is leader too pretty for your eyes to see dear maknae


i made a similar post for the hyung line a few days ago, and it got some really good responses from everyone! so without further ado, here is the maknae line version!!


JIMIN - psychic type specialist

  • “….”
  • “Oh, I know that look. You’re expecting me to be a water type gym leader, huh?”
  • tbh, no one could blame you for thinking he was a water type specialist because his gym was pretty much submerged underwater–literally
  • his core value, determination, was pretty much evident from the get-go. without the use of any diving apparatus, you had to come up for air every so often in order to pass through his gym in order to get to his room
  • “Don’t worry!! No one has drowned yet… I think.”
  • what is up with all the gyms in this region?? why is it like all the gym leaders were trying to kill you?
  • also, another pressing question: what if you can’t–
  • “You can’t swim? Oh, me too! The most I can do is a doggy paddle, and I’m not even that good…” Jimin laughed, his eyes squinting adorably
  • wait you didn’t even say that question out loud. was he–?
  • “Am I psychic? Nope! I just have really good intuition. Look, try to think something really weird and random. I promise I won’t be able to tell.”
  • ok. you start mentally saying to yourself: ‘holy shit you’re really fucking hot and cute, your hands are really small and i want to hold them and i would really love it if you could maybe stick them up my–’
  • “See? I have no idea what you’re thinking!”
  • (when you aren’t looking though, you don’t notice the keen smirk on his face HE HE HE)
  • “Anyway, about the drowning thing: don’t worry! My slowking and I will save you if you ever start looking like you’re having some trouble.”
  • getting saved by a hot gym leader who had killer abs to boot? maybe you should pretend to drown just so you could maybe see him in action well now you have nothing to worry about
  • as you go through his gym with some difficulty due to your lack of swimming skills, you noticed from the corner of your eye how jimin was indeed swimming alongside you, except he wasn’t exactly swimming
  • “Did I forget to tell you? You could use your psychic type pokemon to create a bubble of air around you to make it easier. Haha, how silly of me to forget” he told you this telepathically, a mischievous grin on his face
  • (you promptly rise up to catch your breath, slap him on his firm chest in annoyance, and summon your psychic type pokemon to help you complete his hellish gym)
  • now that you have the help of your psychic pokemon to aid you, you reach his gym leader room quickly
  • the room had less water and appeared more normal in comparison to the rest of his gym, with a simple dust battleground for the battle and a chair for where jimin was supposed to sit
  • except the chair wasn’t empty like it should have been
  • lo and behold, the neighboring gym leader, kim taehyung, had come to visit (if you haven’t pieced it together, he was the one sitting on jimin’s chair)
  • “How many times have I told you not to visit during a challenge?”
  • the pout on taehyung’s face was as fake as the baby voice he used: “but jiminieeeee i missed you :<”
  • “Omg–i’m so sorry, my darling. Are you fine with him watching us battle?”
  • not really sure what the fuck was going on, you let him do as he pleased
  • when you acquiesce to his ridiculousness, taehyung points you a saucy wink, which pretty much short circuits your brain and breaks your concentration
  • so all in all, you could definitely blame your defeat to taehyung’s way too intense staring and overzealous hooting
  • after the battle, jimin comes over to you and pats you on the shoulder, half-apologetic for his weird friend
  • “I’m so sorry about him, but I suppose this is a way for you to get used to him because you will have to defeat him eventually. Come back next time and i’ll make sure he doesn’t interrupt again.”
  • (taehyung, does in fact, visit each time you rechallenge jimin)
  • (not that you were disappointed to lose more times than you can count. if it meant seeing jimin and his beautiful thighs each time, then honestly you should be thanking taehyung)

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|We Meet Again|

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Pairing: Park Jimin x Idol!Reader
Synopsis: You, dear reader, are an idol. Your debut was a pure success but behind your ambition is hiding something. A dream that can now be realized. You can meet him again, maybe now he’ll notice you?
Warning: None
Word Count: 1880
Author Note: So this was a one-shot that was requested by Marinaomar. I hope you’ll all like it! I’m sorry if there’s errors in the text it’s not exactly all corrected, but anyways!

BREAKING NEWS: YG Entertainment, part of the “big three” as we usually call the three most popular Kpop companies, early released their new band, ARKANE. For more information about the new group stay tuned! 

