is le dead

au where enjolras starts doing weirdly nice things for grantaire without losing his very enjolras way about it.

like. he shows up at R’s apartment with courf’s homemade food because R ‘needs to eat properly’ and walks him home after meetings because 'you’ll be mugged one of these days’ never mind that R boxes and enjolras is a twerp

and R can’t help but love enjolras a little bit more for it even though he knows he’s only doing it for The Cause

meanwhile, enjolras is going around all YES HELLO LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT MY BOYFRIEND

apparently napoleon said once at st helena that whenever he felt admiration for a handsome man he felt it first in his loins and then ‘in another place i will not name’ and idk but that sounds kinda gay

Jerome Valeska x Reader: Daddy’s Little Doctor

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omg i got so excited at it i can’t even….. ugh. not only because i got an another request but also because this is an amazing idea and i’m in love with this, i think i need to change some things that were a little unclear to me but i hope you will like it anyway

sorry if it’s too short to your liking, & please let me know what you think


[Y/N] was a pretty 15 year old girl, who liked spending her free time in her dad’s work. Jim Gordon’s work. She’d go there everyday after school.

She wanted to work at the GCPD in the future, not as a cop, but as a doctor, just like Doctor Leslie Thompkins. [Y/N] was a very smart girl, so everybody believed she would accomplish her goal.

[Y/N] enjoyed being with Doctor Lee, and as you may wonder, Doctor Lee enjoyed being with [Y/N]. She reminded her of herself when she was younger, so she was happy to answer any questions this sweet girl had.

“Harvey! Do you know where Doctor Thompkins is?" 

[Y/N]’s been looking for her, she wanted to watch her work, as always. At first she wasn’t sure if that’s okay with her but she said she enjoys her company, much to [Y/N]’s joy.

"I don’t know, kiddo, check the morgue.” Answered busy Harvey Dent petting her on the head and walking away.

[Y/N] was walking to the morgue as she heard two cops talking about Jerome Valeska. They didn’t have a chance to meet but she saw him, that day when they found his dead mother. Dead because of him.  

His cult was trying to bring him back from the dead…

“Can you believe he’s lying in the morgue right now with no face on?!”

“Shut up, this is disgusting.”

[Y/N] could agree on that. It seriously gave her chills.

But still, it didn’t change the fact she wanted to see how he looked now. She would never admit it to anyone, but she thought he was kinda cute. When he had a face and was still breathing, though.

[Y/N] entered the room humming a song she always does.  

“Doctor Le–” she stopped dead in her tracks.

Before her, Lee Thompkins sitting on a table, tied up, looking over her should to see who just came in, worry filled her eyes as she noticed it’s [Y/N]. And there it was Jerome Valeska, standing across from Doctor Lee, his face all bloody and bandaged smiling widely at [Y/N]. He was wearing something very skin-tight…

“Hi there. Care to join us, Sweetheart?” Jerome walked towards her.

Now as he took a better look at her, he noticed she looked younger than him.

“Don’t cha a little too young to work here?”

[Y/N] only shrugged and gulped as he started to tie her up and told her to sit beside Lee.

They looked at each other, Lee’s gaze looked like it was asking her “Why did you have to come here exactly right now?!”

Jerome not interested in Lee anymore, moved to kneel before the pretty girl and looked into her eyes.

“Do you know where is my face, Precious?”

She stared at him. “Yeah… I heard Dwight took it and that he wears it like a mask..” She made a disgusted face.

Jerome exhaled deeply. “At least he’s a handsome fella now.”

[Y/N] cracked a small smile trying not to giggle. She didn’t want Doctor Lee to think she’s stupid.

Jerome glanced back at Lee and then back to [Y/N] and cupped her cheek. 

“Now tell me, what exactly are you doing here?  You can’t possibly be working here, you look young. How old are you anyway, Sweet Cheeks?”

“Umm..” She was unsure if she should tell him but he had something in his eyes that screamed “tell me all about you!”

“I don’t work here, I’m 15 years old. My dad is working here.”

“Don’t tell him that [Y/N]!”

“[Y/N]? Pretty name for a pretty girl.” He smirked and reached for something to gag Doctor Lee. “Who’s your dad? I’m dying to know.”

“James Gordon.”

He started laughing like crazy. “James Gordon! I can’t believe it! And Doctor here is still talking to you after what your father has done to her poor husband?” He burst in another laugh.

[Y/N] wanted to defend her dad but she knew there was no point.

“Ohhh you’re coming with me, Gorgeous! You’re too fun to be left here!” He started to untie her.

And she left with him. Just like that.

Doctor Lee waited for someone to rescue her, they needed to find [Y/N]. They needed to find Jerome.

But she could’t stop thinking about that one thing  that was still disturbing her.

The adoration in young girl’s eyes when she looked at the Ginger.


Favourite 80s Movies (Part 1/?);

The Goonies, The Outsiders, License To Drive, Heathers, Stand By Me, The Evil Dead, The Empire Strikes Back, The Lost Boys, Running On Empty. 

ok so I’ve hidden this headcanon in some other posts but I love it so much it deserves it’s own damn post

Ok so Jehan and R met when R was only just coming out as NB. R would only ever wear oversized hoodies and baggy jeans because they didn’t have the self confidence to wear what they wanted. It wasn’t fear (they rebelled against their dad anyways, and besides, they were at uni now), it was just genuine belief that they wouldn’t look good in anything or that they didn’t know what to buy.

Jehan had done the whole “no self confidence in their gender expression” thing and decided that wasn’t for them. They rocked every colour of the damn rainbow in one go and they didn’t care who stared. 

Jehan instantly took a liking to R and saw endless beauty in them and it broke their heart to see their lack of confidence. 

So Jehan takes R shopping. Not mainstream shops (neither of them are exactly made of money at this point it being the first year of uni and all); thrift shops and charity shops. All second hand.

R doesn’t want to pick anything out so Jehan just starts handing them things.

 Every time they give something to R it is accompanied by comments like “Oh you’d look wonderful in this!” and “I’m 120% sure this is your colour” and “If you do not try on this skirt it will actually be a crime against humanity. God will personally condemn me to hell for having failed my duties.” 

R is so dazed they just try everything on. Jehan gives honest fashion advice on everything but it’s Jehan so….. most things are “Absolutely incredible literally I never want to see you in anything else!”

R slowly starts believing them and Jehan watches their confidence grow in the short space of their 3 hour shopping spree. 

Eventually R starts picking their own clothes to try on and starts to discover what styles they like personally and they couldn’t be happier.

Years later they are telling this story to the group and Courfeyrac is in shock. “Are you telling me it is by sheer luck that you didn’t develop Jehan’s fashion sense? Oh my god R I’m so sorry I wasn’t there that could have been a disaster!”