is le dead

You come into MY house...

And tell me the boys of the Dead Poets Society, the Amis and the Newsies of Manhattan are 100000% straight bc I can tell you they’re not. They are 3 sets of young men who hang around other boys all the time. Sooooo they are definitely nOt straight all the time. 😂

Just another Grantaire headcanon:

Grantaire has a really fucking good memory, but he doesn’t care to remember all that much. But because he cares about his friends, he remembers all this minor shit about them. For example:
-he knows everyone’s birthday (and paints or draws them shit as gifts)
-he knows all their siblings’ names and ages
-he remembers what days everyone has exams on at the end of semesters and readies drinks in his fridge accordingly
-he makes note of the dates of Jehan’s flute recitals and makes sure the rest of the Amis know at least a week in advance too
-he reminds Bossuet to do pretty much everything since Bossuet’s memory is absolute shit
-he makes a point to remember all of Éponine’s work shifts so he knows when to drop by and check on her (and make sure she rests otherwise she’ll work herself off her feet)
-he knows Enjolras’ class schedule by heart, and on nights where Enj is so tired he passes out studying, R sets his alarm for him based on what time his first class is the next day
-my point is
-Grantaire remembers so much and is an amazing friend

Headcanon: Jehan compliments other people very often and usually in a rather peculiar way (something like “wow, you look like Millais’s Ophelia but with nicer hair and also alive”) and he was the first person ever to point out that Marius has passionate nostrils (and Marius didn’t know how to react because it happened like half an hour after they had been introduced to each other).

  • Gravity Falls Fandom: Yeah, and there's this one character, one of the main ones, whose name we never learn! The creator might tell us at some point but for now we don't know that one character's first name
  • Les mis fandom: ...
  • Les mis fandom: ...
  • Les mis fandom: ...
  • Les mis fandom: that's rough buddy