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And to finish this series as he always does is the second half of the Busan line, our dear golden maknae, Jeon Jungkook aka kookie aka can we talk about his arms for a second I need to talk about his arms bc when did this happen like ik he’s always been in great shape but lately he’s been getting more and more muscular and I’m truly not ready like chill child you’re 4 idk why are your arms are doing the thing who’s allowing this haha

  • For the full backstory that explains things a lil bit, you can read Jin’s part but I’ll give you a quick summary for the people who haven’t read the other parts
  • Bts runs the town, they keep everyone safe
  • They keep other groups out of their town, as well as make sure no major crimes are committed
  • But if a company is willing to pay a lil fee, they’ll add a bit more protection to that said company
  • Sometimes those companies decide to fuck around and be like nah we’re not gonna pay anymore but you can still keep that protection up
  • But bts doesn’t really accept that shit so they have a couple of tiers of people to send in to talk to the CEOs to see if they can change their minds
  • Jin does the assessing, he normally can get them to agree to pay purely by using his naturally charming personality but sometimes they’re stubborn as fuck
  • That’s when he sends Yoongi in, yoon is all intimidation and it’s h ighl y unlikely for a CEO to be able to say no when they’ve got Yoongi glaring them down
  • But if even Yoongi can’t do it, they send Hobi in
  • Hobi goes straight for the boss and befriends them and makes them realize that it isn’t such a bad idea to pay
  • Namjoon does everything behind the scenes aka bts and handles all of the contracts, the phone calls etc.
  • Jimin and Tae are both fighters (although tae leans more towards being a talker)
  • But onto kookie
  • Okay so one of my favorite, if not the ultimate favorite, hair styles on kook was that dark blondeish color he had for 0.6 seconds bc it looked so good so mafia!kook is gonna have that color
  • Plus the blonde plus all black would just be w ow
  • Like you know those boots kook wears a lot that would happen, also some black skinny jeans bc legs for days and probably a loose shirt like this isn’t head canon shit tbh this is just Jungkook and I love it
  • His tattoo is in Korean
  • Okay but just picture how nice it would look on him like just following the curve of his collarbone
  • He’d wear it with pride honestly
  • Like all of the boys are proud as can be but their shirts normally cover their tattoos
  • But not kook oh no he wears shirts that show off the tattoo bc he’s v v proud of his group but also no one’s complaining bc kook’s collarbones are like 10/10
  • He is a fighter
  • He’s one of the best on their team, if not the best
  • He’s got both strength and speed in his corner so he’s pretty unbeatable
  • We’ve all seen how fast he is I mean in one of those idol races, he literally slowed down at the end bc the gap between him and the others was so wide and the cameras can barely keep up with him like what is this kid honestly what do they feed him
  • So that fact alone is enough to make me think he’d be more about speed with his fighting tactics
  • But oh wait this kid is also strong as fuck
  • I will forever bring this up bc it’s just !!! but at the age of 1 5 he was lifting Jimin up like he was a fucking pillow like don’t mind me I’m actually a child but I’m just gonna casually lift this other kid up why is this not talked about
  • So I think he’d be like 50/50 with the speed and strength
  • He’d know when to use his speed to his advantage and when to use his strength
  • But fights are v v rare so he thankfully doesn't have to worry much  
  • Normally Tae can talk his way out of fights so the others don’t even have to worry but there are times when kook has to defend himself
  • You are from a rival group
  • Your group comes into Busan, looking for a new place to stay
  • You actually meet him in class one day, you end up sitting in his usual seat accidentally but he ends up letting you keep it bc he’s too shy to actually manage more than a couple of sentences
  • You think it’s actually really cute how shy he gets like he can barely make eye contact with you, he’s playing with the bracelet on his wrist, he keeps shifting his weight from foot to foot
  • You tell him to sit next to you instead of sitting all the way in the back
  • After a couple of weeks of sitting with each other, he ends up building enough confidence to actually talk to you
  • You ask him out, much to his surprise but also to his delight bc he had been so nervous about asking you out like what if you say no?? what if you only think of him as a friend?? do you even think he’s a friend is he just the guy you sit with??
  • But lol no you’re crushing on him just as much as he’s crushing on you
  • You have no idea that he’s from the same group your group has been arguing with for the past month
  • His group isn’t too welcoming even though your group is only searching for a new place to call home
  • But their skepticism isn’t invalidated since your leader could easily be lying (even though she isn’t but they don’t have any way to confirm that)
  • He’s heard of the new mafia group in town, Namjoon had told him they seemed stubborn that it may come down to a fight to defend their town
  • He was ready to go except the night both of your groups meet up to try to discuss it before resorting to a fight, he sees you
  • You both just O.O
  • “You’re part of the mafia?!?!?!”
  • “Why did I not know this?? We’ve been dating for like 4 months”
  • “I mean to be fair, I do have the name tattooed onto my chest so ??”
  • “I thought it was a band”
  • You can just hear the collective “shit” that echoes from literally everybody but you two
  • Bc “of all the boys in Busan, you have to choose the one in the group trying to run us out of the city”
  • You and Jungkook step aside to discuss it while your leaders try to make a deal
  • You two come up with a plan of your own while the leaders’ voices are getting louder and louder from the frustration bc now they have to think about their maknaes being in love
  • “Okay but wait Namjoon if I can vouch for them, can we let them stay?? If they do anything to break the rules, we can throw them out but I really think they don’t mean any harm”
  • It takes a bit of convincing on both sides but joon can see the look in kook’s eyes that tell him he truly does believe your group is safe
  • He finally agrees to let them stay if they follow the previously set rules
  • Mafia!Jungkook is like a secret weapon bc he’s basically unstoppable but he’s also the main reason bts lets your group stay in Busan bc they can all see how much he loves you and how much you love him
Oh My Sehun

