Imma leave her account be now ;w;

Bye guys come pay me a visit some time :,3

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