A request for this anon~ My sincere apologies for taking so long! I said I’d post it like a week ago but here I am, a week later… This might not exactly match up to your request, since I wouldn’t consider it to be very angsty at all, but I hope you enjoy it. I personally think I should’ve been able to do better, considering I spent over a month on it… If you want me to rewrite it, just let me know <3.

Genre: X Reader, fluff, attempted slight angst, slight smut

Member(s): Sehun

POV: 2nd Person

Warning(s): slight smut (really, it’s nothing. “suggestive content” I guess)

Summary: You, a trainee, are placed in Exo for a comeback. As the noona member, you can’t help but want to take care of all of them, especially the maknae, Sehun…

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“It’s only temporary, you guys,” the manager said, gesturing toward you. “This comeback requires a girl voice, and you might even find yourselves more successful because of her.”

Twelve pairs of eyes flitted to you, making you rather uncomfortable.

You weren’t quite sure how you had ended up here, in one of the main offices of SM Headquarters. One minute, you had been a lowly trainee. You were sure that when you had gotten called up to the office, it would be for them to tell you that they were letting you go. That you weren’t what they were looking for anymore, that you were too old for them to debut you with all the younger people who were coming through the doors now. You never would’ve imagined that they had called you up here to discuss you temporarily joining Exo, one of the biggest boy groups in Korea.

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anonymous asked:

how would you describe each member of twice?

hi nonnie!! sorry this is so late! I really wanted to sit down and write this all properly so it took a while ; __ ; forgive me juseyo

also this is kind of long…. sorry.

  • Nayeon: twice’s mommy 1/3! vocalist and fake maknae of the group, Nayeon’s our bubbly, cheerful bunny. she’s the oldest but acts the youngest (hence fake maknae). all she wants is Tzuyu’s kisses :3 despite her childish nature, Nayeon takes care of the other members as well in her own way, this side of her usually more evident around Chaeng/Momo. As the oldest I feel like she naturally has this instinct to take care of the younger girls, and the concept of her (or Jeongyeon) taking care of Jihyo is a concept I love to pieces. Is actually a really responsible member and knows exactly when to joke (she goes all out during these times) and when to be serious. Make up expert and queen of selfies and self confidence :D
  • Jeongyeon: twice’s mommy 2/3! no jam ½! severely underrated! Jeongyeon’s voice is very unique and I can always recognize it even if I’m listening to the song for the first time (it takes me a while for the other members). Jeongyeon’s very quietly protective of the group (if you blink you might just miss her mom-like moments). Her actions are very small but they all say a lot about Jeongyeon as a person and her love for her members. I feel her extra-ness and level of care for image is rivalled only by our resident dubu, Kim Dahyun.
  • Momo: a badass dancer in the body of a soft peach bun! a pure bab that just wants to eat good food, let her eat good food!! eats very well. the only things she loves more than jokbal is probably dancing and her members. Insane dance skills but isn’t given enough chances to show off these insane skills :c a pure cinnamon roll that’s very affectionate with everyone. VERY CUTE WITH BUNS, THEY’RE LIKE PEACH BUNS ON A PEACH BUN.
  • Sana: gravity’s most hated person!! gets scared by a lot of things! BUT though she may be clumsy, don’t let Sana fool you! she’s actually very smart and very badass in her own way. Sana was smart enough to do something different for her first challenge on sixteen and I will always remember that moment because it showed Sana’s potential as more than just the clumsy member of the group. Likes kisses more than she likes her own life, probably. Kisses everyone. 24/7. Someone please give her kisses too. #ShyShyShy representative. Probably dyed her hair the most number of times among the group, and looks good in every sort of hair color.
  • Jihyo: THE LOML twice’s mommy 3/3! 97-liner Park Jihyo might seem more mature than she actually is, mostly because she’s the dear leader-nim and has a responsibility of setting an example for the younger kids and leading the group! she’s actually a kid though, a troublemaker alongside Jeongyeon and occasionally Nayeon as well, has so much aegyo her aegyo level shoots through the roof! she’s very sweet and is everyone’s mom friend. Gets more hate than she deserves, let her live!! HAS THE PRETTIEST, SHINIEST BIG EYES YOU HAVE EVER SEEN. can speak some chinese and english (and probably japanese really tbh) I mean WOW??? love leader-nim, protect her, give her kisses.
  • Mina: our quiet star ballerina Minari~ Mina may appear to be quiet and elegant but she does have her badass and BIAS WRECKING moments. Mina is our resident awkward penguin. Loves Jihyo a lot. Not-so-secretly really loves Momo too :3 a very very very very talented dancer just like Momo, especially so when it comes to ballet. very good at any sort of game, be it jypnation superstar or a kendama toy like some sort of gaming goddess?? Mina is definitely someone to keep an eye on, considering that she debuted and has been succeeding so well after a mere 1 year of training! who else can do that? LEGEND ONLY
  • Dahyun: twice’s very own dubu baby! has cheeks so soft you wish there were pillows made out of them so you could sleep forever. she is and always will be my #hairgoals. more extra than you can believe someone could be. sometimes I forget that Dahyun is one of the youngest :c she’s just a baby. she’s also the leader of the after school lunch club :D I see Dahyun as someone who is very strong, mainly because she has been balancing group schedules with school, and on top of that has her own schedules (replies that make us flutter, weekly idol) and she’s kickass at all of them. I admire Dahyun’s strength a lot and she deserves more love (and also more rest pls @ jyp!!!!)
  • Chaeyoung: no jam 2/2! A BADASS RAPPER IN A SMOL BODY OF A LIL BEAN. smol but mighty, Chaeng is talented af and everyone know’s it, she’s also really a fluffy bean that is A+ cuddle material. Has the cutest dimpled smile in the whole wide world. An artist! A writer! Chaeng is a very creative person and expresses herself a lot (and very well) through these creative outlets.Though she is one of the youngest, Chaeyoung takes care of other members! Mostly Tzuyu, but also Dahyun every now and then too. Just generally a sweet lil baby bean.
  • Tzuyu: the tollest maknae ever, probably. jk. but she is pretty tall. has introduced herself as “the long-legged maknae” of twice. A PURE CINNAMON ROLL. Savagery levels through the roof. Has no time for your bullshit, she’s straightforward af (also partly because she cannot lie lmao this baby). secretly really likes kisses and asks for kisses as gifts from her unnies. a hard worker that is improving by the day!!! is more than just a pretty face, that’s for sure :D she’s so weak for dogs, but is actually a pure puppy herself. 
Serendipity Chapter 2

Just wanted to say that I love Jackson and Bam Bam in this. They are life. I feel Mark would be the type to be touchy if he was jealous so this chapter is kinda like that. Kinda feel like he would go back and forth between languages when angry. No plot this chapter, just fluffy cuteness. Next one though…(; part 3 should be up tonight or tomorrow.

Part 2/8
Part One. Part Three. Part Four. Part Five. Part Six. Part Seven. Part Eight.

Rating: T (some language), M (later on)
Word Count: 2,900+
Characters: Mark x Reader ft. the rest of GOT7.
English will be bold, Chinese in italic and Korean will just be normal! The texts are in Korean as well.


Light streaked through the windows brightly, stirring me awake earlier than I would’ve liked. I cracked an eye open, glaring at the window before rolling over. Noticing my phone was in my hand, I unlocked it, noticing I fell asleep texting Mark last night.

He said he was just writing since he was hit with inspiration on the way home and needed to get it down before the feeling went away. I tried to keep him company but apparently I crashed on him. His newest message was a simple ‘Good morning, sleep well?’ I’m not sure why, but it made me giddy and excited when I read it. I only knew him for a day and he was doing this to my heart! I fanned my heated face before getting up and getting ready for the day.

Throughout the day, we exchanged texts, but not many. He was practicing with the members and I had other preparations to discus with the staff about an upcoming interview. He invited me to their studio around two, when they would be done for the day since some members had to do recording. I agreed and when the time came, I got ready in casual clothing, white skinny jeans, a black tee and matching converse with my sunglasses and hair covering my face.

It didn’t take too long to get there but as I got closer, the more nervous I got. I hadn’t ever met an idol group, and although I joked with Mark in saying I would watch videos of his group, I fell asleep too quickly! So I watched a interview with all of them on the way and a few of their music videos as well. Once I reached the JYP building, I was stopped by security asking me why I’m there. I didn’t have to say anything before a familiar deep voice came to my rescue.

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